Cell, The

By Tom/Hulkin

Tim couldnít believe it, he was in a jail cell! He was only driving a couple of miles to the gym. If only he had remembered to send in his driverís license renewal. If only he hadnít missed that stop sign right in front of a patrol car. If only his roommate hadnít left a half finished beer can in the car which, of course, spilled all over the seat at the first bump, he wouldnít be IN JAIL. Talk about lousy luck. At least the cell was empty, he wouldnít have to deal with representatives of the cityís growing criminal element. Well anyway, he thought, "I can take care of myself", those steady workouts had given him solid muscle and a level of confidence he had never had. As he sat on the thin mattress of the lower bunk in the cell he hoped that his sister would quickly get the bail money together so he could get out of here.

Timís solitude was broken by the uniformed guard who swung the door open and motioned a new prisoner into the cell. Timís new cellmate was a real hard case. Dressed in faded black jeans and a Tshirt Timís new cellmate was heavily muscled - a fact made even more obvious by his clothing that was stretched tightly over his frame. Tall (Tim, a full 6 feet in height, realized that his cellmate was at least 4 inches taller) and over 270 pounds, the prisoner had the muscle size seen only bodybuildingís professionals. The arms erupting out of the T were bigger than Tim had ever seen up close. The hulking torso looked armor plated with each muscle group almost obscenely developed. Even more menacing was his facial expression that betrayed a combination of arrogance, fury, and intimidation that was clearly the prisonerís normal demeanor.

The new prisoner moved like a giant cat into the cell, muscles rolling hydraulically, taking in everything, including Timís startled expression, until he turned to sneer at the guard as the cell door was slammed shut.

"Whatís your name, man?" the prisoner asked as he turned around again to face Tim. "Tttim" stuttered Tim nervously. Tim watched the bigger man as he flexed his massive frame in obvious anger over being caged. "Aaaand whatís your name? Tim asked. The prisonerís steel gray eyes zeroed in on Tim as he uttered "Buck".

Buck placed his meaty arms through the bars of the cell door turning his massive back on Tim, closing off any chance for further conversation. Tim, always appreciative of serious muscle, immediately noted that his new cellmate had an amazing V taper dropping into a tight waist over a hard bodybuilderís butt. From the side, Tim could just see the bulge in Buckís jeans that demonstrated that Buckís huge muscle continued into his crotch.

Buckís blood was boiling. "Fuckin store owners" he thought. Whoíd have believed that his target for the night had installed a silent alarm system, just like a fucking bank. At least they hadnít connected him with the convenience store robbery heíd pulled the week before. Damn little old lady was too damn slow so he shoved her aside to get to the cash register and she fell against the rack of candy bars breaking her scrawny neck, so the papers said anyway. He needed that fucking money to pay for the steroids and growth hormone and the shitty gym dues that he kept getting ripped off for. The cycle he was on was really working though, he felt like an animal all the time, ready to tear apart anyone in his way. "Doubled the dosage, yeah, what did those wimps at the gym know anyway", Buck thought. "Iím growing fast now, five pounds just last week". The drugs also had worked their magic on Buckís seething temper. He no longer could control it, almost anything would get him in a rage. Other bodybuilders at the gym had learned to give him a lot of space after Buck had decked one of the biggest lifters with one punch just outside the gymís entrance. "Fucking monster", Buck thought as he flexed his arms and yanked on the unyielding cell bars with all his strength, grunting at their resistance to his efforts. Well, at least he might have some fun with his cellmate.

"You lift?" Buck asked, turning to face Tim again. "Yeah", Tim responded a little too loudly. Tim had already figured that his only chance of surviving his time in the cell was to make Buck think that he could take care of himself. Buck moved smoothly towards his companion as Tim stood in front of the bunks. "So do I" Buck said as he curled his right arm into a single arm bicep pose that showed off his more than 23 inch guns. The cloth seam of the Tshirt tore slightly as it yielded to the muscle it had failed to attempt to contain. Timís dick betrayed his lust for powerful arms, forming a tent in the crotch of his sweat pants. Buck, who missed little of Timís condition, quickly reached out with his free hand and grabbed Timís swollen member through the cloth. "So you like this, eh?", Buck growled. Tim was in real pain not only from Buckís steely grip but from shock. "I need to get out of here FAST" he thought as he turned away breaking Buckís hold. Sweat began to pour down his face as he silently prayed for release from the cell.

"Might have to make you my baby after we get out of here" Buck said. "Iíd enjoy taking you down". Buck reached around Timís torso and took a meaty pec in each hand. "Yeah, Iím really going to like that" he whispered in Timís ear as he pummeled Timís chest. "Hey, cut it out, donít...", Tim said weakly. Timís emotions bounced from stark terror to incredible sexual arousal. Always hungry for the musclemen he saw at his gym, Timís most erotic dreams featured escapade after escapade with a titan such as Buck. But this was more of a nightmare.

