King of the Kings

By endlessbulk

The smell of must and sweaty football rubber filled Arthur's nose. As if listening through a tin can, he could hear the muffled sounds of the team's deep banter. He saw the occasional bulging body part as he peered the best he could through the one bent-up vent slat at the top of the locker door. Arthur had been in this situation many times before but this time it was of his own free will and with a much more entertaining view.

In the past, the team members of the Kentwood Kings picked on Arthur relentlessly. Each time they'd shove him into a locker, he'd wish he himself could one day dominate the entire football team. But unfortunately Arthur was still too easy a target.

Although he was rather handsome, at a little under 5'9", he was lacking stature and had a very under developed frame. Every time he found himself shirtless in front of the mirror he'd flex his skinny arms, and imagine them swelling up with powerful muscle. This was always at the top of Arthur's fantasies. In total he'd spend many hours pleasuring his average erection while thinking of such things. Similar thoughts ran through his head at this moment too. But on this night he had visuals as well.

He could see all the members of the team strut around - so proud of their new found body mass. And so was the whole town. Why would they question factors behind their new winning team? They all simply reasoned that the team's new developments were due too a new fitness regimen.

However, Arthur knew better. He knew it was impossible for the entire team to put on such massive amounts of bodybuilder like muscle just in the short amount of time they were at summer camp. And it seemed like they were still getting bigger everyday. He knew the team was hiding something. And soon enough - just with a little asking around - he found out one secret. The team had a secret meeting every Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m.

It was 8:10. At that point Arthur had been hiding in the locker for about 40 minutes. From balancing so long on top of the helmet at the bottom of the locker, his weak legs were beginning to cramp. He had no choice now other than to lean against the flimsy locker door for support. But Arthur didn't mind his pain and discomfort, for - again - he had such a glorious view. He did think it strange that the team had stripped down naked and weren't hitting the showers or anything. Again he wasn't complaining - but why were they just waiting around?

Standing or sitting, they flexed their veiny canons for each other, bounced their heaving hefty pecs in each others faces, and fumbled through their oversized man packages which must have also been on a special new fitness plan. Arthur further imagined himself with such attributes, and couldn't help but spill some pre-cum on his boxers from his already over engorged hard-on. He had to undue his pants and rub it a little.

Just then coach Pusher barged in, commanding, "Attention gents!"

However, some of the guys tried to finish their conversation, and the coach yelled, "Quiet down!" They did and took a seat. He continued, "You'd think you would show a little more respect after all I've done for you gentlemen."

The coach was a big guy - most likely he was an ex-lineman - and normally he would gain instant respect from other men. But his team had now all out grown him.

"You all know why we're here. You've all been working hard and have responded well to the treatment."

"My girlfriend likes the side-effects the best." interjected Bruno, the team captain. The team chuckled to themselves, again turning to their bodies to admire them.

"Ok enough of that!" yelled coach. Hearing nothing else he continued, "There'll be plenty of time for that later." he said with a hinting tone. "Now let me get to the surprise I've been telling you big boys about. What you don't know about the treatment is that the injections you've been receiving were part of a series. All the doses you've gotten up to now where only preliminary. There is one last injection. With out those preliminary doses you received, the final one would cause too unnatural and unpredictable growth. But I have been told this much: the last dose will double the result you've seen so far."

A rumble of excitement rose among the teammates. Again they went back to fondling their developing bodies and imagined them even bigger than they already are. All of them got semi hard with excitement. Some began to fiddle their enhanced fuckers more intensely encouraging them to grow more. No one in the room seemed taken back by their behavior either. Except for Arthur, who began to rub his member faster in light of seeing what he saw and hearing what he heard. How could these guys possibly get any bigger?

"However," the coach continued with a pause, "... the government only gave me two samples of the last injection."

The team made a slightly disappointed sigh.

"Don't worry. They'll be sending more samples as long as all goes well. So who of you thinks he deserves one of these last injections." He held up two futuristic gun-like syringes.

Each member of the team quickly raised his hand. Some shouted, "Me, me!"

"Now hold your horses men. Sense I'm the coach, I'll be making the decision. And I'll be basing my decision on which one of you performs the best during practice tomorrow. But ... but ... I too am eager to see what one of these babies can do." he said holding up the syringes again as the team looked on intently. He put one in his back pocket and went on, "I'm going to give one of you an injection tonight and I think we all know who deserves it. We all know whose been working the hardest all season." He paced around the room while the big boys bounced in their seats. He stopped in front of Bruno who was sitting right in front of the locker in which Arthur was hiding.

