New Day Dawns, A


By Braun1

My first day of college. I had looked forward to this day for years. My first day of freedom. I could finally be who I knew I was born to be. So who am I, you say? Let me introduce myself. I'm Derek Ian Kensington III. And yes, I've been known as DIK almost since I started elementary school and the other kids found out my full name. That wouldn't have been too bad, I mean, every kid has a nick name, right? The bad part was that I grew up small. Some said I was just packed tightly, but I knew as I grew up that I was smaller than other kids, but I always seemed to have an incredible amount of energy. I could run until I decided to stop and never really feel tired.

That helped as I reached High School as could be considered an "almost jock" on the cross country team. It also gained me access to the school's weight room. For years I had fantasized about all those guys in the muscle magazines and I figured that even I couldn't be tall, at least I could be muscular. That wasn't to be either. My metabolism was so fast that I got harder and stronger, but not much bigger. I also figured out that I was more than just an admirer of big muscle, I was really into it. I was gay and in my semi-affluent, ultra-conservative, very small town, there was nothing I could do but hide in my closet. In my four years of hard training, I did get one tight little body, emphasis on little, but it was not the muscle that I wanted. I had hoped that I would get a little taller, but that was not to be either.

So here I was, my first day at a college more than a thousand miles away from that little town and I was determined to live life by my own terms and see if I could find what I was looking for... who I was looking for. I wasn't going to force anything, but if I came across someone who interested me, I wasn't going to run away anymore. I was tough enough that I could take care of myself.

I stood in my room, on that first day of the rest of my life, looking at myself in the mirror. I wasn't bad looking. Face and hair were sort of plain. I'd need to do something with the hair. It was long, past my shoulders, and an odd sort of pale brown, with blond streaks. I had a slender pointed nose and dark eyes. My lips were kind of thin. The rest of my body was kind of attractive, but in a miniature format. I was only 5'1" tall, but it was tight and hard. My legs were strong and fast, I knew I had a nice ass. Many girls had told me that in High School. My waist was only about 26". I had a nice six pack and good firm pecs. My arms had nice shape, but ended in my small hands. Most guys shaking my hands were surprised how their normal sized hands engulfed mine. Some tried to test their grip, but found that I could cause them to wince.

I was one of the lucky guys to draw a single room. At least for the first semester. I stood there looking at myself in the full length mirror at my greatest disappointment in being small. I could overlook all the rest if I had a normal sized cock. It was only about 4" hard. So my nick name really didn't fit. In the High School locker room I was known as little DIK and they weren't talking about my height.

I took a deep breath and pulled on my jock strap. Even that was a joke. But I wasn't going to let that, or anything else stop me from my workout. I knew that if there were any sexy big men, I would find them through working out and being in the places that they were. I pulled on my workout duds and my trainers. Grabbed my bag and headed for the track. I knew running my laps would warm me up for the weight room and calm my mind.

I started my laps and there were several other runners on the track. One looked at me and laughed outright. He obviously couldn't believe someone of my stature was a serious runner. So, I turned up the energy and started matching his lap speed. I was really starting to feel the life returning to my legs. God it felt good to run again. The days of packing and traveling didn't allow any time for a run, but this was feeling great. I decided to turn it up another notch. My feet pounded the track. I could feel him behind me trying to catch up with his long strides. He was at least 6' tall and very hot looking blond. He also had a very nice shift in his loose shorts. This was a very hot guy, but all I wanted right now, was to make him eat that laugh and my dust. I ran nearly as fast as I could and I noticed him on the other side of the track. I had him by almost half a lap and he was starting to run out of steam. I kept looking as he reached his limit and he stopped on the field and bent over grabbing his knees panting.

It was complete coincidence that he stopped just yard from where I had left my bag. I wanted so much for him to still be there when I finished my laps. I zoned out for a few laps and then stopped and walked a cool down lap. I was hardly winded, but was certainly warmed up.

As I walked to pick up my bag, I saw him sitting there just looking at me. "Dude, I have never seen anything like that. What the fuck are you?" he asked with a new look of wonder, maybe respect.

"I'm Derek, the guy you were laughing at. And you are?" I took a long draw from my water bottle as he stood up.

"I'm Josh, the captain of the track team. I'm really sorry about laughing. That was just stupid. You are amazing. Are you interested in trying out for the team? We could use someone with your ability." Now he was being all, Mr. Nice Guy.

