Amari's Essence

The Great Doctor


By cscpttrainer

Several hours later when his name was called, Akil was led through several small interior rooms until he came to another large reception room. There behind a large ornately carved mahogany table sat a large overweight elderly man with a hairy pot belly who wore an elaborate furry headdress. His wood carved chair was huge, almost looking like a throne except it lacked inlaid precious stones. On the table were many stone cups and glasses filled with all sorts of odd things. Some looked as if they had herbs in them, others, colored liquids, others, various dried animal parts. A large fire burned behind him giving him an eerie glow.

“What brings a Suri so far from his homeland to me?” bellowed the deep voice of Komoni.

Akil knelt down in front of Komoni with his head bowed in a sign of respect, hoping it would impress the witchdoctor.

“I need to become a great strong warrior so I may defeat another and win my love. Only you can help me, O Great Omnipotent one.” he said humbly.

Komoni looked at the young lad, cocked his eye brow and then guffawed.

Akil looked up at him startled and embarrassed.

When he finished laughing, Komoni looked down at him and said, “Your acting is very poor indeed, young man! Now stand up and tell me what offering do you bring for the gods when asking for them to help you?”

So Akil rose up and stepped forward and placed the small dark pouch on the table. He opened it and poured the remaining four diamonds into his palm for Komoni to see. Komoni leaned forward and examined them. He picked one up and brought to his teeth and tried to bite it. “Ah, the fruits of the Suri mines, yes?” he asked. “Yes,” replied Akil. Komoni placed one of the diamonds in his pocket. “This is the payment for listening to you. Now tell me of your dilemma but be quick about it. I have many more pilgrims waiting for me.”

So Akil told Komoni of his love for Sanaa, of the upcoming contest and of Amari and even Dume. He never talked so fast in his life. Not knowing what to include and what to exclude so he told him as much as he could. He asked Komoni to transform him into strong and powerful warrior.

Komoni listened but seemed to tire as Akil spoke. Finally, he interrupted him and said “Enough! You want me to change you so you can beat this Amari in this contest?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Akil. “I need to win. I need you to make me the strongest warrior there is. Amari is very powerful.”

Squinting at him, Komoni said, “This cannot be done. You ask the gods for the wrong thing.”

Akil looked down in disappointment. “Yes, I know it is hard but I hoped you were powerful enough to make it happen.”

Komoni leered with anger at the young man and his dark eyes caught fire. “You doubt my power, boy?”

“No, no. I do not,” Akil apologized. “I just know some things are not possible.”

“What do you think? You think if I made you bigger and stronger you could defeat this Amari? You are a bigger fool than I thought!” shouted Komoni standing up from his chair. “Did you learn anything from your own story? Did your friend Dume not have larger muscles and even he could not defeat him?”

“Yes, you are right, sir. I am a fool,” he responded while thinking this trip was a mistake and he should never have come.

Seeing Akil humble himself before him, Komoni calmed down and said, “Now answer my question to you.”

“I don’t know.”

“It is because of his essence,” hissed Komoni playing with the word. “His essence makes him stronger and better than anyone else in your tribe. You could never defeat him no matter how much larger your muscles were.”

Akil hung his head even lower and said “then I will go if I may.”

“No wait,” said Komoni as he sat back down in his chair. “As I said, you asked the wrong question. You should have asked, ‘How can I get from Amari his essence that makes him so powerful?’ And that is your request for the gods.”

“You mean, you can help me?” asked Akil meekly.

“It will be difficult for you, young Suri. It may not even work but I will ask the gods tonight to help you. You may come back tomorrow night and I will have something for you. But first, leave me the remaining stones as your offering to the gods for their help.”

Akil gave the pouch of diamonds to Komoni and left to find a place for the night. •

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