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It was 1997, the beggining of a story starts here, in an emergency room. Doctors crowd around their patient, who is about to give birth. Three hours pass like minuets and the mother held her son in her arms. His name was Jake. Jake had an older brother named David, and they both grew up as good friends. From a young age (four months to be exact), Jake would show an unusual amount of strength. His baby fat quickly faded away. It was well remembered that at five months, Jake could move a twenty pund weight with little effort. His parents (Rob and Kate), took him to a doctor, worried that something was wrong with their son.

"Its just a slight gene defect, he may just end up stronger or have a better build than most children his age." He said

"Thank you Doctor, so, its nothing to worry about right?" Kate said. "No, he'll be fine, infact it might be so small that you will barley notice it. The only way it will be noticeable is if he over works himself."

"What do you mean?" Rob asked.

"Well, lets say hes playing a game with his friends, soccer for instance, if he pushes himself too far, his body will react and his muscles will grow and he'll become stronger, but again, it wont be too much."

"Thank you doctor, you've been a great help." Rob said.

"No problem, and if you need anything, call me." He shouted as they left.

There were two problems, one, the doctor made an incorrect diagnosis, Jakes gene defect would be quite noticeable, two, Jake would always push himself past the limit, a trait he aquired from watching his dad play sports.

At the age of one, Jake could lift ninty pounds (this was proven by lifting his ninty pound brother into the air).

Jake got a minature weight set for his second birthday. He never left it alone. By two and a half, he began getting defined. His clothes got fairly snug as opposed to being slightly loose. His biceps began to show through and two pecs were beggining to develop on his chest. At two years ang eight months people began mistaking him for a five year old (the question, how's kindergarden going, frequently reappeared).

By the age of three he could lift 145 pounds (proven by lifting his older cousin in the air.) He out grew his weight set and Rob had to buy a new one that was for eight year olds. At three and four months, Jake was working out for three hours every other day, then, going outside and playing for another three hours, though, he hadn;t started over working himself yet. At three years and six months, Jake officialy had pecs. The rack of muscle pushed off his chest, stretching his clothes and occasionally tearing them. So, Rob and Kate bought him new clothes. They were a bit loose on Jake, but he was comfortable. At three and eight months he out grew his weight set again. Rob just let him use his own light weights, which made Jake happy.

At age four he first witnessed his dad playing a basketball game with other people. They were playing to 21 on a concrete court. Rob would get beat around by the bigger men and would fall face down, getting cut. But he alaways got back up. After the game was done, his worn out dad went for a jog around a track, he ran a mile in six minuets. Jake was insprired by his dad, and converted that determination and perserberence he saw into his weight lifting. At age four and two months, Jakes biceps measured up to be eight inches, his pecs became much rounder, more defined, and larger as well, a six pack started to develop on his stomach, his lats were also very impressive as well. At four and four months, he out grew his dads light weighths and moved up to the middle weights. At four and six months, he moved up to middle and heavy weights. He also signed up for a basketball leauge. He would wear arms bands during the games that had weights in them (only after begging his dad and mom). He was a great player even though he played against six, seven, eight, and the occasional nine and ten year olds. At four and eight months, he started using his dads heavy weights and the occasional medium weight. He was benching 275 opounds with slight trouble. He could curl 200 pounds and pull down 260 pounds.

At age five he was frequently mistaken for nine year olds. At five and two months he experienced his first recess in school. He and about fifteen other kids started playing tag. A boy, Kevin, who he had met earlier that day was it first. For about five minuets every one ran away from Kevin, then a girl was tagged, another five went by. Then another noy was tagged. The kids ran for about three minuets, Jake was hiding behind the slide, the only mistake was that it would be hard to get out considering he body was so big. The boy found where Jake was hiding and tagged him very quick. Jake wasnt too fast even though is legs were very developed. His size slowed him down and he ran for a good ten minuets before stopping to catch his breath, he started running again, he quickly became tired, but he persued. He was exhausted by the time he could catch up with some one. Even then he wasn't doing much. His body reacted quickly. He stopped for a minuet, feeling a strange surge of energy, he looked up, noticing his muscles expanding and getting denser. He noticed veins popping out of his arms. He became dazed and blanked out. When he awoke, he was in his house, in his bed.

"You looked exhausted when you came in." David said.

"I can't remember what happened, we were playing tag, I got tired, then I forgot every thing else." Jake said, a little uneasy.

"Well, nothing happened because your teacher didn't call or anything, I guess you just hit your head or something." David explained.

"Okay, I guess I'm fine then." Jake said smiling.

At five and four months Jake witnessed his first body building show. He had no clue who anyone was, nor did he care. He was just astonished at the size of these men. Every single one was ripped beyond possible beliefe. Round, hard pecs, developed back, massive biceps, and rock hard triceps. Jake's mouth hit the floor in amazement. David also viewed the show and was amazed at the size of these people as well. David began lifting weights with Jake and the two became very close friends. At five and six months, Jake out grew his father;s weights and would have to go to the gym where the weights were much heavier. At five and eight months, Jake over worked himself at the gym and began packing on muscle infront of every one, he only became slightly dazed this time, he didn't blank out.

At the age of six, Jake had 12 inch biceps, a twenty two inch chest, twenty inch quads, and sixteen inch calfs. David also began gaining muscle. His chest measured up to twenty six inches, his biceps measured up to fifteen inches, his quads measured up to twenty inches, and his calfs measured up to eighteen inches. The two became inseperable. At six and 1 month, Jake had an eight pack, he loved showing it off to his friends after school. His muscles made him proud and every one around him stare in amazement. At age six and two months, Jake experienced another muscle growth. He was playing basket ball with his friends and, like I said before, couldn't catch up with them due to his amazing mass. He pumped up, this time, with no side effect, parts of his shirt ripped. He was amazed that he had became so huge. He also noticed that he was a little taller. Jakes team easily won with the huge hulk boy on their side. At six and three months Jake needed special training because of his strength. At six and four months he began ripping his shirts for fun. This posed a bit of a problem for his parent, but he calmed fown soon enough. At six and six months Jake moved on to an even more effecient trainer, David also began pumping iron with Jake. At six and eight months, the idea of wearing a shirt in the house no longer existed for Jake and David. They loved their muscles too much to be contained by a shirt.

Jake turned seven and school ended for the year. This would also be the year a pool was put in the back yard. This kept everyone busy because friends were frequently coming over. Jake and David also decided to work out even harder during the summer, they went to the gym every day. Sunday they went from 8 AM to 12 PM. Monday-Friday they went from 8 am to 2 pm, and saturday, they went from 6 am to 4 pm. Soon, David turned 12 and pueberty started for him. The amount of muscle he gained doubled. Jake wasn't effected by this because he was having too much fun working out with David. At seven and two months, Jake and David began taking supplements to further increase their growth. At seven and six months, Jake and David moved on to another trainer to get more muscular. At seven and eight months, Jake s biceps were 20 inches, his chest was 28 inches, his quads were 25 inches, and his calfs were 22 inches. Every measurment Jake had, David had but with an extra ten inches.

When Jake turned eight is when the real story began.. •

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