By xythan_shadow

Jacob kept his new bear around quite often. Surprisingly, he received very few comments on the bear that rode around in his front pocket. The first few days of his new routine were strange. He hit the gym after school and was harassed by the jocks, including Dustin, but the second week, he snapped on them. Thursday afternoon, he was in the gym working up a good sweat when a jock strutted in on his way to practice. Pointing at Jacob and saying in a snide, cocky tone, “When did girls start doing the bench press? Oh wait, that’s a boy. Hey little boy, maybe you should stick to playing with your toys and leave the big boy weights to us men.” He then started to laugh and most of the weight room joined in with him. But Jacob had had enough. Almost in a rage, he jumped off the bench, ran up to the jock that was taunting him and shouted into his chest, “You wanna fuck with me? Huh, do ya BITCH?”

The whole weight room went silent. Everyone turned to see the small kid Jacob standing on his tip toes screaming at this jock’s chest. It was almost comical if anyone else had done it, but the little guy Jacob actually standing up and talking like he did was frightening. The jock turned white from shock and slowly backed up from Jacob. Jacob turned and looked around the gym and shouted, “Any other mother fuckers care to fuck with me for being here, speak the fuck up or shut the hell up.”

From that moment, Jacob had respect. From the combination of the effort he was putting in the weight room to the amazing turn around in confidence and the startling display of anger, people started to act differently towards him. While Dustin continued to torment Jacob with his muscles, everyone else in the gym class didn’t follow up Dustin on his taunts. People started to smile towards Jacob a bit more after hearing about the incident and his friends always patted him on the shoulder, amazed at what he did.

His first few weeks of lifting were tough. He was working hard solo, but because he had never done it before, he was over working himself. But, as fate would have it, one day, he was approached while he was lifting.

“Hey little man, I see you’re working hard,” said a sincere, burly voice.

Jacob sat up on the bench and turned to see one of the starting lineman for their football team standing near him. He was around 6’ tall and had to be close to 300 lbs. He was in the team’s practice gear and he looked amazing. His t-shirt was cut off right under his pecs and revealed his gut. It wasn’t ripped like a fashion model’s, but Jacob could tell that it was hard as stone. His shoulders looked like he was wearing the protective gear that they used in practice, but he knew he wasn’t wearing any. The shorts were tight on him and allowed Jacob to see his huge, meaty thighs. Jacob glanced at his arms sticking out of the sleeveless shirt and almost started to drool right there. They fit his body well, large and muscular just like the rest of him. They easily were bigger than his head and were almost twice the size of Dustin’s impressive arms. He had a tribal band on his left arm and both of them were snaked with veins that made them look incredibly strong.

“You’re never going to get anything done like that.”

Jacob snapped out of his daze and responded, “What do you mean?”

“You’ve never had anyone train with ya before, have you little dude?”

“Well, no.”

“Not even your father?”

“My father’s dead.” Jacob hung his head.

“I’m sorry to hear that little man.” He paused and thought for a moment. “I’ll tell ya what I’m gonna do. If you join the football team, I’ll make it my personal mission to train ya up right. What do ya say?”

Jacob knew his mother wouldn’t approve, but he didn’t care. He was going to play football. “Sure man, I’ll join. I don’t know what I’ll be able to do out there seeing I’m so small, but I’ll sure as hell try.”

“Thatta boy. Name’s Tony.”

“Jacob.” The two shook hands and the strength and size of Tony’s hand made Jacob feel so aroused, he had to let go quickly before he tented up his workout shorts.

“So Jacob, no time like the present to get you started. First, you’ve got to understand a few things. One, you can’t work the same body part every day. I saw you here all week just doing chest and bis. I know you want to have a huge upper body, but you’re doing yourself more harm than good. You work the same body part that often and it doesn’t recover. That means you’re not building any muscle and just tearing down what you got. Plus, how would it look if you had a huge chest and arms but puny legs. Look at me. I do a full body workout, pushing myself real hard in everything and I have an overall physique. I’m not just a curl jockey. You understand?”

Jacob looked up and down Tony a few times, drinking in the masculine beauty of his muscles and sighed, “Yeah.”

“Secondly, you have to eat and rest properly. This is as big a thing as how much weight you can lift. What did you have for lunch?”

“A burger and a soda.”

Tony clutched his heart with his hand and said, “Oh my god. Man, I’m glad I decided to help ya. I’m going to give you an eating plan. Eat only the things on this list and at the times I tell you to. You’re going to be eating six times a day. You’re a small guy so we need to put you on a heavy protein plan and get some meat on your bones.”

Jacob listened intently to every word Tony said and took everything to heart. He went home with a ton of information from Tony including a shopping list and approached his mother. She was shocked that he would agree to playing football without her approval, but she saw the determination in his eyes and reluctantly agreed.

Jacob didn’t do much playing on the football team his first year. He mostly ran and hit the pads but he was placed on the 4th string. He didn’t mind though. He enjoyed himself and Tony was backing him in the weight room. He kept his bear around, constantly being soothed by its peaceful gaze. Gym class was rough though as Dustin kept getting bigger and better looking and made sure to let Jacob know every day how sexy his body was and how good his muscles looked. Jacob was happy with his gains, but wanted more. He wanted to be bigger than Dustin. He told his bear this every night, his dreams of being huge like the power lifters on TV and just amazingly strong and powerful. School ended on a sour note for him as Dustin revealed on the last day of gym class that he had become a 225 lb muscle stud with 17 inch biceps. Flexing them in front of Jacob only made the day worse as he was even more aroused by the young jock and the comparison of his muscles to Jacob’s freshly developing physique.

