New Day Dawns, A


By Braun1

I had dreams of muscle and slept more soundly than ever in my life.

I woke with the sun in my eyes and alone in the huge bed. After wiping the sleep from my eyes, I realized that I stank. I had dried sweat and cum all over me. I got out of bed and found the bathroom. After relieving my very full bladder, I decided I had better take a shower. The shower was huge, easily big enough for ten of me. As I was drying off, I could feel Dan moving round in the bedroom and I wrapped the towel around myself. It was very large and felt more like a dress. I walked back into the bedroom and there was my giant, laying on the bed, with a tray of breakfast. He had obviously already showered.

"Well, good morning sleepy guy. It's almost noon, but you were sleeping so peacefully that I didn't have the heart to wake you."

"I have to say, that after a shower, I feel wonderful." I walked over to the side of the bed where he was laying and gave him a kiss. "Last night was incredible."

We chatted a bit while we ate breakfast. Then he moved the tray off of the bed and crawled right back on it next to me. With his weight, I quickly rolled until I was pressed tightly against his body. Man, he was warm and smelled wonderful. A mixture of his soap and that scent that was all his own. A scent that now immediately turned me on. He kissed me again and I was rock hard in seconds.

"So, can we talk about the forbidden topic now Derek?"

I thought for a moment, and for once his face was unreadable. I admit to being a bit scared, but I was also excited by the prospect. "All, I want to know is that if it doesn't work. If I stay like I am... Do you still want me to be part of your life?"

I swear, he looked like he was going to cry. His face darkened and a veil of sadness fell over the whole room. "Do you really think that I would ever want you to go? I have as much control over 'us' as you do. I don't know what it is that brought us together, Derek, but I never want that to stop. I can honestly say that if for some reason, the process doesn't work on you, then I'll start the very next day trying to reverse it on me. I want to be with you however you want and however we look."

Now my tears were starting to well up. I had known this man only for a day, but we were already each other's. I clung to him tightly. Feeling his strong muscles press into my body and his arms wrapped around me. "So, how do we start?" I said into his chest.

He grabbed me and I flew up into an embrace so fast my still wet hair slapped him in the face. "You mean it? You really want to?" He was like a kid on Christmas morning. "You don't have to, you know, at least not today, but if you want to..."

"Dan." I cut him off. "Dan. Of course I want to and there is no time like the present. I've already missed my class for today, so unless you have somewhere to be, then whatever you want. Today, my beautiful giant, I belong to you."

If I thought I had been kissed before it was nothing to what happened then. He locked his lips on mine and nearly sucked my tongue down his throat. He didn't change or let go of his embrace, but soon we were bounding down the stairs, turning around and around and then bounding down some more stairs. I was started by the light. We entered a room that was nearly completely white and I heard a door 'whoosh' closed behind us. It was a lab. Right there in the basement he had a lab. "I didn't mean to startle you Derek, but you did say we could start right away."

"You bet, big guy. And what I said, I meant."

"Good, now just sit here for a minute and I'll get started. Now, how much do you weigh?"

"105 pounds."

"And do you know your blood type?"

"Sure, it's A positive."

"Good, Good." He was entering the information into a tablet PC and he had a look of concentration on his face. He asked a bunch more questions, just nodding and smiling. Then, not looking at me at all he walked to a wall safe and keyed in a combination and then pressed his thumb against a panel and there was a click and he opened the safe. Inside the safe was a small refrigerator which he opened and took out a small vial. He walked over to one of the tables and took one of the beakers that had a clear liquid, and added four drops of the solution from the vial. The clear liquid changed to the electric blue color of his eyes. He swirled the liquid around and the color became a bit paler. He looked up at me and seemed to be contemplating something. He smiled and then looked back at the tablet PC. He took a clean dropper and put a drop of the mixture on to a slide and then into a machine of some sort. After a moment he checked the machine and then returned to the beaker and added two more drops of the solution from the safe. The deep blue color returned and he smiled seeming very satisfied. After putting the vial back in the safe, he took the beaker and poured the contents into a device and then started a process or something. I could hear the machine making sounds, but couldn't see what was going on. I would have started thinking 'mad scientist', but that could not come to mind with him standing there naked.