"I haven't decided yet. I ran cross-country in High School, but really want to concentrate on my classes. I'll probably decide by the beginning of the spring term if I'm going to go out or not."

"Well, if you do decide to try out, you look me up. I'd be glad to have you on the team." He was smiling, but I think he notice me checking out his crotch.

"Thanks. Now I've got to get on with the rest of my workout. Can you tell me where the weight room is?" The look on his face was priceless.

"Uh, sure. I was just headed down for a shower. You mean that you ran for almost half an hour and now you are going to hit the weights? Damn. That run, at that intensity, would be enough for most guys."

"Yeah. That was just my warm up. I'm hoping to put on a little weight, so I'm not running near as much as I'm used to."

I left the conversation at that and he pointed me toward the weight room and he headed into the locker room. I wasn't at all familiar with the facility and was amazed by the sheer size of the place. The gym was a huge building, housing most of the athletic department, but damn, this weight room was like an athlete's dream. It had everything you could expect in a commercial gym, but multiply that by about four. There were 10 squat stations alone. More iron than I had seen before and every bench and machine from every muscle magazine and catalog I had ever looked through. The smell and sounds hit me as I stood there in the door watching, not sure where to begin. It was like I had come home. The straining groans, the grunts of exertion, the shouts of training partners forcing "just one more", and the smell of sweat, iron and disinfectant. I was almost glad at that moment that I had a small dick because it was nearly rock hard.

I turned around and headed to the locker room to stow my gear. I grabbed an empty locker and put my gear in, got my water bottle and my gloves. Heading back to the weight room, I noticed where the showers were and also saw a map of the building on the wall, just inside the door. The place had everything. Steam room, sauna, whirlpools, lap pool, diving pool, 6 basketball courts, 5 racquetball/handball courts. The list went on and on. If I couldn't find some willing jocks here, then I was not trying. And believe me, I was going to try.

When I got back to the weight room, there was small crowd gathered around one of the squat racks. Some of these guys were huge. Over 6' tall and built like tanks. Just the kind of guys I was hoping to meet. Just then, I heard a deep, loud grunt and the bar, and more weight than I had ever seen loaded on a bar, was raised up over these guy's. The bar was bending under the load. I saw the widest set of shoulders I could imagine and thick strong arms wrapped around the bar, his hands were actually touching the weights on each end. All the guys cheered and then the bar lowered into the huddle of men again. This happened several more times and I knew it wasn't over when I heard bar crash on the rack and the most incredible deep and resonant voice say, "more." It wasn't a request, it was a command. Some of the biggest guys there obeyed that command and loaded more on the bar. Then it started it's motion again.

There was no way I was going to be able to get through the crowd of onlookers, so I decided to start my workout. I was working arms and back, so I moved to the other end of the weight room to the machines. I did my normal arm workout and felt really good. I decided to add a set of cable crunches to work my abs before starting on my back. It seemed that almost every time I finished a set, the crowd at the other end of the room cheered. I knew it wasn't for me, but I didn't care, I was having a great workout. I felt energized and was starting to feel a bit pumped.

Before I started my low cable rows, I heard another cheer and then that voice again, "That's it guys. Enough legs for one day." There were quite a few "Awww's" and disappointed groans, but the guy with the voice was making his way through the crowd. I just watched in awe as they parted like the red sea to make way for this guy. When he reached the edge of the crowd, I was thunder struck. He was incredible. I couldn't believe a man like that existed.

He was at least 6'9" tall and every muscle in his body was etched in bold relief and pumped to the max. He was a hairy beast of a man, but he was amazingly beautiful. He had the muscle of a bodybuilder, but he was so big he would dwarf them all. His long blond, nearly white, hair was pulled into a pony tail, he had a thick mustache and a dark beard shadow. His eyes fairly glowed blue from the other end of the room and I just stared. How could you not? This was perfection in motion. He was dressed in compression shorts and a tank top and both appeared to be painted on. Each stride was graceful and yet powerful. His thick chest was covered in curly blond hair that was matted down with glistening sweat. Even through his shirt I could see the mounds of his tight abs. His thighs were so pumped I thought the shorts would split any second. They were also a bit hairy, but not overly so with that same blond hair. The calves were huge carved and shredded. His feet were gigantic. I didn't think they made trainers that big. Had to be at least size 20 and more EEEE's than I could count. He walked right toward me and I saw the python that was held in those shorts. It had to be real because it would have taken several pairs of socks to stuff a bulge that big. Even compressed in the shorts it was impressive.

