Jake's Growth

The Last Stand


By musclefreak4559

The GC looked at the security camera footage in front of them with astonishment. Fred, their leader, was just kidnapped and now the detectives were here! “ What do we do now? If we let them in they’ll see who we are and we’ll be exposed!” Beast said as he turned from the footage of the two dapper detectives standing at their front door. Gaston spoke up “We’ll send the new slaves to handle this. You boys just seduce the detectives and change them. I’m sending Hiei and Wolverine to find Fred. The rest of us will wait up here until Benson and Stabler down there become slaves.” It was Jake that spoke up first, “ How do we seduce them? I mean some of us here are not as sexually promiscuous as you are here! So how do we do it, do we play some Barry White and pull out the Dom Perignon, I mean come on!” Gaston spoke again “ All of us emit a pheromone that attracts all non grown people. It will be a piece of cake to get them to obey. Now lets get to it!” Gaston said and everyone cheered as the boys left the room.

When Jake opened the door he could see the surprise on the detectives faces, it wasn’t every day you were greeted by thirteen year old boy in a thong! Inuyasha gulped and stammered “ Uh, I’m. . . I’m. . . detective Inuyasha and this is my partner Miroku we Uh, Oh Christ this awkward! Look we are here to see Dr. McCoy, is he here?” Bam Bam came out of the shadows his new beefy frame shining in the moonlight and soon Inuyasha was overtaken by the scent of muscle that filled his mind. Like a zombie Inuyasha walked over to Bam Bam and began to suck on his pecs, licking and caressing the slabs of muscle with his tongue. Danny walked out and hit a most muscular and gave Miroku a come hither smile. Miroku rushed over and grabbed a hold of the bicep feeling its rock hard power. “You want to be like us, huh little man?” Jake asked as he pulled out the blue bottle. Inuyasha shouted “ Yes my masters please!” and then Jake watched in amazement as the two detectives got on their knees and began kissing his feet. The detectives looked up ,opened their mouths, and felt the drops hit their tongues. Soon they stood up and began clutching their stomachs and moaning in pain. It was Inuyasha that started first flexing his bi’s as they shredded his suit jacket. They looked like gigantic baseballs as they erupted from the seersucker, Miroku’s pecs burst forth popping button after button on his dress shirt. Suddenly their clothes were too big for their bodies and with a loud roar, the two detectives ripped them off and stared at their new forms. They each had amazing ten packs that could grate a ginormous block of pecorino Romano in seconds. Their pecs were the size of small hams and their backs were covered with deep striations. It was then Gaston walked down the steps and smiled looking at the new slaves. “Welcome to the family!” he said.

When fred woke up he realized he was in the same cabin that just a year ago housed Yoko and Jessie, now rundown covered in leaves and pine needles. “I know you’re out there Yoko, come out!” It was then the two of them came out of the darkness armed with a knife and a super soaker. “ You’re gonna pay for what you did to my life Fred!.” Jessie said as she tuned the raidio on the desk to an oldies station , Roy Orbison’s sweet dreams blasting. Jessie danced around happily as Yoko pumped the super soaker. Then Jessie struck slashing Fred with the knife, he shouted in pain. “Hit him!” Jessie said and Yoko pushed the trigger on the water gun spraying salt water on the wound. Fred howled. “You sick fuckers!” Jessie slashed again and then he was hit with the salt water, Fred yelled in pain as Jessie slashed again and yoko fired. “How does it feel fred?” Jessie said as she punched fred in the face. “ How do you like me now! You fucked up my life, ya know that. Took my dad and my friends and now I’m going to kill you! Look at me you pig fucker!” Jessie shouted as she slapped his face. Fred spat and looked at her weakly “ Go to hell!” Fred said Jessie just smirked “ Been there done that babe!” Then the sound of a hummer was heard in the background. It was Wolverine and Hiei. The front door was a shabby mess of rotted wood, eaten away by bugs and weather, So it was to surprise to see Wolverine kick it down and shatter it into pieces. “Avon calling!” Hiei shouted as he pulled his sword out of the holster on his back Jessie ran towards the kitchen and grabbed her sword and yelled to Yoko. “You take care of the fuzz ball, the midget is mine!” and with a loud shout Jessie jumped in front of Hiei and began to clash with him. Hiei ran up the wall and did a backflip landing behind Jessie, “ Come on bitch lets dance!” he said as she raced toward him the sound of swords clashing filling the air. Yoko stood in front of Wolverine amd smiled , Wolverine just laughed and punched Yoko in the stomache , Yoko shouted in pain as Wolvie took Yoko’s head and bashed it with his thigh, Yoko tried to punch back but wolverine was to fast, grabbing ahold of yoko and twisting his arm breaking it. Meanwhile Hiei was on top of the counter and was fighting Jessie knocking off dirty dishes and spilling cerreal boxes , Then Hiei made a lunge and sliced Jessie’s arm off. She howled , blood spraying all over the kitchen dropping her sword, Hiei smirked. “Aww did we have a widdle accident?” he said as she reached for her sword with her other arm, Hiei put his boot down on her hand and shook his head, “Uhn Uhn, you’re not allowed to play with this anymore!” and kicked it off the table. Then in a split second Yoko, looked into the kitchen and saw it, “JESSIE!” he shouted but it was to late and wathced as Hiei sliced her head clean off. Wolvie took this as an opportunity and smashed Yoko over the head, knocking him out. Wolvie ran towards Fred, “ Ya okay bub?” he said. Fred nodded and wathced as Wolverine untied the ropes. Hiei rushed in holding Jessie’s severed head. “ It’s over Fred, she’s gone!” Fred laughed, “ Lets go home boys.” •

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