By xythan_shadow

After that day, I quit my job, moved out of my apartment and moved downtown. I knew of a hardcore gym that I was always too ashamed to go in, but I had decided that I wanted to be huge like Aphex and I wanted a huge guy like him to be my partner. I had over 15k saved up for a car and I decided to use it to move into an apartment closer to that gym and spend time working out.

I went to the gym the very next day, went in the office with a huge guy, smaller than Aphex but massive in his own right, and I signed up for a year’s membership with personal training by him. Then after that, I stepped into the main area. This place had no women and nothing but muscled behemoths. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart and yelled, “Hello all you huge guys! I’d just like to say that I’m gay!”

I couldn’t believe I had just done that. I immediately turned beet red and was about to run to the locker room when I heard a bunch of clapping and laughing. The owner and my trainer walked up to me and said, “You’ve must have been closeted for a hella long time.”

I nodded and the trainer put his arm on my shoulder. I thought the weight of it would make me fall it was so big and dense. He said, “We get a few guys here like you. Don and Leo used to be just like you. Hope you find what you’re looking for here.” The acceptance I found there was the exact opposite of what I thought I would get and that was the first step in a huge change for me.

I worked out constantly for months, backed by the owner. I radically changed everything about me. I started eating different, I went out more often and I made a ton of friends in the gym. Eventually, I started seeing changes. I was no longer a flabby guy, but instead I had bulked up considerably around the chest and lost a lot of gut. My arms had grown a few inches to a respectable 18 and my legs, which were big from carrying around my weight all my life, were more defined than ever. I even started getting little guys at the gay bar interested. But in the back of my mind, I always wanted that feeling of safety and warmth that I had when I was with Aphex. I finally got my chance one night.

I was walking home from the gym. My gym bag was hanging on my traps and my arms and chest were burning from the workout. I hadn’t showered because I didn’t have the time before the gym closed. I was sweaty and had stuffed my shirt in my bag. The hot night wasn’t doing anything good for me, but it felt good after that workout and the musk I was giving off wasn’t that bad.

Anyway, I noticed some TVs on in a nearby store, and this black and green blur grabs my attention. I recognized that costume anywhere. It was my dream man Aphex. The closed captioning on the TV explained the whole situation. Someone had set off a bomb underground and was about to cause a whole block to collapse. Aphex had arrived quick enough to get most of the people out, but there still were people stuck in the building. Suddenly, he started to spin around at a breakneck speed and drilled into the ground. The sinkhole that was created suddenly stopped and everyone realized that Aphex was doing his best to slow the devastation. Firemen and police rushed and cleared the rest of the building, but Aphex was underground for an extremely long time. I feared for my big man because he was holding up an entire block with several skyscrapers on it.

15 minutes I stood there, biting my nails, hoping that the buildings wouldn’t collapse before everyone was out. Finally, the sinkhole began to swallow the buildings. I almost pounded on the window thinking “My God, where is Aphex, please let him get out alright.”

My fears were alleviated soon after when the camera zoomed in on a figure coming out of the rubble. But soon, my fears had returned. What was walking out of the rubble was Aphex alright, but something was different. I saw him huge. He had grown while he was underground. His 6’6’’ frame looked closer to 8’ then and his back which was wider than most doors seemed to dwarf what he used to be. He was hunched over, grunting as he walked and then the cameras slowly went down his torso. I lost my breath when they focused on his arms. If they were bowling balls when he held me in the sky, now they were the size of this 32 inch TV I was watching. The chest that I cried into was so massive, the nipples of his pecs were pointing straight down and the cavern his muscles made was so deep I could almost stick a ruler in between them and lose it. His abs were a 12 pack now, so cut and hard you could bounce bullets off them.

He stopped walking and was obviously breathing hard. The cameras could see dust and debris flying away from him as he grunted. “He looks like an animal” was what the caption said as he growled in a most muscular fashion. His breaths were deep and primal and he looked like a force of nature on the verge of succumbing to his instinct. Then the cloud of dust cleared a bit and I almost collapsed to the ground.

His pants were gone, and in their place was the most luscious piece of cock I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I remember that it was partially hard when he saved me and it had reached his knees, but this dick on this muscle behemoth was beyond compare. It stuck out in front of him like a yardstick, but at least a foot longer. Even on TV I could tell that it was insanely thick, like a two liter bottle. I saw the purple head drool precum before they moved the camera away.

They refocused on his face and I knew something was wrong. Gone were the green eyes that calmed me that fateful night. Instead his eyes were a fiery red, filled with a primal lust that I got on nights I thought about him, expect his gaze was a million times more intense.

He took a few steps forward, his massive feet sinking into the layer of asphalt and the cameras stepped back. He was drooling with a primitive gaze and I was afraid for him. He sniffed the air then looked at the cameras before leaping over their heads. They quickly lost sight of him as he flew into the night.

I felt so horrible. Right before my eyes, Aphex had changed into something, something that I should’ve felt was wrong, but my cock told me it was more than right. The size, the power, the primal fury that was displayed for me was a fantasy I have never known about. I imagined his raw might crushing cars and demonstrating for me and it got me hard as a rock. I was awoken out of my day dream by what sounded like a meteor falling about 20 feet away from me.

I turned around to see a giant cock pointing at me attached to the huge and pumped body of Aphex. I froze both in fear and arousal, as Aphex began to sniff the air. His cock bounced up and down as he took deep breaths, filling his nose with scents. He turned his head left and right a few times, allowing me to gaze upon his huge thick neck. He finally found what he was looking for when he started to stare at me. He smiled a stunning grin and slowly walked toward me. I could do nothing but stare at the massive physique approaching. He was still hunched forward, showing off his massive chest. His arms at this range looked more than amazing. It was like all the fat evaporated off him and left him with a silk thin layer of skin trying to contain monumental amounts of muscle. He flexed and relaxed with each step, his feet embedding themselves in the asphalt. His legs were bigger than my entire body and seemed to pulse with life of their own. He stood in front of me, his cock pouring its precum onto my head and I still couldn’t move. I stood there, staring into his huge sack that had balls bigger than my fists and prepared for the worse.

His massive hand slowly moved toward me and was about to touch when he suddenly stopped. “No……must……..control…….can’t……..fuck……..innocent…… ” he said in the same gentle voice I remember.

I looked up and saw his eyes flashing from green to red. “Must……fuck……NOW!” came a deep and powerful voice from Aphex. It seemed that my beautiful man was struggling with himself and I was the nucleus of it for now. I did not move an inch. I was too scared of what could happen. He flexed and thrashed, struggling with his inner emotions and I couldn’t help but continue to get aroused at I was showered in his pre. I licked my lips and tasted his sweet nectar as he withdrew his hand.

“Got…..to……get…….away” he said as he turned and moved to the side. He planted his feet and leapt into the sky, leaving me there alone on the street, soaked in his pre. I stood there shocked for just a moment before shouting, “Aphex!!!”

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. There I was, licking, no, lapping up the sweet precum left by Aphex, confused at the whole situation. I knew he needed help, but what could I do? He needed to fuck something and a cock that large and thick and oh so good looking couldn’t fit in any hole. But, I slowly realized as I licked myself clean that I owed it to him. He saved my life. The least I could do was try. I decided my life was his. •

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