"Stand up Bruno," commanded the coach. He did so to his full 6'1" height with a smile as broad as his boulder shoulders. The coach prepared the syringe by removing the shiny sliver cap while the rest of the team looked on with mouths agape. Arthur stretched up on top of the helmet still jerking-off.

"Give me your arm."

Just then the flimsy locker door Arthur was leaning against popped open with a loud noise. Everyone scattered as Arthur fell out into the coach and Bruno sending them stumbling back. Arthur hit the floor hard, but got up quickly.

"Arthur! What the fuck do you think you're doing?" demanded Bruno.

Arthur didn't say anything.

"Look the fag's got a little hard-on!" poked one world's-strongest-man-looking bear of a lineman who was appropriately dubbed Tank. He had a powerful man gut below two huge shelves like pecs. His 6'6" height and powerful girth made him the biggest of all the team. "Almost forgot what it was like to have an average little dick. It looks like a toothpick compared to ours. Don't it guys?" he laughed brandishing his fat trunk in front of Arthur's face.

"Yea!" said some other guys with a laugh.

"You said it, Tank," answered another.

Arthur tried not to look.

"I think he likes it," said another lineman almost as big as Tank. Laughing, He flapped his fat one around a bit too.

"Are you a glutton for punishment?" asked Bruno of Arthur. "Why were you hiding in there?"

Arthur's side felt a little tingly. He noticed a little mosquito bite-like bump when he started to rub it and stuttered out, "I ... I ... I don't ..."

"Shut up you little pussy. It don't matter. As if we don't intimidate you enough already, now you'll have a front row seat as to how much more powerful that intimidation will soon be." he said in a rather long-winded way. "Coach, get that syringe ready again."

The coach fumbled through his pockets but only found the one. "I must have dropped it."

Tank picked it up off the ground. "Here it is, coach. It looks empty!� he said handing it to the coach.

"It's been discharged!" said the coach to Bruno. Bruno got frustrated.

"There's no puddle or anything on the ground where I found it, coach." stated Tank.

Suddenly Arthur's head felt very light. He stumbled around a bit and then braced himself on a bench.

"Look!" shouted Tank as he pointed at Arthur. "His little pecker's growing!"

Without looking Bruno said to Tank with frustration, "Yea we already know we turn the little fag on. It was funny the first...�

"Wow! It's growing really fast!" said another teammate.

Everyone turned to watch as Arthur's once six-inch erection was pushing nine and still growing longer and thicker and more veiny by the second. Arthur hadn't yet realized what was happening either. With all the attention he was getting, he looked down with amazement grabbing his manhood. With amazement and joy, he watched as it got manlier in his hands. Arthur moaned as his balls swelled almost instantly to the size of grapefruits. Pre-cum started to ooze at a constant flow and dripping to the floor off his fattening dick head. Each drop was farther from his feet than the next as his shaft stretch out farther and farther to twelve inches and growing.

The whole team now had full blow hard-ons. Their twelve-inch members didn't look so big compared to Arthur's growing rod.

"Holy shit that's hot!" stated one teammate, as he started wanking-off.

"Yea that kind of is." said Tank - kind of surprised he admitted it.

Snapping out of his daze Bruno punched Tank hard on the arm. "Shut up ya fag!" yelled Bruno as his undeniable hardening chubby twitched with jealousy. "That little fucker got my injection!"

"I ... I don't think he's going to be that little for much longer!" said the excited Tank as he pointed with one hand and pounded his fattening meat with the other.

Everyone watched Arthur again as every muscle on his body began to spasm and grow. Arthur looked like he was climaxing as his cloths became tight around his growing body and began to rip. He took in a deep, mighty breath, and flexed his pecs. As he did they doubled in size instantly. His shirt burst off his impressive torso creating a fibrous dust-cloud around him. Arthur smiled - giddy with power. In a matter of seconds he was as muscular as the guys around him but he was still growing.

His biceps were approaching bowling ball size. His pecs were like puffing rock-hard bed pillows. Below his steadily growing, oozing cock, (now over two feet long and with a head plump like a fat man's fist) his legs became more and more powerful looking as they swelled with mass. He joyfully flexed his huge growing muscles. With every muscle group he flexed, he just filled out more quickly. He flexed his mammoth arms in a double-bicep pose and tightened his pecs up. Again his muscle began to double in size. Thick snake-like veins were popping out everywhere. One could almost see the blood pumping through them into his ballooning muscles.

"Fuck yea!" he moaned with a deep roar. Hearing his sexy deepening voice caused some of the team members to cream themselves instantly, including: Bruno and Tank. All were going insane with ecstasy watching the amazing sight.

