Inner Demon



By RedKage

Chris felt his heart beat rapidly. Before him was Hunter, wielding a knife that had been ready to take his life away. Behind him was Mathews and Lucas, both of them had been involved in his kidnapping and ritual sacrifice. In the dark corner was the mysterious Death, and above them all was the sounds of an animal tearing through the house.

“Plague! War!” Hunter called the other two. “Get ready!”

Lucas and Mathews both nodded and turned to face the door to the house.

“CHRIS!” A voice bellowed. Suddenly the door became a collection of splinters when a massive fist punched right through it. Kou didn’t bother opening the door; He jumped right through it. He virtually flew through the air and landed at the bottom of the stairs. The concrete, not built to withstand such a fore, broke inwards as if a small meteor had struck it. Towering out of that miniature crater was Kou.

Kou was still in human form, but he wasn’t the same Kou Chris knew. All traces of the innocent and shy boy were gone from that boyish face. Now, there was a look of towering rage, making him by far the most terrifying person Chris had ever seen. When Kou stood up to full height, it was far more then just impressive. Kou’s body seemed to have altered itself as well for the role. The muscles had been quite large before, but there had been a kind of soft look to them. Now, they bulged and rippled, and they looked as if they were stronger then steel. His shirt strained to contain the impossibly thick melon chest, and Kou’s ten-pack abs was clearly visible through the cotton fabric. His sleeves were already starting to rip along the seams as his biceps and triceps fought for space on that arm. Chris could easily see a particularly large vein travel down from Kou’s shoulder and over the massive peak, all the way to those powerful forearms. His jeans had nearly split apart when Kou had landed; his quads had flared up from the impact. He was truly a muscle monster now.

But what Chris focused most on were the eyes. If they were bright red, then there could be no telling of what could happen. To his relief, Kou’s eyes were not red, but they were filled with an intense rage instead. But, it could have been just the poor lighting to the room, but Chris thought he saw a flicker of red in those angry black eyes.

“It’s about time.” Lucas smirked, crouching down.

“YOU!” Kou snarled when he saw their faces. “I should have known you were responsible for this Hunter! And Lucas! Why are you doing this?”

“I guess you can’t read then.” Paige said, moving herself behind Lucas. “We’re going to bring the monster in you out.”

“NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT!” Kou hollered before he lunged forward, his hand reaching forth to grab Lucas.

“War!” Hunter called out at the exact moment Kou lunged. Quickly, Lucas dodged Kou’s hand and gave it a slight tap before pulling back. This infuriated Kou. Was Lucas playing with him? The very thought fueled Kou’s rage as he began throwing wild punches. He had held back before, but now, he threw off all restraints and put his full strength behind those punches.

“War! Wall! War! Wad! Wu!” Hunter barked one after another. The moment Hunter spoke, Lucas moved. Lucas weaved and dodged every single one of Kou’s punches with ease, each dodge accompanied by a quick tap on Kou’s forearm. Each single tap made Kou angrier and angrier. How dare he! HOW DARE HE!

After Lucas tapped Kou for the tenth time, he finally stood up from his crouch, a confident look on his face. Kou was seriously annoyed by that smug look, so he threw everything he got into one punch, aiming for that smirking face. Lucas didn’t even try to dodge it. Instead, he threw out his hands and blocked instead, Kou’s ham sized fist striking Lucas’s opened palms. The force of that blow should have shattered the bone completely, but they didn’t break. Lucas himself slid back about 8 feet, almost crashing into the table in the center of the room. Though Lucas had taken the full force of the blow, he stood up straight, a grin on his face.

“I-impossible!” Kou gaped. Kou could destroy whole buildings and tear steel apart like paper, yet Lucas managed to take it full force and still live!

Lucas shook his arms, wincing just slightly. “Man that stings! Maybe I shoulda waited a bit more.”

As Lucas shook his arms, Kou noticed something. The black robes had hung loosely on Lucas before, but now they seem tight around the arms and chest. If Kou didn’t know any better, he’d say that Lucas was growing.

