By exPECtation

It was a Friday afternoon, and I'd been bored all day. Bored bored bored. And horny. The new hormones I was taking seemed to be having the same side-effects that I'd experienced with all the others; I guess it was the price I had to pay for SIZE. I was constantly horny, and had to jack off at least 4 times a day. Still, these ones were supposed to give me the muscle-size that I'd been working so hard for for so long. A friend of mine who'd just gotten certified as a pharmacist was also an aspiring bodybuilder and he'd heard through the experimental-drug grapevine that this was the newest thing. Supposedly they worked on both your musclemass and on your sex drive, in a reciprocal kind of arrangement. The more you took them, bigger you got and the hornier you got. Now, Bob and I had been screwing around for quite some time and we both loved muscle, so he grabbed some for me and some for himself. Expensive! And I had to take them 4 times a day: a pain in the ass, cause I had to bring them to work with me. But so far they'd been worth it...

It was great. My workouts were really coming along, and I'd made some significant strength gains since I'd started with this drug. I was up to benching 245# now, and squatting around 300#, but it still wasn't enough for me. As a big guy, I needed a lot more muscle on my frame before I was freaky enough to satisfy me. At the time, I guess I was around 6'2" and maybe 220#: no shrimp, to be sure, but not as BIG as I wanted to be. The 18" arms and 48" chest were great, as were my 19" neck and 27" thighs. I certainly had my fair share of men chasing after me, but I wanted more. I could never be big enough. Never.

Anyways, I'd had a long boring day. Most people freak out when I say that I work at the the lab, but it's not that interesting. I just watch buttons and dials all day, making sure that all the readings are safe and that there's no meltdown. We had a small accident back in '85, but it was contained and after the cleaning crew had been in for a week, it was safe to go back to work. Anyways, life at the lab was pretty sad... At least I had my own office and my own bathroom. It meant I could amuse myself during the day, on-line or in the bathroom. I must have covered the walls of that bathroom with cum everyday since I'd started the new supplements. And I was horny again... So I picked myself up off my chair, hearing it creak as I stood up, and wandered into the bathroom.

I was standing in there, pinching my big nipples and stroking my cock when I heard a beeping from the other room. I grunted. "Fuck, probably another misreading." I kept jacking... but it kept beeping. I grunted, and picked up the pace. Pumping my fist up and down my cock, long strokes, my bulky forearm tensing again and again as I squeezed myself. Mmmmm... I looked at myself in the mirror. Great big slabs of muscle on my chest, the solid curves of my delts flaring out. I flexed, and watched my lats thicken and bulge. Oh yeah. Kept pumping, faster as I began to buck my hips against the edge of the sink. I really began to bear down with the strength of my hand, squeezing and trying to crush my dick. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. The beeping from the other room got louder, but I ignored it. I wanted to finish this off, then I'd deal with it. I pumped harder, bashing against the sink and rattling the pipes. My big chest heaving and my teeth clenched, I was close. So close. Soclosesoclosesoclose. AAAAARRRggg!!!!

My back arched, eyes closed I shot all over the mirror. Cum dripping down my reflection, I slowly opened my eyes to see my double shudder with pleasure. Then the beeping turned into a shrill whistle. Fuck! I'd never heard that before!

I rushed into the other room, and ran straight into one of the security guards. He grabbed me and shoved me out of the room. While I'd been jacking off, one of the coolant units had overheated and radiation levels had been rising. The room was contaminated; the levels never got too high, but I had to spend a night at the local hospital. And the supplements! They were in my case, all $200 worth of them. And of course, all the stuff that had been in there was contaminated too. But small mishaps like this happen often enough that if the objects don't retain any radioactivity, they are returned to their owners. All weekend, I was hoping that my case'd be there for me Monday morning when I arrived.

Of course, if they found the drugs, they would definitely have confiscated them. I mean, I'm not that up on my nuclear-biology, but I know that radiation exposure could fuck with the chemical makeup of most stuff. That's why their food irradiation project had fallen through. An irradiated potato wasn't a plain ol' potato. But I didn't buy illeagal, experimental drugs and then just leave 'em lying in my case, out in the open. The bottom had a special hidden compartment, probably to make the businessmen-types feel like they were living exciting lives. Usually I just stuck my passport in there when I was travelling, but when I got these new drugs, I kept them in there.

When I got in Monday morning, I walked nervously to my office. Had I lost that $200? And if I had, could Bob get any more of that stuff? I'd been pissed off all weekend: my lifts weren't as intense and neither were my orgasms.

Sitting on my desk was my case, wrapped in a plastic decontamination bag. They'd run it through the system, and it was looking pretty beat up. Damn! The drugs were probably ruined. Still, I might as well have a look.

I ripped open the bag and took the case into the bathroom with me. Opening up the bottom compartment, I found the three bottles of pills left in there. The open one, the one I'd been using was completely ruined. All of the pills inside were wet and I wasnt' about to take 'em. But the other two were "sealed for my protection" and looked like they were okay.

I sighed with relief and my cock started to get hard in anticipation. I grinned and flexed my big pecs at myself in the mirror. I could keep on getting bigger... exactly what I was looking for. I hit a quick double-bi, thrust my hips at myself and went back to my office.

By noon I couldn't take it anymore. I really wanted to take a couple of pills. Wanted to get back on the road to SIZE. I went into the bathroom again, my own personal jack-off booth and downed two pills. Wanted to feel those chemicals coursing through my big body again, jacking up the stakes, helping me out. I swallowed the pills, with a quick moment of worry about whether or not the rads had affected them. Then I heaved a sigh of relief, grabbed my big bag of pasta and tuna and went to meet a friend for lunch.

Later that aft, I was starting to feel the familiar tightness in my chest, my heart workign a little bit harder, my head slightly dizzy. •

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