Inner Demon



By RedKage

“They’re still here, every last one of them.” Lou announced. In the aftermath of Kou’s destruction of his bed, he immediately sent for his father. Immediately Lou ordered Kou to remove his shirt so Lou could examine the seals tattooed on his son’s chest and back. He began inspecting each and every inch, despite using only the light of a few lamps. However, as he traced his fingers along the lines of the tattoos, he could not find a single defect anywhere. “I don’t know what prompt this new growth of yours, but it’s not from the weakening of the seals.”

Kou turned his head back to look at his father’s face. “Then what could it be?” He asked, his face twisted in worry.

“Maybe you’ve hit puberty?” Lou suggested, giving a small shrug.

Kou’s hand shot back and grabbed Lou’s shirt and lifted him up to Kou’s face. “Puberty? Puberty? I’m already built bigger then a freakin’ tank and you’re blaming this on Puberty?” His face was on the verge of a towering fury as he glared into his father’s face. As he stood there with a grown man in one hand, Kou realized that he could easily crush him without even trying.

Apparently the same thought occurred to Lou. “N-now Kou, calm down.” Lou placed one hand on Kou’s forearm, where it was completely dwarfed by its thickness. He could feel the muscles tense up greatly beneath his fingertips, swelling bigger and bigger. He could even feel the blood pumping into that arm. Cautiously, his free hand drifted downwards to where he kept his safeguard against Kou.

Kou saw this and realized what he was doing. Slowly he set his Dad down. “I…I’m sorry Dad.” He apologized, his deep voice cracked. “I…I’m just scared, Dad. I don’t want to grow anymore…I…I…” Kou sniffled ad rubbed his eyes.

Lou reached up and pressed his hand against Kou’s cheek. Although Kou couldn’t feel it, it still comforted him. “Kou, you know that I’ll never let anything bad happen to you. We’ll find a way to turn you into a normal person, even if it takes a hundred years. So for now, please just enjoy your life with your friends, alright?”

“But Dad I-”

“No buts!” Lou cut him off. “Your mother would have wanted you to be happy, not worrying yourself to death all the time.”

Kou tried to think of something to say back, but he couldn’t think of anything. Finally, he gave up. “Thanks Dad.” He wrapped his arms around his father and pulled him into his chest for a warm hug.

“No problem son.” Lou choked a bit, suddenly finding himself completely surrounded on all sides by round globes of bulging muscle. Kou probably didn’t realize that he was hugging just a big too hard. “Now rest up. It won’t seem so bad in the morning.”

* * *

“Ugh…ooh….” Chris moaned. He felt hot, but not uncomfortably so. He felt hard ridges rub against his bare body, and something warm and stiff poking into his stomach. The air was filled with the smell of sweat. Chris’s hands unconsciously moved upwards, feeling the other person’s body. His fingers pressed against two hard mounds of flesh. As he moved lower, he found two pencil eraser nipples and gave them a tweak before moving on. Below that, Chris felt eight hard ridges, and he took pleasure in tracing each individual muscle. Finally his hands wrapped around a thick piece of meat that was rock stiff.

Chris’s partner smiled as he reached down and began stroking Chris’s own erection. He leaned forward and began whispering sensual things into Chris’s ear, causing Chris to moan from the waves of pleasure the entire scenario was giving him. Faster and faster he beat off Chris’s dick, until final it began dripping with pre. Gently, Damien guided Chris’s head down against his strong chest. The sweaty muscle emitted a musky sent that sent Chris into ecstasy. His tongue licked the sweat off of those hard rippling muscles, savoring the salty flavor. Soon, Chris lost himself and after an eternity of feeling, licking and biting, his cock erupted, spurting cum everywhere.

Chris jerked awake. It was nearly dawn now. The grey sky outside was starting to become increasingly brighter, though it was still fairly dark. Although it was cold, his body was still very warm from his dream. There was one spot between his legs that was very cold though. Chris’s face turned beet red as he looked downwards. It seemed that a part of his dream came true after all. Embarrassed, he crawled out of bed and gathered up his soiled bed sheet and deposited it into the laundry basket. When was the last time he had a normal dream without waking up screaming in terror? Okay, so an erotic dream isn’t exactly normal, but it at least he didn’t feel like he was going to have a heart attack.

Now that Chris thought about it, the last time he had an erotic dream was back when he first met Kou.

“Right…Kou.” Chris groaned. What was he going to do now? There was a big gap in their friendship right now, and there wasn’t anything he could think of to fix it. “What am I going to do?” he said out loud. He stood there in the middle of his room, half waiting in the dark for an answer. After some time passed he gave a big sigh and went to get ready for school.

