Inner Demon

Naive Dreams


By RedKage

“Please…” Chris moaned. He laid on his bed, stark naked. Standing before him was a massive hulk of a man. The man’s pecs jutted out sharply, fuller and larger then any bodybuilders. Arms thick and pulsing with infinite power flexed and moved under a net of veins, with pumped blood into those swollen peaks. The man’s abdominal muscles were so ripped and cut that the only other time that it would be possible for such abs to exist were for a sculpture to chisle it into marble, and even then it paled in comparison to the perfect ten pack of the man’s navel. The legs were thicker then oak trees, and calves that were larger then most bodybuilder’s biceps. What really took Chris’ breath away was the monstrosity of a cock. It was three feet long and possibly twelve inches thick! It throbbed toward him, leaking pre from his melon sized testicles that pulsed and sloshed with milky fluid.

“Please…”Chris moaned again in ecstasy, laying eagle spread on the bed. “Please take me.”

The giant reached down and slowly enveloped Chris. Chris moaned as he felt the ton of warm, pure muscle slowly crushed him. He licked and he humped the titanic body on top of him.

Suddenly Chris was in pain. Without warning, the giant clawed his shoulder, causing blood to flow. The giant savagely attacked him, biting and tearing at him, ignoring the cried of pain that emitted under him. Chris cried out for him to stop, but it was no use. The giant continued to attack him, crushing and breaking his bones with his strength.

Suddenly, the giant pulled back. The giant what appeared to be fifteen feet tall, and several hundred pounds heavier with muscle. His hair was long and wild, it‘s skin dark and coated with a coarse, thin layer of hair. Blood dripped from it’s mouth and cruel sharp fangs onto it’s chest and down to the valley of it’s abs. Chris looked up at the monster, his eyes pleading for mercy. As Chris gazed up at the monster, his face twisted with a shocked recognition. Staring down at him, with eyes of pure blood red, was Kou.

Chris bolted upright, gasping for breath. He struggled to throw off the sheets that clung to his sweat soaked body. After a few minutes of heavy breathing, his hands explored his body. There were no wounds, no broken bones. With a great sigh or relief, he sunk back into bed. It was just a dream he told himself. Just a harmless, little, disturbing erotic dream.

As he laid there, a sense of guilt washed over him. He had just had an erotic dream of his new friend. The Kou he knew we kind and gentle, where the Kou in his dream was savage and aggressive. The difference between his dream Kou and the real Kou sickened him even more. He could never see Kou as that kind of person. And yet, the scenes from the previous day’s gym class repeated itself in his mind. True, Kousuke had changed during that one moment of anger, but still…

While lying on his bed, he felt a chill settle on his soaked body. But what really made him shiver was the cold, wet feeling he felt near his crotch. He quickly threw back his covers, revealing a pair of cum soaked boxers and sheets. His face cherry red with embarrassment, he stripped out of his boxers, gathered the sheets and rolled it up in one messy ball which he threw into the overfilled laundry basket. Reminding himself for the fifteenth time that week to wash his clothes, he began to search his closet for clothes that were not too dirty to wear to school.

“Kou, you’re going to be late for school!” Lou yelled down the hall.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Kou called in return. The house shook slightly as he ran out of the hallway, his backpack half swung around his right shoulder.

“What took you so long?” Lou asked, already reaching into his wallet.

“I was reading a pretty interesting book on the theory of selective breeding and evolution.” Kou explained. Today he wore an outfit similar to the previous day, only this time his undershirt was jet black while his button down shit was white.

Lou shook his head. “I know it’s good to read and everything, but you have to know when to stop every now and again.” He was about to pull out some money when he paused. “Do you really need to…you know. I mean, you don’t NEED to, but-”

“Just give me the money Dad.” Kou laughed, holding out his hand earnestly.

Lou sighed as he handed Kou a few dollar bills. “You could’ve saved some of the money I gave you yesterday instead of carelessly spending it all. It’s a waste of food you know.”

“Next time don’t give me so much money then.” Kou pointed out.

The bell for the start of the period rung loudly. The students all filed into their classes reluctantly, ready to start a new day of school.

Chris looked behind his shoulder towards the closed door occasionally. Class had already started five minutes before, and Kousuke was late.

“Mr Stanton, pay attention!”

Chris’ eyes snapped back forward towards the blackboard.

Mr. Benson Shook his head. “I’ll admit that I was please to see that you finally turned in your homework, but that is no excuse to not pay-”

“E-excuse me.” a muffled voice called. Everyone’s head turned back towards the rear door. On the other side of the small window in the door was Kou’s embarrassed face.

“S-sorry I’m late.” Kou apologized.

“It’s alright.” Mr. Benson’s voice cracked. “Just come on in.”

