By xythan_shadow

Around 8:45 pm, Grizzly woke up from his after work-out nap from a car driving into his driveway. He knew that it was Jeremy, one of his best cubs. “Early as usual,” he thought. He went to his bedroom, washed his face and felt the soft beard he possessed, then put on a few sweats. He walked to his living room, grabbed one of his cigars, lit it up and took a slow deep drag of it before heading to the kitchen. He grabbed a heavy solid oak chair that weighed over 200 lbs and picked it up with one hand while rolling the stogie between the fingers of his right hand. Moving back to the living room, he placed it in the middle of the floor and shifted some furniture around. He then settled into the recliner and relaxed a bit before he heard another car pull into his yard. Looking at the clock he thought, “And that must be Dustin. I wonder if Jeremy will talk to him.” Grizzly knew that Jeremy was an exceptionally obedient cub and wouldn’t dream of knocking on Grizzly’s door at any time except 9:00. He heard two car doors shut, some mumbling, then two sets of feet walking up his stairs. He could hear Jeremy beg Dustin “not to disturb the big bear before the right time” and Dustin obviously concurred.

Grizzly finished about half of his cigar before he heard Jeremy knock on the door. Grizzly got up and walked over to the door and opened it. Jeremy was standing at attention as usual and Dustin was behind him looking slightly confused. Grizzly let loose a low growl and Jeremy smiled before walking in. “Come in Dustin, I’ve been expecting you,” Grizzly said in a silky baritone.

The two cubs stood in the middle of the floor. Jeremy looked only at Grizzly and Dustin looked around the house. Grizzly absent mindedly wondered if anything in the area would spark memories, but he doubted it. “Dustin, meet Jeremy. Jeremy, Dustin. Jeremy is a longtime and loyal cub of mine. Aren’t you boy?” Grizzly said.

Jeremy nodded his head and looked at Dustin with a smile that said he loved his life. The two guys shook hands and then turned back to Grizzly.

“Ok Jeremy, I want you to strip. You too Dustin.”

The two obeyed the giant bear. They took off all their clothes and kicked them to the side. Standing before the great bear naked and boned, they awaited their inspection. Dustin had grown a little since school. He was about 5’8’’ now and probably around 230. But the muscles that he had in high school seemed to have faded, leaving him with a fairly decent physique, but no real definition. His hard cock was around 6 inches in length, average, his hair was slightly balding, and his stomach pudgy. His legs were still thick, but no where near the size and definition of Grizzly’s massive trunks. Grizzly smiled and said to himself, “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”

Jeremy on the other hand had a well toned physique. While not as hairy as Grizzly, Jeremy did possess a decent amount of body fur, but his face was smooth. He didn’t have the mass or bulk of Dustin, but his slender body was ripped with lean muscle, allowing Grizzly to see his 6-pack that Jeremy was so proud of and the vascularity of his arms. The lack of size though made Jeremy want to be Grizzly’s cub, and he was happy in being one.

“Hmm, not too bad for a pair of cubs. I see you’ve been hitting the gym hard as usual Jeremy.” Jeremy beamed a smile of pearly white teeth and nodded.

“I guess you two are ready for a little fun. Well, let us start. Dustin, you sit in this chair. Jeremy, I want you to handcuff him to it.”

“I don’t know about this,” Dustin began to complain but was cut off by Grizzly’s deep and powerful growl. He immediately obeyed and sat in his chair. Jeremy produced two pairs of handcuffs and fastened Dustin to the oak chair.

“Is he in well?”

“Yes sir,” Jeremy answered.

“Good boy. Now stay here until I get finished changing.” Grizzly patted Jeremy on the head and Jeremy grinned from ear to ear. He sat on the floor while Grizzly went to the other room.

“Hey Jeremy, tell me, what’s this guy like.”

“Grizzly is the best bear I’ve ever known. He’s tough but if you’re a good cub, he lets you worship his muscles and then he fucks you all night.”


Jeremy’s eyes glazed over a bit. “Yeah and I do mean all night. But if you’re bad, you get punished. Punishment isn’t as good as the fucking.”

A deep voice reverberated through the house, “No talking out there.”

Immediately Jeremy stopped talking but Dustin kept going. “What do you mean punishment? Is it really bad?” Jeremy wouldn’t respond though, so Dustin eventually stopped talking. Around 5 minutes later, Grizzly returned. He was dressed in a black leather policeman outfit that was stretched to the point of ripping. Each line and contour of his massive body could be seen through the leather. The chaps he was wearing barely contained his massive pillars that he had for legs and the blue NYPD jock he had on contrasted beautifully with the outfit while scarcely holding his thick cock within. Jeremy got on all fours and started drooling while Dustin strained his head to try and see.

