Brothers for Life



By RedKage

It was late one night at the Kenning's home when a loud crash woke everyone in the household up. Startled, Ben and his parents rushed out of their rooms and into Johnny's. There, Johnny laid on the ground, surprised. Under him was the remains of his bed, the frame broken.

"Jerry, what happened?" Mrs. Kenning asked.

"I....I was sleeping and all of a sudden the bed just.....broke." Johnny said in surprise.

"Is it just me, or is Jerry bigger then the first time I saw him?" Ben asked. Everyone looked at him, worried.

"That's nonsense." Mrs. Kenning said quickly. "You must still be half asleep."

Ben looked at Johnny curiously, then shrugged. "I guess you're right. Well, goodnight then." Ben yawned and went back to his room.

"Measure me dad." Johnny said as soon as he was sure Ben was asleep. Mr. Kenning nodded and went to fetch the tape measure and a chair. A few minutes later, Johnny leaned against the wall while Mr. Kenning measured.

"You're just under 8 feet, son." His father anounced as he made a mark on the wall. Johnny felt a cold, sinking feeling in his gut. He quietly walked over to the scales and stepped on it. Mr. Kenning walked over and looked at the number. "You''re 395 pounds." He gulped.

"I gained over an inch and 15 pounds in over a month?" Johnny asked, a little horiffied. "I haven't grown this much since I was, what, 7?"

"I think you're starting to go through puberty." Mrs. Kenning said. "Regular boys your age starts to....develop and grow during the teenage years. You're going through the same thing....just....stronger."

"But I don't want to grow any bigger!" Johnny said, horrified.

"It's a natural part of life, son." Mr. Kenning said, patting Johnny on the back. "I know you don't like it, but there's nothing you can do about it."

"But when I first got big, I became mean to everyone!" Johnny said. "I'm afriad that if I get any bigger, I'll...I'l..."

"Oh this what you were worried about?" Mrs.Kenning asked. She reached up and placed her hand on Johnny's cheek. "Listen Johnny, it is our choices that makes us who we are. As long as you choose restrain your urges and desires, you will be fine."

"R-really?" Johnny asked, kneeling down so he could see his mother better. "I won't become mean again?"

"As long as you try not to." Mrs. Kenning smiled,giving Johnny a quick hug. "Now go back to sleep, and we'll get you a new bed tommorow.."

* * *

The next day went by like any other day. Johnny jogged with Ben in the morning, watched him exercise and work out and ate lunch. Then they went out and tested several new beds for Johnny, buying an actual king sized bed that was extra strong and firm. After they brought the bed into Johnny's room, Ben and Johnny spent the rest of the day listening to music, talking, and so on. After dinner, they watched a little tv, then went to sleep.

The next morning, when Johnny stood up, he felt his head banged the ceiling, making a small imprint. Startled, he looked up, the ceiling right in his face. The ceiling was 8 feet high even, which meant that he had grown overnight! Panicking a little, he went to te scale and hopped on...only to hear it break under his feet!

"Dammit!" He kicked the scales, sending it flying into the wall, where it stayed stuck inside the hole it had created. "Dammit, this is not good." He muttered, storming down the stairs. He remembered seeing another scale in the garage, one that went up to 700. He was in so much of a rush that he didn't notice Ben until he bumped into him, knocking him onto the floor.

"Oww!" Ben cried. "Watch where you're going Johnny!"

"Sorry Be- wait, what did you call me?" Johnny stopped in midstep and looked down at Ben.

"Call you what?" Ben asked, picking himself up from the floor.

"You called me Johnny."

"I did?" Ben looked at Johnny, surprised. "I'm sorry, I must've mistaken you for him. For some reason, you remind me of him lately."

"Really? How?" Johnny asked, sweat starting to form on his palms.

"I....don't know." Ben shrugged. "Maybe I'm just being silly." He then turned and went to get breakfast. Johnny watched Ben as he walked away, a feeling of dread forming in his gut. Quickly, Johnny ran out to the garage and tore through the junk until he found the scales. Without bothering to go back to the house, he took a deep breath, stepped on the scales, and looked at the number. 402 pounds.

"7 POUNDS IN JUST ONE DAY!?" Johnny yelled, his voice loud enough to set the alarms off of every car on the block. A few fast heartbeats later, Johnny's parents barged in, trying to see what was the problem.


