Change the World

By fillups44

I was at the Mr Universe. It was amazing seeing so many huge guys flexing away. I felt like a kid at a candy store. Really like a kid. Compared to these guys. I’m just a skinny dark haired pale as paste white boy. At 26 years old and working out religiously I was lean and wiry but despite wanting muscle really bad, I didn’t have it.

They announced the Class I, the tall class, and as the athletes came in the audience gasped audibly. In the middle of the line up, inches taller than all the other athletes I saw what looked like the biggest most muscular man in all the world. He made all the Mr. Olympias look like little boys. He had dark blonde hair and beautiful bronze skin. He was perfectly symmetrical and huge. He looked like a super symmetrical incredible Hulk. His thighs were easily bigger than his waist. When he flexed his arms there was a massive intake of breath for the crowd. Those humongous peaks of muscle were bigger than even the biggest competitor’s legs. When he turned his back for comparisons he stretched it wide than wider then, even wider in his lat pose. His humongous back was carved with stunning definition and veins throbbing under his skin tapering down to the cables of muscles making the “Christmas tree” of his lower back. He looked like an escaped lab experiment. Not quite human.

He was so handsome and huge, I felt my erection leap up immediately. Oh man, to be able to touch and feel his huge basketball sized shoulders. To explore their furrows and valleys of hard muscle. To feel the huge steel bar sized chords of muscle in his chest and caress his tight ripped eight pack abdominals. It was all I could do to keep from cumming right there in the audience.

He won the overall easily. It was embarrassing that they even made him pose against the other guys. Then the professionals came out and by virtue of his overall win he stood among them. They even looked scared and quite rightly, he easily beat them including a guy that had won the event several years running. It was no wonder. This guy made even the big guys at the Mr. Olympia look small. There was just no comparison. “Ed Pettinger is the overall Mr. Universe.” He was beaming with his trophies as a crowd surrounded him. He exuded power and strength I had to find out how he got so huge.

I went back stage and waited outside. His huge hulking shape soon made it’s way out the back door. Surprisingly, he was alone. “Hi my name is Philip and I thought you were the most amazing guy I’ve ever seen hit the stage and I’ve seen a few contests,” I said offering him my hand.

“My name is Ed,” he said taking my hand and staring into my eyes for a second, “and why weren’t you backstage to greet me instead of all those wimpy little fitness girls with fake boobs? You would have been a much more pleasant reward.” He flashed me a big grin.

Was he coming on to me?? What was going on?

“You want to know how I did it?”

“O—o-of course,” I said stammering, “but I was really here just to wish you well.

“Hmmmm I love your eyes,” he said almost under his breath, “Okay let’s go back to my place and I’ll show you what I did.”

He took me back to his house and showed me the machine he had built. He called it his Transformer. He explained that it channeled power directly into muscles causing them to grow, in gifted individuals, to tremendous size. The only other guy who had come close to Ed’s potential was his friend Ronnie who had taken the Olympia the last few years but Ronnie’s potential was nothing compared to Ed’s.

He turned on the machine and I backed up against the wall. It started to hum as it warmed up. It began to draw more and more power from the house current and suddenly a bright blue beam exploded from the machine and slammed into my chest. It knocked me hard against the wall and I began to notice a specific power rising in me. I felt a deep burn in very muscle in my body. It felt like the entire output of a nuclear reactor was feeding into my body. Every muscle in my body began to swell. I looked down at my chest and saw my chest muscles becoming more defined filling with the power from the machine. I could not believe what was happening. I was actually growing at a phenomenal pace growing more muscular. I could feel my back muscles inflating with size forcing my shirt to stretch to the limit. My shirt seems were straining as my muscles continued to inflate with size. Suddenly my shirt could take no more and my pecs bulged from my ripped shirt. I looked down at my arms and they looked like my legs used to. I flexed and my biceps bulged unbelievably. I heard another ripping sound and looked down at my huge thighs tore loose of my jeans. I ripped the shirt from my body and gazed at it. I was as big as a light-weight body builder but growing more and more huge by the second. I was growing like a mutating weed. Just then my shoes burst open as they grew too huge for my sneakers to contain them. I noticed I was getting taller as my body fed off the power of the machine. I felt like a giant volcano my muscles erupting with power. I could hear and feel my skin growing and stretching to cover my muscles that were blowing up like a balloon. I was now about as big as a heavyweight about the size of Franco Santoriello. I was astounded at my size. I now knew how it felt to be a genetic mutant, like a human giant. But was still getting bigger. My arms were forced further and further from my torso as my back inflated with size.