“So, have you been a good cub today?”

Jeremy whimpered and nodded. Grizzly slowly walked over to him, making sure that Dustin got a good look at the massive musclebear that was before him. Standing next to Jeremy, he patted him on the head. Jeremy began to nuzzle the thick leg next to him.

“So Dustin, how much do you like this enormous bear in front of you?” Grizzly inquired.

“Very much sir.”

Grizzly walked over to Dustin and looked at him. Dustin strained against the handcuffs to try to feel Grizzly’s body but couldn’t reach. Grizzly smiled then looked at Dustin’s cock. He saw that it was so hard it was turning purple and the head was drooling pre. “It’s smaller than I remember,” Grizzly thought as he ran one thick finger down the shaft. Dustin’s eyes rolled back in his head and Grizzly grinned. “This is going to be really amusing,” he thought.

He stepped away from Dustin and moved back toward Jeremy. “How long have you been into massive bears like me?” Grizzly questioned.

“About 12 years sir.”

Grizzly smiled. In his head he did the math and figured out that Dustin liked bigger guys ever since they were in school. “And have you ever seen a bear as big and strong as me?”

“No sir, you’re the biggest, strongest and woofiest bear I’ve ever seen sir.”

“I bet you would like to see more of me, wouldn’t you.”

“Sir, yes sir.”

Grizzly slowly brought his right arm up. “Cub, hang on this gun,” he ordered. Immediately, Jeremy hopped up, clamped both hands on the massive peak and brought his feet off the ground. Grizzly then began to flex the arm slowly and watched as Jeremy began to rise from the power of his one muscle. Jeremy began to moan and Dustin followed suit. “You like this, don’t ya. How much do you weigh cub?”

“180 sir.”

“How does it feel, knowing that 180 lbs is weaker than this one gun? How does it look to see just this one muscle lifting him off the ground like that. And I’m not even trying.”

Dustin desperately tried to reach his cock, but the cuffs restrained him, “Oh fuck man, you’re the biggest bear I’ve ever seen! I’ve seen tons of guys at the gym before but they all pale in comparison to you. I’ve never seen a gun that big or hard before. I just want to lick it and feel that fucking hard rock you got there.”

Grizzly smiled. He knew he had Dustin by the balls at this point. “Cub, take off my shirt,” he growled. Jeremy dropped off of his arm and licked his lips. Slowly and deliberately, Jeremy unbuttoned Grizzly’s leather shirt from the bottom up, rubbing and licking the fur and muscle as he went. He stood on his tip toes to reach the top button and then slowly and with great difficulty peeled the leather from the skin, rubbing his face around the hairy marble of the giant musclebear. Dustin wiggled and moaned in his seat, desperately trying to alleviate some of the sexual tension that was building up.

“Ok cub, take off these pants.” Grizzly did a lat flare and Jeremy slowly worked his way to his pants, licking and nibbling the flared muscle en route. Grizzly glanced down and noticed the pre drooling from Jeremy’s cock. He smiled inwardly and looked at Dustin who was turning red from his predicament. Jeremy unbuttoned the waist then the sides of the chaps. Using his teeth, he pulled them down slowly, stopping along the way to bury his nose in the big bear’s overstuffed jock. After getting then down pass his amazingly thick quads, Jeremy quickly pulled them down to his ankles and started attacking the quads ravenously. Grizzly laughed and said, “That’s a hungry little cub, isn’t he Dustin. Bet you wish you were him right now, don’t ya.”

Dustin whimpered and moaned something that Grizzly couldn’t understand. Grizzly placed his hand on top of Jeremy’s head and he instantly stopped. He then walked over to Dustin and looked at him for a second. Placing two fingers on Dustin’s cock, he stroked it from the base to the head a single time. That was more than enough to make Dustin cum. It was a powerful spurt, spraying directly up and then falling back into Dustin’s crotch. Grizzly removed his fingers which were covered in the liquid and held them up to Dustin’s mouth, “Lick them clean.” Dustin took great pleasure in engulfing the fingers with his mouth and tongue.

Grizzly removed his fingers and wiped them dry on Dustin’s smooth chest. “You sure did come easy. I don’t know if you’d have the endurance to handle all of me, not like Jeremy here. Jeremy’s a good cub, willing and able to keep up, isn’t that right boy.” Jeremy was next to Grizzly in a heartbeat. “Tell him what you do when you’re not being my cub,” Grizzly ordered.

“I’m a CEO of a major computer retailer.”

“Fuck yeah, and tell him how we met.”

