Jake's Growth

Something old something new


By musclefreak4559

Fred had just sent out the last IM to Joey Wheeler when a knock was heard at the wooden door, it was the GC. It had been a year since the growth council was formed and it had added a few new members. There was the original members consisting of Shag ;the two teen titans; the three superhero bodybuilders Hank, Clark, and Bruce ; Wolverine and of course Fred himself. Yet in recent months there had been additions including the quest family, Archie, Jughead , the two love birds Dilton and Moose, Reggie Mantle, as well as Kazuma Kuwabara, Yusuke Yurameshi , Suichi Kurama and Hiei, had joined the council. As they all filed in their big bodies filtering through the doorway, Fred pulled down a screen and hooked his laptop to the projector. “ Attention everyone,” Fred shouted “ I’d like to announce that we have some new slaves moving in with us tonight so I hope you all make them feel welcome!” this comment received some thunderous cheers and hooting. Fred raised his hand to silence them, “ I would also like to show you what we might be up against in the later days,” Fred pressed the button on his laptop and revealed the pictures of the two detectives “ These men are investigating the case of one of our dead clones. I want you all to know that we’ll stop at nothing to keep our whereabouts hidden. But, if they do show up, I want them changed into slaves immediately no questions asked!” The GC all cheered and stood up and began to leave the room. Fred smiled and began to get dressed.

Jesse Bannon was sitting in the cabin her father once owned smoking her first cigarette since she was sixteen. Leaves scattered the floor and the smell of rain and cold filled the abandoned cabin. “ What you thinking about?” Yoko asked as he placed his arms on his shirtless chest, Jessie sighed “ I’m thinking how it has been a year since they fucked us over. Can you believe it? They took my dad, my boyfriend, everyone I’ve ever cared about.” Yoko shouted “ Well what the fuck you want me to do about it? Look sugar dumpling I don’t think you realize what we were up against, and still up against. What do you want?” Jessie turned around “ I want revenge god damnit! I want them to suffer for what they did to me and you! Look at you, what size do you wear nonillion XL! I want Fred Jones to die!” Yoko smiled “ Then lets get him!”

The hummer pulled up at Jake’s house at 8:30. The sleek black monster was piloted by computer and had already picked up the first four passengers. As Jake entered the Hummer he saw some of his high school classmates. There was Danny Fenton , the mayor’s son, Joey Wheeler, the hip kid from Brooklyn, Bam Bam Rubble the state wrestling champ and, and Ash Ketchum a ace at the Texas Hold ‘Em games played at lunch. “ Let me guess, you guys got the same IM?” Jake asked, Bam Bam replied first, “ Yeah , some strange shit huh? This hummer appeared after a couple of minutes so I got on.” The other boys nodded as Jake buckled in , just then the TV turned on. There on the screen was a blond haired man wearing an ascot around his neck and nothing else. The boys were in shock. “ What the fuck?” Ash shouted, then the man began to speak. “ Hello boys, I know this looks shocking to you but I assure you I am not a pedophile or some kind of sicko. I am here to help you achieve your goals of becoming well built in more ways than one. This Hummer is taking you to my mansion where you will be given this potion here. It will make all your dreams come true and maybe add a little spice to your otherwise drab existences.” and with that the video ended and the Hummer reached the mansion.

Detective Inuyasha was sitting in his office with the case file on his desk. He had not had a drink in ages and now, to him it seemed, was a good time to have one. He pulled the Wild Turkey from his desk and poured himself a glass drinking it in one gulp. He had heard of Hank McCoy before, a scientist and competitive bodybuilder he was know for his fluency in bio engineering but why would he have been making clones? It was then he Googled McCoy’s name and came up with an address. Furiously he wrote it down on his notepad and grabbed his coat. Miroku stopped him “ Where ya going?” he asked , Inuyasha just smiled “ I found where our perp lives!” and with that the detectives left the building.

The five boys walked into the sprawling foyer in awe and mystery. Then they saw him, the man from the video. The lights in the room glowed brighter as soon the room was filled with large strong men. The boys were shocked. Fred walked down the stairs and took the blue bottle off the tray that Aladdin was holding. “Now,” Fred asked “ You will be given three drops of this liquid here and soon you’ll be one of us! Are you ready?” he asked, the boys shouted an enthusiastic yes and followed fred upstairs. There the slaves undressed the boys and looked them over. “ Now boys,” Fred said “ I hope you don’t mind all of us here watching this but it does give us some pleasure to see this!” and then the dropper was pulled out of the bottle and blaced on each of the five boys tongues. Fred sat down and smiled. Bam Bam was the first to begin grabbing his stomach. “ OHHHH IT HURTS SO BAAAD!!!” he shouted and then watched in amazement at his abs formed into eight thick loaves of muscle. Soon all the boys were looking at each other “ Whoa, look at your arms Jake!” Danny shouted as Jake’s scrawny arms formed into rock hard mountains of muscle “ Yeah look at these Bi’s Fenton, bet ya want to grab these babies huh?” Ash began to rub his pecs tweaking the dime sized nipples as they grew. Finally the growth was complete and the boy’s stared in amazement at their new bodies. The slaves and the GC clapped but then a noise was heard in the background that sounded like a window breaking. There in the light of the growing room was Yoko and Jessie. “ Sorry to interrupted the fun, boys!” Jessie said “ We have business with Fred. Hand him over or else!” Gaston rain towards Jessie his fist raised but then Jessie reached into her pocket and threw out the smoke grenade. The loud boom echoed through out the room as the acrid smoke choked the lungs of all that were in the room. As the smoke cleared the sound of crunched earth was heard, Fred was gone and worse yet the detectives were walking up to the front stoop. •

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