I thought I would stop but I now must have been as bigger than most heavyweight bodybuilders and I wasn’t showing any sign of slowing down.. Ed looked at me with astonishment as I continued to grow I was smaller than him but gaining rapidly. It felt like I was absorbing all the best bodybuilders. Bigger than Lee Haney, more massive that Lou Ferrigno and a giant compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was bigger and freakier than Mike Mattarazzo but I was still growing. I was getting bigger and BIGGER AND BIGGER! I never thought the human body could be so huge. I had now passed Ed and was still getting huger. Thick slabs of bulging muscles were swelling to incredible proportions. I felt like I had swallowed a super steroid that was pumping my muscles up beyond belief. My biceps must have been 30 inches and still growing. I was about 6 foot 5 and still growing. My body ran slick with sweat. My heart was beating like a mighty forge my lungs were like giant bellows. I held my arms and head back and reveled in the orgasmic feeling of incredible power. I looked down and noticed even my penis was growing. My stomach muscles were swelling like a washboard. It felt like a nuclear bomb was going off inside me. My muscles were still swelling with size as huge bulging freaky veins like garden hoses tore loose pumping super charged blood to my muscles. Suddenly even my underwear could not stand the strain and ripped from my body. My penis hung like a fire hose. I felt like the incredible hulk but was now several times bigger! My muscles were beginning to shake and I thought they would explode. But I still wanted more, I wanted to be HUGE! Power continued to pour into my body. I could feel a buildup of power my muscles straining to get bigger and bigger. Bigger and bigger more and more power feeding my muscles. I felt like my body was going to explode as my muscles were forced to grow larger and larger. I felt like I was on the edge of my body blowing apart. Just then the machine raced to a higher pitch and the beam became a lighting bolt of power. I howled like a raging animal bursting free of its cage. The entire house shook as I was blasted beyond any human mortal even any superhuman mortal. The power of the gods slammed into my body. The machine was transforming my body into a mountain of muscle and power. I was absorbing tremendous power pushing my body to the limit.

Waves and waves of incredible power thundered into my body blowing my muscles up beyond belief. I held my arms into the beam to direct the power directly to my swelling muscles. My arms began to glow with power spreading thoughout my gargantuan body I was a veritable god of muscular power. I felt like I was the center of the universe, mighty suns exploding feeding my body with power of an entire universe. Lightening bolts of power danced between my fingers. I closed my powerful hands in a fist and tremendous power surged to them. They glowed a brilliant fire filled with power. My blood was on fire. My heart beat like thunder in my ballooning chest. I felt like a sun god atop a mountain. I felt like I could move a whole mountain range with my mighty fingertips. Limitless power was feeding into my body I raised my mighty arms over my head and felt the incredible power of . . well, a god and screamed "P O W E R!" The machine sparked and smoked and suddenly quit; a smoking black ruin of fused metal.

I could not believe what had happened. I just stood there reveling in the feeling of incredible power.

I walked over to the full length mirror and gazed at my new body. I was shocked at the dimensions of my body. I was still surrounded by the glow of power but it was fading as my muscles continued to absorb it. Steam streamed from my body like a newly sculptured sword hot off the forge. My whole body was a deep golden brown showing every cut and every bulge. I must have been over 7 feet tall. I had the body of thousands of heavyweight body builders and the power of millions! I was shocked at my face. It was full and chiseled cleared of every blemish. My eyes shone a deep brown and my hair had taken on a lustrous chestnut. I had a huge smile on my face and My teeth sparkled pure white. I had the ultimate male face more masculine than any male model.

My neck was thick as a barrel. My shoulders were mega cannonballs ridged with muscle and veins. I raised my arms in a double bicep pose and my biceps rose like mountains. They must have been at least 60 inches. My hands were 4 times as big as before. I ran my hands over my upper arm but not even my monstrous hands could encompass them. My back was like I had wings, they were wider than a couple of doorways. I must have been four feet thick. My chest looked like two huge pigs. Bulging out from my thick rib cage. My stomach was thick and well muscled. My thighs were like tree trucks thick cuts of muscle sweeping out from my body. My calves were like cows and my feet were huge, too big for any shoe. I grabbed a solid brick and flexed. I broke into powder like a twig. I walked over to the scale and climbed up. It busted to scrap metal as soon as I stepped on it and it could measure over 1,000 lbs!!!

‘Ed was staring at me, “What the hell happened? A skinny guy like you. When I used this thing I was in shape. I thought you were a cute little guy and I wanted you to have some of what I had.”

I looked down at Ed. Up until a minute ago he had been the biggest guy I had ever seen (and at probably over 400 lbs he was still pretty amazing) but he was like a little boy next to me. I several times his size and I felt like the power pulsing through my body was unlimited.

