Muscle Mountain



By TeknoDave

Noah was driving up a long, scenic and desolate gravel road along a rushing river up in the mountains of northern California. The GPS in his blue Chevy S-10 extended cab, which glistened under the midday sun was of no help, so he had to solely rely on the directions that were given to him, so he can find his destination.

He was so excited about the prospect of owning a cabin up in a seculded area and foutd the thought quite arousing. As a gay man of 28, he was not getting any younger. Single, depressed and alone, he felt that perhaps owning his own place away from it all may revitalize his inner sprit and perhaps, if lucky, find someone to settle down with.

According to the ad he stumbled upon Steve's List, the cabin had a mix of modern day conviences, along with more rustic things, like propane for the lights, stove and fridge. He never knew until now that a fridge could run on propane. You learn something new every day.

He did have the opporutnity also to speak with the seller over the phone as well. All he knew was the man's name, Trevor. He was in his mid-40s and is moving down to San Diego to to take care of an ailing famliy member. He figured it was best to stick close by and just sell the place for the time being.

Looking at the time, Noah found a place to pull over so he could get out and stretch. It had felt like he had been driving the gravel road for hours and started getting a cramp. Pulling over in a cloud of dust, he got out of the pickup and streched his sore, cramped muscles. What little he had at least.

Standing at 5'7", he was a scrawny 130 pounds. It could be worse, but at least he does not have a lot of body fat. He ran cross country back in high school, so that may have cursed him for life when it came to putting on any weight. But being on the cross country team also had a few perks, as he and some of his fellow runners usually hung out for some circle jerk sessions, and during his senior year, they broke in some of the new freshman by gang-banging them. A few of their wrestling buddies got into the fray as well, so that was one hot weekend of sex, sex, sex.

Recalling the memory made Noah's groin stir a bit, as his fat 8 inch cut cock stiffened in his boxers.

Looking up and down the road, seeing no car for what seemed to be miles of trees, dust and water, he walked up the hill a bit, pulled out his cock and started stroking. Closing his eyes, he recalled his favorite frosh, Spencer. The younger teen had more meat on his bones than Noah did, but being the team captain, he got to pick first. Spencer struggled at first, his bulding arms, legs and round, tight bubble butt welcomed his stiff member. His ass gave no resistance, which led him to believe he was not the first person to fuck him.

He could not hold back any longer and Noah unleased a torrent of sticky, hot cum onto the dry grass. He wiped up what cum was on his hands on his shorts and got back into his truck and pushed forward to the cabin. Before long, there was a sign that stated "End of County Road -- No Trespassing" as he proceded, per the directions. The dirt road twisted and turned among the tall pine trees until he reached the first fork in the road, where he turned left. A mile later it made a hairpin turn further up the mountain to the right, then left and right again. Glancing at his odometer, Noah noticed he had already driven a good five miles up the mountain. "When he said isolated, he was not kidding," he muttered out loud.

After another ten minutes of driving, he noticed the sign on the road, pointing him to turn right into a narrow driveway through a grove of trees. He has finally reached his destination.

Trevor walked out of the cabin as Noah pulled up. He was utterly awe-struck at the sheer size of the man. Trevor was only about 5'4" tall, shaved head and goatee, deep tan, wearing an Under Armour sleeveless shirt hugging tightly across a very muscular torso. The nylon basketball shorts he was wearing were just barely big enough to fit his thick legs as well. Noah did the best he could to hide his growing erection as he exited his pickup.

As Trevor approached his potential buyer, he noted the man's tenting shorts and cum stain on his shorts.

"He is perfect," he said to himself. •

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