Deep crevasses were forming between Arthur's monster muscles as they swelled more and more; pushing against each other. It was amazing he was still able to move. But he just kept flexing as he grew and grew. He must have weighed close to five hundred pounds. His dick was surpassing three feet and thick like hell. His pecks were like inflating truck tires. His biceps were like inflating beach balls. He was running out of room on his frame for his powerful mass. But his muscles kept growing relentlessly, and he kept flexing; encouraging them to grow more.

"I think I'm in love!� moaned Tank.

"He's not stopping,� moaned one of his other teammates.

"Good!" grunted Tank.

Arthur's pecks were on the verge of smothering him. They were pushing up against his jaw and pushing his head back. He was becoming immobile. And still he didn't care. He seemed just as thrilled as ever.

"Oh shit!" said the coach with one hand down his pants. "He didn't get any of the preliminary doses. That's why he's growing so quick and so fucking much. His muscles might suffocate him! Look at those fucking pecks grow. They could break his neck!"

"That's so hot!" grunted Tank, as he jerked his fat one faster. "Grow baby, grow!"

Just then Arthur started getting taller. In just a couple of seconds he grew about six inches taller. His muscle elongated ever so slightly to the point where he was able to gain back some mobility. It was just enough to allow him to look straight ahead and move around a bit. However when he reached that point, his muscle began to keep up. They continued growing so that he remained the overly swollen muscle freak he had become, but taller by the minute. Within a minute he was the tallest person in the room - at 7 feet tall. Another minute went by and he was over 8 feet tall and still growing - taller and stronger.

Arthur looked around at the team as they looked on with amazement. When he noticed they looked shorter and smaller by the minute, with a deep roar he let out sinister laugh - corrupted by power.

At the same time, his whale sized dick, (now past the 3 foot mark) looked as if it was getting a second erection from his excitement. It grew longer and fatter at an even faster rate - keeping a consistent ratio with his height and size. And it never stopped oozing the cum his now almost bowling ball sized testicles relentlessly produced. Arthur didn't even need to touch it to feel the most incredible sexual pleasure.

Another minute had passed and he was over 9 feet tall. And at that point, one could also see that his frame was getting much wider as well. This allowed for even more ridiculous amounts of muscle to pile on to his unbelievable body. His shoulders were widening. His pelvis was widening - allowing for his cock to thicken. He took a step to the left to widen his stance. And in moving his body his awesomely thick elongating legs tensed up and swelled more to accommodate his gigantic upper body - an upper body that was getting wider, bigger, and more powerful. Now his biceps looked bigger than the Hulk's pecs, and his own pecs were now like the tires of a monster truck and about to pop. But they didn't and neither did his other inflating muscles.

He grew more by the minute - taller and taller - wider and wider - thicker and thicker - stronger and stronger.

Fortunately the locker room had a ceiling as high as the gym, because he was now approaching 12 feet tall and looked almost as wide as he was tall. And his height was not nearly as impressive as his colossal muscle. One couldn't even call it muscle any more. It was like something else - something beyond our mere human comprehension.

As he continued to enlarge more and more to a realm that could only be described as out of this world, he was becoming more than a man - more than what some would call a monster. He was already a giant. He was becoming god-like.

Arthur's head started pushing against the 14-foot high rafters. So he sat down so as not to push through the roof. In the process he sent the team scurrying as he knocked down a bunch of lockers with a terrible crashing sound. Luckily no one else was in the school to hear it.

Finally it seemed like his growth was slowing down a little. But still Arthur continued to encourage more growth. He flexed up each one of his boulder biceps to an indescribable size and when he relaxed them they remain the size they were flexed. He continued doing this to everyone one of his muscles. While his torso and legs continued to get slightly longer and longer, and wider and wider. He ran through all his muscle groups a couple times with this flexing technique and realized he was neglecting his biggest muscle, his monster cock. It was now almost six feet long and thicker than on of them big old legs on Tank, who was still fixated on Arthur - more than the others.

So Arthur started twitching and flexing his giant cock. He forced more blood into it and it grew another six inches. He realized it was working so he began forcing even more blood into it by squeezing the base with both of his gigantic hands. It was now reaching Arthur's chin. He kept working at it but was loosing his grip a little from the slippery pre-cum his cock was oozing all over itself since he sat down.

Realizing what he was trying to do, Tank got up from wanking, walked over to Arthur, and said, "Let me help." Tank started bear-hugging Arthur's growing cock.

