Brothers for Life

Bad Influences


By RedKage

Although Johnny had a breakthrough, he was still a wreck, even after his talk with his mother. He lost his appetite, he barely spoke and he became very reclusive. Johnny lived in a zombie like state. He'd wake up early in the morning, throw on whatever outfit that was closest, eat breakfast slowly and without tasting it, go to school, stare at the blackboard all day, go home and went straight to bed without eating dinner. It took him a week before he finally snapped out of it and decided to do something.

"I'm going out mom." Johnny said as he walked out the door one day. He began walking down the street like normal, ignoring the amazed glances from various people. He was, after all one of the biggest and most handsome guy around. At an impressive 7'4 and 360 lbs of pure muscled flesh. His biceps were at least 30 inches around. His chest was pushing the 70's the last time he had bothered measuring, and his waist still stayed a ripped 28" around. In the back of his mind, he wished he was a little trimmer, but his ab muscles had started to actually grow in size within the last few months.

After a few minutes of ordianry walking, Johnny began to feel impatient, so he started to jog. This caused jaws to drop at the sight of him, since while he jogged, his becs bounced up and down in a hypnotic rhythm. Johnny felt even more anxious by all the staring, so he picked it up into a run, going faster and faster, his legs were soon becoming a blur. He was about to his 25 MPH before he skid to a complete stop, his shoes actually smoking slightly.

Johnny now stood in front of a rather nice looking two story house. It was part of a rich neighborhood, where everyone had excellent jobs that paid well. Without hesitation, Johnny walked up the the door and knocked. A few moment later, a very beautiful woman opened the door, the kind that you'd see in the swimsuit edition of a magazine. She had soft pale skin, dazzling blonde curls and a large set of breasts that would've made any man blush.

"Oh hello Johnny!" She said cheerfully. He voice was nearly drowned out, however, by loud music that was being played somewhere above them. "Come in, come in! Kevin's in his room right now."

"Thank you Mrs. Smith." Johnny squeezed through the door and went up the stairs and to Kevin's room without knocking. Kevin's room looked like it came out of a teenagers dreams. It was furnished with reclining chairs, a pinball machine, a home entertainment center complete with surround sound. And this was just the beginning of what was in this one room!

"Hey man, haven't seen you for awhile." Kevin said from his bed. He was dressed in nothing but his boxers, and was looking at playboy magazine. Kevin was a large guy of about 16 or 17. He was tall and had a large build for a high schooler. He had shining blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a rich tan. All in all, he was a very handsome guy.

"Kevin, we need to talk." Johnny said as he sat down on an armchair, which groaned under his bulk.

"Sure, but let's get something to drink first." Kevin threw his magazine to the side and grabbed the remote, turning off the stereo. "HEY MAGGOT!"

There was the sound of someone running through the hall, and a few seconds later, a small, geeky boy of about 7 years old opened the door. "Yes Kevin?" He squeeked, pushing his glasses back into place.

"Make us some protein shakes for me and Johnny!" Kevin barked. The boy quickly clsoed the door, and Johnny could hear him run down the stairs towards the kitchen.

"You shouldn't treat your brother that way." Johnny said, still looking at the door. His shirt fabric groaned as his muscles tensed up when he spoke, taking it to towards the limit.

"Why?" Kevin said, picking up his magazine again. "He does everything I want to. It's not my fault he's so small and weak and can't take care of himself."

"It's not right." Johnny said firmly. His hands squeezed his own knees as he tried his best to control himself. There was a faint ripping sound as one of the seams on his shirt suddenly gave in.

Kevin looked up from his magazine, then set it down again. "What's wrong Johnny?"

"It' brother." Johnny said quietly.

"What, that wimp?" Kevin threw his legs over the side of the bed and sat on the edge in order to look at Johnny directly. "Is he starting to tell you what to do again?"

"No, it's not that." Johnny said, trying to avoid talking about the accident. "It's just...."

"You're going soft." Kevin snorted. "Haven't I taught you anything? The stronger man gets to tell everyone else what to do. He gets everything he wants, no questions asked. I thought you already showed everyone who the man was already."

"I did." He replied quickly. "It's just-"

"Oh come on!" Kevin threw his hands up in the air. "Don't tell me you're seriously thinking about giving it up! I mean look at me, I have everything I want!" He waved at the various objects in his room. His high speed computer, his video games, his music collection and various other things. "Being the man of the house is everything a guy can ask for!"

