By xythan_shadow

I dropped my gym bag and took off running in the direction he headed. As I ran, I thought about why he stopped at me. I knew he was gay after he saved me, but what was it that made him stop at me? I then realized that he was tracking by scent. Something about me not showering after working out hard must’ve been attractive to him. But why? And why did he turn into this lust driven muscle god. My mind wandered to every time I saw him on the TV. At the times I watched the news when he was on, I was too busy jerking my meat to notice, but now I realized something very important. When he was doing an interview or at city hall or something, he was always one size. But when he was saving the day, especially after doing something that needed extraordinary strength, he seemed bigger and his cock was always throbbing. Everything finally clicked. His strength, his power, had a natural stimulus. The harder he worked, the more testosterone that was in his system, and the more hormone in his system, the bigger, stronger and more aroused he got. Holding up that enormous weight for so long must have pushed him over the edge. That in turn got me even more aroused. To think, a damn sexy man normally turning into a lustful muscle monster. Damn I wanted him even more.

Following the pot holes he left and the trail of pre, I ended up in a nearby forest. Not too deep in, I heard sounds of trees splintering and the ground being pummeled. I approached the area to see an even bigger Aphex pounding huge indentions into the ground and shoving his huge cock through trees and boulders, leaving holes large enough to fit both my arms into. The area was covered in his sweet nectar and he was breathing even harder. He was still hunched over, growing even more as he growled. I gathered my resolve and stepped into the clearing he made.

He turned to me, his eyes burning red and gave me a lustful stare. I walked a little closer, noticing how much more dense his muscles have gotten. I reached up and touched the tip of his cock and for a moment, Aphex roared back and grabbed me by the shoulders. He looked at me with lust in his eyes, then suddenly pulled back.

“No, I can’t…..I…..can’t control……myself….Go……quick,” he whispered. He turned around and grabbed a giant rock that was bigger than me. Picking it up with ease, he thrust his cock forward, impaling the boulder. With a second thrust, the stone came apart in his hands before falling to the ground in shattered pieces.

I was stunned, scared, inquisitive, and most importantly, aroused. I stood there for a second before taking off my shoes and pants. Walking closer to him, I reached forward and touched his steel like hamstring and regained his attention. What I said when he turned to me, his eyes flickering from green to red, changed my life forever.

“You saved me and I didn’t even thank you. When I didn’t care about myself, you cared. Now you’re standing here, needing something I can give, and you expect me to turn my back on you when I can help with your greatest need. You saved my life, now I freely give it to you.”

“I can’t let…”

I never let him finish that statement. I had already approached him and started to fondle his balls. They were hanging like the speed bag we had at the gym and were filled with the sweet cum that had been building up over the whole day. I heard him moan slightly as I ran my tongue along the hairy sack and I was pleased that a little attention seemed to calm him down. He started to lean back but caught himself. Returning to his fully upright stance, I got to see his beautiful, expanded body. Now, he stood at least 12 feet tall and at least a ton in weight. He was wider than the ancient oak that stood behind him. His muscles looked harder than the stone he just fucked to rubble. I could see veins bigger than my fingers pulse furiously under his thin skin. Such mammoth beauty before me, and it was all mine. I reached up and grasped the cock that stood firm above my head. There was no way I could get my hands around it due to its thickness. I grasped the top of it and pulled myself up. Even with my full weight on his cock, it stood firm like a steel shaft. This got me even more aroused.

While straddling his cock, I locked my legs around it. I slid up to the head of his massive 7 foot pole and cupped my hands under the piss slit. Precum flowed from the head like a water fountain and I greedily collected the bountiful substance. Most of it I stuffed into my mouth, lapping up the wonderful fluid. The rest I covered my naked body with. After I finish giving myself a precum bath, I slowly slid myself down the top of his cock all the way to the base and rubbed my ass in the giant forest that was his crotch. I then used all my leg strength to spring back to the head of this 7 foot pole, and then slowly slid back to the base.

I repeated this for what seemed to be an eternity. I used my entire body to jack off this super hero giant. I licked the head of this mammoth cock, I covered myself again in his pre, and I did everything I could think of to pleasure him. And in turn, Aphex stood there, panting like a caged beast. The more I slid up and down his cock, the more the tension built. Slowly but evidently, I could feel him grow even more. I could lock my legs around his thick tool, but slowly the meat expanded and forced my legs to come apart. I took it slower, maintaining my balance while sliding along this slick shaft. I stopped at the head again, collected a mouthful of pre, covered myself again with it and made my way to his torso. I reached up and grabbed his abs. He had grown so much that I could stand on his abs like they were steps. I climbed up just enough so that I could reach his nipples. I slid myself around his torso, spreading his pre around and I grabbed the nipple as if it were a hand hold. I could see his cock throbbing furiously and I knew that he needed to cum soon. I took the nipple in both hands, pulled myself up a little so I could stand in the crevice created by his abs, and I squeezed the pec with all my might.