When he reached the space next to where I sat, he stared into the wall of mirrors behind me and rolled his left thigh from side to side and then flexed it hard. I could hear him say "Boom!" quietly, like it was almost meant only for himself. He flexed his other thigh, then both. Then turned a bit and lifted his heel posing his calf.

I was now openly staring. I watched him flex in the mirror. Mesmerized by this behemoth standing next to me. Of course everyone else was watching the show too. I saw them standing behind us in the mirror, but was quickly brought back to the giant's flexing as he hit a most muscular and on him, that was the pose's perfect name. Veins popped out of his thick neck and chest. His arms seemed to swell just to make the package perfectly proportional.

It was just then that I saw him look at me in the mirror. Our eyes locked. It seemed like an eternity when I looked into those blue pools, but was only a second. Then he turned around, brought his arms back and posed another perfect most muscular looking straight at me. I could hear him almost growling as a low rumble came from his chest. I shot a load in my jock, and almost didn't notice until he said quietly, "Thanks for the compliment."

I think I turned such a deep shade of red that the blood could burst straight through my skin. He just smiled again and his perfect teeth made his smile even more perfect. I restrained myself, or I would have been all over this giant man. He was pumped, sweaty and perfect. Of course my head would have been about the level of the bottom of his chest but I wouldn't have cared. He would have been worth it. He was everything I wish I could have been, and everything I wanted to find.

He surprised the life out of me when he dropped down and sat on the bench next to me and with a wave of his hand, dispersed the crowd. I guess that meant the show was over for today.

"Man, I guess all those squats took more out of me than I thought," he said almost to no one. He rested his head in his hands with his elbows on his knees breathing deeply. Now that he was so close, I could smell him strongly. It wasn't unpleasant and tested my self control even more. Then he sat up and looked at me looking at him. "Hi, I'm Dan. I haven't seen you around before, you must be a freshman."

I didn't know what to say. My throat was dry and my mouth seemed locked shut. I just looked at his lantern jaw and his kind eyes. I could get lost in those eyes.

"Ok, little guy. I'll see you around." He started to get up.

" name is Derek." I felt like I was squeaking compared to his deep voice.

"Nice to meet you Derek." He held out his hand to shake mine. His hand was more than twice as large as my own. My hand seemed to move with no conscious thought and he grasped it in his meaty calloused paw. My hand had never been so completely enveloped by another. I was again completely hard in my jock. I said a small silent prayer that he didn't notice.

"Nice to meet you too, Dan."

He released his grip, but I didn't. He kept looking me directly in the eyes. It was as if something silent were passing between us. Then there it was, a small raise of his eyebrows and then another smile.

"I'll need that back, if I'm going to shower." He said chuckling.

"Uh, sure, sorry."

He grabbed his gear and headed to the locker room. His ass was another treasure to watch. His giant shoulders tapered to a tight waist that was punctuated with one beef filled muscle ass. A fleeting thought went through my head that there was no way my cock would ever make it past the muscle. That ass would need one huge cock to satisfy it.

Since my jock was a wet sticky mess, and my concentration was blown, I decided to head for the showers myself. I admit that I hoped to see this god among men naked, but that wasn't to be. By the time I got to the showers, there was no sign of him. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to the shower area. I was really surprised that such a large facility had individual shower stalls, rather than the large communal one room showers like we had in High School. Several were occupied and I chose one that was empty. Each stall had a small area with a wooden bench and a dressing area separated by a curtain from the actual shower. This was incredible. I sat down for just a second. It had been quite a morning. This could be a very good year. There were hot guys everywhere I looked. Surely someone would be interested in a guy like me.

I was startled out of my contemplation as the shower curtain was pulled back and there he stood smiling at me. The giant from the weight room. Smiling at -me-. He was completely naked and glorious. That huge bulge in his shorts was definitely not socks. His cock had to stretch to at least 12" completely flaccid and thicker than a coke can. He would rip me apart. Standing next to me when I was sitting made him seem even larger. His legs seemed larger than my entire body. All this flew through my mind in a second. He just kept on smiling.

"I've been waiting for you," was all he said in that deep smooth voice. He reached down and grasped my hand with his much larger hand and pulled me to my feet. My towel fell to the floor and I watched him scope me out from the top of my head, to the tips of my toes. I guess I was in shock because I couldn't find anything to say. My mind was overwhelmed by his size, his smell, the feel of his rough calloused hand.