“Alright, let’s go again.” Lucas smiled, and then he rushed Kou. Taken off guard, Kou couldn’t dodge Lucas as he came into range. Instead of hitting him, though, Lucas instead quickly tapped Kou repeatedly before Kou threw a counter backhand.


Lucas ducked under Kou’s attack and made one final tap on Kou’s exposed chest before he jumped back out of range. When he landed, there was a clear, audible rip. His robe had popped a seam along the sleeve. As Kou watched, the rip grew bigger and bigger until the sleeve tore off completely, revealing an arm packed with a huge bicep and triceps. The arm must’ve been around 25 inches around, and they looked like they were still growing! Within moments, Lucas’s other sleeve began to rip until it fell off as well, revealing an arm identically ripped to the other.

“Like ‘em?” Lucas grinned, doing a double bicep flex. His arms bulged. “I couldn’t have gotten these guns without you.” As he flexed, the front of his robes split down the middle, revealing a pair of massive pecs so big that his nipples were starting to point downwards. Below the overhanging pecs, his abs was chiseled into a six pack. No, they were beyond chiseled. There was something about them that no sculpture could ever hope to replicate. Kou himself had great abs, but he didn’t have the stomach definition as good as Lucas’s. Lucas wasn’t close to Kou’s sheer size, but from the way things looked, that wouldn’t last very long.

“What…?” Kou looked at Lucas in shock. How did Lucas do that? Could it be some sort of trick? A magic spell? Maybe even some sort of super steroid? Whatever it was, one thing was obvious: Lucas was no ordinary high school jock.

“Let’s go again, shall we?” Lucas said briefly before he rushed Kou again. This time, Kou was ready and dodged Lucas’s attempts to touch him. Whatever made Lucas bigger had to have something to do with all the tapping he did earlier. To be sure, however, Kou allowed Lucas to tap him once before dodging the rest. As Kou jumped and sidestepped in rapid succession, he observed Lucas closely. Slowly, Lucas had started to grow bigger again almost the moment he made skin contact.

The situation was a tough one. If Lucas touched Kou, he would get stronger. Soon, he might be as strong as Kou, or maybe even stronger. Kou racked his brains trying to think of a solution while his feet moved around, keeping Lucas out of range. Lucas could be neutralized if he could knock him out, but Kou figured that a punch would be considered touching. That meant Kou would have to figure out a way to finish Lucas with a single punch, but so far Lucas was dodging everything.

A thought crossed Kou’s mind. Cautiously, he threw out a right hook.

“Wall!” Hunter yelled, and Lucas dodged the hook.

Kou threw a left punch.

“War!” hunter said once more, and Lucas dodged.

Left punch, War. Uppercut, Wad. Right punch, Wall. Each time Kou was about to through a punch of kick, Hunter would yell a word. Experimentedly, Kou tensed up his right arm, prepared to throw another punch.

“Wall!” Hunter barked, and Lucas dodged…nothing. Kou didn’t throw the punch.

Kou smiled broadly. He finally figured it out. Hunter was watching Kou’s muscles closely. Whenever he prepared to attack, Hunter would observe which muscles tensed up and called off a warning. The words ‘War,’ ‘Wall,’ ‘Wad’ and ‘Wuu’ stood for right, left, down and up. Basically, Hunter was warning Lucas where the next attack was coming from the moment it crossed Kou’s mind. The solution to the problem was simple. If Hunter was watching which muscles were tense, then he would tense ALL of his muscles.

“Grrah!” Kou growled as he flexed every single last muscle on his body. His arms pumped up, straining his shirt sleeves until they nearly popped. His chest bowled out, his neck bulged. Veins appeared all over, visible through the fabric. The denim of his jeans creaked in protest from the pressure from his gargantuan quads and calves. With his muscles still tensed up, Kou brought his arms up, both of them completely leveled. Suddenly one arm lashed out, aimed directly at Lucas.

For a second, Lucas waited for hunter’s order. However, the sight of that massive fist aimed for his chest made him jump back quickly. His moment of hesitation nearly cost him his life, because Kou’s knuckle missed by a centimeter.