Aphex roared so loudly that I lost my grip and slid down back to his cock. Aphex grabbed the tree behind him and squeezed it so hard, I could hear the petrified wood splinter. I held onto his throbbing cock as it jumped up and down shooting streams of white hot cum across the forest floor. My own cock was shooting too, the pressure and pure sexual aura was too much for me to handle any more. As he shot for what seemed like 10 minuets, I could slowly feel him shrinking a bit. I slowly worked my way back to the ground as he continued to shoot and made it a point to stand in the stream of hot man juice. Eventually, he stopped and I opened my eyes to see a still really large Aphex standing before me.

“I….thank you…but I’m still…..not myself…..need some…..time to finish,” he grunted.

I walked back over to him, reaching up to his chin. Pulling his gaze down to me, I said, “What part of ‘My life is yours’ did you not understand. I’m freely offering you my mouth, my hands, my feet, my ass, everything about me. I WANT you to fuck me.”

We stood there for a moment that went on into eternity before he smiled at me. I smiled back and stepped away. Turning around, I got on my knees and presented my virgin ass to him. He walked up to me, his eyes green with a hint of red and he grabbed me in a hug. Again, I was overcome with waves of warmth and safety. I nuzzled the huge pec that was against my head, feeling the firm muscle and the chest hair against my skin as he positioned himself. I completely relaxed myself, knowing he would never hurt me and I felt his cock spread my cheeks. I knew that it was bigger than my own biceps, but I didn’t care. He slowly pressed the head against my hole and let it stay there. I prepared myself for his entry when he leaned in and whispered, “I…always loved…ever since…night I saw you….never thought…you….want to….with me.”

“From the moment I saw you, I was in love too,” I whispered back and rammed myself onto the head of his cock. My whole world went white. Nothing else existed for that moment. The pain was so intense I swore that I would die then. But Aphex had enough presence of mind to thrust his meat pass that barrier of pain. He took control and suddenly tormenting pain gave way to exquisite pleasure. I turned my head slightly to see Aphex still standing over me about 4 feet away. I realized that he barely shoved a foot of his cock into my ass and already I was about to explode. His eyes constantly flickered from his peaceful green to his lust-driven red. I thought to myself, “I hope he can control himself, but if I am to die, I can’t imagine a better way to go than to be fucked to death by a 5’’ cock of my dream guy.”

Aphex slid forward another 2 inches and I exploded for the second time over the forest floor. His breathing started to become more ragged, more primal, and I started to worry again. Then another few inches. God, the feeling was amazing. I’ve never been so full in my life. It felt as if his cock was trying to get to my throat. I turned to look into Aphex’s eyes and saw they had turned red completely. He picked himself up and stood up straight. I got hard again just seeing my weight being supported by his cock. I knew I had to have more. I focused on squeezing my ass, trying to milk his cock and give him more pleasure. I heard him grunt and moan like a beast and it drove me wild. I wiggled and squeezed and tried my best to please him. He grabbed me with his huge hands and thrust deeper inside of me. I could feel my guts rearrange themselves to accommodate the huge fuck pole inside of me. Deeper he pushed and I worked harder. Finally, I had half of his amazing cock inside of me. He hadn’t even started fucking me and already I felt like I could shoot another load.

He tried to push deeper, but he had hit an impasse. I thought the lust would over take him again, but instead of him forcing more into me, he simply slid me forward on his cock before sliding me back. “Holy Shit!” I thought as he combined fucking and jacking off, using me as a tool. I shot for the third time that night, just sliding up and down his amazing cock. It started out slow. He took his time gliding me up to the bulbous head then slowly back down the shaft. Then the speed started to increase. I could feel myself sliding deeper and deeper onto his shaft and I could feel his cock swelling inside of me, filling me even more than before. This was such a glorious feeling. I knew that this is what I’ve been wanting all my life. If nothing else would happen to me in my life, I knew then that I had lived a full one.

The speed and depth of his fucking increased as the night slowly gave way to day. The sun began to break the horizon and Aphex had reached his climax. He gave one final stroke, impaling me to the hilt of his giant sword and roared. He released my waist, held his arms up over his head and came down with a double biceps pose as he filled me with his tremendous load. I felt his cock pulse rapidly; his balls empty himself and his heartbeat race as he unloaded his hot man juice into me. I’ve never felt so warm or as filled as I did in that one moment. He shot for what seemed like eternity, and when I was full to the point of exploding, I smiled at him, closed my eyes and my world went black. •

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