He reached down and put both his hands under my arms and lifted me up, wrapping me in an embrace tight against his sweaty powerful body. I felt my whole torso pressed into his huge chest. It was hard and flexed against me as he held me there and looked into my eyes. I couldn't break his gaze. It was as if he were looking into my very soul.

I opened my mouth to ask him what he was doing, but all I got out was "Wa..". He pressed a finger to my mouth and said, "Shhhh." Then he pulled me tighter to him and kissed me gently. Brushing his warm moist lips across my own. My first kiss by another man. And what a man. He licked my lips and as soon as I opened my mouth, his tongue dove in side and then he sucked and stroked my tongue and mouth. It was like he was going to eat me alive. His breath was clean and fresh. His taste perfect. I could feel his beard stubble against my face. His hairy chest pressing into my smooth one. I was so turned on I could barely believe this was real. I wrapped my legs around his waist and I could feel him smile through the kiss. Even my legs were met by nothing but solid muscle. I felt his hands stroke my back and grab my ass, pressing my cock tightly against his rippling abs. I could feel it pressed into a crevice and my whole body was shaken by the most intense orgasm of my life. I came all over his abs.

We stopped kissing and I was breathing hard. I felt his big hand push my head down on his shoulder and his mouth brushed the side of my face. I was starting to recover and he purred, "I'm going to make both of our dreams come true."

I was still too out of it to understand what he was talking about. He lowered me to the floor and started the shower. As we washed each other he told me that he was a graduate student in bio-engineering and this was his sixth year on campus. He went on about how he never seemed to find the right guy and how he saw something in me in the first moment that our eyes met, that he knew would be special. I wasn't really paying attention as he had turned his back to me and I was staring at that beautiful, rock hard, blond furry ass. I reached out and started to soap it up. I was mesmerized by the way it flexed under my hands as he moved. Feeling it go from one flex to the next, I couldn't believe it was so hard, yet so inviting. I wanted to bury my face in it and get lost.

We rinsed off and he picked me up again and stood me on the bench. I was now nearly eye to eye with him. He wrapped a towel around me and kissed me again. He just walked out of the stall and back to his locker. What had I missed by not paying attention? I went back to my own locker and dressed. I searched the locker room for him, but didn't find him. My heart sank. Then I reached into my bag and pulled out my water bottle for one last drink before returning to my dorm and I found a card. It read, "Dr. Daniel Isacc Knight, PhD." and gave his address and contact information. It took me a minute to realize that written on the back was a note, "7:00pm, Dinner, My Place." I put the card in my pocket and I think I floated back to my room. This muscle god wanted to have dinner with me.

When I got to my room I sat down on my bed and stared at the card. Why couldn't I talk to him? It was like my throat closed up and all I could do was look at him. I didn't even pay attention when he was talking to me. I sat there trying piece together anything of what he had said. Nothing came to mind except the sound of his voice. Just the memory of it had me hard again. I locked the door and pulled off my shorts. I was on my own and could sit around naked if I wanted to. I sat on my bed and closed my eyes and thought about him. Flexing in the gym. The bar going up and down. The shower and the feel of him pressing against me. The feel of that hard flexing ass. I shot all over myself and the bed.

As I laid there in my after glow, I thought about the card. It said he was a PhD, but he said he was a graduate student. I decided to check the school's internet site and do a search on this man. What I found was interesting. He was a PhD in psychology and kinsology. He was working on another degree in bio-engineering and was a strength and conditioning coach for the football and wrestling teams. There was nothing about his undergraduate years, but he had certainly made an impact on campus in the last two years. The address on the card, must have been his residence because he had an on-campus office in the athletic center.

I was not going to be late for this date. I went to for directions because I knew mapquest was always wrong. The address was near campus so I could walk, but when I looked at the clock, I saw that I had about five hours before I would have to leave. My first class wasn't until tomorrow, so I had time to kill. I walked around campus, well, wandered really. I wasn't paying attention where I was going and found myself at the bookstore. I decided to pick up some of my text books, but I really couldn't concentrate. All I could think about was Dan. He was everything I ever dreamed of. I walked back to the dorm and stood in front of my closet. What does one wear to the date of a lifetime. My first date and it was with the man of my dreams. I decided on a black tee shirt and shorts that showed off my small waist and fit like a glove. It was a hot afternoon, so I just put on some shoes and headed out. It was only about 5pm and I knew the walk would only take about 20 minutes, but I just couldn't concentrate on anything but seeing him again.

