Inner Demon

Shirt and Skin


By RedKage

“You know, for a big guy, you’re a big wimp.”

“I’m sorry.” Kou said automatically. He and Chris had finished their lunches and was now heading off to gym class. While walking, Kou described, in detail, what it was about Hunter that was ‘freaky’ to him.

“Stop saying you’re sorry all the time.” Chris chided.

“Sorry.” Kou said again. “It’s just that…why did he…I mean, I haven’t done anything to him…did I?”

Chris shrugged. “Maybe he’s worried about new competition.” He suggested a little thoughtfully.

“Competition?” Kou repeated, perplexed. “Competition to what? Is he in a sport?”

“No, competition for the ‘scariest guy in school’ title.” Chris laughed. “And you have to admit, a guy your size can make someone pee in his pants if you really try. Course, you‘re such a big baby you probably won‘t scare a mouse.”

Kou felt a chill run up his spine. “Ha ha ha ha….” He forced out a half, almost sarcastic laugh. “Very funny.”

When they reached the locker rooms, most of the people had already changed and were in the gymnasium. However, the moment the two boys stepped into the locker room, every guy stopped what they were doing to look and stare at Kou. The guys who cared about their heights shrank in the sight of Kou’s 8 feet tall physique. The dudes who had always flaunted their muscles around were suddenly humbled by the sight of each globe of power built into Kousuke’s body. And finally the cocky boys who bragged about the size of their man hoods gawked at the prominent bulge in the front of Kou’s jeans.

Nervously, Kou moved towards his locker, trying his best to ignore the stares from the other boys as he passed by. He could actually feel they’re eyes watching his back, no doubt in awe in it’s definition visible through the shirt. Reflexively, he reached back with his right hand to touch the small of his back, as if to see if his shirt was still there. He looked down, averting his vision of the others while focusing on following Chris, who was ignoring everyone rather calmly. Instead of heading into the rows of lockers, Chis lead Kou towards the door off to one side labeled ‘Coach Lumen’s Office.’

Without knocking, Chris opened the door and went inside, followed by Kou. Everyone in the locker room were watching as Kou ducked and entered through the door sideways, his mighty chest nearly hitting the door frame.

The coach’s office was surprisingly neat and orderly, unlike anything Kousuke had expected. The walls were clean and freshly painted white. There were several bookshelves, each of them organized into alphabetical order and type of sport. Instead of awards pinned up to the walls, there were schedules of a variety of the school’s sport teams, several with notes or marking on them. In the corner was a tidy ordinary desk, and sitting in the chair behind it was none other then what had to be Coach Lumen himself.

The Coach Lumen appeared to be an athlete who had let himself go just a bit. He had large, beefy arms, a thick chest and good, strong legs. However, the muscles were covered in a soft layer of fat, and he had a slight paunch that poked out of his body from underneath his chest. And he had a great deal of hear! True, his haircut was short and he had an impressive beard that was kept neat and trim. However, in contrast to the neatness of the hair on his head, the hair on his body grew wildly! His arms and legs were coated with a thick bushy layer of black hairs, and judging from the hairs that poked out from the bottom of the man’s collar, he would most likely have a hair covered torso as well.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” The man asked rather politely, even though one eyebrow rose at the sight of Kou.

“Not me Coach, Kou. Kou’s new to school, and he doesn’t have the uniform yet.” Chris explained, jabbing his thumb back towards Kou. “He needs a locker as well.”

“I see…” Coach nodded, his eyes checking Kou out. “Well, you might present a challenge, being a young man of your height and size. We don’t have anything that’ll fit you perfectly, but at least it’ll cover you decently enough, I suppose.” Coach stood up from his chair and walked through a door in the side of the room. After a few moments, he returned carrying a rather large folded gray and blue PE uniform. “I knew I had something. These won’t fit like a glove, since they belonged to an 300 pound overweight boy, but they’ll have to do for now.”

Kou nodded, then looked around him. He leaned forward and downward and whispered something into Coach’s ear. The Coach listened patiently, then laughed. “Well sure kid, just go into that room right there.”

Kou nods again and walks through the door Coach had entered earlier. He pushed the door almost closed, but for some reason left it slightly ajar. Chris thought that if Kou had been too shy to change in public, he would have closed the door completely. However, Chris had only met Kou just that day, so there was no way to see how Kou though. However, in the back of his mind, he started to imagine what Kou would look like without any clothes. He could almost visualize the large meaty muscles. First there would be those huge slabs of meat called pecs. They would be full and almost round, smooth granite, with two dark nipples pointing downward. His abs would be ripped and stick out of his stomach like pieces of brick. Below, his legs would be nothing short of enormously thick and powerful. Last, but not least, but be the most important part, the-

“I’m done.” Kou said, opening the door slowly. He walked out, and Chris laughed. The shirt was tight around the chest area, like Chris had suspected, but leaving tons of unnecessary clothe hanging around the stomach, almost like a curtain. The hem of the shirt stopped two to three inches above the waistband, allowing Kou’s lower set of abs to peek out which, by the way, was just as how Chris had imagined it. The shorts were similar to the shirt. They were slightly tight around the upper thighs, but the waistband was so loose, that Kou actually had to tie the front into a large knot in order to prevent it from slipping down. Kou’s package bulged through the fabric of course, but somehow the comic look to Kou’s outfit overpowered simple lust.