Whatever was going on, had obviously finished because he opened the machine with all the excitement of hat kid on Christmas morning opening the first present. He pulled out a plastic looking sack that now contained the blue liquid. It seemed paler and like there was more of it. Probably now a full liter of the concoction. It turned out that this was an IV bag and I would have to sit there while the whole amount dripped into my arm.

He explained the process while he stuck the needle into my arm and prepared the IV. I would be sitting for however long it took for the IV to drain. Then I would probably feel at first sleepy and then energized, then completely horny. Once I hit the horny stage was when the growth was supposed to start. He said that I shouldn't worry because He would be with me the whole time, and there was nothing to be concerned about.

The last statement was the only thing he said that I didn't fully believe. It wasn't they way he said it, but just a feeling. I so wanted this to work. I could be with him as an equal partner. I would never be the 'shorty' the 'shrimp' the 'wuss' the 'tiny tot' or 'little DIK' again. Most of all, if it did work, I could be a real lover to Dan. I wanted so much to feel that huge cock inside of me.

Dan had already connected and started the IV while I was lost in thought and he was cleaning up the lab. As he worked he told me how after his own transformation, it was easy to get a job at the university and they thought he was a miracle worker because the football team and staff had made incredible fitness gains. He confessed that he had laced some of their 'vaccinations' with a tiny portion of the serum. It was difficult to cause the kind of transformation that he had done to himself, and was now doing to me, because everything had to be in an exact balance.

He had actually been down here preparing for almost four hours while I slept upstairs because he hoped that I would go through with it. As well as the serum, the IV contained nutrients and other things I didn't understand. The IV was nearly half empty now and my arm was feeling warm. Nothing extreme, but certainly warmer than it had been. I mentioned this to him and he said it was normal. We talked about school and his job until the IV bag was empty and I was feeling a need to visit the bathroom.

He disconnected the IV and put a small bandage on my arm. I tried to stand up but my legs were wobbly. I nearly fell, but he caught me and scolded me saying, "You just leave your mobility to me mister." He picked me up in those big arms and carried me back upstairs to the bedroom. I told him I really needed to get to the bathroom and he carried me in and stayed while I relieved myself. I was really feeling warm and sleepy. He helped me back to the bed, and I think I was out before I was even laying completely flat.

I woke sometime later wrapped in his warm embrace. It felt good. The sun was still shining through the window, but it seemed later in the day. I found myself breathing rapidly and he rolled off of me.

"I believe we are moving into the second phase. You feel like doing something, anything, right?"

"Yes. It is like I have to move, sorry, but I just have to."

"It's Ok, come with me." He led me downstairs and through the house to a room on the back of the first floor. When he opened the door I wasn't all that surprised to find a nearly complete commercial looking gym. I didn't even stop walking. I went straight to the treadmill and started running. Finally, I started feeling normal again. I ran and ran. Mile after mile. Dan brought me water, but I didn't stop running for almost two hours then I started feeling something. I had been sweating heavily, but now as I ran I felt my cock start to harden and my balls felt like they were throbbing. I stopped running and stepped off the treadmill. I took one look at Dan and felt more than a little aroused.

"Well, it looks like the final phase is kicking in." He chuckled and grabbed my hand. I wasn't having any of that and I lept into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into a kiss.

"Oh, God, Dan, I'm so horny, holy shit. My cock feels like it's going to explode." I was so hard it hurt. With me clinging to him, he walked us back to the bedroom. I came twice, but my cock was still hard and my balls were aching. I felt so hot and I was sweating like a pig.

Dan sat down on the bed. He kissed me hard and that seemed to turn my lust up to a point where I could barely concentrate. I was on animal need and desire. He laid back and I sat up on his abs. I could feel his cock against my back, but my focus was my own cock. It was red and angry and seemed to be swollen. Then I realized, it was bigger. I shot off again, all over his abs and chest. I had never cum as much as I was now, it looked to be more each time. I reached down to touch my cock and the sensation was unbelievable. My sensitivity must have increased a hundred times. I moaned and shot again. I could feel my balls getting bigger with each shot. Instead of deflating, they were coping with the need and just getting bigger. Dan was stroking my arms and my chest and talking, but I couldn't hear what he said, there was something like white noise in my ears and all I wanted was to cum again. He reached down and grabbed my cock. I thought I would pass out from the pleasure.

