Jake's Growth

Days of future’s past


By musclefreak4559

Jake long sat in his room looking out the window, his eyes lolling around focusing on nothing in particular. He had been bored all summer and even though his dad had bought him a weight set it didn’t help he was still a ninety pound weakling. Then he heard the cheeping of his IM alerting him that some dim bulb wanted to talk to him. He clicked his mouse. In red letters there was a message It read: We know of your plight. You are not alone and we know how you feel. Jake answered back, “How do you know who I am?” The phantom messenger responded, “ Come to our mansion and find out, our van will pick you up.” and with that the message ended. *** The body of 23 year old Shaggy Rogers lay in a pool of blood when detectives Inuyasha and Miroku entered the room. “ Fucking hell! Look at this mess.” Miroku said as he pulled on the evidence collection gloves, Inuyasha smiled “All these years you still can’t get used to the blood.” and bent down, “Gunshot wound to the back of the head. CSI’s here yet?” Miroku looked up from corpse “ ETA’s about two minutes from now. Who the hell could have done this?” Inuyasha picked up Shaggy’s hands and turned to Miroku. “ Do you notice something about these hands?” Miroku shook his head, “No why?” Inuyasha pulled out his magnifying glass and studied the hand, “Because this fucking corpse has no fingerprints that’s why!” Miroku looked stunned “ Holy shit! You’re serious, right, there has to be prints!” he shouted as he picked up the corpse’s right hand and turned it over only to notice the small mark on its hand saying: Property of Hank McCoy Labs. “ Shit,” Miroku breathed “it’s a fucking clone!” *** Fred shut his laptop and looked at his clock, He rubbed his large Mammoth size biceps and smiled to himself, he had placed clones of all the growth council members in their perspective homes with the exception of Kyle who was originally Veronica until he took the formula and turned a she to a he, and made sure the head wound explosives were timed just right. “Those message board fools think it’s all a story that we don’t exist, that a car wreck was the end and it was all in my head!” Fred thought “ The end isn’t over, Jessie and Yoko are still out there in hiding plotting the end of our harem. It will never end, yes, there are still slaves but they will grow tonight and join the council. Soon a new crop will join us and work their way up the ranks. Soon the world will be ours!” And with that crossed Jake Long’s name off the list and opened his laptop and sent more IM’s. •

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