“You look like a clown.” Chris laughed hysterically.

Kou shot a slightly pained look at Chris, then began to chuckle himself. “Well sorry if the school doesn’t have anything that can fit me right.”

“It’s hard to be prepared for someone like you.” Coach chuckled. He pressed a slip of paper into Kou’s hand and winked.

“Will you be teaching today Coach?” Chris asked.

“Nah, today Coach Briggs will be teaching.”

Chris groaned. “Already? I’m still sore from the last time that demon taught class.”

“Y-you’re exaggerating, right?” Kou asked nervously.

“No, I’m not.” Chris replied, his voice already wincing from pain. “Though you’ll probably do fine, seeing how you’re built like a tank.”

Kou laughed nervously.

Lumen chuckled and pressed a lock and a slip of paper into Kou’s hand. “Class starts in a few minutes, so put your stuff away and hurry into the gym.” Lumen winked at Kou, and motioned the boys to leave with a slight wave of his hand.

“What’s your number?” Chris asked as soon as they were out of the door, nudging Kou in the side with his elbow. It felt like he had struck his elbow on pure, solid concrete, and he made a mental note to never do it again as he winced from the sharp pain.

“203.” Kou read off the slip of paper as low as possible, wary of the amount of people watching him. It wasn’t that he didn’t want anyone to know what his locker number was, it was just that he felt nervous with all those people watching him with looks of amazement, fear and even lust.

Chris ignored all other people, however, as he lead Kou down the rows of dull blue metal lockers until he stopped in front of a rather ordinary locker labeled ‘203.’

“Here you go.” Chris said, waving his hand at the locker. “I gotta go change myself now, so I’ll meet you in the gym.” Without waiting for a goodbye, Chris ran down the aisle and turned around the corner, vanishing from Kou’s sight.

Kou took a deep breath. He glanced off to both sides, and the people who had stayed behind to watch Kou pulled back out of view. Slowly, Kou took the metal knob of the locker and lifted it up slowly. Without warning, the knob broke off completely and the locker door swung open. Kou looked wildly around, checking to see if anyone had seen it, but fortunately his admirers had not dared another peek yet. Quickly, he stuffed his things, including the knob and locker, into the locker and carefully closed the metal door. After checking to see if he had done everything, Kou walked quickly towards the exit of the locker room and into the gym.

The gym was like any other high school gym; Large, spacious and a varnished wooden floor. It was designed and built for numerous sports and activities. There were a total of three basketball courts, with retractable bleachers on either side. There were settings in the ground to alter the gym floor into a variety of sports such as volleyball and badminton and even wrestling if the mats were carried in from the storage room and laid down on the floor.

Kou looked nervously at the wooden floor. Dubiously, he stepped out onto the floor. The wood creaked, and sounded strange to Kou, but it seemed to be solid enough. However, Kou still walked slowly to where the other students gathered, chatting idly while waiting on the PE Teacher. When Kou approached, everyone began glancing and staring at him the same way the boys in the locker room had. They all continued their conversations, but every now and again they’d break off and make a quick glance towards Kou. Nervously, Kou kept to himself off to one side, a bit away from the other students.

When Chris came out of the locker room, the first thing he saw was Kou, standing a foot and a half taller then the tallest guy in the gym, and twice as wide as any of them as well. As Chris approached, he saw that Kou was standing away from the group of students. Somehow, it made Chris feel relieved. Kousuke was something he wanted to keep to himself, even though Chris knew it was wrong and selfish. Even though Kou was obviously timid and nervous around other people, he had chosen him to be friends with from all of the other people. Even if it was only a day, Chris felt as if he and Kou had been friends for years already.

Right about then, the double doors closest to the group of students banged open, and a rather large man walked in. He was roughly 7 and a half feet tall of pure, ripped muscle. The wife beater he wore was tight fitting across his 58 inch chest, while moderately loose around the abdomen. His arms were very thick and beefy, with veins streaking beneath the darkly tanned skin. His neck was incredibly thick, his lats were impressively wide, and his legs were large and powerful, fully capable to support his upper body. His face had a rough, rather intimidating look to it, coupled with his buzzed cut dark hair and cold dark eyes and finished off with a square chin and a rather large nose. Other then his wife beater, he had a pair of baggy blue shorts and a stop watch hung around his neck. However, despite the fact he was a huge man, he was dwarfed completely when compared to Kou, who stood rather nervously about twenty feet away.