His rough hands caused another wave to rush through me. I looked down and noticed that my cock was overflowing his big hand. Far more than I had before. I looked up to his face, and he smiled. I bent down and kissed him hard. He moaned and I could feel it throughout my body. He wrapped his arms around me and started to stroke my ass. I could feel myself getting heavier. With each pound I got hornier. I could feel myself swelling, getting stronger. I could feel power coursing through my whole body. We kissed through it all. Soon, I got the idea that my cock was now big enough.

"I have to have you, baby, I want you now." My voice felt lower, but I couldn't take time to worry about it. I wanted him bad. That glorious ass was all my mind wanted to think about and my cock was pushing 8" and still so hard it hurt, but the hurt was so good.

I slipped back between his legs and start pushing them into the air. He showed his flexibility by pulling them up even higher. His scent hit me hard and I dove into that beautiful ass. I licked across his pucker and it was like my mind went into overdrive. So hot, so sweet. I pushed one finger in, then two, then three. His ass was so incredible, I had to have it now. I pushed myself up and pressed my cock into him. He groaned has I did, but it felt perfect. Tight, hot and so moist. I thrust into him and put my hands against his chest. My hands looked bigger. I was cumming like a mad man. Thrust, cum, grow, thrust, cum grow. Who knew how long I had been going at it. I saw cum all over his chest and knew it had to be his own because mine was flowing out of his ass. He looked up at me with those perfectly beautiful eyes. I realized that my hands were now beside his chest and I was still pressed above him.

I must have really been getting bigger. He bent down and kissed me. This made me realize that I was getting as big as he was. I could feel myself thrusting even harder, even further inside of him. I wanted this to go on forever. Soon I could feel his ass getting tighter and tighter. Now it was as though we were made to fit together perfectly. He was thrusting back against me. I reared back and came into him again, it was still getting more and more intense. Sweat was dripping from us like rain falling. His huge cock was bobbing in front of me as I thrust. Without even thinking about it, I wanted that cock. I bent forward and found I could easily take him in my mouth. He screamed as I took him into my mouth. I wanted more. I sucked and licked and pulled. He grunted and came again filling me with his cum.

The cycle went on and on, I noticed it was completely dark in the room, except for the moonlight coming through the window, but that was more than enough for me to see his muscle, his beauty, that giant cock. I felt an itch deep inside of me and I pulled my cock out of him. It came out and out and out. It must have been at least a full 18" long and incredibly thick. My perspective was screwed up, but I when the head plopped out it was followed by a gush of cum. Far from tired, I wanted more. I leaned down and kissed him. I realized we now matched up quite well. I kissed him and shoved deep into his mouth. Tongues danced and he flexed his pecs and I flexed into him.

I pulled up off of him and reached back and positioned his beautiful huge cock at my back door. I started pressing down and I wanted it. I wanted it now. I pulled down further and felt my life becoming complete. I felt him shudder as the first wave of cum flew into me. I thrust down and pulled up, over and over. He growled and rolled us over. His look was full of lust and need. I wanted him to slam me hard. I thought, "harder, deeper, more my giant lover, more."

I came all over the place when I heard him in my head chuckling, "Anything you want stud, anything at all. You are so beautiful." He thrust harder and harder. Soon the bed was breaking around us. Unable to hold the weight of two giants. I swear he was in as much lust as I was. I wanted more and he gave it to me. For hours we fucked, over and over, non-stop cumming and fucking.

Once I realized that I could actually talk with him by thinking strongly, we had quite a conversation going. It consisted of mostly, "harder, yeah, right there, oh, fuck me, go, go, go, more, CUMMING." He was incredible, so hot, so hard, so big. I wanted more and more. As I noticed the sun rising, I must have passed out for a few minutes. When I came around, I saw that the sun still was just a glow on the horizon. We were both laying on our sides facing each other. I leaned over and kissed him and realized that my mouth fit his perfectly. My shoulders were just as broad, maybe a little bigger. Then I realized that his feet were on top of mine. I was taller than my giant. Bigger than him.

I looked out the window to see a glorious dawn. The dawn of a new life and I knew I never wanted anything more than the man laying next to me. I kissed him as he slept and said, "I love you Daniel."

End. •

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