“Th-the door is locked.” Kou protested.

Mr. Benson frowned. “It shouldn’t be. I keep my door unlocked always.”

Kou looked through the mirror nervously. “But I can’t seem to get it open from this side.”

Mr. Benson sighed and turned to the class. “Would someone open the door for Mr. Sterling?”

About half of the class jumped to their feet and raced towards the door. Within moment’s the door was opened and Kou walked rather shyly in, his face beet red. “T-thank you.”

Throughout English class, Chris made frequent glances towards Kou. Kou looked just like he did yesterday. He was still very tall, but not tall enough to be considered a giant. His muscles, although huge and rippling, were not monstrous. His hair was neatly tied, his teeth were straight and perfectly white, and his eyes were the same dark color that gave off a boyish innocence as they looked towards the front of the room. There were absolutely no hint of the monster he had dreamed the previous night whatsoever.

The bell rang, snapping Chris back into reality. Already, the other people were filing out of the classroom. Scolding himself, he stuffed all of his notes into his backpack and followed everyone out of the classroom. Behind him, Kou chuckled.

“Daydreaming?” He asked.

“Shut it.” Chris replied bitterly.

“Please wait Mr. Sterling.” Mr. Benson called from his desk.

Kou and Chris paused halfway out the door. “You go on ahead.” Kou glance down, flashing a grin.

Chris frowned but said nothing. “I’ll see you for lunch later.” He said, giving Mr. Benson a suspicious look before turning around and exiting the classroom.

“Close the door if you please, Mr. Sterling.” Mr. Benson ordered. “I’d like this conference to be private.”

“Uh, s-sure.” Kou nodded nervously. Reaching out he appeared to lightly tap the door with his finger, but the moment he touched the door it flew out and slammed shut with a loud bang. Behind his desk, Mr. Benson gave a muffled whimper.

“So, uh, what d-did you want with me, Mr. Benson?” Kou asked as soon as he walked up to the desk.

“I, uh, wanted to discuss about your academic standing.” Mr. Benson said nervously, yet his eyes looked at Kou with a fiery lust. “You see, you’re at an…a disadvantage, so to say, since you’re starting halfway during the semester.”

Kou nodded, not sure where this was leading to.

“So, you see, you’re scores won’t be as high as some of the other students, and I’m sure you’re worried about your grades of course.”

“Of course.” Kou repeated, nodding again.

Mr. Benson’s eyes scanned Kou, his body shaking with a kind of nervous anticipation. “So, uh, I’m wi-willing to give y-you some, ah….extra credit if you’d call it.” His eyes followed down from Kou’s face to his massive torso. “A…a lot of extra credit.” He stared at the perfect abs that showed through the fabric of the black shirt. “And I’d be happy to help you…” His mouth watered as he gazed at the prominent bulge in Kou’s jeans. “As a special tutor…”

“Um, okay…?” It sounded alright to Kou.

“I…I can make it that you’d receive the highest grades in the class.” Mr. Benson said as he got up from his chair. Slowly he walked towards Kou until his huge gut pressed into Kou’s bulge. “So, as long as you’ll do as I say, you can be smart.”

“O-okay…” Kou said, nervously. He didn’t understand why Mr. Benson was pressing up into him, nor did he feel comfortable either.

“Now…” Mr. Benson looked at Kou’s arms. “Flex those arms of yours for me.”

“F-flex?” Kou blinked. “What d-do you mean?”

Mr. Benson smiled broadly. “Playing the student already, huh? Well then, let me teach you. First…” He placed his hands on Kou’s right arm, guiding it into a parallel position to the ground. “You extend your arm like this. Next…” Slowly, he bent Kou’s arm into a bicep pose, his eye’s growing wide as he saw the peak extend higher and higher. “B-bend your arm like th-this.” His breathing was already becoming heavy as his hands reached out and caress the mighty muscle. “This is a single b-bicep pose.”

Puzzled, Kou nodded. So far, Mr. Benson was acting very strange. Instead of learning English, he was learning some sort of stretch or body position. Perhaps he has some sort of reason. Kou told himself as he continued to obey the fat man’s orders.

“Next, bring your arms down together, like so…” Gently, Mr. Benson guided Kou through various bodybuilder poses, his cock throbbing with each simple flex and touch of the young god’s muscles. Already, he was leaking a bit of pre, but he didn’t care. All that mattered was Kousuke. Slowly, he caressed and touched each and every muscle he could get his hands on, giving low, inaudible moans as he does it. In the back of his mind he knew he had to be quick because the next period would start soon, but at the moment he was loss in an overwhelming sense of ecstasy. Soon, his hands found his way to the bottom of Kou’s shirt, and slowly he began to lift it.

