Inner Demon

Total Innocence


By RedKage

“-and we’ll have last period together in D-5.” Chris pointed towards a low, flat building off to one side negligently while looking straight up into Kou’s face while trying his best to ignore the rippling muscles as the moved and flowed beneath the thin material of his shirt. Although he had seen the school many times, showing the big guy around had been fun. Things Chris took for granted were admired and interested Kousuke, such as the library. Chris thought that Kou would be more interested in the weight room, but it appeared that he was wrong since Kou asked to skip over the tour of the gym. He ended the tour by leading Kou into the central courtyard in the center of the school where the student body arranged or put on special events occasionally. “So do you think you can figure your way around now?”

Kou nodded earnestly. Although he didn’t want to really sound enthusiastic, he was extremely grateful for Chris’s help. He had never been around so many people before, and their stares and glances made his skin crawl. If he didn’t have company, he would probably have a nervous breakdown and panic. Sure, he had spent time with his father one a shopping trip or two, but the malls were small and not very crowded, where in the school there were hundreds, no thousands of people his own age surrounding him.

There was an uncomfortable silence between the two boys. “So…” Chris started as he shifted his weight slightly. “I guess I’ll go now.”

“Go?” Fear and panic started to flow back into Kou as he quickly realized that he would be alone again so soon. “Now? So soon?”

Chris blinked. It was a little funny to see a huge guy so nervous, but he didn’t really feel like laughing in case Kou got the wrong idea. “We have like 4 classes together. An hour or two won’t kill you.”

Kou laughed a bit nervously. “Er, right…I guess I’ll see you for forth period later then.”

“I’ll see you later, alright?” Chris smiled and walked away with a cheery wave. He headed towards the far end of school, leaving Kou alone amongst the rapid moving sea of students.

Kou didn’t know how he got into his next class. One minute, he was standing in the courtyard. The next, he was in his seat in his biology class. The lights were turned off and the curtains closed as the teacher played, ironically, a sex-ed movie for the entire class.

Kou tried to concentrate on the movie, but he was too nerve racked. He felt beads of sweat form all over his body, soaking into the fabric of his shirt, causing his muscles to be outlined more visibly through the thin material. After taking several deep breaths, he began to calm down. Many people in the classroom, both guys and girls, glanced frequently while he was breathing heavily, watching the massive chest move up and down, up and out, they’re eyes tracing the defined and ripped form through the sweat soaked t-shirt. Several girls licked their lips or even drooled slightly while most of the guys shot looks of jealousy towards him, all which Kou didn’t notice at all. He was too busy trying to keep his wits about him in this dark, gloomy classroom filled with people.

Kou was nearly calm when someone ‘psst‘ into his ear. Shocked, he jumped up immediately, the top of his desk bent sharply upwards in the process.

“Sit down!” The science teacher said sharply. Because of the scant light and Kou’s sex appeal, no one noticed what he had done to his desk since all eyes were on him only.

“S-sorry.” Kou apologized softly, sitting back down into his seat. Smoothly, he bent the desktop back into place. He looked around wildly to see if anyone had noticed, then sighed with relief.

“You’re very strong.” someone whispered into his left ear.

Kou nearly jumped back up again. He turned his head sharply behind him to see who was it that was trying to get his attention.

The culprit was a 15 year old Latino girl. She had long wavy dark hair, tanned skin, and delicate brown eyes which were gazing lustfully at Kou. Her arms were hugging her body beneath her ample breasts, emphasizing their already large size and the protruding nipples that poked through her light blue turtleneck sweater.

“I-I didn’t m-mean it.” Kou said as quietly as possible. He swallowed hard. Kou had had almost zero experience with anyone of the opposite sex, and now one was talking to him! And to make matters worse, she had seen him bend the desk top as well!

“I bet you can crush stone with those arms of yours.” She said as her finger reached out and lightly traced a vein on Kou’s bicep, causing goose bumps to form on his arms.

