Bigger They Cum, The


By myoder

He raised his arms slowly and I felt my mouth starting to water. The soudn of the fabric tearing continued as he struck a double-biceps pose and the flimsy shirt disintegrated over his ballooning arms.

"Whatdya' think?" Jeff asked looking at his massive, veined arms. "Twenty-three inches and growing." He turned his fist from side to side showing off the thickness of the muscle. I reached out and dared to touch the huge arms in front of my face.

"Yeah, feel those arms. Feel what a real man's arms are like. Thick and rock hard." Jeff hit a side chest pose and the shit stretched tight over the striated pecs. He flexed his pecs over and over and I heard the same tearing sound. My hands roamed over his chest as it destroyed the shirt. Jeff seemed to have an endless supply of energyto flex and I had an endless supply of energy to worship his huge muscles.My ten inches was sohard I thought I'd burst outta my pants. My cock twitched with every pose he hit and I wanted so bad to be as big as he was, to see my own muscles bunching and flexing out of clothes.

"Man - you're incredible, Jeff," I said. Thos muscles haveme rock hard. Jeff grabbed my dick through my pants and rubbed it slowly and firmly.

"Damn!" Jeff said. "I wanna see that big dick you got, Kirk. Let it out, fella." I unbuttoned my pants and my cock sprang up hitting my abs and dripping precum. Jeff grabbed my dick and stroked me gently at first feelignteh weight of my dick then harder and harder till I thought I would explode.

"Hold on!" I said grabbing his hands. "I don't wanna shoot yet. I wanna see your huge body naked. Flexing and hard. I wanna see what kinda dick you got, Jeff."

WIth that, jeff grabbed my hand and led me into a back office. The room was dim, lit from above, and there were mirrors all around us.

"Get naked for me," he said. I responded swiftly, taking off my clothes and standing before him naked, my cock throbbing in anticipation of seeing him in the buff.

He grabbed the shirt by the collar adn tore what little ofitremained off his gargantuan torso. Muslces flexed and bunched, his pecs rolled and bounced, his arms were sinewy, hard and pumped. He hit a few more poses and I stroked my dick for him, egging him on to do more.

He Unzipped his pants and pulled them over his massive quads - turning away from me he dropped them in a corner. I now sawthebroad expanse of his back lats flared wide and thick. His neck had tobe at least 20 inches. He hit a back double-biceps and the muscles burst into relief, the peaks on his biceps were hot from behind. I wanted to lick him all over. My cock was rigid and hot, but I didn't want to cum yet. Then he turned around.

Hischest bulged obscenely ashe stood before me. I couldn't believe it! His cock was only half-hard, but was almost as big as mine! He stood there in a relaxed pose, his huge frame reflected in the mirrors.He had a defiant look in his dark eyes as he flexed his cock to its full length - 12 solid inches!

"You like this," he said, flexing the mountainous pecs and making two solid fists.

My mouthwas dry now. I couldn't believe this hulk of a man was so huge - all over! I moved toward himand reachd out for his massive man prick. He grabbed mine and pulled me closer. Our lips met. •

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