“I was speeding in my Ferrari one day and he caught me. I got so turned on by his muscles I just had to have them. I didn’t have to say anything though, he knew soon as he saw me tenting up my suit pants.”

Grizzly rubbed Jeremy’s head. “Yup, that was about a year ago. Cub here is a natural at working this big bear, aren’t ya.” Jeremy responded with a nuzzle and a low whimper. “Ok cub, now’s what you’ve both been waiting for,” Grizzly grunted as he pointed to the blue jock. Jeremy’s eyes lit up and he sprung into action. He nibbled the fabric around the growing bulge and eyed it like a hungry predator stalking its prey. He slowly removed the mesh fabric, sniffing the crotch as he did. Finally, he got it down off the meat and allowed it to smack him in the chin. Dustin moaned at the site of Grizzly’s throbbing cock.

“That’s right, 15 inches of pure, uncut musclebear meat. I bet you would like a taste of this, wouldn’t you?” Grizzly rumbled as he gripped his cock and smacked Jeremy across the cheek with the steel-hard meat. Dustin squirmed a bit before shooting his second load from his strained cock.

Grizzly chuckled a deep belly laugh and growled, “Yeah, you like that, don’t you cub? Well, I have an idea. Dustin, you’re going to tell Jeremy here what to do, and Jeremy is going to describe in detail how it feels, aren’t you boy?”

Jeremy nodded his head and glanced back at Dustin. Dustin came slightly out of his fog and said weakly, “Arms.”

Jeremy jumped up and began to feel on Grizzly’s right arm. Grizzly slowly pumped the muscle before fully flexing it and Jeremy ran his hands and lips all over the swollen muscle. Mumbling aloud, he said, “Mmm, it feels so good. The skin barely moves because his muscles are so big. I can feel the veins in them pulse. The muscle is rock hard and it’s not even denting when I push on it. And it tastes so good. A little salty and sweaty and all man. God big bear you are so damn hot.”

Dustin’s cock was beginning to get hard again as he said, “Chest, please.”

Jeremy kissed the bicep one more time before sliding over to Grizzly’s fur covered chest. “God, the chest is so hard too. It’s two boulders under a layer of fur. And these nips, these perfect nips,” he nibbled on the left nipple, then the right, “god, I can stay here all day.” He thrust his face into Grizzly’s chest and Grizzly flexed, engulfing most of Jeremy’s head. Dustin wiggled in his chair, desperately trying to get out as Jeremy moaned in euphoric pleasure.

“Please sir, I’ve got to feel you, I’ve got to have those huge fucking muscles crush me and taste that super bearhood that you are.”

Grizzly smiled, “Are you enjoying yourself cub? I think Dustin wants a turn.” Jeremy attempted to embrace Grizzly but his arms barely could span his massive chest and touch his lats. Dustin continued to struggle and soon his wrists were red from the cuffs. Grizzly smiled, then pulled Jeremy from his pec worship. Taking his face in his massive paw, he leaned down and gave him a powerful kiss. Dustin’s mouth hung open as Grizzly’s powerful tongue drilled the passive Jeremy. After a few moments, Grizzly released the kiss and led him closer to Dustin. Standing just outside of Dustin’s hand range, Grizzly smirked as he felt Dustin’s leg run up and down his thigh.

He let Dustin feel a bit more with his leg before he ordered, “Cub, fasten his legs down.”

“No sir, please don’t, I…I must feel you. I need to feel that muscle. I’ve never wanted something so bad before. I’ve got to feel those huge guns and that muscle belly and those pillar legs and that huge cock. Please sir, let me worship your body,” Dustin panicked.

Grizzly looked at Dustin with a stern gaze as Jeremy tied down his legs. After he was finished, Jeremy looked up at Grizzly. Grizzly smiled and said, “Go get the condoms and lube.” Dustin moaned and spurted out a bit more cum. Jeremy’s cock was throbbing like a caged beast and purple with fury as he ran off to get the items. He was back in a flash with a giant bottle of lube and some extra large condoms. Jeremy got back to his knees and slowly slid the condom down Grizzly’s thick shaft, moaning as he slowly caressed Grizzly’s thick meat. Once he got it to the base, he opened the lube and poured a large amount into his hand. Rubbing it between his palms, Jeremy then slowly stroked Grizzly’s massive pole, lubing it up well.

Once his cock was prepared, Grizzly stood Jeremy up and leaned him over in front of Dustin, placing his hands on the armrest where Dustin’s hands were cuffed. “Now cub, make sure you tell him how this feels,” Grizzly growled as he placed the tip of his cock near Jeremy’s hole.