“Ye- no.” Kou said quickly, panicking. He had almost slipped, but hopefully she wouldn’t notice.

Apparently, she wasn’t paying attention. Her eyes were tracing every vein, muscle and fiber as she drank in Kousuke’s magnificent body. Her hands felt and groped Kou’s arms trying to put a dent in the steel hard muscle and failing. This seemed to arouse her even more as she licked her full lips. “You’re cute, you know that?”

Kou blushed. “I…I guess.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say. He just wanted class to end quickly and get away from everyone. In the back of his mind, he imagined Chris’ face and how funny and kind and helpful he had been to Kousuke. Somehow, that image calmed him down greatly, though he still felt edgy around the girl.

The girl giggled. “I’m Maria Tesstarosa.” She leaned in towards Kou’s ear. “You wanna go to my place after school for some fun?”

“Huh?” Kou looked at her, baffled. Although it seemed harmless, something in Maria’s tone and attitude told Kou that there was something more then just simple ‘fun’ involved, though he was honestly baffled to what it was. Until he knew more, he’d just have to play it safe and lay as low as possible.

“Sorry, but I have to g-go home after school.” He replied, his voice a little stronger then before. “Maybe I’ll take you up on that off another time, but I’ve got other plans.”

Maria smiled, though she was obviously peeved that she was being rejected. “I’ll be waiting for you.” She said as she reached down under the chair and actually groped Kou’s member with her hand.

Yet Kou didn’t even notice, or even feel it. At that moment, the bell rang, and he gladly got up and walked out before Maria could get another word in. Maria sat there as the other students filed out, gazing at the hand that had touched the giant’s manhood. Smiling, she raised it to her face, filled her nostrils with it’s musky scent, then gave it a small, quick lick.

Kou reached the cafeteria quickly since his strides were long and fast due to his height and strength of his tree trunk quads and calves. Waiting for him at the entrance was, of course, Chris.

“Hey Kou!” Chris waved to get his attention. With three giant steps Kou ran up to Chris, causing him to stumble backwards from his sudden and hasty approach. “Whoa whoa WHOA!” He cried as his arms flailed around to keep in balance. Quickly, Kou grabbed Chris’ hand and helped him steady himself. However, Chris’ face was visibly in pain now and Kou didn’t realize until a moment later that he was literally crushing his hand in his mighty paw.

“I’m so sorry!” Kousuke cried as he hastily let go and stepped backwards. “I didn’t mean to- I mean, it was-”

“It’s okay!” Chris said, although his hands was still slightly purple. “It was an accident, and you were only trying to help, right?” He shook his hand a bit, watching it go from purple to red then slowly to a pinkish hue. “See? No permanent damage. You got one hell of a hand shake though.” He laughed a bit, though there was a slight pained edge to his laughter.

Kou looked at Chris, his face also pained though on a different level. “I’m sorry…” His voice nearly cracked as his eyes began to overflow with moisture.

Chris didn’t take notice however. He reached out and grabbed Kou’s hand and began walking into the cafeteria. Still feeling guilty, Kou followed silently.

“Geez, what’s up with you man?” Chris asked without looking back. “Don’t go blaming yourself for every little thing.”

Kousuke sighed and nodded. “Alright.”

The cafeteria was a large, airy room filled with long metal tables with benches included. The walls were painted a plain white color that was starting to turn slightly yellow with age. Along one wall was a common buffet style line, with the lunch ladies wearing their hairnets and standing behind the counters, serving second rate food messily into the student’s unenthusiastic plates and trays. Students mostly preferred to bring their own lunches from home rather then to resort to eating what they referred to as ‘Suicide Surprise.’ However, for those unlucky students whose parents were too cheap or too busy to make a home lunch, the only alternative was to brave the cafeteria food, and hope they wouldn’t need to rush to the bathroom or nurse’s office later.

Chris grabbed two trays and handed Kou one of them. He looked distastefully at the food as he began selecting several items that didn’t seem too bad. Mindlessly, Kou selected random food items. By the time they reached the cashier, Kou’s plate was piled up with some of the most vile looking things available.