"Calm down Johnny!" Mr. Kenning said, pressing his hands to his ears. "Everyone can hear you!"

"How can I calm down!?" Johnny yelled, but not as loudly as before. "Who knows how big I'm gonna get?"

"What was that?" Ben asked, walking into the garage. "Sorry, I couldn't hear anything after that first yell."

"Jo- I mean Jerry was just being upset about gaining a few pounds of fat." Mrs. Kenning lied.

"Is that all?" Ben rolled his eyes. "Geez, he's as big as hell and more ripped then a bodybuilder. A few pounds of fat is nothing on him. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finish my breakfast."

Johnny watched Ben as he left the garage, filled with mixed emotions. "Dammit, what am I gonna do? What's Ben gonna think when he watches me grow right in front of him?"

"Calm down Johnny." Mr. Kenning said, putting his hand on Johnny's shoulder. "We all knew we couldn't hide it forever. Sooner or later, we'll have to explain to Ben everything."

"But Dad...." Johnny began, but gave up. It was no use. Sooner or later, Ben was going to notice Johnny's abnormal growth and remember who he really was.

* * *

And so Johnny grew. Every morning he would measure and weigh himself. He would grow an inch or more every night. He now had to hunch over when walking in the house since most of the ceiling was 8 feet high. Johnny avoided showing Ben as much as possible, spending most of the day outside. Not only did his height increase, but so did his weight. He'd add 10-15 pounds per day! Johnny tried to hide his growing bulk by wearing bigger clothing, but soon those would stretch tight. Twice, his shirt exploded, ripping to shreds. Luckily, these times he was away from Ben, though Ben would ask Johnny why his shirt was in shreds.

Yet despite Johnny's growth, Ben seemed to pay no attention to it. In fact, he was starting to become more and more distnat with Johnny. One day, Johhny walked by Ben's room and looked in. Ben was sitting on his bed, crouched over, looking troubled. Not wanting to leave him like that, Johnny knocked on the door lightly.

"Are you okay?" He asked, stepping inside.

"Go away." Ben said, not bothering to look up.

Johnny, however, walked closer to Ben. "Is there something wrong...?" He reached out to place a hand on Ben's shoulder.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Ben slapped away Johnny's hand and his head snapped up at him.

Johnny stepped back. Although he didn't feel the slap on his hand, he still felt a sharp pain.

Ben just looked at Johnny, then placed his hand over his eyes. "I-I'm sorry Jerry, I didn't mean that. I don't know what's going on with me lately."

"B-Ben, what's w-wrong...?" Johnny said shakingly. Never before had he seen Ben so upset. Ben had always been kind and gently with Johnny. Never before would he try to slap him away.

"It's just....these nightmares." Ben shivered. "At first, I couldn't remember who it was that was hurting me in those dreams. But lately, they've becoming more and more clear. It''s you, Jerry." Ben looked up, fear in his eyes. "You're the one that was hurting me." Johnny felt his heart turn to ice at thsoe words. "Wh-what?" He said weakly.

"I know it's not real, but I can't help feel afraid!" Ben said in anguish. "You've been the best brother I could have, yet deep down something is tearing me apart. I....I feel afraid, but I also feel....hate."

"B-ben....." Johnny whispered, his hand starting to shake.

"I-I'm sorry Jerry, I just don't know waht's going on with me." Ben looked away, not able to face Johnny in the eye.

Johnny didn't say anything. He felt as if something was caught in his throat, stopping him from speaking. Yet his body moved and hugged Ben, his arms completely wrapping around him, his hea reaching up and stroking Ben's hair. He wanted to hold onto those moments longer, his last few moments with Ben as Jerry. Soon, Johnny decided, he would tell Ben everything. Ben didn't deserve to be torn apart like this anymore. Soon, he would know.

* * *

An entire month passed by since Johnny's growth spurt started. Johnny took a deep breath as he made a mark against the wall on the outside of the house in the bacyard, then measured it. it read 10 feet, 1 inches. Johnny felt his heart skip a beat. He had broken the 10 feet mark. Johnny had last measured his weight at about 518 before he stopped, since he couldn't see the numbers anymore due to his massive chest blocking the view entirely.

