Army Experiment

Kyle & Christian


By ushersdick

"Shit, that's not what I was menna do. They sent me to come an show you your new bunk." We laughed and I put my clothes back on, Tom's clothes had all been ripped to shreads: "what you gonna do? You got no clothes?" "Doesn't really matter. There's loads of us, they've put this stufff in us an' everyone's grown like this. Dunno what it is, since they'vw done this all I can think about is muscle and cock. Turned me into a right faggot, but everyone's the same..." Tom was so big. Every muscle on his body was huge and solid. He looked like a God, golden, sweaty and naked. As he walked his huge legs rolled past eachother, too huge to walk normally. We walked up a long corridor, most the doors' windows were blocked in, but some weren't. This building was full of huge, sweaty muscle men. We walked through a gym room. There must've been 15 huge men all working out and flexing - I was the only guy there who must've weighed less than 300lbs. It was liek heaven, everyone of them was hot, sweaty and hardly wearing a thing. Then Tom took me up a stair case. "All the rooms are up here, your's is next to mine, right down the end" As we walked I glanced through the open doors, every room had a huge man in ut. And in some of the rooms the guys were fucking. Hot sweaty body against hot sweaty body, and every single one of the guys was a huge muscle freak. I had to ask "What is going on here?" "No idea, all i know is we all started out lil guys, they inject us and then we wake up huge an fuckin horny. I reckon they thought huge guys'd make good fighters, but they didnt expect us to be so fuckin horny all the time. Anyway, you're gonna be sarin' with Kyle and Christian. Your on the top bunk, they probably dont know your gonna be there, I told em but they were fuckin. Kyle is massive and Christian's a big black guy, fucking huge, can't get enough of eachother. Your probably tired, an i gotta go see who's in the gym" Tom walked off, grabbin his monster dick in his hand. I climbed up onto my bunk, it had high sides and I couldn't see the floor when I laid down. I quickly fell asleep. "PUNCH IT!" I was woken up by a deep voice shoutin, and the sound of a hard thud "YEA! Fuckin' solid" I looked down, a big blonde guy was puncing the chest of an even bigger black guy. Must be Kyle and Christian. The blonde guy was Kyle and had his back to me. He had a back that was definatly at least as wide as the door frame, probably wider. He had blonde hair, just long enough to run your hands through and the most perfect bubble butt ever. It was huge, round and solid. Totally perfect, totally muscle. Christain was the bigger of the pair. His thighs were at least 50 inches, like tree trunks they looked too big to be humanly possible. His abs were like a brick wall, so solid. His chest was massive. He looked like he had two rugby balls under his skin. His arms too looked as if they were too big for him to move, ridiculous at 45". "FUCKIN' SMACK IT! FUCKIN' SOLID" Kyle was puttin all his immense strength into punching Christian's solid pecs, it wasn't even denting them in the slightest. "What about these then?" Asked Christian as he raised his arm. He flexed his insane biceps, definatly 45", at least, the peak almost touching Xtains fist."Bet ya can't move these solid fuckers either" Kyle began squeezing them, his facial expression showing his frustration as he couldn't make in an impact on the rock hard arms. He began hitting and punching them, nothing happening. "See, totally fucking solid, 100% strength" Christian put one of his giant hands on one of Kyles pecs. "You got some cute lil' muscles too though kid." They weren't little at all, they were huge. They'd put most normal bodybuilders to shame, but next to Christian's they did look small. Christian started bouncing them, with Kyle's giant hands running all over. "You been gettin' real sweaty tryin to dent my monster muscle" Christian shoved his face between Kyle's monster pecs and started licking them. Kyle bounced his golden tanned chest as Xtian licked and sucked the big slabs of meat. Kyle flexed his arms, no smaller than 30". Xtian licked, kissed and sucked them. "Lemme see how much you like my fuckin' massive chest" Kyle's "lil" muscles obviously weren't enough for Xtian, as he laid down on the floor. Xtian's massive knob was sticking stright up in the air, 20" of solid cock, throbbing. Xtain grabbed Kyle's 18" dick and as Kyle kneled down, he guided it into the crater between his massive pecs. Christian bounced his giant chest, squeezing Kyle's thick meat tight. Kyle groaned "Fuck that's hot" Xtian kept doing it, and as he did Kyle was flexing his muscles, showing Chritstian his biceps and pecs, flexing them, squeezing them, groping them. As he did, Christian was becoming aggressive in hsi speech, shouting at Kyle "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! IS THAT IT? FUCKIN WIMP BOY. FLEX 'EM, SHOW ME MUSCLE, SHOW ME IT. SHOW ME THOE BIG ARMS. FUCKIN' CUNT, GIMME IT, FLEX THOSE PECS" Kyle was grunting and groaning as he flexed, getting me and more pumped as Xtain massaged his dick with his chest. Xtian slapped his chest "YOU THI THEY'RE MUSCLES? SEE THESE PECS? THESE ARE REAL MEN'S MUSCLES! REAL MAN'S BIG MUSCLES GONNA MAKE YOU CUM" Kyle was grunting and almost roaring as he hit one last most muscular. Cum shot out of his dick all over Christian's face and chest. More and more, it kept pouring out. Hot white spunka ll over his dark body. "I gotta fuck your ass, you gotta feel this monster dick inside you" Kyle groaned as he grabbed his dick. Kyle bent over, spreading his perfect bubble butt wide. Christian pushed his moster pole inside, further and further, Kyle groaning as he did. Xtian started thrusting all 20" in and out, hard and fast. "You like my muscles. You like my fucking monster cock. Fuckin monster's gonna cum in your lil' ass." Christian started thrusting faster and faster, groaning and grunting becomine more intense untill he cum in Kyle's hungry ass. And his back. And his Legs. So much cum shot out from his monster cock it was inhuman. I was so emerged in this fucking hot show in front of me, i'd hardly noticed that id been pulling on my own dick the whole time. I'd spilt so much cum everywhere, I must of cum more than twice. It was then that Christian glanced up and saw me. stood up, his monster dick now soft, but still bigger than mine hard, dripping in cum. "You must be Ash then?" "Yea" "Yea they said we'd get a new room mate soon. They ain't injected ya yet then." He said, looking me up and down as climbed down from my bunk. "You'll be a fucking hot lil bastad though, you'll be a proper hairy muscle man. Just wait, when ya big you'll get some o' this" He said, hitting a monstrous most muscular, his shoulders so big they engulfed alll his neck and even his head. "Don't worry, they'll be along for ya soon. You might get this big too. I reckon you'll get huge easy" He saw the bulge in my combats. "Looks like your into this kinda thing anyway, your gonna be one walking erection when they've done ya, you wait and see. 'Till then, enjoy the show, fresh meat goes down well round here" •

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