“You sure you’re gonna eat all that?” Chris asked, his face turning slightly green as he headed for one of the empty tables at the side of the cafeteria.

“…Huh? Sure.” Kou said negligently. His face was still slightly downcast. The moment they sat down, Kou began spooning the food into his mouth like a robot.

Chris looked at Kou in disgust and amazement at the same time. He witnessed Kou devour some of the most rancid, foul tasting, stomach churning foods known to high schools around the globe without even the faintest suggestion of an upset stomach or repulsion. Within minutes, Kou had finished his entire plate, and his face wasn’t even slightly green.

“Er…how was it?” Chris asked, slightly stunned.

“Huh?” Kou looked up. “Oh, uh, it was good.”

Chris frowned. He was about to say something when a flash of light caught his eye.

“You the new kid everyone talkin’ about?”

Kou turned around to look at the speaker. The moment he saw the person, however, he jerked back, his face turning pale.

The speaker was a Goth. He was around six feet high, and had extremely pale white skin. His hair was cropped in a forest of messy spikes and bangs, and his silver contact lenses flashed like a dagger. He was dressed entirely in black of course, including black jeans and overcoat. He had a spiked leather choker around his neck, as well as a studded belt. He had a great deal of metal on him, from piercing and earring in various places, to metal chains ornaments and crosses.

“What do you want Hunter?” Chris asked quite calmly.

Hunter sneered at Chris. “There’s rumor about a giant kid scarring half the school. I came to see if it’s true.” His eyes wandered back at Kou, who’s eyes were wide opened. “I guess the rumors are dead wrong though. They say he was ten feet tall with razor sharp fangs and blood red eyes.” At the words, Kou flinched visibly. His knuckles cracked as his grip on his own knees tightened even more.

“Pfft, and you believed that shit?” Chris returned the sneer back towards Hunter, who ignored him.

Hunter shrugged. “Who never know what you can or can’t believe until you’ve seen it with your own two eyes.” With a quick swipe, he stole a small hard pastry from Chris’ tray and bit down into it. He chew thoughtfully, as if assessing the taste. “Adequate I suppose.” He swallowed. He then began to walk away. Halfway across the cafeteria, he turned and called back.

“Nice hairdo you got there. Maybe you can tell me where you got it done.” Kou’s hands shot upwards to the top of his head, as if it had suddenly turned into live snakes. Laughing Hunter passed by a few sophomores and exited through the double doors.

Kou waited until Hunter had vanished out of the cafeteria until he started breathing again.

“You okay?” Chris poked Kou in the arm with a fork.

Kou didn’t notice. “Wh-who…what was t-that?” Kou pointed rather vaguely towards the exit Hunter had used.

“Jonathan Hunter.” Chris explained, puzzled by the Kousuke’s reaction. “He’s a senior, and one of the most well known kids at school.”

“His lips were black! His eyes where white!”

“He’s a Goth.” Chris shrugged. “What did you expect?”

“G-goth?” Kou looked quizzically at Chris. “W-what’s that?”

“You…don’t know what a Goth is?” Chris looked at Kou in amazement.

Kou shook his head.

Chris scratched his chin, absent-mindedly wishing he had whiskers. “A goth is….someone who likes to stand out by wearing black and lots of metal. They tend to wear lots of occult or religious things, though I’m not too definite on the exact definition. Sorry, but I never really thought about what makes a goth.” Chris chuckled slightly.

Kou laughed weakly as well. “He…there’s something…scary about him.” Kou looked sharply behind his back, as if expecting Hunter to be hovering behind him.

“Scary?” Chris never thought of Hunter that way. Sure, he could be a bit intimidating, but Hunter was an okay guy underneath all the makeup. “Nah, he just needs getting used to, you’ll see.

“I…I’m not sure if I’ll last through the day.” Kou sighed, burying his face into his hands. •

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