By xythan_shadow

On the way home from work, he stopped by his favorite tobacco shop. Jim, the owner, greeted him with a usual “Woof” and Grizzly growled back in appreciation.

“So Jim, you got my order?”

“Sure thing big bear.” He leaned down and pulled out a black wooden case. Opening it up, he reached inside and pulled out a cigar. He handed it to Grizzly and leaned to get some wood matches. He lit the match and held it up to Grizzly. Grizzly leaned in, lighting the cigar up, then took a deep draw of it. Rolling it between his thumb and index finger, he let the smoke waft from his mouth. He then looked down at Jim. He knew that Jim was another musclebear lover, and what really got him off was bears with stogies. Grizzly smiled and nodded and Jim was out from behind the counter in a heartbeat. He buried his face into Grizzly’s pit and inhaled deeply.

“You take real good care of me, this is the least I can do for ya,” Grizzly commented as he flexed a bit for Jim.

“God you are so fucking hot,” Jim muttered. Grizzly blew a little of the thick cigar smoke downward as Jim continued, “I’ve never had anyone come through here that was the definition of ‘bear’ like you. I have got to get that hot bod of yours back to my place one more time.”

Grizzly chuckled with a deep belly laugh and said, “Sure thing little man, how’s Saturday sound.”

Jim mumbled something and Grizzly smiled, “But until then, I could give you a little something to tide you over.”

Jim took Grizzly’s hint and went over and locked the front door and changed the sign. Then he lowered the blinds and came back over to Grizzly. “I’ll let you have a good feel and taste of this bear meat before I head out to the gym,” Grizzly growled. Jim unzipped his pants and let his dick out before grabbing Grizzly’s raised arm. Jim stuck his tongue into Grizzly’s shirt and began to lick the rock hard stomach.

“God man, you know how hot you are?”

“Tell me little man.”

“Fuck man, you are like the biggest, strongest, bearest man I’ve ever seen. I mean you’re 6’8’’ 400 pounds of prime powerlifting bear muscle. These guns you got are bigger than most people’s waists. 27 inches of cold hard muscle. And these legs. Fuck man, I could cum just by rubbing those thick trunks you got. Fuck man, your legs are wider than me, and I’m not a small guy. And this fur. Fuck man, this black fur against your body is so fucking hot. It can’t hide your huge muscles. God, I could just lick your fur all day.”

Grizzly smiled and took another drag from his cigar before unzipping his fly and slipping his cock out from his jock as Jim continued to talk. “And that beard and you smoking a cigar man. Fuck, you’re like every cub’s fantasy. You could flex that arm, take a puff of that cigar and make men cum. And this cock. Fuck man, your cock is longer than a ruler. It’s fucking thicker than soda cans. I can barely get that beast into my mouth. And it feels so good too.”

“Well then cub, if you like it so much, why don’t you get to know it a little better.”

Jim smiled before he leaned over a bit. He looked at the head of Grizzly’s cock and said, “So beautiful. I don’t think I will ever see something as good looking as this piece of meat.” Then Jim started sucking. Grizzly moaned a bit as Jim’s tongue worked around the head of his cock. He could feel the sides of Jim’s mouth and his cock swell, stuffing it full. Jim relaxed his throat and took Grizzly deeper. Grizzly began to thrust in and out of Jim’s mouth and soon afterwards saw Jim cum on the floor. Grizzly smiled, took a final drag of his cigar and placed it in the ashtray to his side. Then he gripped Jim by his shoulders and squeezed a bit. Jim moaned, slightly in pain but mostly in pleasure as Grizzly started to fuck him harder and deeper. Jim worked him over, taking in as much of Grizzly’s cock as he could. Then after about 5 minutes of Jim being facefucked, Grizzly shot his huge load down Jim’s throat. He tried to swallow it all, but Grizzly’s load was just as big as he was, and some started to dribble out of his mouth. Grizzly let Jim up off his cock and Jim wiped the sides of his mouth and licked his fingers greedily. Grizzly patted Jim on the head then put his still hard meat back into the confines of his jockstrap.

Jim went to the back to grab some stuff to clean up as Grizzly closed the cigar box and grabbed a box of matches. Taking his wallet out of his pocket, he set 100 dollars on the counter. “You know I don’t like taking your money big bear. Just sniffing that pit and feeling that rock hard gut of yours is more than enough for me, and your cum is the best tip I could possibly get.”

“I know man, but I like to take care of my cubs. You got me these stogies I love and I know that you need money to keep running this place and getting me more. Besides, I’m a cop and you know people would think I’m extorting the place if I didn’t pay ya,” Grizzly laughed before picking up the box of cigars.

“You know that box is only 75 dollars.”

“I know.” Grizzly waved as he walked out the door. •

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