Scrapbook Chronicles: The Beginning

By Lover_Boy

Eric sat at his table in the cafe eating a light lunch. On the chair next to him was an open laptop. He'd barely touched the food as he was engrossed in the scrapbook in front of him.

The waiter approached with a subtle clearing of the throat, "Will you be needing anything else, sir?"

He was tall, and boyishly cute, probably around the age of twenty. The polo of his uniform couldn't quite hide a bulky defined arms chest and shoulders. The lack of any outward curve at the waist hinted that the young stud probably had a nice six or even eight-pack too. A young college jock; probably football or wrestling, Eric guessed.

Eric's eyes wandered over the waiter's physique appreciatively. The wiater's eyes flitted away almost imperceptibly as he blushed under Eric's scrutiny. Cute, hot, and modest. He smiled as he answered, "No, thankyou. Not right now. Is it okay if I stay awhile after I finish my meal?"

The response was a bit too eager, "Oh, absolutely! I-I mean, yes, sir. That would be fine."

"Great. I may want something more later. Perhaps some....dessert." Eric put a suggestive tone into the last word that brought a faint smile to the waiter's lips.

"Well, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Just ask for Brad."

Eric knew for certain now what was going through Brad's mind. "I will be sure to ask. Thankyou." With that, Brad returned to the interior of the cafe.

Eric mused over the brief exchange. He'd always had a nack for charming others. A gift. He was tall at 6'3" with short red hair, bright blue eyes, and flawless ivory skin. All the best attributes of his Irish herritage. Long limbed with broad shoulders and a 29" waist, his regimen of running, swimming, and biking had complimented his good looks with a well defined physique, but not musclebound. Most would call it a "swimmer's" build. he'd never had any desire himself to be big, or "buff". It was others he was interested in.

He took a bite of his salad, and returned his attention to the scrapbook. The pages were filled with pictures and articles of the peculiar matter of his life's obsession. Well, up to this point anyway. He was, after all, only four years out of highschool. All of it was muscle growth. Not the gradual development of muscle mass over a long period of time and dedication. This was of the short term or even sudden variety. Most anyone you might ask would tell you such things didn't happen in real life. However, Eric knew better.

He flipped casually through the pages. Here was an example. The kid he'd sought out in Ohio, Bryon. The black-and-white photo pasted to the page was of a young boy barely into his teens. His face and height were normal, but his entire body was bulging with immense muscle. All of it disproportionately large to his frame, a result of some genetic abberation.

He turned a few more pages. Here was another. Gordon,a top secret government test subject for the military. The guy had been turned into a hulking muscle giant. That investigation had almost landed Eric in Fedral prison.

And this duo was one of his favorites. The photo was of a gorgeous young Italian boy, and his dorky-but-adorable artist boyfriend, Michael and Arthur. Eric had learned in that case what true love and inspiration could do. Just the thought of the demonstration he'd seen gave him an erection.

Eric had always had a thing for muscle growth. Even when he was much much younger, and didn't quite understand it. He remebered always being turned on by massive and spontaneous muscle growth. Cartoons, milk commercials, old television shows, comic books, etcetera. And when he'd gotten older, it was how he'd known he was gay.

He flipped back to the first page. His expression saddened for a moment. This had actually been where his journey began. This page wasn't nearly as detailed. At the top of the page was merely a name: "Phillip". Beneath was a picture of his best friend from Kindergarten to Ninth Grade. The face in the picture was that of a hadsome young man. spiky dark hair, green eyes, with chiselled masculine features and full manly lips. Above it was the word "then". Next to it was a blank index card with a question mark drawn on it, and above the word "now". At the bottom of the page was the question, "Where are you?". He remembered that night well....

It was a Friday night, and they'd just gotten back to Phil's house from seeing a movie. They'd been planning the sleepover all week.

Phil flopped on the couch, "So, what do ya wanna do now?"

Eric gave it some thought, "I dunno. See what's on TV."

Phil grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels. Talk shows, infomercials, late night cartoons. "Here's something..." Phil settled on an episode of the new "Incredible Hulk" cartoon. It was just at the part where Bruce Banner turned into The Hulk. Eric was transfixed. The transformation was actually only a few seconds, but in his mind seemed like an eternity.

