By xythan_shadow

The sun burned through my closed eyes and I slowly woke up. I turned slightly and my body screamed in protest. A low moan escaped my lips and I shut my eyes tighter, trying to close out the light that wanted to wake me. A huge hand wiped the hair from my forehead and gently whispered, “Are you awake?”

I slowly turned towards the voice, my body bawling in pain. I opened my eyes and let them adjust to the light. When they did, I saw a dream lying next to me. It was Aphex, but not Aphex. There were differences between the guy that laid next to me and Aphex, enough that you wouldn’t think they were the same guy, but the cock that was rubbing against me was more than enough proof that this guy was Aphex.

“I’m glad to see you’re alright, my big Aphex,” I moaned.

“I’m glad you’re ok. I was worried after I woke up from my haze and saw you sliding off my cock,” Aphex said as he gently rubbed my face. “I really hoped I didn’t hurt you. I flew you straight back here and washed you up and let you sleep. You slept for almost 2 days.”

I groaned and leaned into his massive chest. “Mmmm, if I could sleep on this chest all day, I would never want to wake up.”

He chuckled, his muscled chest moving up and down as he said, “You know, I’ve never brought a guy home before.” I could feel his meat swelling as it rose to the occasion. Looking down at it, I smiled and said, “Well, let me thank you for the honor.” And with that I slowly moved toward it, ignoring my sore body and started to service that wonderful meat with my mouth.

That was about six years ago. I had moved in soon after that fateful night. Aphex of course was worried about my safety now that we were intimate, so he demanded I be closer to him. I couldn’t deny him anything, and I still can’t. He told me his secret identity of Brad Hollins, amateur bodybuilder and lawyer. I fit into his life like a glove. I became his assistant at his home office. I did all the typing, faxing, setting up appointments and stuff, plus it gave him someone to cover for him when something would come up. I kept a TV in my area so I could keep an eye on him. When I would see his lust kick in or when my “lust-beeper” would go off, I would simply jog to the woods and wait. He would always arrive with his eyes burning red and fuck me with reckless abandon. We found out that me drinking his cum and being fucked by him slowly improved my physical being, gradually making me more like him. I became more adaptive to his cock when he was in his giant form, plus I became bigger and stronger myself. I still lift at the gym, showing off my new husband every now and again. The guys there are amazed and proud of the gains I’m making along with the luck I had finding a man.

Just yesterday, I figured out how to hover a few feet off the ground. I’m getting hard just thinking about flying sex. I know my big man will feel the same way. •

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