"What about family?" Johnny snapped. His knuckles cracked as his grip on his kness tightened. There was another rip in his shirt, this time in his right sleeve, which was slowly inching away to reveal his pumped up arms. "What about....what about the love between you family?"

Kevin bursted out laughing. "Love? You gotta be kidding me! Who needs love? Tell me, doesn't it feel great to have everyone look up at you?"

"Well yeah, but-"

"And isn't it great that they let you do anything you want?"

"Yes, but-"

"Doesn't it make you feel good and powerful to have everyone afraid of you?"

"Ye- NO!" Johnny jumped up. "No, it doesn't feel good! Thanks to me, my brother is in the hosptal!"

Kevin blinked, then smiled. "What, he couldn't handle a real man?"

The did it. Johnny's arms lashed out and grabbed Kevin and lifted him up from the ground, then slammed him into the wall, breaking the plaster. Johnny's muscles became extremly pumped and tensed as he stared down at Kevin, his feet dangling 3 feet from the ground. "Listen you, my brother is in a COMA for God's sake! I ripped his heart out and he got into a car accident when he ran out of the house! It's all YOUR DAMN FAULT!"

"My fault?" Kevin said in disbelief, sweat beginning to form on his face. "Who took you in when all the other kids started calling you a freak? Who taught you how to lift weights when your brother refused to let you use his? Who taught you how to be a man? ME!"

Johnny reared his arm back, then punched a basketball sized hole in the wall a cm close to Kevin's right ear. Kevin's eyes went wide, and a dark trail appeared on his boxers as he actually wet himself. He looked at Johnny's heaving watermelon chest, the bulging biceps and triceps, the sheer width of the boy's shoulders. Before his eyes, he witnessed the shirt slowly explode off of Johnny's body. First the sleeves exploded apart across the high peaks, revealing vein streak biceps, pumped with blood. Next, the collar of Johnny's shirt ripped as his neck and delts bulged it's way free. Kevin's eyes trailed down as he followed the tear from the collar going straight down, exposing Johnny's impressive watermelon pecs.

Kevin tried to move, or at least wiggle, but found that he couldn't. He was petrified.

"If I had never met you, my brother wouldn't have gotten hurt!" Johnny growled, his breathing becoming more and more hoarse. "I made a mistake by treating Ben like shit, but I made a bigger mistake by ever listening to your crap!"

"L-l-look, I'm sorry!" Kevin said weakly. "P-please don't h-hurt me!"

"I thought you told me that a man should hurt weaklings whenever he felt like it?" Johnny grinned wickedly. "What's wrong? Can't handle being picked on by a real man?"

"P-p-please, let me go!" Kevin stuttered. "I treated you like family!"

"Oh really?" Johnny brought his face an inch from Kevin's. "Then why do you treat your little brother like a personal slave? Why do you make your parents do whatever you want? If this is how you treat your family, I rather be an orphan! Better yet, I should put you in a coma as well! That way you can't mistreat your family anymore!"

"Please....please just don't hurt me!" Kevin whimpered, tears of fear actually welling up in his eyes. "I promise I'll change! I promise I'll be a good person! Just please let me down..."

At that moment Kevin's little brother opened the door, carrying two large glasses of protein shakes. He took two steps before he looked up and saw Johnny holding Kevin against the wall.

"Leave my brother alone!" He yelled, dropping the glasses and running to Johnny, pounding and kicking at his calves. Johnny didn't even feel the child's hits as he looked down at him. Johnny was confused to why this little boy would defend his brother, despite everything Kevin had done. Then Johnny the reason why: they were brothers, and the little guy actually loved Kevin, just like Ben had loved Johnny.

Johnny's grip relaxed, and Kevin dropped onto the floor. Instantly, Kevin's brother ran over to him and hugged him. Johnny just looked down and glared straight into Kevin's still frightened face.

"If I ever hear that you've been treating ANYONE like shit again, I'll make sure you'll regret it." With that, Johnny turned around and walked away from Kevin, determined to never look back at him again. He quickly ran down the stairs, brushed past Mrs. Smith, and actually walked THROUGH the door, knocking it from it's hinges, and even taking a head sized chunk of the doorframe and wall where Johnny didn't bother to duck.

"I won't make the same mistake twice." He said to himself as he walked home. "When Ben wakes up, I'm going to take care of him and show him how much I love him." •

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