I was walking down his street when I started chuckling. It hit me that he and I shared the same initials. The difference was that he really had a dick. I laughed out loud. If someone called him DIK it was for an entirely different reason. Not only that, but he was my Knight in shingin muscles. I was still chucking, but the old insecurities were still there. What did he see in me? I was so small compared to him. What could I bring to the relationship? Ha. Relationship? It was just dinner. Just dinner. Dinner with the hottest man I had ever seen. Dinner with a man that could have anyone he wanted. I must have walked around that block twenty times. I knew which house was his. I saw the big SUV in the driveway. The house was huge, just like he was. Big and substantial. I walked and walked. I knew it was only about 6pm so I couldn't just show up an hour early. I felt like running. I wanted to clear my mind, but I didn't want to show up all dirty and sweaty. I pulled my hair back and put the band around it creating a pony tail. Then I kept walking.

On my, at least, 20th circle of the block, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around like I had been stung and found myself face to pecs with him again. How could he move so quietly? Was I that distracted?

"Why don't you just come on in? There is no need for you to keep walking around the block. We have much to discuss."

He reached down and held my hand, and we walked toward the house.

"I..I'm..ah.. I'm sorry I'm so early, but.. ah.. I wasn't certain where this address was, and... ah.. I didn't want to be late."

"Not a problem Derek. I was just hoping you would come."

His voice was completely relaxing me. He looked intently into my eyes and his blue within blue eyes seemed to sparkle and smile. He was dressed in another pair of compression shorts, these were a dark blue. His shirt was sleeveless and made of some kind of red lycra. I molded to every curve, crevasse and bulge. His arms looked as big as my legs and yet were so inviting. He showed me to the living room and we sat on the couch. I looked away, staring at my small hands grasped in front of me. I felt his hand on my back. I couldn't look at him. Every self doubt I ever had was welling up to the bursting point.

"Why me?" I asked.

There was a long silence. Dan stood up and I felt the floor vibrate with his steps as he walked into another room. He came back and sat next to me. Again I felt him put his heavy arm around my shoulders and he handed a picture to me. It was a picture of a blond boy in a graduation robe standing next to an older man, a professor of some sort, receiving a diploma.

"That was me two years ago at my undergraduate commencement ceremony. Look familiar?" He paused while I took that in. I looked up to see him smiling down at me. Then I looked back to the picture and took it from him to look closer.

I looked at it and then at him. There were similarities, but the man sitting next to me was as far removed from the person in the picture as a boy is to a man.

"I was 5' tall and 95#. The proverbial weakling. My penis was even smaller than yours, my friend. I had never finished physically maturing. I was never as bold as you are. I never found any athletic tendency. I poured myself into study. I learned everything I could about the human body. I was tired of being small and laughed at. I wanted to be normal. I wanted what everyone wants. I wanted to find someone to love. I studied for two degrees, but all the time I was doing research into how I could get what I needed. In those years, I had not one date. Rejection after rejection. Most guys thought I was too young. Jail bait. After graduation, I found that I had nothing to look forward to. I decided that there was a choice to be made. I could live and change myself through whatever means I could develop, or I could stop and live no more. There was a great deal of risk involved, but if I had died, I thought I would be no worse off."

To hear this giant of a man talk like this was completely shocking to me. To hear that kind of doubt being spoken in that deep confident voice was, to say the least, unnerving.

"That summer I put my research to work and developed a serum that would either kill me, or turn me into a normal person. I estimated that if it worked, I would be about 6' tall and proportionate to my size." Then he laughed, it was deep and resonant, and comforting. "I kind of, overshot the mark. And I took the smallest amount that I could. I became incredibly horny and beat off all night until I was exhausted. When I woke up, I looked like you see me now." He paused again as I looked over his face. "Well, almost this size. I'm still growing slowly and I love working out, as you saw today. It opened a whole new life. For the first year I was sexually ravenous. I was basically a big slut. Everyone wanted me. But only the outside. There is more to tell you, but I knew the moment that I saw you, that you were someone who would understand me."

I looked into his eyes to see if he were being honest and I felt myself falling into them. "I'm still not sure what that has to do with you inviting me to dinner? I'm still trying to figure out how you knew which shower stall I was going to pick. It doesn't tell me why I'm here out of all those guys in the gym."