“I think he’s figured us out.” Lucas called back to Hunter.

“I know.” Hunter called back, his face still calm and eyes colder then stone. “We’ll just have to move on to the next plan.”

“There won’t BE a next plan for you!” Kou hollered as he stepped forward, ready to finish of Lucas when his knee suddenly gave away. Thrown off balance, Kou crashed into the ground face-first. Behind Kou was Mathews, who had been crouching low and her hand extended in the air where Kou’s leg had been.

Lucas, not wanting to pass off this chance, darted forward and pressed his hand on Kou’s shoulder and kept it there. His muscles suddenly exploded into new growth, much quicker then they had before. What little scraps of fabric that had clung to him were ripped away completely to make room for the new muscles. First, Lucas’s shoulders broadened out, making room for the deltoids that swelled out into cannonballs. His arms, even though relaxed, bulged and grew bigger and bigger, reaching 30, no 40 inches! His chest, already full and massive, practically exploded out, getting bigger and bigger. His abs ripped even more, transforming into an eight- no, TEN-pack! Down below, the jeans he had been wearing underneath his robes split open, revealing the thick quads clad in extremely stretched out boxers.

All this took place in 5 seconds before Kou regained his wits and pulled himself away from Lucas’s touch. As he moved, both Lucas and Mathews jumped back, both ready to take on Kou.

What in the world was that? Kou thought to himself as he looked at the two. During his fight with Lucas, the girl crept behind him and did something to Kou’s right leg. It now felt stiff and numb and it didn’t bend as well as it did.

“Have you had enough yet?” Surprisingly, Mathews asked Lucas this question.

“I’m about at my limit, yeah.” Lucas said, rolling his head around and causing his neck and shoulders to bulge outwards.

“Good. Let’s finish this already.”

“I hear ya!” Lucas suddenly closed the distance between him and Kou.

He’s fast! Kou thought for a brief moment, then threw out a punch. This time, Lucas didn’t avoid it as it him square in the left pec. Lucas gave a grunt, but returned the punch with one of his own, right into Kou’ shoulder. To Kou’s utter amazement, he actually felt it! Taking advantage of Kou’s surprise, Lucas gave two more quick jabs before Kou snapped out of it and began blocking. The punches didn’t really hurt Kou that much, but they stung.

From the way Lucas winced and grunted whenever he received a punch from Kou, he was obviously taking more damage then giving. His growth seemed to have stopped completely, even though he touched Kou several more times. It seems what he meant by being ‘at his limit’ meant his growth. Kou felt his hopes rise when he saw that if things kept on going the way they were, Lucas would be down in no time.

At that point Lucas threw a fierce punch into Kou’s rock hard abs. Kou had expected it to sting, so he wasn’t prepared for what happened. The fist made contact with Kou’s washboard stomach…and pain suddenly seared through his waist!

Kou gave a cry of surprise and pain as he bent forward. The punch didn’t sting anymore. It really hurt! Lucas didn’t wait for Kou to recover as he tightened his fist and swung it into an uppercut, striking Kou in the chin. Kou’s lower jaw erupted in pain as his head snapped back. Lucas didn’t stop there as he pummeled Kou’s muscle bound body, each strike more agonizing then the last.

How? Kou thought while he tried his best to endure the pain. How did Lucas suddenly get stronger? While he was pummeled, he caught a bit of movement out of the corner of his eye. When he looked over, he saw the black robe girl about ten feet away warily.

Something didn’t seem right. Why would she stand so close to Kou? She could’ve stayed back like Hunter, but instead she placed herself in danger. Kou couldn’t think of what it was due to the ache in his muscles- And then it clicked. She was the reason why he was getting pummeled! But she wasn’t giving Lucas strength. She was draining his!

Upon realization, Kou turned his attention to her, ignoring the screaming pain in his body as he threw out a punch.

“Pal!” Hunter called, and Mathews nimbly dodged Kou’s fist. Her own hand reached up and touched Kou’s forearm. Suddenly Kou’s arm dropped down, the strength in it completely gone. In desperation, Kou tried to attack with his other arm, but a word from Hunter allowed Mathews to dodge and disable it. With Kou disarmed, Mathews walked calmly up to Kou and placed her palm on Kou’s rippling chest.