Over the summer, Jacob lifted and worked every day with Tony. Gains were coming in at a slow but steady pace. Then puberty hit. And it hit like a Mack truck. Usually, puberty is a gradual progression from boyhood to manhood, but for Jacob, it was as if he changed over night every night. One night he went to sleep, the next morning he had chest hair. Then face hair. Then pit and pubic hair. Every change was very noticeable. Some people commented constantly about his growing, but Jacob didn’t care as much about those changes. It was the changes most people didn’t get to see that he was most interested in. Every morning he would wake up, look down and see his sheets pointing upward. Then he would head to the bathroom and weigh himself before jacking off, spraying copious amounts of teen cum across his bathroom. Each day, he felt himself getting taller, saw himself gaining weight, and felt his cock growing. It was amazing seeing himself change.

“Looks like all that work is paying off and it looks like my little buddy is finally growing up,” Tony said after Jacob finished his set.

Jacob wiped the sweat off his brow and turned to his mentor. “You think so Tony?”

“Damn right I do. I mean, you’re almost as tall as me now when you used to not be able to see over my chest. And you’re what, 180 now?”

“192 actually,” Jacob said, puffing his chest slightly in pride.

“Fucking amazing man, you keep this up and you’re going to be way bigger than me when you graduate. And what is this, 2 months before school starts. Man, you’re going to be fucking huge if you keep growing.”

Jacob thought about being huge for a moment. He saw himself towering over everyone, his classmates, the football team, Dustin and even Tony. He saw himself wide as a door, shoulders thick and meaty. He saw his neck bigger than most people’s arms and he saw his guns huge pythons of massive power. He could see his legs as tree trunks and his thick cock dangling huge beneath them, down to his knees and even lower. He saw his chest sitting like massive rocks and he saw himself with a super hard fur covered belly that was perfectly rounded.

“Hey man, what are you thinking about?” Tony’s words snapped him out of his daze.

“Oh, nothing big man,” Jacob replied.


“Whatcha mean?”

“I mean, you wouldn’t be sporting that weapon if you were thinking of ‘nothin’”

Jacob looked in the mirror and saw his cock straining against his gym shorts. Panicking, he raced to the locker room and entered a stall. Locking the door behind him, he sat down on the toilet seat and put his head in his hands.

A few moments later, Jacob heard the unmistakable thuds of Tony walking in. “Hey little buddy, you wanna talk about it?”

“Not really. I’ll be ok in a sec,” Jacob replied, his voice cracking slightly.

“Come out here, there’s no one in the gym. I think you need to talk.”

“I said I’ll be alright! Go away!” Jacob shouted.

The door to the stall began to creak and strain before it was ripped off the hinges. Tony stepped back with it in his hands and set it to the side. Then he looked at Jacob and went to the bench next to the lockers. He sat down, turned slightly to Jacob then beckoned him with his left hand. Jacob meekly rose from his seat and went to sit next to his mentor, all while covering his very noticeable boner.

Tony and Jacob sat there in silence before it was broken by a question. “Feeling Better?” Tony asked.

Jacob nodded his head slightly. Tony continued, “I’ve heard the rumors. Guys in the locker room talk a bit. Most are just lies, but some are true. There’s one that I heard bout you. Don’t get upset or anything, but you like muscle, right? Not just like-like, I mean, pop-a-woody-when-I-see-huge-guns like, right?”

Jacob wanted to fiercely deny it, but he saw that Tony already knew the answer before he asked the question. Again, he nodded weakly. Tony slid closer to Jacob and put his arm around him in a half hug. “Don’t sweat it little bro. So you’re gay for muscle. Big fuckin’ deal. Just gives you more reason to work out. Look at it this way. Keep the lifting up and one day you’ll pop a boner when you see yourself in the mirror. Just don’t take no grief from any bastards that try to put you down because of how you feel.”

Jacob looked up at Tony and smiled. The conversation went a lot better than he could’ve hoped for. Tony stood up, “Ok, so while you take care of the big guy,” he said while pointing at Jacob’s cock, “I’mma gonna let Coach know that we need a door replaced.” Jacob turned and looked at the blue door leaning against the sink, hinges broken and sides bent from Tony’s amazing strength and Jacob laughed again.

Summer came and went far too quick and before they knew it, school had snuck back around. Shopping for clothing was an exciting experience. He fit into nothing that he wore to school the year before. Even his largest shirts back then ripped as he tried to put them on. On the way to the mall, his mother decided to have a small chat with him. “You know honey, you’re getting a lot bigger than your father was,” she commented.

“Really? I don’t really know much about his life,” Jacob responded.

“I know honey and that’s completely my fault. You see, he was a lightweight boxer. You looked a lot like him before you started growing. That’s why I was afraid to tell you about him. He had an accident in a fight and died and I didn’t want you getting into sports because I was scared. But looking at you know, seeing you’re a lot bigger and stronger than he was, I know that you were meant to be a sports kid and not cooped up in the house all day.”

Jacob looked at his mother and smiled. “I’m glad you told me this mom. It’s weird. One day I just felt my life change and I think it’s for the better that I’m more active rather than sitting round the house all day doing nothing.”

“I think so too. I know that you love doing what you’re doing and I’m sorry I’ve kept you away from it for so long. Scared people do unusual things,” his mother said with tears in her eyes.

Jacob placed his hand gently on her shoulder, “I understand mom, it’s ok.”

They got to the mall and Jacob slung his beefy arm around his shorter mother as they walked, smiling all the way in the warm July sun. He opted to buy a lot of tank tops, sleeveless shirts, cargo shorts, anything that would show off his hard worked body. He enjoyed walking around the mall, towering over his mother and getting stares from people. Even though he was only around 6’1 and 220 lbs, he was happy. He wanted more, but what he had now made him proud. •

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