Kou, who was currently positioned in a most muscular pose, jumped back away from Mr. Benson. “W-what are you doing?” He asked, alarmed.

Mr. Benson awoke from his trance. “W-what we agreed upon.”

“I never agreed to this!” Kou said loudly, backing away. “I just wanted better grades!”

“And you will!” Mr. Benson nearly pleaded. He couldn’t stand having Kou leave him so soon, just as he was nearing the peak of excitement. “Just give me a few sessions like today and I can make it so that you graduate with honors!”

Kou shook his head. Something about this screamed a warning at him, and he knew better then to ignore it. “I just want to be a normal student, Mr. Benson. I’ll…I’ll study hard! I’ll prove to you that I can do this without…whatever you offer me!”

Sudden fear gripped Mr. Benson. “Y-you…aren’t g-going to tell anyone, a-are you?”

Kou turned around and headed for the door. Gripping the handle carefully, he turned and pulled. The doorknob twisted and came out, and the door itself became ajar. Mr. Benson couldn’t hold it in any longer. The sight of Kou ripping the doorknob off was so hot that he came in his pants. Dropping the doorknob, Kou dug his fingers until he caught hold of the door, then slowly opened it. Without looking back, he walked out of the classroom.

“I’ll pay you! Anything you want!” Mr. Benson wailed weakly, still trying to recover from his climax. “Just don’t tell, I beg of you!”

Without stopping for anything, Kou marched straight towards his next class. Silently, he cursed himself for being so naïve and careless. The situation with Mr. Benson had not been so educational as he had believed, yet he was so stupid to have gotten himself into that position in the first place!

He entered his biology class and sat down into his seat, still fuming over his close call. He didn’t notice as two feminine hands wrap themselves around his neck until Maria leaned forward to his ear.

“Hey there big guy.” She whispered.

“AH!” Kou jumped to his feet, startled. Maria had let go of Kou jut in time to avoid getting carried up off of her feet and was giggling from her seat. “Ma-ma-ma-”

“Maria.” She finished for him. “So nice that you remembered.” She flashed him a smile, which were magnified by her irresistible dimples.

“Ah, ye-yeah.” Kou sat back down a bit gingerly.

Maria smiled. She reached over and groped Kou’s firm left pec in her tiny hand. “So, did you reconsider my offer?”

Before Kou could say anything, the Biology teacher walked in, demanding silence. Right away, everyone opened their books and began to read along as the teacher lectured, occasionally scribbling notes. Kou, however, was having a hard time concentrating. During the entire class, he felt Maria’s eyes bore into his back. He waited, half expecting her to whisper something into his ear again, catching him off guard.

Slowly, the clock ticked off the minutes. Finally, the bell rang, signaling the end of class. A bit surprised and relieved of Maria’s inaction, Kou stood up and got ready to leave. The moment he turned around, however, Maria jumped up, threw her hands around Kou’s neck and leaned in for a kiss. Kou, who was so surprised by the action, stumbled backwards. His head turned just in time to avoid a kiss on the mouth, though his right cheek wasn’t so lucky.

“Aw, you ruined it.” Maria whined as she slid off of Kou. All the other students in the classroom had watched with a sort of stunned fascination of Maria’s boldness. Even the teacher seemed a bit loss for words. “You owe me a kiss, Kousuke Sterling.” She laughed, then she ran off with her curly hair catching a bit of sunlight during her departure, creating a grand exit.

Kou stood there, his face a complete blank. “T-that….was weird.” He muttered mostly to himself.

Chris waited in the same spot outside of the cafeteria. For some reason, he felt a bit uneasy. The uneasiness vanished, however, the moment he spotted Kou’s head sticking up above the crowd. Waving him down, he watched as Kou walked towards him in a sort of stunned daze.

“What happened to you?” Chris asked, taking note of the look on Kou’s face.

“I got kissed.” Kou said rather blandly.

“Oh that’s nice.” Chris said automatically, without thinking. It took him ten whole seconds before the words sunk into his brain. “YOU GOT WHAT!?”

“I got kissed.” he said blandly again. Suddenly his eyes went wide as if he finally registered what he had said. “I w-w-was k-k-k-k-k-k-”

“Who? And when?”

“M-Maria T-t-something.” Kou blurted out. “And it was on the cheek!”

“Maria?” he said, surprised. “The Prostitute?”

“Huh?” Kou looked down at Chris. “Say what?”

Chris shrugged. “It’s what everyone calls her. She’s known to have slept with every jock in school once, and only once.”

“But if she was just sleeping with them, why call her a prostitute?” Kou frowned. “I mean, sleeping with someone is completely harmless…right?”

