Inner Demon

The New Jock In School


By RedKage

Chris flipped through his books, folders and notebooks frantically. His homework, which he had spent the entire night finishing, was missing. Chris knew he shouldn’t have procrastinated, he knew that he should organize his things, he knew that this would be the third time he forgot his homework, but he did finish his homework! He had finished it just last night!

Chris was your average nobody. At fifteen years old, he was only 5’7” tall, and was rather skinny. His skin was a pale, pink color, and his brown hair was very messy and unkempt, even in a comb over. All in all, he was largely looked over by almost everyone is school. The only good thing about being a nobody was the fact that the bullies tended to overlook him most of the time, though on occasion he had found himself with his head in a toilet or stuffed inside a locker.

Suddenly, he dropped everything in his hands as a sudden realization came to him. That morning, when he woke up, he accidentally knocked over a week old half full soda can when he was mindlessly going towards the bathroom. Not fully awake, he had grabbed a bunch of random paper and tried to clean up his mistake, one which was entitled The Demon of Beowulf. Chris groaned as he smacked his forehead several times. “Stupid stupid stupid!” He cried repeatedly. “The monster will have my head for sure!”

“This monster prefers to have a slice of pie.”

Chris yelped as jumped out of his seat. Standing right behind him was Mr. Benson, the English teacher. Mr. Benson was an African American man of average height, but he had a rather large pot belly, which strained the front of his striped dress shirt to the limit. His head was completely bald, and his dark eyes scowled at Chris.

“I take it you forgot your assignment yet again?”

“N-no sir! I mean yes sir! I mean, uh, ah…” Chris began sweating furiously. For some reason, Mr. Benson always made him nervous. “It’s just that this morn-”

“Excuse me.” A deep, yet soft voice interrupted. Mr. Benson and Chris turned around towards the door to see the speaker, and their jaws dropped.

The speaker just couldn’t be a student. He was over 8 feet tall, and was packed with muscle! The man’s arms were huge balls of solid muscle streaked with large sexy veins, probably 30 inches around, cold! His arms were attached by the cannonball deltoids on the impossibly wide shoulders that filled the doorway. Even through the flimsy white t-shirt, the shape of his gargantuan melon pecs and perfect chiseled abs were visible, all leading down to the biggest legs they had ever seen, with a respectable bulge, all contained in what had to be custom made jeans. The man’s backpack and face was probably the only thing that distinguished him from a pro bodybuilder from a student. His face was rather handsome, with deep, dark eyes, a masculine square chin and a childish expression, though his dark hair had white locks in them, all tied back in a neat ponytail. On a side glance, Chris noticed that it all ended up at a size 18 pair of white sneakers and two very large hands that seemed rough and warm at the same time.

“Um, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” The giant blushed shyly. A man his size just shouldn’t be allowed to blush, Chris thought silently to himself. “I, uh, just wanted to know if this is the Mr. Benson’s room.”

“I-it is.” Benson croaked. Absently, he wiped the beads of sweat off of his forehead. “A-and you are?”

“Oh, um, new.” He looked down somewhat, as if nervous to look at Mr. Benson straight in the face.

Yet it was Mr. Benson who looked as if he was going to have a breakdown. “A new, uh, s-student?” He pointed rather widely at the backpack. “There’s, uh, an adult school program several blocks-”

“But I’m not an adult!” He said suddenly. Everyone in the room flinched back, and Mr. Benson nearly collapsed. The man noticed this and cringed back himself. “I’m…I’m fifteen.”

“FIFTEEN!?” Everyone said at once.

“I, er, um…” Benson stuttered, trying to compose himself. “Wh-what is your name, sir?”

“Kousuke Sterling, sir.” the giant said politely. “But you can call me Kou.”

“Well, er, Kou.” Mr. Benson coughed uncomfortably. “Go ahead and take a seat while I, uh, confirm this.” Without another word, Mr. Benson walked to the door on the far end of the classroom and exited, then rounded back and past behind Kou, walking rather swiftly with both his hands over his crotch. Luckily for him, Kou didn’t look back. Unluckily for Chris, however, Kou chose to walk over to him! He bent down in front of him, showing Chris a peek at the various ridges on Kou’s back, then stood up again. In his hands were the various books and papers that Chris had dropped earlier.

“You dropped these.” He said somewhat meekly. He held out the pile, which Chris took dumbfounded. “Is anyone sitting here?” He pointed at the desk next to his. Chris shook his head. Carefully, Kou sat down on the chair. The chair squeaked and creaked, but held. Kou breathed out a sigh of relief, then turned to Chris. “So, is this class, er, hard?”

It took five seconds before Chris realized Kou was talking to him. “Huh? Oh, yeah, he’s pretty tough.” Calm down Chris! he thought to himself. You can’t let your hormones get to you! He might not be gay, or even bi at least!

Kou smiled a bit. “I guessed a bit from overhearing.…I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name.”

“Chris.” He said automatically. “Chris Stanton.”

“Nice to meet you Chris.” Kou smiled a little broader. He extended his hand, causing his bicep to bulge and his shirt sleeve to stretch even further. Chris stared at it, then tore his face away from it and back to Kou’s face.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” And that was the simple truth.

It took Mr. Benson ten minutes to recover from Kou’s sudden arrival. Even though he was much more composed and calm, all throughout the period his eyes wandered over towards Kou, undoubtedly thinking of what was underneath. It was interesting to find out that Mr. Benson had a thing for big men, which came as a surprise to Chris. He never seen Mr. Benson interested in any of the other jocks at school. Then again, looking at Kou, it was entirely possible that he can make just about anyone turn bi at least.

The class seemed to have gone by in one giant blur. Before Chris knew it, the bell rang, ending the period. Chris quickly jotted down the scant notes on the blackboard into his notebook, which was strange since Mr. Benson always covered the board completely.


Chris jumped in his seat. He didn’t notice Kou had already packed up and was standing right next to him. Looking up, he could barely see Kou’s face past his pec shelf. Chris gulped as he the sheer size of Kou sank in. “Y-yes?” He stammered.

Kou seemed to wince. “I…just wanted to see…if…if…” His hand tightened, crinkling the sheet of paper in it.

Chris half rose out of his see what was on the piece of paper. “Your class schedule? Do you want me to show you where you’re classes are?”

Kou nodded a little enthusiastically.

Chris smiled. Despite being a muscle god, Kou seemed like a nice, ordinary guy…a bit shy, but ordinary all the same.

“Sure, why not?” Chris took the schedule from Kou, his last bits of fear dying already. “I’ll give you the grand tour.”

“Thanks Chris.” Kou smiled. •

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