Johnny was a giant. His muscles bulged and flexed with every single movement. His shoulders was four feet wide, loaded with massive melon sized muscles. His biceps and triceps were approximately 59 inches around, cold. Johnny's pecs, which was impressive before, stretched out over 100 inches around, looking as if someone had stuck two ten year olds under his skin. His 12 pack abs had become so ripped and cut that it could shatter stone when he wedged it into the crevice and flexed. His legs had also grown propotionately, becoming as thick as tree trunks, and not as a figure of expression.

Johnny's muscles weren't the only thing that grew. Johnny had also started to grow hair everywhere. One morning, Ben pointed out the stubble on Johnny's face. Ever since then, hair sprouted everywhere. Johnny had to shave twice every day in order to get rid of his growing goatee. He also shaved his arms, chest, and legs, but it still grew back fast enough to give him a rugged look, making him even more handsome then before.

"Mom? Dad?" Johnny said as he called into the house. "I....I broke 10 feet."

"I knew this day would come." Mrs. Kenning said as they both walked over to the door. "But I never knew it would be this soon. I guess we should start packing."

"What are you talking about?" Johnny asked, confused.

Mr and Mrs. Kenning looked and each other, then back at Johnny. "We had a new house made." Mr. Kenning said at last. "It's big enough for even you right now, and it's not to far from here."

"What? Really?" Johnny blinked in surprise. "Since when?"

"Since you broke the seven foot mark." Mrs. Kenning said. "The doctor told us to do something like this in case you hit puberty and started growing like this."

"So....we're moving?" Johnny asked/

"Yes Johnny, we're moving." Mr. Kenning smiled. The sound of glass breaking was heard from behind the Kennings. Johnny peered inside as his parents turned around to see Ben, standing in the living room, where he had just dropped his glass of juice.

"What...did you just call him?" Ben asked, his eyes wide open.

"Ben, we can explain." Mrs. Kenning said as she started toward him.

"No! Stay away!" Ben yelled backing up. "You called him Johnny! Why!?"

"Because...he is Johnny." Mr. Kenning said.

Ben just backed up more. "No...that can't be Johnny! Johnny's a small, kind boy. He always had been...." Ben looked at Johnny, a look of confusion and anger in his eye. "Johnny....he died didn't he? He died during the time I can't remember. That's why you adopted him isn't it? So you had someone to REPLACE him!"

"Ben, please listen to us." Johnny said.

"NO!" Ben snapped. "Don't talk to me, freak!" Ben turned and bolted for the front door, grabbing his car keys on the way out. Instantly, Johnny crashed through the entire back wall of the house, crashed straight through the house and through the front of the house. His arms lashed out and grabbed Ben just as he was about to get into his car, his hand completely surrounding his waist.

"LET ME GO!" Ben yelled, pounding on Johnny's hand.

"Ben, listen to me!" Johnny said, bringing Ben up to his face. "I am Johnny!"

"No you're not!" Ben yelled, still trying to get out of Johnny's grip. "You're just some freak trying to take his place! You're no brother of mine, you're an imposter! Now let me go!"

"NO!" Johnny roared, all the glass in the neighborhood shattered from it. "I WON'T LET YOU GET INTO ANOTHER ACCIDENT BECAUSE OF ME! I CAN'T STAND SEEING YOU HURT AGAIN BECAUSE OF SOMETHING I DID!"

"What do you mean!?" Ben yelled back, yet more out of confusion then anger.

"It was my fault that you got into that accident!" Johnny held back his tears as he looked at Ben in the face. "I ruined your picture of your birth parents by accident, and you ran out and got hurt! If I hadn't been such a jerk, you would've never forgoten about me! I...I'm sorry Ben. I's so, so sorry...." Johnny let go of Ben and fell to his knees, making the ground shake. He sobbed, tears flowing in bucketfuls as he looked down at Ben.

"J....Johnny?" Ben looked up, amazed. " that really you? I....I remember. I remember everything now!" Ben reached up and touched Johnny on the face. "You....idiot! How could you have kept this a secret for so long!? Why didn't you tell me!? Did you think I'd hate you after everything we've been through?"

"But Ben..."

"No buts!" Ben said sternly. "Related by blood or not, we're family. We may have had our differences before, but I always loved you like hell."

"B-Ben..." Johnny grabbed Ben and hugged him, being extra careful not to crush him. "I love you too, Ben."

"You don't need to tell me again." Ben laughed. "I always knew you loved me deep down. After all, we're brothers for life!"

The End •

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