Chris stared at Kou. “How dense are you? Sleeping with someone means that they made out.”

Kou frowned, still puzzled.

Chris stared at Kou harder. “They made love. They fu-. Oh, for God’s sake, they had sex!”

Kou’s eyes went wide, then his entire head turned a deep dark red. “Oh.” He said in a small voice.

“You better watch yourself.” Chris advised. “She’s probably after you now to keep her reputation up.”

“You mean,” Kou’s eyes went wide once more, “She wants- with me!?”

“No, she wants to do it with the janitor.” Chris said sarcastically. “Of course it’s you! God, I swear, talking to you is like talking to a child.”

“Hey!” Kou protested, then let it slide. Anything he says would probably only make things worse. Without another word, he followed Chris into the cafeteria line and placed a small amount of food onto his plate.

“You holding back today?” Chris looked at Kou’s plate. “You had a lot more food yesterday.”

“I was hungry then.” Kou replied. “I don’t really have much of an appetite today.”

Chris shrugged. “Whatever keeps those muscles of yours huge.”


“Hey Sterling!”

Chris and Kou turned around to see who called. It was Lucas, one of the school star football players. He had short blonde hair, dreamy blue eyes and a great athletic build which showed through his tight football jersey and jeans. He was standing up at the jock’s table, where most of the popular and handsome guys sat for lunch.

“What do I do?” Kou bent down and whispered into Chris’ ear.

“Go see what he wants.” Chris replied. Together, the two of them walked over to Lucas.

“Why don’t you sit with us, Sterling?” Lucas asked, flashing a perfect smile.

“Uh…” he looked over at Chris for advice.

“Don’t look at me.” Chris shook his head. “I’m not going to make every decision for you.”

“We can make room for you too, uh…” Lucas frowned, concentrating.

“Don’t bother.” Chris chuckled. “The jock table is for jocks only, remember? Anyway, I’ll see you later Kou.”

Before Kou could protest, Chris had already left to sit at a table at the far end of the cafeteria. Now with no other options available, Kou had to accept Lucas’ offer to sit at their table.

“Fuck man, you’re huge man!” The guy sitting next to Kou said. He had short reddish brown hair and a cute face. He was rather tall, the top of his head reaching Kou’s shoulder. “Your folks tall or something?”

“N-not really.” Kou answered rather awkwardly. “They’re…average.”

“There goes the good genetics theory.” One guy remarked, and several heads nodded.

“Check out those guns, man!” Another jock pointed at Kou’s arms. “They’re huge! Just how much can you curl with those bad boys? 200?”


“You‘re pecs are awesome!“ Another guy commented. “How much benching did it take to get a chest like that?”

“Dude, relax man.” Lucas’ placed his hand on Kou’s deltoid to reassure him. “And you guys cut it out already.” He said to the other jocks, and they all quieted down.

“Thanks.” Kou said quietly, feeling uneasy that everyone’s eyes were on him.

“No prob bro.” Lucas said.

“So…why did you guys ask me to sit with you?” Kou asked cautiously.

“We wanted to know if you’re interested in joining any of the teams.” One guy said honestly.

“With your height and stuff, we figured that you could really help with the basketball team.” The guy sitting next to Kou told him.

“Hey, I thought we’d agree he’d go over to football!” One guy protested.

“It’s his choice what he‘s gonna join, dammit!” Lucas snapped, and all of them fell silent.

“I…I’m not interested in sports.” Kou admitted.

“Ah, a bodybuilder eh?” One big guy nodded. “I can relate to ya. Size is everything, right?”

“So what’s your workout plan?” Someone asked.

“How much time do you spend at the gym?”

“How much do you weigh?”

“Did you really scare the shit outta Coach Briggs?”

“Guys, you’re doing it again.” Lucas said in a warning tone, and everyone stopped talking once more.

“I…I’m really flattered, r-really.” Kou said, standing up. “But I’m afraid I…I…”

“Dude, it’s okay.” Lucas smiled. “If ya don’t wanna sit with us, you can go. We ain’t gonna judge you for leaving us for yer friend.”

Kou breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you.” quickly he turned and headed towards Chris. The moment Kou was out of hearing range, everyone at the table began talking to each other

“Dude, did you sees the size of those muscles, man?”

“Fuck, he could probably curl over 200, bench 400 and maybe even squat 500 with those fuckers!”

“You think he’s on roids?”

“No way, did you see the size of his package man? Fucking HUGE!”

Lucas did not join in the discussion. Instead, he looked intently at Kou and Chris. Something flashed across his face, but quickly disappeared as he turned inwards again towards the table.

“Huh.” Lucas looked down. “Sterling forgot his food. Maybe he wasn’t so hungry after all.” •

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