The man, who was obviously Coach Briggs, had his eyes set on his clipboard the entire time. By some unknown sense, he stopped in front of the class and called out in a loud, commanding voice.

“Alright wimps, time for hell!” He barked, and even though everyone had heard it numerous times before they still flinched. One by one, Coach Briggs called out the names of the students in alphabetical order, with each student responding rather weakly to the roll call. The only ones who sounded strong and unafraid were the jocks and sports stars. One by one Coach Briggs called off names until finally he reached Kou’s name.

“Sterlings…Sterlings…” He muttered lowly, though loud enough for everyone to hear. “New?” He asked without even looking up.

“Y-yeah.” Kou replied, his voice weaker and softer then the rest.

“What? Speak up, I can’t hear you!” Briggs jerked his head up for a quick glance, then looked back at the clipboard. It took him a few, long seconds before he snapped his head straight back up, finally seeing Kousuke fully. “HOLY SHIT YOU’RE HUGE!”

Kou blushed and looked downward. From Chris’ point of view, it appeared as if Kou was trying to make himself look smaller, but was failing miserably and completely.

Coach Briggs eyed Kou in disbelief, trying to take in the young giant. “What are you taking, son?” He muttered, most likely to himself.

“T-taking, sir?”

“Er,” Coach Briggs looked at Kou, baffled. It was the first time Chris had ever seen Coach Briggs look baffled. “What I mean is, ah, do you know the dangers of stero-”

“I don’t believe in drugs, sir.” Kou said more firmly then Chris had ever heard him. “I have never taken any drugs, supplements or any illegal substances.”

Chris was amazed. For once, Kou sounded like a normal, confident person. In fact, the words felt as if Kou had recited it over and over again multiple times already.

Coach Briggs remained doubtful, however, as he gave Kousuke a thorough look. Finally, he seemed to temporarily accept Kousuke because he continued with roll call.

“Alright, we’ll begin with 5 laps around the gym!” Briggs yelled. “I expect you all to finish in fifteen minutes, and if there is any of you who are too weak to finish, you’ll have to do another 3 laps! Now move!”

Groaning, everyone started jogging. Except for Kou. His legs were so long, that all he had to do was walk slightly faster then his normal pace and he would stay right beside anyone who was jogging. Of course, he decided to stay next to Chris for company, which Chris accepted wordlessly. While some people were able to talk freely to each other during the jog, Kou and Chris felt no impulse to fill the void of silence between them as they ran, their only enjoyment was being in each other’s company.

After what seems like moments, the laps were done. Chris barely noticed he was sweating, but he did notice that Kou didn’t even seem a bit tired. Figures, he’s probably used to all sorts of exercise. He thought silently to himself.

Coach Briggs forced them to perform 100 sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks and various forms of stretching. While he ordered the students around, he kept watch on Kou. The boy, despite being fifteen, was larger and more massive then he was. The clothes on the boy were both a complex mixture of tight and baggy, preventing Briggs to make a full assessment, but he could tell that Kousuke Sterling was an impressive specimen of masculinity. He rather doubted that all that muscle was natural, but there was no way he could possibly prove otherwise without lab testing. Sure, Sterling was in sports he would have to go through drug testing, but as it was Briggs would just have to accept it. It wasn’t as if he hated Kousuke, no. In fact, it was the opposite; he felt impulses towards the young man’s huge, muscular body, impulses he had thought he had under firm control. He felt his own small cock swell under his baggy shorts as he gazed at the massive bulge in the front of Sterling's gym shorts. There was a bit of jealously mixed in as well, since his own cock had diminished due to his past experience with steroids, resulting in only a 3 inch erection that injured his pride. There was also the curiosity from his old bodybuilding past to wonder what was it that caused the boy to grow so massive, and wondering if it would work for middle aged men such as himself.

While they were doing their exercises, Chris noticed something peculiar. Every time they started on a new exercise, Kou would hesitantly wait until everyone else starts and does it at least once before beginning himself. No one else seemed to notice since Kou was at the edge of the group, and always managed to finish with everyone else despite having a slow start. He didn’t have much time to think more about it when Coach Briggs yelled out for attention.

“Today you whelps are going to play basketball!” He said in a rather commanding voice. “I want all the girls in court 3 and the guys in court 1!”

Everyone groaned and walked to their designated basketball court. Kou looked nervously as Briggs went to the girl’s court first. He observed as Coach Briggs yelled something inaudible then handed them a bright orange basketball. After a few complaints, the girls separated into two teams and began playing.