“Oh fuck me!” Jeremy screamed. Grizzly gladly complied by slowly inserting his thick penis into Jeremy’s waiting ass. Jeremy moaned and his eyes fell loose in his sockets. Dustin’s eyes filled up with tears seeing Jeremy’s delight. Grizzly forcefully rammed more of his cock in the hole, growling at how good Jeremy’s tight ass felt. Jeremy was lost in erotic pleasure and Dustin was begging to be fucked.

“Please big bear, I need to be fucked by you.”

Grizzly increased his pace, growling more and more as he taunted Dustin. “How bad do you want this?”

“Oh god sir, I need it more than the air. I need to feel those muscles crush me. I need to feel how hard those guns are, how thick that chest, how furry that belly. I need to run my tongue over ever part of you.”

Jeremy moaned again as Grizzly fucked him harder and deeper and then came all over Dustin’s lap. “How big am I little man!” Grizzly roared, shaking the mirror sitting over his mantle.

“Fuck, you are a bear god. There’s no one as big and strong and furry as you. Your arms are bigger than my legs. Your cock is thicker than my wrists. You are so much man that I could make two bears out of you and they would still be better than me. Those legs are so huge I bet they could squat a car. Those arms could tear me apart. You are the biggest bear in the world.”

“So I’m not little, huh?” he asked as he pounded Jeremy in the ass. Jeremy barely could stay conscious from the incredible fucking he was get and soon was knocked out with a huge smile on his face.

“Fuck no man, you could never be little.”

“Seems you used to think that when you knew me as Little Jacob.” Dustin’s eyes widened as Grizzly pulled his cock out of Jeremy’s ass. Slipping the condom off of his swollen dick, Grizzly began to stroke his humongous meat.

Dustin began to panic, “I didn’t mean to…” but Grizzly cut him off.

“No, you meant to. Every day I was less than you, you reminded me. Everyday, you taunted me with your superior physique, knowing how much I liked to see muscle. Did you know that I spent days alone because of how you made me feel? But now, I’m the biggest and best thing you’ve ever seen, and I’ve got to admit, it feels damn good having you here. I finally can repay you for my childhood.”

Dustin was terrified. He was practically crying, knowing that he had a very large, very strong, very powerful muscle bear cop angry at him, and he was completely at his mercy. “Wha…wha….what are you going to do to me?”

Grizzly looked at him with the most evil glare he could conjure up, “Why, I’m going to give you exactly what you wanted.” Grizzly walked up to him and grabbed a tuft of his hair. Leaning Dustin’s head down, he trust the head of his cock into Dustin’s warm mouth. Dustin gagged from the thick meat and Grizzly growled, “Don’t you fucking dare. You better open up your mouth wider and take all this meat because I’m going to fuck your pussy mouth till I feel like cumming.”

Dustin slightly nodded and relaxed his throat as best he could. Grizzly began to ram his cock further and further down Dustin’s throat, but was conscious of his limits. Dustin’s eyes were watering and he could barely breath, but Grizzly could tell that he was loving every minute of this brutal face fucking. Grizzly spent the next 15 minutes driving his amazing tool further and further down Dustin’s throat until he finally came explosively. Grizzly’s load was so much that Dustin began to choke slightly on it, so Grizzly pulled out and let him catch his breath.

His cock still hard, he rubbed it across Dustin’s smooth body, collecting the cum that dribbled from Dustin’s mouth. Then grabbing his hair again, he ordered, “Lick it clean.” Dustin smiled and sucked every drop of luscious cream from Grizzly’s cock, then used his cheeks to dry it.

Grizzly smiled and went to his chaps and retrieved a key. He picked up the oak chair with Dustin still fastened to it in one hand and Dustin’s clothes in the other and took headed to the kitchen. He then untied Dustin’s legs, undid the handcuffs and stood him up. Dustin stood there dumbfounded as Grizzly handed him his clothes. Then, without ceremony, Grizzly walked him to the door, opened it and led him outside.

“Wait, please big bear, I’m sorry for what I’ve done, but please don’t do this.”

Grizzly looked down and saw a scared little man, desperately wanting to hold on to the best thing he had ever had, but...

“I’m still not really over what you did to me in school. I see you’re sorry, but I’m not ready to have you as a cub just yet. Maybe one day I’ll forgive you, until then, you at least have this night to jack off to.”

Grizzly closed the door leaving a sobbing Dustin on his front porch. Going back to his living, he scooped up Jeremy. Jeremy rolled and snuggled the wall of mass that picked him up and mumbled, “You feel so good papa bear. Is it bedtime?”

“Yes little cub, it’s time for bed.”

“Mmm, that’s nice. I love you papa bear,” Jeremy said as he fell back asleep.

Grizzly smiled and patted Jeremy on the head, “You know I do too.” •

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