Kou collapsed like a rag doll. He coughed and saliva flowed from his open mouth. Kou felt as if something was crushing his chest, making it very hard to breathe. The best Kousuke could do in the situation was take quick, jagged breaths. His whole body felt as if there wasn’t an ounce of strength left. For the first time in his entire life, Kou felt weak and helpless.

Chris watched everything from the wall, unable to even utter a single sound as he watched Kou fall. He felt a deep shock as he saw his massive friend, on the ground, all weak and tired. Kou! he tried to scream out, but his voice had died on him. He could only watch in horror as Lucas and Paige stood over his friend’s body.

“It looks like he’s down for good.” Mathews said with some satisfaction.

“Ya coulda waited a bit longer.” Lucas complained, cracking his knuckles. “I wanted to fight it out a bit longer.”

“As long as we accomplish our goals, I don’t care how you did it.” Hunter said sternly. “Now, let us complete the ritual.”

“What…” Kou gasped out. The words were almost beyond him, but he managed to choke out one after another. “What…are…you…going…”

“We are going to destroy your human body so you can be reborn as the demon you were meant to be.” Hunter said coldly. “Once you become your true self, we will cut out Chris’s heart and offer it to you so that you may feed on your chosen one’s ultimate sacrifice.”

Kou’s eyes went wide. “N…no…” He cried weakly, then fell into a fit of coughing.

“Let us begin.” Hunter said, and all three of them gathered around Kou. They all began chanting their own prayers as they all pulled out knives.

No… Kou’s frantic thought flashed through his mind. It can’t end like this!

The chanting began to increase its pace.

I can’t give in like this! I can’t die here!

The three spread their arms wide.

Move… Kou ordered himself. Move! Move move MOVE!

The knives rose up into the air, the metal flashing in the candlelight.

No! …I can’t turn into that monster! I just can’t! It’s my fault! If it wasn’t for me, Chris…Chris…

Kou pulled in the last of his willpower to raise his head to look at Chris. Chris, bound by chain on the far wall and drenched in blood, looked back directly into his eyes.

“K….u” Chris mouthed, trying to get his throat working.

“Awaken, demon, from the vessel that binds thee!”


“Come forth, demon of hell!” The knives flashed once more just before they fell down towards Kou.

“KOU!” Chris screamed.

The knives struck Kou in the back…and broke off into pieces. With lightning fast movement, Kou leapt up, striking all three in rapid succession. Hunter and Mathews flew in a long arc and crashed into the ground. Lucas, being stronger then the other two was merely thrown back but not off his feet. He shook his head, trying to regain his senses, and then he looked at Kou.

Kou was growing. It was evident since his clothes were getting even tighter on his body. As Lucas watched, Kou grew taller and bigger. His sleeves burst off, exposing his engorged, vein streaked biceps and triceps. His undershirt ripped down the middle, exposing his tattooed covered pecs. Gradually, they grew bigger and bigger until they became the size of watermelons. No, not watermelons. They were as growing bigger then giant pumpkins! His abs became deep and cut, and his legs exploded out of the confines of his jeans. Soon, Kou was naked except for a flimsy jockstrap which was quickly approaching breaking point as his member grew beyond its capabilities.

As Kou’s muscles grew bigger, other changes occurred as well. His white streaked hair grew longer and paler until they flowed down to his buttocks, whiter then snow. Two horns grew from the top of his heads, and his nails and teeth turned into fangs and claws. His skin deepened into a rich bronze, as it changed colors, the black tattoos on his chest faded out one by one until it left the two slabs of meat devoid of any markings.

Lucas gaped at the sheer size of Kou, who had grown so big and tall that the top of his horns almost touched the ceiling high above them. A loud rip turned his attention back down, where Kou’s massive endowment finally ripped free of its cotton prison. The organ was as big and thick as a guy’s leg! Lucas couldn’t help but to feel a twinge of jealousy.

