Brothers for Life

Man of the House


By RedKage

The next year was very dark for the Kenning Family. In order to keep Johnny happy, they had to buy several new machines and heavier weights, using money they saved intended for Ben's first car. As a result, the car Ben recieved when he got his license was an old, beat up used car. Now that Johnny had access to some weights, Johnny began to really put on some muscle. Every day the whole house was filled with the sound of metal clanging and Johnny's grunts, moans and yells as he pumped himself up bigger. Ben witnessed Johnny's growth every day as he quickly inched up higher and higher, his muscles bulging bigger then he could ever dream of. And Johnny was only 9 years old! The Kennings were very worried of what it would be like during puberty.

Johnny was growing so big and so fast that he needed new clothes at least every two weeks. The first few times the Kennings took Johnny to buy clothes at a regular store, Johnny would select several shirts that whould fit, but also selected one that was about a size or two small. He would exhale all the air in his lungs and pull the shirt on, the fabric hugging every bulge and crevice on his physique. He would then walk out into the store, then hit pose after pose. A front double biceps pose made his arms explode out of the sleeves. A lat spread caused the seams on the sides to pop open, and a most muscular pose rips the shirt straight down the middle, exposing his massive chest and perfectly small waist. To makes matters worse, the Kennings had to pay for the shirt that Johnny ruined, which were usually some of the more expensive ones. Pretty soon he was upgraded to Big and Tall. There, he still had some difficulty with clothing. Finding the right outfits was a challenge since most shirts was tight on the chest and extremely roomy around his abs. The same went for pants, where he ripped several due to his rippled thighs, yet desired a pair that fitted perfectly around his waist. After a few more visits, they had to resort to making custom fitting clothing. In fact, the tailors who measured Johnny had to buy longer measuring tapes since Johnny quickly outgrew even their standards. All the while Ben wasn't able to get any new clothes for himself. Instead, he got the few massively oversized shirts and pants that Johnny hadn't decided to hulk out in.

Shirts and pants weren't the only things being replaced quickly. Once, when Ben opened the trash can lid to throw something away, he found several large wads of something big and smelly. It took him three seconds to realize it was one of Johnny's old jockstraps. By the size of it, Johnny was getting massively hung as well! After looking at the discarded underwear, Ben instinctively reached down at his own manhood. He was well hung for a guy his age, but compared to his brother he was still a little child. Ben sighed and replaced the trash can lid and went back inside, feeling more inferior.

Every night Johnny would barge into Ben's room, pick him up, and place him into various wrestling holds. Each time Ben protested, Johnny would punch or squeeze him until he gave in. Johnny would then pick Ben up and use him as he would with a barbell. Once, Johnny actually used Ben as a footstool for two hours straight before he allowed him to leave. One night, Johnny decided to become a little more violent in his wrestling. He pounded on Ben, placed him in various head locks, holds and painful positions. Eventually, he threw Ben on the ground and actually stepped on him!

"Now who's the bug now, huh bro?" He laughed. Ben tried to squirm out from under Johnny's smelly feet, but Johnny moved his foot right onto Ben's face, choking him with his stench. Ben nearly passed out when Johnny lifted his foot and left laughing.

Ben couldn't bear to face Johnny in the face. Deep down inside, he still loved Johnn, but it was getting harder and harder to remeber the old Johnny every day. Slowly, the happy little boy Ben loved so much was disappearing, being replaced by an arrogant, cocky muscleman.

During Johnny's Junior year at high school, he once came home to find several of his stuff lying out in the hallway. Immedietely, he entered his room. Inside, Johnny was doing bicep curls while shirtless, giving him the full view of his brother.

Johnny was larger then anything Ben had ever seen. At a collosal 7'2, he weighed at about 324 pounds of rock hard solid muscle mass. His arms bulged and pulsed with beautiful veins as the pumped the weight up and down. Sweat dripped down from his handsome, masculine face onto his bulging melon sized pecs, traveling through the crevices of his rippling 10 pack and soaking into the bulging front of his jockstrap.

"What are you doing?" Ben demanded.

"Working out." Johnny grunted, making another rep.

"I mean what are you doing in my room!?" Ben said more forcibly.

"My room was getting a little small, so I decided to take over this one." Johnny said, setting the weight down. "You don't have any objections, do you?"

"Of course I do!" Ben said, slamming his books onto the ground. "This is my room!"

"Not anymore bro." Johnny said, standing up to his full 7'2". "This is MY room now, got it? If you don't like it, grow some muscles on that puny body of yours!" His hand darted out and squeezed Ben's right bicep hard, digging his fingers into the much smaller muscle.

Ben grunted and cried out, but Johnny kept on digging his fingers in until Ben was on his knees. Johnny let go of his grip and laughed. He grabbed a cardboard box filled with some of Ben's stuff and threw it out the door, the Ben after it. Giving one last laugh, he slammed the door again, and the sounds of clanging metal began from inside.

Ben laid there on his hands and knees, trying to take everything in. He was just thrown out of his own room by his little brother! Ben felt so frustrated and confused. Still hurting, he began picking up his stuff from the hallway floor. While he was picking up his stuff, he heard something like glass underneath one of the boxes. He picked up the box and the book it was on up from the ground....then dropped them.

There, on the ground, was a picture of Ben's birth parents. The frame was broken, the glass shattered and the picture torn.

"No....NO!" Ben cried, picking the picture up. He pulled all the glass away, then took the picture out of the frame. The picture had indeed ripped in two. It had been the only picture he had of his parents, and now it was ruined.

Ben was angry. Furious in fact. Without even thinking, he ran down the stairs, jumped into his car and sped out of the driveway, speeding down the street.

"I'll never forgive him..." He muttered as tears straked down his face. "I'll never forgive him.....I'll never forgive him..."

As the light in front of him turned red, he slammed his foot on the gas. He never saw the truck. He didn't see it until it was far too late. •

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