Brothers for Life

The Two Brothers


By RedKage

When he was four, Ben was orphaned. He and his parents were in the car on their way to the beach when a drunk driver crashed into them. His father was killed instantly, and his mother died two days after. Since he had no living relatives, he was moved into an orphanage. At first Ben was quiet and kept to himself, but eventually he started to open up to the other children. As time passed by, he spent most of his time with children his age or younger.

Finally, when Ben was 5 years old, the Kennings came into his life. Mr. and Mrs. Kenning wanted to have children, but all their attempts failed. They decided that if they were unable to concieve a child of their own, they would adopt instead. They were tempted to adopt the younger children first, but when they saw Ben, a silent bell rung in their minds, telling them that this was their son.

So Ben became a Kenning. They were the perfect family; happy, healthy and loved each other to death. But when Benny was 6, something unexpected happen: Mrs. Kenning was pregnant. Everyone was surprised by the pregnancy, even Benny. He was having mixed feelings about the baby, but he was mostly happy and excited about having a little brother to look after.

8 and a half months later, Johnny was born. It was a difficult birth, but when Johnny entered the world, he was so small and weak. He was instantly placed on life support since he had such weak lungs. As Benny looked through the plastic box around Johnny, he felt a sharp pain in his heart and it took everything he had to hold back his tears. Silently, he prayed that Johnny would live, and that he would always take care of him. Johnny did indeed live, yet he was very frail and sickly. He lived in the hospital for the first 3 years of his life before he was allowed to finally be taken home. During those 4 years, Ben visited Johnny every single day without fail, telling him about his day, read stories, and play games with him. When Johnny finally came home, Ben was so happy he actually ran outside and yelled to the world that his little brother was home.

Although Johnny was allowed to live at home, he was still very sickly and frail. He was much smaller then other children his age, and much weaker as well. Still Ben and Johnny didn't let this stop them from loving each other. They would play inside and out, practically inseperable. They occassionally wrestled, hoping they would get as big as the wrestlers on tv. Johnny always tried his best, though Ben always won, pinning him to the floor and pretending he was squashing a bug.

One day, however, during a wrestling match, Johnny found himself unable to breath properly. He was rushed to the hospital immedietly. Ben was overcome with guilt, and never left Johnnys side.

It was then that the doctor produced a possible answer. They had just recieved an experimental drug that would help Johnny develop his body better and turn back into a normal boy. It had been tested extensively before, and was relatively safe, so the Kennings agreed to the treatment. One month after they had started Johnny's new treatment, Ben noticed that Johnny was getting taller. After using a ruler, he discovered that Johnny had grown an inch and a half in one month. Johnny was so happy that he was growing that he pulled back his shirt sleeve and flexed his arm. Normally, when Johnny flexed, there would not be even a faint hint of muscle, but when Ben looked closely, he saw just the smalled rise on the arm.

"Wow Johnny, you're growing muscles!" Immedietely, they went into a wrestling match, but Ben still won as easily as before.

"You watch out, Ben, I'm gonna become so strong, you won't ever pin me down again!" Johnny laughed, hugging Ben.

"Maybe in a hundred years!" Ben laughed and gave Johnny a noogie. Little did he know that it was actually a lot sooner then that. •

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