"Derek. It is difficult for me to explain." He paused and actually stood up then moved in front of where I was sitting and sat cross legged on the floor. We were nearly eye to eye this way. "When I shot myself with the serum, it did more to me than just increase my height and weight. My mind also expanded. I'm able to read other peoples strong thoughts. I can't look into your mind, but if you are thinking strongly about something, then I can probably hear it. I can also give other people suggestions. I can't make them do anything that the don't want to, but in the locker room, I could hear you coming and sent a suggestion to pick the stall that I waited in. As to the question of 'Why you?', well, because you are a special person Derek. When I looked at you in the mirror in the weight room. I knew immediately that we would need to at least... at the very least... need to try to be together."

I was very aroused by his voice, but my mind was a whirl with thoughts. I was so small compared to him.

"I can feel you are worried about your size. That does not matter to me in the least. If you want to be my size, I'd be happy to prepare the serum for you and by this time tomorrow, you would be as big as I am. But if you want to stay just as you are, I'd still like a chance to be with you. I've never felt that as strongly with anyone, as I have with you today."

I still couldn't say anything else. My head was swimming.

"Do you know why I saw you walking around the block? Why I came out and invited you in? I was waiting for you. Looking out the window to see if you would come. I hoped you would find the note, but I wasn't sure. Would you come even if you did find the note? I wasn't even certain you were gay. I just knew you were attracted to me."

He was still looking at me and then he put his big hands on my knees. "I'm hoping you will say 'yes' to me. Yes to the serum, and yes to staying here."

I know I was in shock. "There is nothing I want more, Dan. You are, without doubt, the most incredible man I have ever seen. If you can...", my voice broke and I had to pull myself together again. "If you can make me bigger, then I would like to see it happen." He smiled. "Wait, there is more." The smile left his face for the first time. "I don't want you to think that I would stay with you, just because of what you could do for me. I was hoping for a date tonight, not a life changing experiment. So... ah... at least for tonight. Let's not talk anymore about growing me, until tomorrow. I'd like for us to get to know each other better, much better."

I looked up to see his face and that smile again. He stood up and grabbed me under the arms and lifted me off of the couch. He pulled me into a kiss that curled my toes. I could feel the hardness of his body again. The strength hidden there. His gentleness with me was almost tangible.

When he broke the kiss he said, "Thank you, Derek. I believe more than ever that we will be good together. Let's eat."

He carried me into his dining room and sat me in the chair next to his. He poured a glass of water for me and told me that he'd just be a minute. I watched him walk to the kitchen, again taking in the sheer size of the man. He left me alone with my thoughts. The feeling of his arms around me and his lips on mine were still fresh. I closed my eyes and thought about what he proposed. Did I want to take the risk? To be bigger? To be like him? To be with him? How could he possibly be so certain? I know he saw me as someone like he was, but was I?

My musings left me not paying attention again until he put his big hands on my shoulders and kissed the top of my head. "Penny for your thoughts?" he rumbled.

"I was just thinking about what you said about staying."

"But I thought you didn't want to talk about that tonight?" he asked.

"I don't. I was just thinking. So, what's for dinner?"

He chuckled. "Well, believe it or not, I'm not much of a cook, so I hope chinese take-out is Ok."

It was the best meal I ever had. I have no idea what we ate, but it was as if we had known each other for our whole lives. It was only a short while until I felt completely comfortable in the presence of this immense man. His laugh sent a thrill through my whole body. We talked about family. We talked about the college. We talked about everything. Except the serum.

I helped him clean up after dinner and then we went back to the living room. His graduation picture was still sitting there and I looked at it again. The person he was then and the person he is now were not so different. They had the same kind eyes, and in a way, it was the same smile. Everything else was more, well, more.

He sat next to me on the couch again. When he did that, his weight pulled me toward him. I fell against his side and he wrapped his arm around me. His scent was intoxicating and he was so warm. I felt comfortable there. The he did something completely unexpected. He pulled me, with that one huge arm, so that I was sitting on his lap.

"There, now I can see you and you don't have to feel like you are being squashed into my side."

If anything I was more comfortable being completely wrapped in his arms. I could feel their strength and it was in his total control. He bent his head down, and kissed me again. His hands roamed my body, and mine roamed what I could touch. His chest was so huge it made a deep shelf over his tight abs. The kiss went on and on. My arms were not long enough to feel past his lats, but his pony tail was hanging front over his pecs. I could run my fingers through his hair. It was like silk. He stroked my back and his big hands cupped my ass. He moaned. Damn, I never thought he would be so hot for me, but I could feel his cock lengthening in his shorts, actually lifting me slightly from where I sat.

