Brothers for Life

Johnny's Growth Spurts


By RedKage

The months went by and Johnny grew. After Johnny had reached the average weight and height of a normal kid his age, they stopped the treatment. Yet That didn't stop Johnny from growing. In one month he grew an inch, and the next month he grew two. Not only that, Johnny was started to develop some muscle mass as well. At first it wasn't noticeable, but as he grew bigger and bigger, everyone began to take notice. At the age of 5 and a half, Johnny was about 4'1" and 103 lbs of ripped muscle.

The Kennings were worried about Johnny's development, so they took him to a doctor for a checkup. The doctor was surprised to see Johnny looking so buff, but after the test came back the doctor reassured that Johnny was perfectly healthy, and that his development was just from the leftover chemicals in his system still circulating from the treatment, and that it should be temporary.

During Johnny's growth spurt, Ben and Johnny continued to have their wrestling matches. Ben started to find it harder and harder to pin Johnny down every week, yet he was still determined. On his 11th birthday, Ben asked the Kennings fopr a weight set. He would spend most of his free time building his muscles. As Johnny watched Ben work out, he asked if he could pump iron also.

"You're way too young Johnny." Ben said, grunting as he pushed the bar to the rack.

"But I'm bigger then everyone as old as I am." Johnny whined.

"No." Ben said, sitting up and wiping the sweat off of his brow. "I don't want you getting hurt. Maybe when you're my age."

Johnny pouted, but didn't say anything. Ben just smiled and gave Johnny another noogie, which quickly became a wrestling match.

Ben found himsself, to his surprise, needing to give everything he had the wrestle with Johnny. Johhny was much stronger and heavier then the frail boy he once knew, Ben a run for his current 'No loss' title. After ten minutes, Johnny finally was pinned to the ground.

"I'm catching up to you." Johnny smiled. "Soon I'll be the one pinning you."

"Not if I can help it." Ben grinned and ruffled Johnny's hair.

After that, Ben and Johnny didn't wrestle each other for a very long time. Each of them started to do their own things. Ben was busy working out and getting ready for high school. Johnny was busy growing. At the age of 6, he weighed 112 lbs at 4'4. When he was 6 1/2, he was 124 lbs and 4'9.

The next half year was most noticeable, however, as Johnny grew faster then he had ever before. Every week Johnny grew an inch and a half and added 10 lbs of pure muscle mass. There was not a trace of fat on that boy's body anywhere! His shoulders grew broad and his neck thickened. His biceps and triceps swelled with power. His chest pushed out and full so much, that his teacher once mistook him for a girl before he realized that it ws actually muscle instead of breasts. His muscles weren't the only thing developing, however. Ben became aware of this when he saw Johnny hand his mom a pair of ripped up underwear, saying that he had outgrew them. After looking at them more closely, he saw that they were actually the same size of his father! Johnny wasn't just getting buffer, but he was becoming more hung as well! At age 7, Johnny hit the 6 ft mark, weighing at 220 lbs of pure, solid muscle.

And as he grew bigger, Johnny's personality changed as well. He began to show off and flaunt his muscles every chance he got. He took extreme pleasure in flexing for everyone, and he even rips out of his clothes from time to time. Not only did Johnny become more confident, but he became meaner as well. He began to forget the words 'please' and 'thank you,' giving demands and orders instead. His parents never corrected him, however, mainly because of a small growing fear of him. Whenever they tried to scold him, he would stand up straight, walk up to them, and let his massive chest bump into their faces, making them lose their voice. Johnny was becoming more and more like a high school bully everyday. He taunted his father's flabby gut, he made snide remarks about his mothers weight, and he especially enjoyed comparing his muscles to Ben's much smaller ones, despite him being 6'1" and 160 lbs. of muscle.

Finally, when Ben was a sophmore, Johnny walked into his room, demanding a match. As Ben looked up from his homework, he had his first real look at Johnny in years.

The boy was HUGE! He was as big as a pro bodybuilder! Johnny towered at 6'3", and his 235 lbs. of muscle radiated with power, and even a large bulge in the front of his very tight shorts. It was hard to believe that this massive hulk was actually his 8 year old brother!

"Wrestle with me." He demanded, his voice making it sound more like a command then a request.

"We haven't wrestled in years." Ben said, turning back to his homework.

"Then we're long overdue for one." Johnny said, crossing his arms over his massive chest.

"Maybe later." Ben replied, not bothering to turn around. "I have work I need to finish."

Without warning, Johnny grabbed Ben from behind and pulled him from his desk and off of his chair. Before Ben could react, Johnny threw him onto the ground and twisted his arm behind his back.

"Come on, fight me!" Johnny said mockingly, ignoring Bens cry of pain. "Give me a challenge!"

"You're hurting me!" Ben yelled, trying to break free, but found himself helpless under his brothers mighty grip.

"What, now that you're the one pinned down, you're gonna wuss out on me?" Johnny twisted Bens arm further, causing him to cry out louder. Mr and Mrs. Kenning barged into the room at this time, panick strickened when they heard Ben's cry for help.

"Johnny!" Mr. Kenning yelled. "Let him go right now!"

"What are you going to do if I don't?" Johnny snapped his head up at Mr. Kenning. "Spank me?" The look on Johnny's face made Mr. and Mrs. Kenning step back involunterly.

"N-now Johnny, please let your brother go." Mrs. Kenning said catiously. "You're both too old to be doing this."

"Then how come you let the two of us wrestle when HE was my age?" Johnny growled. "It never bothered you before, so why should it now?"

"Because you're stronger then your brother!" Mr. Kenning said, though not as strongly as before. "He can get hurt."

"It's the same thing when we were young! Only we switched who's the top." Johnny said, giving Ben some slack. taking this opportunity, Ben scampered from under Johnny.

"J-Johnny...." Ben said shakingly. "Wh-what's going-"

"From now on, I'M the man of the house!" Johnny roared confidently. "If you don't like what I say, tell it to these!" Johnny flexed his arm, making the softball bicep swell up, leaving everyone stunned. Smiling, he walked over to Ben's weight set. He stacked everything up and together, then with one heave, lifted the entire set into his arms!

"I'll be taking these." Johnny barked. "And I'm some more weights though. Gotta give this growing boy something to sweat with!"

Laughing, Johnny carried his new weights into his room, leaving his mom, dad and older brother in shock.

"J-Johnny...." Ben whispered. "What's happening to you?" •

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