"After it was over, he looked at Phil. "That is so cool!"

Phil looked over at him, "What is....?"

"The way he gets all huge, and stuff. Did you ever wish you could do that?"

Phil looked thoughtful for a few moments. "Maybe. I don't know about turning green, though."

"Well, no. I just meant, like, bein' able to get huge like that."

"Yeah, but he has to get mad. And he always wrecks stuff when he's The Hulk. I don't think I'd enjoy it if I knew that was gonna happen."

"But, if you could do it at will, and not turn green, and not have to go crazy and level a city. Then would you....?"

"Sure. That'd be awesome!"

Phillip was the only kid Eric knew shared his fascination. They'd been friends since Kindergarten. And now, in Ninth Grade, they'd become more than just friends. They hadn't actually "done" anything major. But they both knew what they felt for each other. Eric's parents didn't know. And Phillip's parents didn't really care what he did as long as he kept his grades up. It wasn't that they didn't love him. They were just both really busy people. And Phillip seemed to prefer it this way.

Eric poked him teasingly in the shoulder. "You don't really have to worry about it. You're already in great shape. The weights have really worked for ya."

Phillip flexed his right bicep, and a veiny baseball sized mound popped up beneath the skin, "Ya really think so?"

Eric slowly crawled to Philip's end of the couch, and licked the muscular protrusion affectionately, "Yeah, I do...."

Phillip moved in, pressing his lips to Eric's passionately. Eric slid his hands up under Phillip's shirt, feeling the hard ridges of his abs. Phil slid his arms around Eric's waist as he deepened the kiss. Their tongues caressed eachother for a few moments until Phillip suddenly pulled away.

Eric nearly fell off the couch, caught off guard by the sudden break. "What's wrong....?!"

Phil stood, and took Eric's hand, "Nothing. I just think if we're gonna do this we really should go to my room."

Eric smiled and stood. Phillip grabbed the remote and switched off the TV, leading Eric up the stairs........

The moolight coming in the window over Phil's bed illuminated his smooth, hairless body in a soft blue glow as he slept. Eric lay with his head on Phillip's ample chest. His heartbeat was strong. He half sat up, leaning on an elbow as he looked over the beautiful form of his boyfriend. Every inch of Phil's body was filled with muscle. He had the spectacular body of a gymnast. Not to mention he was quite well endowed. He looked down to Phillip's boxer-briefs and the signifigantly large lump there. He looked foreward to the day when they both agreed that the relationship was at a point where they could go all the way. But he knew that day was probably quite some time away.

Gently, Eric raised his hand to Phil's face. He caressed his cheek with the back of his hand tenderly. In his slumber, Phillip moaned slightly and turned his face into the caress. The faintest hint of a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Eric leaned in, and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Intoxicated by the feel of Phil's supple skin on his lips, he began moving the kisses downward.

He nuzzled the thick cords of muscle along Phil's neck, inching down slowly toward his chest. He kissed across the breadth of plump muscle there, making sure to cover every inch. He proceeded to tantalize the dime-sized nipples with the tip of his tongue, causing Phil to inhale sharply in his sleep.

As he began to move his lips over Phillip's abs, he suddenly became aware that Phillip's skin was becoming warmer. He drew back to see that something was happening to Phillip's body. he rubbed his eyes and looked again, thinking that it was an illusion brought on by tiredom. No, something was definitely happening. Phillip's body was changing. He was growing!

Phillip's entire body was slowly inflating. More specifically, his muscles were swelling. He watched with fascination as the change began to become more evident. The thick collum of his neck was beginning to curve outward from the base of his cranium as the cords of muscle seemed to swallow what little was visible of his adams apple.

His traps rose up to meet them as his delts bulged outward from his shoulders. His pecs were inflating like balloons, rising from his chest like loaves of bread in an oven as his abs took on a more cobbled appearance. His torso widened suddenly as Eric noticed his lats swelling outward. His biceps and triceps quickly thickened the width of his arms as they inflated in opposite directions while his forearms quickly followed suit.

