Inner Demon

A Closed Heart: Bound by Blood


By RedKage

Sunday, 8:00 AM

A blood curdling howl sounded from the inside of the house. Lou was not one bit regretful about paying extra to soundproof the house so that no noise would reach the outside. Otherwise, the neighbors would have probably called the police, and he doubted that they wouldn’t take a real live demon lightly. Hesitating for a split second, Lou opened the door and stepped out. He stood on the loft that loomed above Kou’s room. In front of him, the air seemed to shimmer like glass while pieces of paper floated in front of him. Suddenly, a massive fist appeared, aiming straight for Lou. The pieces of paper flashed, and the shimmering air turned solid just as the fist came into contact. The sound that the fist made when it hit the wall rivaled that of a thunderclap.

As Lou stepped closer, he was able to see the creature that the fist was attached to. It was large, humanoid and incredibly muscular. It stood almost twelve feet high with skin as golden brown as amber. It’s white hair flowed wildly down it’s back, almost reaching it’s waist. The creature’s pectorals were incredibly thick and pronounced, with a deep valley running between them and two large nipples pointing downwards from the bulging mass. Each abdominal muscle of the creature’s twelve pack were deep and cut, overshadowed only by the large chest above them. It’s arms were thicker then most men’s bodies, with perfect triceps and biceps that would put shame to any bodybuilder alive. It’s legs were thicker then redwoods (and not an exaggeration) and power calves to support the hulking beast. Two great black horns grew out of his heads, growing backwards but slightly curved back forward. The monster’s red eyes hungered, and it’s sharp teeth flashed in the limited light. Down below, it’s massive five foot erection stood hard and pumped up, almost ready to ram it into some poor person’s hole. The monster glared straight at the man standing before him, an immeasurable rage burning in it’s crimson eyes. With a roar, he began pounding the invisible wall again and again, but the wall would not give.

Lou watched the monster relentlessly attack the wall, then shifted his attention to the rest of the room. It was in complete shambles. The bed mattress was torn up into shreds, it’s remains scattered about the room and the bed frame was complete crushed and twisted into a compact shape. All the lamps and lights were smashed and broken, shards of glass littered the ground. What pained Lou the most, however, were the books. The bookshelves were thrown about, several dented deeply, others torn completely apart. The books were most strewn around, some with it’s cover ripped off, others with several hundred pages pulled out and there were even some that were ripped in half down the middle.

Finally, the monster stopped attacked at roared once more. “Let me out of here!” His voice was deep and cold, sending shivers down Lou’s spine. “Let me out of here, and I may spare your life, you insignificant human!”

“You know I can’t do that Kousuke.” Lou said, his voice kept calm and even.

“The hell you can’t!” The demon sneered. “Give me blood, and I shall give you pleasures you can only imagine!”

Lou gave the demon a steely gaze. “No.” He said coldly. “You‘ve gone drunk with the blood you‘ve eaten, and having more will only make things worse. The moment you calm down, we’re moving as far away as possible.” Lou turned around and left, leaving the monster howling with rage.

Monday, 4:55 PM

Lou walked into the loft, his forehead knotted in a frown. It had been awhile since Kou had roared out, and Lou’s curiosity finally compelled him to check in. As he entered, he saw with relief that the pieces of paper were still floating in the air where they were, and the translucent wall was still whole. He had worried that it may wear down if the monster kept on pounding it, but it was still going strong. The same went for all the other pieces of paper that was on the walls of the room. No doubt that the monster’s strength could have torn down the walls easily, but the tags made them invincible. Leaning against the far wall, the monster sat down with it’s legs spread out and it’s dick flopped on the ground.

“Dad!” The monster leapt to it’s feet, running towards Lou. It was still just as big and muscular as he had been the previous day and it’s cock was still huge and erect as before. The monster stopped just in front of the barrier, not bothering trying to break through it. “Dad, I’m okay now!”

“Really…” Lou said in a tone of fake amusement.

“Really, Dad, I’m okay.” It said, trying to sound genuine. “I’m sorry I yelled at you before, but now I’ve got my head under control.” It pressed one hand against the translucent wall. Lou noticed that the arm was a bit unsteady, which was peculiar with a creature of that size and strength.

“Really…” Lou repeated in the same fake tone.

“So,” The monster continued on, “Can you let me out? Please? I have to explain to Chris what happened before he tells everyone, Dad.” It voice was oddly strained and forced out in a way people try to act polite in front of people that angered them greatly.

“No son, you won’t.” Lou said sternly, looking deeply into the red eyes. “You may try to act like my son, but I see no kindness in your eyes. The moment you said his name, your eyes filled with lust and hunger, and that means you are far from being well. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have dinner.”

The giant’s fist flew out, punching the invisible wall. “DAMMIT! LET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE NOW!”

