Kid Muscle Freak


By John Bowling

I opened the door, stomped in, and slammed it closed. "Damn! George, go beat the hell out of that kid!" "Wait, slow down. What happened, and what kid?" "The muscle bound hustler that raped me down on Polk street this afternoon!" "A young hustler raped you?" "Yea, I wouldn't fuck him, so he forced me!" "Hold it! Tell me the whole story from the start. So far you're not making any sense." "Ok. I went down to Le Salan on Polk street to take back those tapes we got yesterday, and this kid was out in front showing off his well built body. He had big, well defined muscles buldging everywere, and my dick sort of got rock hard in seconds." "So you got horny over this kid who was built like Mr. America. Was he cute?" "Yea, and his dick was hard and huge, to. Or was soon after he saw mine." "Your giant dick could turn on a heterosexual male horse, and make him jealous!" "Well, anyway, we looked each other over for a few seconds, and then I took the tapes inside. I dropped them off, and stepped back outside. He was just outside the door, blocking my way, and had his hands behind his head. When he saw me, he flexed his entire body hard. "Fuck me!" he whispered as I stopped in front of him. "Fuck me hard!" He moved his hips forward and ground his hard dick against mine. "How old are you?" I asked him, and he said "Old enough to give you the best damn muscle fuck of your life!" "Kid", I told him "I have a lover, and I'm very happy with him." "Then why are you so horny?" "Well built men turn me on, especially when they flex huge and hard. but my lover has a lot more muscle than you have!" "Is he here now?" "No." "Looks like you've got to settle for a younger, smaller muscle man!" "I can wait!" "Damn it, I want your huge dick up my muscle bound ass now!" "I said I can wait!" He had allready pushed me back against the wall, and that's when he grabbed me, forced my arms behind my back, and said: "You are going to fuck me now or I'll break your arms!" They were already pushed back, and they are still sore. "Ok, let's just go someplace more private!" "Ok, through there to the alley, and there's an empty garage." We got down to it, and it was locked. He reached up with his right hand and wrapped his fingers around the padlock. "Watch my muscles, or better yet, feel them flex!" I gripped his forearm with one hand and his upper arm with the other. I felt them buldge hard as I squeezed. He twisted the lock and snapped it off in three seconds. My dick was throbbing afterwards, and he continued to flex his arm as he rubbed my dick with his other hand. "I'm glad my muscles turn you on so hard, and so...o huge!" He pushed the door open, and we found a garage full of boxes. He closed the door, pushed a box in front of it, and then pushed me over against the wall between two big boxes. He opened my pants and took out my dick, and dropped his own shorts. He then pressed up against me, placed both hands on the boxes, lifted himself up until my dick slipped between his legs, and lowered himself until it was pressed against his ass. He slowly lowered himself and it popped in, and continued to enter. "Damn, it's bigger than I though. 'Bout time I found one that could satisfy me. God it feels so good up there!" He was so damn strong I couldn't resist him. He didn't let me go until he had cum four times, flexing rock hard with my hard dick rammed all the way up his ass each time. When he finally let me go, I was tired, sore, and spent. He said his name was Billy and he wanted to meet you. I said no and then came right home. "Did you like it?" "Fuck yes. Damn, I like that kid's super built body." "Better than mine?" "No, but I would like both of you together. Wrestling! Huge, hard flexed muscle verses huge, hard flexed muscle. And I'll fuck the hell out of the winner while he holds the loser down. And then the loser. Damn, I'm hard as hell again!" Just then, the door bell rang. George went to answer it, and brought the kid in. "Is he the one?" "Yea, super muscles and all! George, strip him and lets see that muscle bound boy's body of his." "It's better than both of your's put together!" The kid said. "Are you super man enough to strip me?" He asked George. "He's more than man enough! He's strong enough to beat the shit out of you, kid!" "Stronger than a boy! Gee, must take a real man to be that strong!" "You should know. Ever been beat by a man before?" "The only way men have beat me in the last couple of years has been by beating me off! And it takes a strong man to do just that! Try these on for size!" He flexed both biceps, huge, hard, with every cord of muscle straining. "George, straighten out his arms. Unflex those muscles of his!" George grabbed his wrists, and his triceps buldged as he strained against the boy's muscles. Slowly, he straighted out the kid's arms. I gripped the kid's bicep and George's tricep, squeezing on them, feeling the cords straining as hard a steel. "George, you're taking the kid's hard dick up your ass while I fuck the hell out of him!" I grabbed the boy's dick and pointed it up George's ass. "Kid, ram that huge thing up his ass hard! George, force his arms behind his back, while I give the kid a real fucking! Kid, make him use all his strength to hold you. Force back on him and put his arms behind his back!" I was in muscle heaven. Two super bodies, both of them loving getting it up the ass, and my lover, the stronger of the two, an absolute slave to my huge dick, willing to use his muscles in any way I wished. I had fucked George hard many times as he flexed his hard, pumped muscles. I fucked him when he was lifting heavy weights. I made him lift beyond his strength, forcing him to grow stronger and bigger. And now I had a young muscle man, with a dick near as big as mine, who was just as much a slave to my dick as he was. And they were both fighting each other over it, huge muscles buldging steel hard. I felt the hard flexing muscles of both of them, and forced my dick hard up his ass. It wasn't easy shoving it past his powerfull sphincter, which was flexed hard along with the rest of his body. I had developed strong muscles in my own body by forcing my dick up George's ass and now I used that strength to ram it hard up the kid's ass. •

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