Eric's awestruck eyes travelled downward to see that the already snug fabric of Phillip's boxer-briefs was being stretched further by his rapidly developing quads. His eyes bugged out of his head as he noticed now that the large lump representing Phil's dick was also growing. tentatively, he placed a hand on the growing mass there. To his amazement, it was soft. It wasn't getting hard, it was simply getting bigger! Along with, he now saw, his balls.

Unable to tear his eyes away, he placed a hand on Phillip's expanding pecs, moving it slowly down over the length of his torso to his thighs, feeling every inch of Phillip's growing physique. At his touch, the growth seemed to accelarate, and Phil's body began to expand even faster. He heard what sounded like someone cracking their knuckles really loud, and realized that Phil's overall height was starting to increase.

He watched as Phillip's arms and legs lengthened, while his shoulders widened. Suddenly, Phil's forearms and swelling calves were hnaging off the edges of the bed. he seemed to deflate for a few moments as his frame enlarged, but that didn't last long. His rapidly growing muscles increased his mass to the point now where his entire body took up all the space on the bed and Eric had to climb on top of him, straddling him at the waist.

As Eric's body came into contact with Phillip's, he felt the growth kick into overdrive. He had to be at least 7 feet tall, and 300 pounds or more by now, and showed no signs of stopping. Phillip's body was bulging out in all directions. His lats and triceps had forced his arms to point outward from his torso. He now saw that Phillip's muscles were visibly pushing against each other, fighting for space beneath his skin and causing his entire body to bulge out even more with muscle.

He heard the sound of what could only be straining fabric and turned around awkwardly to see what he knew was about to happen. Phillip's boxer-briefs were being stretched in all directions as his quads inflated like balloons, forcing his legs apart, and his cock and balls reached gargantuan proportions. Somehow, his dick had managed to stay beneath the waistband, but completely filled out the fron of the briefs. Meanwhile his balls had engorged and swollen out into the area normally only occupied by his thighs. Eric gently placed a hand on the massive swelling bulge of his privates and was astonished to find that it was still soft.

He leaned down, placing his hands on Phillip's gigantic quads to steady himself, and buried his face in the undulating mass of his overenlarged privates. As he suspected it would, the growth increased another notch, and it proved too much for Phil's briefs to contain. A loud moan escaped Phil's lips as the tightness of his underwear became too much. The fabric on the sides of his thighs simply split from the waistband down to the bottom of the leg with a loud snap and ripping sound. The inner thighs did the same against the combined size of his quads and genitals. And with one final feeble stretch in an attempt to contain Phillip's cock, the front of his boxer-briefs exploded outward, releasing an indescribably huge python of flesh.

Finally, the growth slowed and stopped. Eric's erection was painful as he began to turn around to lay down and enjoy the feel of sleeping on top of his now hulk-like boyfriend. As he turned, he felt Phillip's body move. He turned around completely to see Phillip looking at him with shear shock on his face.

"What the fuck has happened to me....?!?! This is fuckin' awesome!!!!"

But their shared joy wasn't meant to last. As Phillip's cock began to get hard, his entire body began to swell anew. Everything ballooned uncontrollably. As his erection grew, so did every muscle in his body. he began to scream as his muscles swelled with unbelieveable size and power. the bed, no longer able to hold his increasing weight, gave a loud creak, and crashed under his mass he began to overflow the edges of the bed. His rapidly growing erection, catching Eric off guard, lfted him into the air. Up and up toward the ceiling.

From that vantage point, he could see that Phillip's body was becoming completely overgrown with muscle. The last thing Eric remembered before passing out as Phillip's cock forced him into the attic was Phil's screaming and his parents bursting into the room.....

I woke up Sunday, and immediately ran to my friend and lover's house to make sure he was alright. The house was deserted, and a "FOR SALE" sign was in the front yard. __________________________________________________

Eric wiped a tear from his eye, and closed the scrapbook. A chime came from the laptop, signaling my custom designed search engine had found the person I was looking for now in this town. Eric scribbled the adress on a small piece of paper. He gathered his things, and left money for his meal and a 10 dollar tip for the hottie waiter. Climbing into his car, he headed off to see if this guy was what he claimed to be..... •

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