Lou ignored it’s cry and walked out of the door, closing it behind him.

“You shall pay! The moment I get out of here, you shall pay with your blood!”

Tuesday, 7:06 PM

The house was silent. No sound echoed from Kou’s room, and the quiet atmosphere was eerie and foreboding. Lou tried to ignore it, but to no avail. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and walked back into Kou’s room.

The monster was lying down on it’s side. It was shaking violently, and was clutching it’s stomach in a deep pain. It’s cock was now only half erect, with a pool of white underneath it’s head.

“F-father…” It said, shaking. “P-please…I’m dying…” it looked up, it’s eyes pleading. “Please…I need to…eat…Please, just give me a little…I need it…it tastes so good…I must have m-more.” It reached up weakly, it’s arm shivering.

Lou looked in shock at the figure below. Although the creature was so large and powerful, it was acting like someone under the influence of drugs and uncontrollably addicted. Drugs alone were bad, but this being’s addiction was to blood. Not only would it harm itself, but it would endanger the lives of others as well. It had been lees then two days and yet the effects were this dramatic.

“No Kou.” Lou said. He took a deep breath. “You don’t need to eat. You’ve never grown hungry before, and you can still live without eating or drinking anything. I know this may be hard for you, but you have to break your cravings now, before they take over your life.”

“You don’t know what it’s like!” The monster cried out. “It hurts, Dad! It hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt before! Please, give me some blood! I don’t care whose, but I need to feed!” Slowly, it had pulled and crawled at a snails pace towards Lou. When it reached the wall and held it’s hand up high, unable to control it’s erratic movements. “Please…help me Dad….help me…”

The cry for help was like a knife in Lou’s heart. For a split second, his heart was full of pain and compassion. His right foot began to move to take a step forward towards his son. The voice in his mind screamed warnings and of danger, snapping Lou back to his senses. Slowly, his foot moved back to the way it was. If he had taken just that one step, the demon would have had him, and he would have gladly fed the monster it’s vile choice of food. Lou clenched his fist and his jaw, steeling himself. Without saying goodbye, he headed out, his son still pleading and crying for blood.

“Please, Dad!” The demon continued to scream. “Help me! I’m dying, Father! Save me, please!” Each cry struck into Lou’s heart, but still he walked away from those callings. Lou closed the door, the cries becoming muffled. Slowly, he walked down the hall, down the stairs, into the living room and into the kitchen. There, he fell to his hands and knees and wept.

Wednesday, 12:05 PM

Lou checked in on Kou from time to time during the night. Kousuke was still having fits and convulsions, but he seemed to have quieted down a lot since the first night. He was still pleading weakly for blood, but they were getting weaker and weaker each time. When it was noon, he finally walked into Kou’s room through the ground entrance. All at once, the papers floating and hanging on the walls fell down, and the shimmering in the air vanished.

The demon sat in a corner of the room, taking a large amount of space. He no longer shook or shivered, but sat silently facing the wall, with his massive back towards Lou. Lou was pleased to see a pair of tattoo designs on the back, though the current situation dampened the mood. Another good sign was the fact that Kou had taken the bed sheet and wrapped into around his waist into a makeshift loincloth. Since the monster hadn’t bothered with clothing, this was almost a sure sign that Kou was himself again. Slowly, Lou approached the giant until he was right behind him.

“Kou?” Lou said cautiously. The demon flinched from Lou’s voice and pulled itself in.

“Kou, are you alright now?” Lou said a bit more certainly.

“No Dad, I’m not.” The monster sobbed. “I hurt him Dad…I hurt him…”

“He’s probably just fine, Kou.” Lou reassured him, placing a hand on the creature’s shoulder.

“I’m a monster Dad, a monster!” Kou cried out loudly. “Just look at me! I’m a freak!”

“Shh,” Lou said softly, wrapping his arms around his son’s neck, careful to avoid the horns. “Don’t say that.”

“But I am!” Kou yelled, shaking off his father. Lou was thrown back a bit, landing square on his rear three feet away. Kou didn’t look back. “Dad…Why didn’t you kill me? You said that if I ever turned into a monster, you‘d kill me.”

Lou stood up, rubbing his sore rear. “Because like it or not, you’re my son, and family sticks together.”

“I am not your son and you know it!” Kou pounded on fist against the wall, leaving a large hole in it. Lou instantly regretted taking down the barrier so soon at that point.

“No, you are my son.” Lou said, his voice strong. “We may not be related by blood, but we’ve got a bond stronger then that, Kou. No matter what you think you are, you’re still my son.”

Kou began crying again, his sobbing audible to Lou. Lou was about to do something when he heard the doorbell ring. Frowning, he headed out. “Who in the world could that be?” •

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