“Alright boys, I want you to split up in half.” Briggs said when he arrived. The guys immediately divided themselves up evenly on both sides of the court. Kou, of course, stuck by Chris.

“Alright, let’s make this game interesting.” He barked, then suddenly pointed at Kou’s group. “This half, take your shirts off!”

Some of the jocks whooped as they gladly pulled off their shirts, exposing their tight bodies and flat stomachs. Reluctantly, Chris pulled his off as well.

Kousuke, however, did not even reach for the hem of his shirt. “Um, Sir?” Said as he raised his hand. “May I please go to the other team?”

Coach Briggs glared at Kou, though it looked as if he was slightly surprised as well. “No.”

“But sir,” Kou pleaded, “I have a…a problem about being-”

“Don’t be so modest boy.” Briggs said firmly. “Ain’t nobody gonna laugh at you or anything. Now strip!”

“But sir-”

“Be a man already and take that shirt off!”

“NO I WON’T!” Kou’s voice bellowed out like thunder, taking everyone by surprise. Many of them fell down in surprise, while others took several involuntary steps away. ”I refuse to remove my clothing just for your enjoyment. I will keep my shirt on, and if you have any problems, keep them to yourself!”

Chris was stunned. Terrified in fact. Chris never thought he’d see the normally timid Kousuke suddenly become a raging monster. Kou, who would preferred to have shrink back to make himself appear smaller, drew himself to full height, glaring menacingly down at the shorter Coach. The muscles underneath the uniform flexed and twitched as he breathed heavily, his hands gripped in massive fists, which could possibly cause far more damage then a few broken bones.

Coach Briggs lost his wits as he looked up at Kou’s face past the giant pec shelf. He gave out a whimper and trembled as he thought of what may happen to him.

A dark, cold feeling struck Chris‘ heart. If he wanted to, Kou could easily [i]kill[/] Coach Briggs with just his bare hands. “Kou!” Chris yelled out.

As if the sound of his name had power to it, Kou’s expression changed from one of rage to one of wide shock. Without another word, he stepped backwards, as if the trembling man before him frightened Kou more then he did to Briggs. Without warning, he turned and bolted for the locker rooms, moving far more faster then any of the track and field runners. Coach Briggs breathed in heavily, barely noticing that he was on his knees and that there was a dark, wet spot on the front of his pants.

“Kou, wait!” Chris yelled, running after him. Chris entered the locker rooms and ran down past the aisles, looking for signs of Kousuke. Finally, as he approached the end of the locker room, he found Kou.

Kou sat in a dark, damp corner of the shower area. His legs were sprawled unceremoniously outwards, with his head hung down. There was a sort of sorrow and vacant expression in his eyes as he looked down on the cold, hard tiled floor.

Gently, Chris touched Kou’s deltoid, unsure of what to say or do. Kou ignored Chris’ hand and continued to stare lifelessly at the ground. Chris tried to shake him a bit to get his attention, but no matter how much effort he put into it, he could not even budge his the slightest.

“Kou.” He said finally, giving up on non verbal support.

Kou looked up, and to Chris’ relief some life returned to those sad eyes. “I…I…”

“It’s okay, don’t say anything.” Chris said softly. “You just lost your head, that’s all.”

“I almost…”

Chris pressed a finger on Kou’s lips. “You have your reasons, right? Coach Briggs didn’t have any right to treat you that way, and everyone loses their temper every now and again. Now, cheer up.”

Kou looked straight into Chris’ eyes. Since he was so tall, he didn’t need to look up as much as was able to make direct eye contact. There, Kou saw an honest person who, despite the short time, has already grown to become a good friend. Chris, likewise, saw a person who needed not an admirer, but someone to be there for him when he needed it the most.

“Thank you.” Kou said finally. He pushed himself up from the floor, brushing the dirt off of the seat of his pants.

“Anytime.” Chris grinned.

Standing out of sight, Coach Lumens smiled as he pulled back unnoticed. He took a sip from the water bottle in his hand that had been meant to be poured onto Kou, but Chris had already solved the problem without any use of crude methods. He chuckled to himself as he began to imagine the future events and struggles the two would go through, and kept this in mind as he entered his office and closed the door behind him.

When the two boys returned to the gym, everyone had gathered around near each other, talking. When they noticed Kou had appeared, they all began to cheer loudly and began gathering around Kou.

“Wh-what did I do?” Kou asked, confused and nervous at the same time as they all yelled and patted him.

“You scared the shit outta Briggs!” One guy cried happily.

“He actually wet his pants!”

“You chased the demon outta here!”

Kou looked at Chris for help, but all Chris gave him was a single sly wink. •

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