Arthur just leaned back and enjoyed the show. He could see his own body as it would still spasm and swell in random unrelenting spurts. He smiled as he watched the once intimidating Tank, who was now barely as big as the huge cock he was forcing to grow more and more, (oh how the tables had turned).

Soon Arthur was head to head with his cock. He could effortlessly suck and lick his own member if he so desired but he needn't bother at the moment because Tank was doing that for him.

Tank seemed determined to lick up every bit of cum that ran down the thick shaft he could just wrap his arms around. And whether he realized it or not, Arthur's cum must have developed special attributes. As it filled up Tank's round belly, his muscles too started getting rounder and bigger. He was growing from Arthur's juices.

Arthur didn't really notice either. He had gone back to flexing his muscles and forcing them even bigger. Arthur was beginning to realize he could just keep on doing this - forcing his muscles to get bigger and bigger. He could be as big as he wanted. He didn't have to stop.

Soon he started to get overcome by all the excitement. He realized he was going to orgasm. He started to get tense everywhere. His muscle were flexing and growing more and even more. He was turning beat red from the blood pumping in such great amount. Veins were popping out on top of veins. In addition his penis had flared up and was getting more and more chiseled looking by the second. It was oozing pre-cum even faster. Tank could barely keep up sucking it all down while his muscle girth had almost doubled.

Just then Arthur climaxed, spurting cum all over the ceiling, all over himself, and all over Tank. In the process Arthur's cock rocketed up another two feet - making it 7 and a half feet long. Also he grew another 3 feet taller as all his muscle doubled in size. He was now 19 feet tall and so packed with ridiculous amounts of heaving muscle. Who knows how many tons he must have weighed? And still his body surged slightly bigger as each of the last remaining waves of pleasure swept across his body.

Everyone one�s mind in the room was blown - especially Bruno. So much so, that he was becoming enraged with jealousy. Remembering that the inject that caused all this was meant for him, he wanted his turn. "Coach give me that other injection!" he demanded.

"I don't think that's such a good idea."

"Shut up you old fucking pervert. That fucking freak over there robbed me of my destiny. Give it here!" He grabbed it from the coach.

In the meantime, Tank and the rest of the team couldn't help but over hear. And in watching and listening, something clicked inside their heads. They knew what they must do. They knew whom they now must serve.

Several guys on the team quickly stopped Bruno. They grabbed him and held back his arms. Another confiscated the syringe.

"Stop! What do you think you're doing?" he yelled.

"Shut up!" yelled Tank.

Bruno instantly replied. How could he not? Tank was now fucking mammoth. Arthur's cum grew Tank to 8 feet tall and packed huge amounts of rubbing muscle under his chubby flesh. And with this off-season type bodybuilder girth he looked even more mighty. Tank started walking towards Bruno and then stopped as something entered his mind.

"Hold him still guys. I'll be right back. I need to push the envelope just a little further. Bruno deserves it."

Tank turned around and started walking back towards Arthur. Looking on, Arthur smiled as if he knew exactly what Tank was up to and as if he was pleased with his obedience.

Tank walked between Arthur's giant legs as if he was walking into a building. He ran his right hand along Arthur's left leg - still impressed with their size and hardness. When he finally arrived at Arthur's crotch, he once again began to lick the remaining bits of cum off Arthur's totem pole cock.

More muscle started packing on his frame. Tank loved the feeling of growing almost as much as he loved his new master. He loved how his muscle were running out of room on his 8 foot frame, and how this would make him get taller and stronger so that he may better serve. He knew he would forever be his master's right hand man - and a massive, burly monster of a man at that.

As he finished licking Arthur clean and guzzling down a few big drops of post cum that ran out, he finished his second spurt of growth at a little over 9 feet tall with a 4-foot dick, and very over packed with ridiculous amounts of off-season muscle. While Arthur was undisputedly a god among gods, Tanks was now his god among men.

With the task complete Tank nodded to his master as a sign of respect and turned walking back to the still restrained Bruno.

Bruno looked on with horror and ask, "Wh...what...are you going to do?!"

Tanks didn't answer but started rubbing his powerhouse hands together.

"Don't!" said the frightened Bruno trying to struggle free.

Tanks gave a mighty blow to Bruno's gut, causing him to loose his dinner instantly. He turned beat red. Then Tank followed through with a finishing uppercut to Bruno�s chin - knocking him out cold before he hit the ground flat and hard. He was off the team.

Tank put out his hand and his teammate holding the syringe gave it over.

Although he needed not to say it, Tank stated, "we all know who this would benefit the most."

Not needing an answer, Tank brought it over to his master and gave him half the injection in one giant testicle and half into the other.

His master was very pleased. •

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