* * *

Kou sat nervously next to Chris. Every now and again he would look over at him, but nothing changed. He could still smell arousal from Chris. The fact that there were faint traces of semen in the air meant that Chris had…had…Kou’s face was turning red just thinking about it! To make it all worse, the mere smell of it was driving him insane! Stimulated by the smell of sex, Kou’s own libido was starting to run wild, which was plainly visible by the swelling in his pants. Oh crap, if he got any harder, he’d rip right out of his jeans right here and now! Already the zipper teeth were on the verge of bursting open. The tent in his pants was already embarrassingly obvious, but luckily for Kou no one has noticed. However, if he ripped through his pants now, the sound would undoubtedly attract everyone’s attention. He could even remember vividly how Mr. Benson had tricked him into posing and flexing for his amusement, and the thought of that made his dick grow even harder. With the swelling of his pride, Kou began to breath a little faster, and the smell of lust filled his nostrils even quicker. The aroma made him want to jump up and start fucking anyone he could lay his massive hands on. Right now, he so wanted to take Chris and-

No! Kou shook his head. He clenched his eyes shut and twisted his face in concentration. He couldn’t give in. He was stronger then that! He pictured a blank wall and focused everything he had on it, blocking out everything else and clearing his mind of all thoughts. He would stay in control. He had to!

Luckily for Kou, the bell rang. Without realizing it, he quickly grabbed all of his things and rushed out of the classroom just when Chris started to approach him, leaving him behind.

Chris was somewhat startled by how quickly Kou left. It seemed as if Kou couldn’t wait to get away from him. And who could blame him? After all, Chris treated the big guy rather badly just yesterday. Though, was it just his imagination, or was Kou a little…bigger then before?

* * *

Kou looked sadly at the other kids as they played around in the gym. He was dressed in his custom made PE clothes, which were now skin tight on him from his growth spurt, revealing every crevice and curve on his body. Since all of the other students tended to stare and drool at the sight of him, he could only imagine what would happen if they saw his rippling mounds of muscles flex and bounce as he moved quickly. So, he took up his usual spot in the corner and watched quietly. Once again, Chris was keeping his distance, giving Kou mixed feelings He was grateful that he wasn’t close enough to smell Chris, but then again he was purposely alienating himself from his friend, so of course it was painful. Kou even began to wonder if he really should push Chris out of his life.

No, this is the way it has to be. Kou told himself. To stop himself from thinking too much of it, he turned his attention on all of the other students. Here were some guys that were playing basketball; over there some people were playing volleyball and scattered around were small groups of friends chatting idly. They all acted like there wasn’t a problem in their life. No worries, no fears, just having fun and living in the moment.

Kou envied them. He knew he shouldn’t but he did. He would never have a normal life like them. He wasn’t even the same species as they are. What would they say if they knew he was really a monster big and strong enough to push down entire buildings? As he thought this, Kou looked down at his hands. They were long and big, large enough to completely grasp a person’s head. His hands were connected to his thick, vein streaked arms, which literally bulged and stretched the sleeves of his PE shirt. Shoulders as broad as normal guys are tall; a chest that appeared to have been made of melons and abs deeper then any amount of crunches could ever achieve. Further down below on his body were Kou’s thighs which stood big and strong. The front of his gym shorts were stretched to the max by his huge cock and grapefruit sized balls, which were embarrassingly outlined. And someday he’ll be simply too big to be allowed to walk with other people. He knew people were afraid of him, being so young and already bigger then a professional bodybuilder. He could smell their fear, and it scared him. Even Chris, who had stuck by him since day one, was still very much afraid. Kou knew his father told him to enjoy himself, but how could he?

“You look like you got the world on yer shoulders.”

Kou looked up. Standing in front of him with his furry arms crossed over his barrel chest was Coach Lumens, with a look of concern planted on his face.

“I just have a lot on my mind sir.” Kou replied.

“Would you like to talk about it?” Lumens asked gently.

Kou looked up at Lumens kind face. There was some quality about Coach Lumens that made Kou feel more comfortable then when he was around other people. For a moment, Kou almost blurted out everything he had been holding back, but quickly changed his mind. There was no point in dragging a normal high school coach into his matters, like he did with Chris. “No sir, not really.” Kou answered.

Lumens raised an eyebrow. “Are yer sure?”

“Yes sir.”

Lumens sighed. “A’ight then. I can’t force you to talk or anything, but I want you to know that I’m always here if yer need me, okay?”

“Yes sir.” Kou nodded.

Lumens laughed as he walked away. However, instead of going out towards the other kids, he headed straight for Chris, who sat melancholy in another corner of the gymnasium.

“Yer alright Stanton?” Lumens asked.

Chris looked up. “Uh, yes Coach.”

Coach Lumens gave Chris a skeptical look. “You don’t look alright. Wanna talk about what’s on your mind?”

Chris shook his head. “Nah, it’s nothing Coach.” Chris replied.

“You sure?”

“Yes coach, I’m sure.” Chris replied. He wasn’t about to open up to anyone now, and Coach Lumens clearly saw that.