He broke the kiss, "Stay, Derek, I don't want you to leave." Without an answer he dove back into my mouth and pressed our bodies tighter together.

I pushed with my small hands against his chest and got his attention. We separated again. Now we were both breathing hard. "I don't want to go, Dan. Just be careful with me."

Without another word, he almost jumped off of the couch holding me tightly and we bounded toward the stairs. I swear, it only took him three steps and we were on the second floor. Those mighty legs didn't seem a bit tired from moving all that weight earlier in the day. He walked down the hall, with each step I could feel the house tremble. Soon I was sitting on a huge bed. Dan stood back from the bed and looked down at me. The ever present smile had changed, now it had changed to a definite look of need, desire even. I was incredibly excited and just a bit scared. He was so big all he had to do was roll on top of me and I'd be history.

He flexed his arms in a double bicep pose. "You like this Derek? Do you like how big I am? How big you could be? What do you want? I'm your's tonight. Just tell me what you want." I had never before heard a deeper voice. It was almost beyond human. Barry White had nothing on Dan. "Take off your clothes, Derek. Make yourself comfortable. Relax."

I found myself moving before I realized it. I was stripping myself as quick as I could and I was already hard as a rock and dripping. He had continued to flex. His chest looked like it would burst through the shirt. His thighs had already started splitting the seams of his shorts. Each flex was accompanied by a rip. My hand went to my cock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He was so huge he filled my entire field of vision. I couldn't being to think of anything else. It was like the whole world disappeared except for me and this giant stud.

Again there was the deep rumble, "Tell me what you want, Derek. It's just us. Anything you want."

Every time he said my name, it was like he was stroking me physically. I wanted nothing more than to jump up and have him wrap me in his arms.

"Could you... I mean... Would you... um... rip out of your clothes?"

His smile fairly glowed.

"Like this?" He reached up and grabbed the neck of the shirt and tore it off his body like it was made of paper. I gasped. He now stood before me, naked from the waist up and the view was breath taking. His shoulders seemed as wide as I was tall. I knew they were wide, but damn if he didn't look even bigger than in the showers.

"Or perhaps you prefer this?" He shook his right thigh, allowing the muscle to sway back and forth, and then he flexed it hard. The muscle swelled to an impossible size and lines of cables appeared along with thick veins under his skin and the leg of the shorts split right up to the waist. He paused and then repeated the process on the left. He flicked his fingers at his waist and the shorts fell to the floor. Revealing his immense package packed into a pristine white jock strap. The poor piece of material was having a very difficult time holding his magnificent cock and balls.

"Or maybe this is what you wanted?" He flexed harder and harder. I was getting light headed watching this display of raw male power. I wanted him to get naked and get on the bed already, but he kept posing and posing. Soon I saw that his bulge was growing. He just grunted a bit, so deep in his chest I wasn't sure if I heard it or felt it. The bulge was getting bigger and bigger. Stretching the jock far beyond it's ability to cope. There was at least a 6" gap between the waistband and his waist. His cock was getting bigger and harder. It stretched and stretched as he posed. I could hear it started to strain. The threads seeming to give out one at a time.

Then he reared his head back and with one mighty roar, the jock snapped off and flew through the air until it came to rest in my hands. I immediately picked it up and brought it to my face, deeply inhaling the strong flavor of his man. I lost it and came all over his bed and the floor. I'd never even touched myself.

"I guess that means you liked it," he stated chuckling.

"Oh, god, Dan." I was panting breathlessly. "I never in my life imagined something like that. You are so unbelievable."

"Then, I guess, I'll just have to let you prove to yourself that I am real."

His huge cock, at least 15" hard, was swaying as he moved to the bed. He leaned down and kissed me again, then proceeded to lay down, on his back, beside where I was sitting. His majestic cock was pointing straight at the ceiling. He put his hands behind his head causing his biceps to flex hard and almost touch his ears.

"I told you, Derek, I'm your's tonight. Prove to yourself that I am real. Do what you will with this body."

I was entranced with his body. I was still sitting near his feet. Big feet. I reached over and touched one with my hand. He had a few hairs on his long toes, but even they were blond and soft. They had a strong smell, but it wasn't unpleasant. I tentatively stroked the bottom of his foot and he flexed it and chuckled.

"Yes, I'm ticklish. Come on, I'm dying here."