A deep, low growl rumbled in Kousuke’s throat as he looked down with his scarlet eyes. Lucas stood defiantly in front of the great beast, ready to fight. Kou looked at Lucas, a great anger in his eyes. He balled up his fist and threw it out at Lucas.

Lucas, not sure how strong Kou really was at this point, jumped as hard as he can to the side, narrowly escaping certain death. However, Kou’s other hand swiped in and caught Lucas in midair. The impact was so great that it sent Lucas into the concrete wall and embedded him two feet in.

Kou bellowed in triumph, the taste of victory was sweet in his mouth. With no more people to attack, Kou slowly turned his attention to Chris, who was watching him with frightened eyes.

“K-Kou?” Chris said fearfully, looking up into those scarlet red eyes with panic. “Kou, is that you?”

The demon gave a lustful growl as it inhaled the fragrance of the blood covering the tiny creature’s body. Something in the back of its mind told him that he knew this tiny animal, but its hunger distracted him. Slowly, the demon crept closer.

“K-Kou, w-wait a m-minute.” Chris stuttered.

Oh, the smell of fear emanating from this mortal was so intoxicating! Combined with the fresh warm blood on its skin, it almost sent him into a thrall of pleasure. Its enjoyment was evident in the swelling of its massive cock as blood rushed down into its engorged head and the cantaloupe balls churned.

“Kou, please wake up!” Chris cried, struggling to get out of the chains that held him to the wall.

The demon placed its hands on the wall either side of the human. It stared down at it, eyes filled with an insatiable hunger. Its prick rose and touched the human’s stomach, dripping pre all over.

“Kou, p-please…” Tears were actually streaming down Chris’s cheeks, washing some of the blood on his face away.

This voice…where have he heard it before? The demon hesitated for a moment, its eyes flashing between red and black. There was a nagging feeling about this puny creature, but demons weren’t supposed to have feelings. All they needed to do was satisfy their desires, and it didn’t matter just who they kill in order to do it. With that firmly in mind, the demon leaned down, it’s mouth opened wide.

“Kou…it’s me…” Chris whimpered. “It’s…it’s Chris!”

Chris… That word sounded SO familiar! But the demon couldn’t just ignore his hunger, so it leaned in closer, ready to sink it’s fang into the soft flesh. The neck was a good place to start, so the demon tilted its head towards the expose flesh.

“Kou…please…” Chris’s voice was dying on him again. This was it. He was going to die, eaten alive by his friend.

The demon watched a vein pulse on the tiny neck. In almost childish glee, the demon opened its mouth wide and-

“Goodbye Kou.” Chris whispered, closing his eyes.

Kou’s jaws suddenly locked up. Chris! It was Chris he was about to sink his fangs into! Chris, his friend, the very person he came here to save! And he was about to…to…Oh God! Kou grabbed the chains attached to Chris’s wrists and snapped them opened using only his index finger and thumb. The sudden release caused Chris to fall forward, but Kou caught him into his arms and hugged him close to his body. “Oh Chris…” Kou sobbed, being careful not to crush him. “I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry…”

That deep, yet soft voice chased away all of Chris’s fears. He felt himself being pressed against something hard, but not tightly. The warm skin comforted Chris greatly. Slowly, Chris opened his eyes. Kou was still huge, but he was holding him very gently. It felt…nice.

“Isn’t that touching.” A hollow voice murmured.

Chris felt Kou stiffened up. Slowly he turned around, still holding Chris protectively in his giant arms. Standing behind him was the fourth robed person. Chris had completely forgotten about him!

“You have three seconds to get out of here before I smash your face into the ground.” Kou threatened.

Death stood silent. Then, from nowhere, he began to laugh cheerfully. “Oh, Kou, I’m so sorry, but you just look so adorable like that right now, holding Crissy like that!”

The sudden burst of laughter had caught both Kou and Chris by surprise. They BOTH knew that laugh!

“No way.” Chris stared wide eyed at the robed figure. It couldn’t…it just COULDN’T!

The robed figure reached up and pulled his hood back. “Heya guys,” Mark smiled, “what’s up? •

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