“I don’t know—“ my voice thundered out with raw masculine power. I stopped, getting used to modulating the enormous power that even my voice had. “Maybe I wanted more than you or had more potential.” My voice had a low power rumble to it.

Ed looked at the smoking remains of the machine. “Wow, that did it. All that work, the equipment, the money. It’s all gone.” He looked depressed but then he looked at me and smiled, “but now there’s you and it’s a you that will make the world stop and turn around.”

I noticed his shorts were bulging from his huge member. I bent closer, “I think you’re amazing Ed and thank you for this. I can’t believe what I am.” I used my gentlest tones and maybe it was the excitement or something but suddenly I leaned in to kiss him.

He kissed me fully on the mouth. “Aaah I’m glad your eyes are the same, Philip.” And he began to stroke my giant penis with long loving strokes. He moved his mouth down my mammoth neck and into the chasm between my pecs, burying his face and licking enthusiastically, and then softly sucking and biting my mushroom sized nipples pouting downward from the shelf like bulge of my chest. We made love over and over again that night until we were both slimy with cum and then we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Again, I hardly knew this guy and yet I felt, was it love.

I woke up to his musky scent an felt his huge hard body push into my even bigger and harder body and I curled one of my massive 60 inch arms around him.

He woke up and looked into my eyes and smiled. Even with what happened to my machine, I think picking you up was the best thing I ever did in my life. Ed got up and started stretching. “I have a photo shoot today at the gym because of my win. I want you to come too.” He stepped on his bedroom scale and gasped. “I must have absorbed some of your energy! I was at 405 lbs at the contest and now look.”

I walked over hearing the floor groaning under my weight and looked. Sure enough the scale was tipping at 800 lbs. I looked at Ed again and sure enough his already freaky muscularity had gotten even more intense. Not only was he bigger but he was harder too.

“Does that mean I’ve gotten smaller?” I asked. I didn’t worry. I was big enough for armies and still bigger than Ed but would he vampire me back to my original size?? I didn’t want to give him up but I was enjoying being a monster.

“It doesn’t look like it, “said Ed staring admiringly at my bulk, “If anything you look even a little more defined but just as big.”.

“I think you absorbed so much power last night that the growth was continuing as we were together. I think I was so close and absorbed a little of it myself.”

“Okay, we’re going to be late Mr. Huge.” He said and we struggled to hug each other but it was a pleasure to feel our huge chests rubbing. Ed gave me some of his biggest clothes. They fit skin tight next to my hugeness. I walked out of the building and people actually stopped and gazed at my body.

Ed and I walked into the gym and very woman drooled with lust the men gazed with envy. People stared in awe of our bodies. Power, energy youth and masculinity radiated from my body.

Ronnie Coleman was working out. I used to think he was big but he was a flea compared to me and Ed. He stopped and gazed up at me in amazement. I towered over him .like a mountain. HOLY FUCK! You are huge!"

"Huge?" I said, "I'm fucking ENORMOUS!". I towered over him. I hit a most muscular pose, my mighty arms tearing together and yelled "BOOM!" The shock threw Ronnie off his feet and shook the entire building.

“Heh heh stop fooling around now,” said Ed lifting Ronnie to his feet gently. Ed’s bronze beauty hulked over Ronnie making him look fragile and soft. I stared at his beautiful body and wished I could kiss him then and there and run my hands over him but I knew the photo crew was there so I stopped myself.

“Damn Ronnie, these fine boys make you look like a scrawny kid for sure,” said Ronnie’s wife clearly interested in us both and not even looking at her husband.

The camera crew was there with a reporter and they were all looking at Ed and me in awe.

“Before, we get started with this I’d like to introduce Philip,”and then Ed looked into my eyes, “Pettinger.” “Are you brothers?” asked the reporter clearly drooling over us both. “No we’re partners, husbands, lovers, we’re family,” Ed said his eyes looking into my eyes.

“We sure are,” I said and swept him up into my arms and we exchanged a big kiss. The pose ended up on the cover of Flex as the most massive muscle shot of the year.

We did the photo shoot together. Sure afterwards there were the haters but no one not even a whole army of armed homophobes could mess with us. And despite being out, we still won every single powerlifting and bodybuilding event in the world. They couldn’t deny us because we were too much better than everyone else. Ed took the Mr Olympia for the first two years while I was qualifying and then I took it for the next 10 years running breaking all the records.

Our relationship ushered in a new time of tolerance across the nation and soon all the prejudices against gay people were dropped and they were treated as equal citizens of the world. •

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