I looked up and his cock was fairly coated with precum. I moved forward and grabbed his calves. I stroked them both and tried to squeeze them but they were solid. As I moved up to his thighs, I found they were indeed larger than my chest. I stroked through the hair there. It was so soft, silky, yet it grew out of these pillars that were so hard and strong, if he closed them, I would be nothing more than a stain on the sheets. His peach sized nuts were enclosed in a long sack that was also covered in fur. The scent here was intoxicating. I was getting light headed. I think all the blood was rushing from my brain to my cock because I was on autopilot. I avoided his cock and beautiful balls on purpose, hoping to save them until last. I hadn't thought yet how I would attack it, but I was going to feel it and stroke it. I moved further up and reached his abs and intercostals. His abs were thick bricks lined with deep crevasses and short but soft hair.

I couldn't help myself and after running my hands across them, I felt I had to lick them. My head simply lowered and soon I was bathing his abs and lower pecs with my mouth. He tasted wonderful. A bit of salt, but there was something else, some taste that was all his own. It only made me even more hungry. I stroked his intercostals, which even unflexed were prominent and larger than my fingers. I reached his pecs and I took a chance and looked up at his face. For a second he was looking up at the ceiling. He seemed to be involved in great concentration. My tongue attacked his chest. When I reached his nipples, they were a feast all their own. They were already raised for the occasion and hard. I wanted to keep sucking, one then the other, back and forth, while I felt the enormity of his chest. Some part of my mind realized that each of his pecs were bigger than my head, but at that moment he chose to flex them, rolling them under my face. I however, had caught another scent. His hands were still folded behind his head and I attacked his pits. They were so deep and tuffs of curly blond hair only invited me more. I licked and bit until they were wet. Then I felt his arm move and soon his hands grasped my sides and he picked me up and brought my face to his.

"I know I told you to do whatever you want, but baby, I'm going to blow any second. You have got me hotter than I've ever been."

Then he held me over his face while he gave my body a tongue bath. I was moaning as his tongue explored my body. He had no trouble at all lifting me into whatever position he wanted. I heard him mumbling as he pleasured my body. "Oh, hmmmm, ah, so beautiful, oh, yeah, oh gonna be so good. Oh, god, Yeah."

He picked me up higher and sucked my cock and balls into his mouth. He rolled his tongue around as the sucked so hard, I thought my cock would burst. Then it did. My orgasm was hard and long, and he swallowed every drop. But I wasn't done, I felt good, ready, and he put me down against his chest. I turned around and saw the object of my desire. It was still a hard, throbbing and drooling 15" cock, that looked even bigger and ready to explode. I sat on his upper abs and lightly touched the shaft. It was hot as a poker and his whole body vibrated. I tried to wrap both hands around it but even together they were not big enough. I started stroking and then added my mouth to the action.

When my mouth reached the huge head, I realized there was no way I was going to be able to fit it in my mouth, but I wanted to try. His precum tasted so good. I was drawn to lick up more and more. I was soon polishing that huge head with my tongue and sucking even more of the precum out of the slit. He was now writhing and moaning under me. I felt him grab my legs. He pulled, and then I felt his tongue on my ass.

Oh... My... God... He was tonguing my ass. If anything in my young life ever felt better, I couldn't think of it. His tongue pressed in and out and all around. I dove back onto his cock and renewed my stroking and squeezing with my hands. I felt his body shutter again and then I saw his balls draw up tight and his cock was swelling even bigger. He shoved his tongue deep into my ass and I sucked hard as his first shot flew into my mouth. I couldn't swallow fast enough. His cum was shooting out by the quart and cum ran out of my mouth back down the shaft. He shuttered one more time and shot again. I started licking up the abundance. It tasted salty and sweet, like his smell and his sweat. I couldn't get enough. In the middle of my feast, I felt those huge hands lifting me again.

He turned me around and kissed me. Then he licked off my face and kissed me again.

"That was incredible, man. You are amazing. I never have felt anything like that. I can't really believe it was your first time. And, Derek, I hope that it is our first time of many."

I was feeling really relaxed. "Dan. I'm really sleepy all of a sudden, but I hope it's only our first time too. You are the most incredible man I've ever met." He wrapped his arm around me and stroked my hair.

"Sleep, Derek. The morning will bring us a new beginning."

I felt myself drifting off. Just as I fell into dream land I thought I heard him whisper, "I think I love you Derek." •

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