“Well, you take care of yourself, alright?” Lumens said, finally giving up.

“Yes coach,” Chris agreed, “I will.”

Coach Lumens left, sighing and shaking his head. “Poor kids.” He muttered to himself.

* * *

Should I go see him? Chris wondered as he paced in front of the school. He paced back and forth in the same 10 feet stretch of concrete, uncertain of what to do. He would go one way, then change his mind and go in the other direction. Chris knew for sure that Kou was in the library right now, since Paige told him that Lucas and Hunter was still out of town until later tonight, and Mark was at home, sick. So, with nothing else to do, Kou reverted back to his old ways and went straight to the school library as soon as the last period had ended. So now, Chris was trying to decide if he should approach Kou or simply go straight home.

“Dammit!” Chris threw his hands into the air in frustration and then sat promptly down on the low brick wall. “What the hell am I gonna do?”

“You say that a lot you know.”

Chris jumped up. Sitting just three feet from him was Damien. He was positioned in such a way that a ray from the afternoon sun broke through the thick grey clouds and struck him in just the right light to make him glow gold and caused shadows to highlight his tight, hot body. That definitely caught Chris’s undivided attention. “Da-da-da Damien!”

“That’s my name.” Damien gave a light, yet very handsome smile which turned Chris’s legs to jelly. “Having trouble in paradise?”

“Na-n-no!” Chris said quickly. He felt his heart beat faster, and his palms became sweaty. God, Damien looked hot!

“Well that’s good.” Damien said, standing up and stretched his taunt body. Chris gaped as those muscles bugled and flexed under the tight black shirt. As Chris observed Damien’s body, his eyes traveled down from the devilishly handsome face, defined chest and ripped abs. If someone came along at that moment and told him that he was drooling, Chris would probably believe it.

Damien must’ve noticed Chris staring as he glanced down at his own body, then turned to face Chris. “You like what you see?” He asked, placing his hands on his hips and bouncing his pecs through his shirt.

Slowly, Chris nodded.

“Does my body turn you on?” Damien said as he approached Chris. “Does it set you passions aflame?”

Chris might’ve given a small whimper, but he was so caught into this that he couldn’t remember anything for more then three seconds. Maybe it was from the fact that he virtually stopped breathing.

“It took me hours to make this body, did you know that?” Damien asked as he flexed one arm. A softball sized mound popped out. “I wanted to get the size and shape just right.”

This time Chris was positive that he moaned. In the back of his head, someone was telling him that he shouldn’t be doing this, but this guy was playing on his muscle fetish! Damien wasn’t anything like Kou, but there was something about Damien that got him hard whenever he saw him.

“I’m glad that my hard work has paid off.” Damien said, now standing face to face with Chris. At first they just stood there, frozen in their positions, with Damien standing tall with confidence and Chris paralyzed in stunned silence. Damien was the first to break off however, when he pressed his face against Chris’s shoulder and took a big whiff. “Mmm…you smell nice, you know that?” He said as he brought his head back and looked deeply into Chris’s eyes.

As much as Chris liked this, he felt something was terribly wrong. His dick was fully hard and erect, but there was also the cold pit in his stomach, very much like when Kou turned into a demon the first time. The more Chris thought about it, the more scared he was as he looked into Damien’s green eyes.

Wait, green? But Chris remembered that Damien had hazelnut eyes. Yet now Chris was looking right at them close and personal, and they were definitely green. Too green. It was a shade of green that wasn’t possibly natural. And as Chris looked into those hypnotic eyes, they became brighter and brighter until they virtually glowed. The same kind of glow Kou’s own red eyes had when he turned into a…

“…demon.” Chris gasped.

Damien smiled. “Bingo.” He grinned, then planted a kiss on Chris’s lips. The moment their lips tough Chris was flooded with a dozen overwhelming emotions, most of them of an erotic nature. He tried to push Damien away, but he wouldn’t budge. He tried to pull back, but Damien had a hold of him and wouldn’t let go. No matter how hard he tried or flailed, Chris couldn’t break the kiss. Slowly, Chris was losing oxygen as Damien pulled Chris into the longest kiss possible in the history of mankind. His lungs screamed for air, but he couldn’t give them it. His entire world began to blur and melt away, and he started to black out. Still, he tried to stand his ground and keep his legs from going. He couldn’t give up, he couldn’t give in. He had to…had to…

As the last bit of struggle was drained out of Chris, Damien felt a surge of triumph. Finally, Chris fell limp in his strong arms, just as the first raindrops fell from the dark skies above. “There now, that wasn’t so bad, wasn’t it?” Damien laughed. “Oh don’t worry; we’re going to have a lot more fun in a moment, my sweet.” Laughing rather evilly, Damien carried Chris off into the rain, heading for somewhere he could •

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