Buck moved even closer until one meaty quad pushed its way between Timís legs and Buckís now throbbing package could be easily felt hard against Timís butt cheek. "Mmmmm, yeah, gonna fuck the crap out of you, boy", Buck whispered as his right hand moved downward along Timís torso until it found his now fully hard cock. "Itís good you like this, man, itíll hurt less" said Buck, "Might let you have a taste of this muscleman, if your good". Buckís grip on Timís dick increased until Tim whimpered in pain. "Itíll hurt worse, boy, if you donít fully satisfy me" said the husky voice of Timís tormentor.

The cellís tableau was broken by the loud footsteps of the guard as he approached the cell. Buck quickly released his prisoner and took up a position at the opposite end of the cell. "Your sisterís here with your bail", he said, as he looked at Tim, "And your lawyerís got yours too" as the guard looked contemptuously at Buck. He unlocked the cell door and pointed down the aisle to the outside world. Buck grinned evilly at Tim as he left the cell. Timís galloping heart began to return to its regular steady beat.

In the lobby of the busy police station, Tim lost sight of his cellmate as his sister, a mother of three small children and some ten years older ushered him out of the lockup and into her waiting car. Tim could see by her expression that she was not amused by the dayís events and that he was in for a long lecture. "Maybe that cell was better", Tim thought for a moment until he remembered his terror-filled time in the jail cell. He shuddered and followed his sister meekly.

Nearly two hours later, Tim, once again at home in his studio apartment, finally was able to shoo his sister out the door. His ears were still ringing from her stinging criticism of everything from his lifestyle, to his gym time, and even his haircut. The silence was broken only moments later by a knock at the door. "Damn, sheís coming back for added innings", Tim thought as he took a deep breath as he opened the door. "Now, wha....", Tim began. That was, until he recognized Buckís hulking form in the hallway. Before Tim could react, Buck pushed him backward slamming the thin wooden door. Tim, his eyes wide, backed further and further into the small room until his back was wedged into a corner. "Thought youíd gotten away, baby?" Buck taunted. "Weíre just getting started". Timís eyes glanced in vain at the telephone on the wall near the kitchenette. Buck, not missing the target of Timís gaze, balled his hands into two giant fists as he growled, "Donít even think about it, baby". Buckís flint eyes flamed with an inner fire. Timís stark terror overwhelmed him as he remained frozen in place.

"Maybe you need a better look" Buck said. With a smile that promised no good humor, Buck reached upwards and grasped the neck opening of his sweat stained T shirt with his huge paws. With no more effort than one would have tearing tissue paper, Buck tore the shirt downward exposing the entirety of his massive torso. The shirt, now only a rag, fell to the ground by Buckís feet. Timís breath became ragged as he took in the Hercules on a few feet away. Buck rolled his watermelon size shoulders and shook his arms as if his body had been released from a strangling cocoon. Taking in one giant breath, Buck expanded his ribcage and flared his back as his fists took their stations just above his tiny waist. "Yeah, baby, this is what youíre gonna get".

Effortlessly, Buck flexed and displayed each fully developed muscle until the veins of his arms and chest were engorged with blood and glistening under a fine sheen of sweat. Timís member, still contained in his gym sweats, began to pulse and throb. The fabric stretched as pressure increased from the force inside. Tim licked his lips as a flood of sexual lust volcanoed in his loins.

"Now take your clothes off, baby" Buck ordered. Timís buried anger exploded to the surface. "NO, GET OUT!" he shouted, "LEAVE!". Tim, always shy, stood his ground and glared at his captor. "So my baby wants to fight?", Buck sneered. From his back pocket, Buck removed a stainless steel switchblade knife pressed the release and watched as the razor gleamed in the dayís fading light. "I donít want to cut em off, baby, might bleed you" Buck whispered as he took a step towards Tim. Timís momentary resistance evaporated like water on a hot griddle. Reluctantly, he stripped off his shirt, then sneakers and sweat pants until only his shorts remained. Buck simultaneously kicked off his loosely tied boots and stepped out of his faded jeans revealing the rest of his titanic physique. Huge, heavy quadriceps hung above perfect diamond shaped calves. His penis, even in its current languid state, measured over 8 inches as it lay against one tree trunk leg. "Those too" Buck said as he motioned towards Timís shorts. Tim, eyes wide as he took in the awesome physique in front of him, pulled off his shorts revealing a hard midsection and a solid male package. "So you ARE happy Iím here" laughed Buck as he noted Timís hard member and obvious embarrassment.

"Time for me to get some lovin" Buck ordered as he took his abundant cock in one hand. It almost immediately began to harden and grow. Buck closed the distance separating him from Tim in an instant. Leaning his weight against his prisoner, he forced Timís head hard against the wall and kissed him powerfully. Buckís tongue probed deeply into Timís soft yielding mouth. Tim, his anger and fear evaporating, used his hands to explore the muscular giant pressed against him. A moan of pure pleasure was the result.

Buckís hands were similarly busy. He worked over Timís shoulders and arms. His grip on the larger muscle groups was violent, painful. Timís moans took on a strident edge and yet he could not escape from his former cellmate. He was again a prisoner, a prisoner of his own sexual lust.

Buck Ďs oversized hands took charge of Timís heaving chest. Growling lionlike, Buck paused in his ravaging of Timís mouth to mutter "Nice, baby" as he pounded and mangled each pectoral. His fingers found Timís erect nipples and twisted each until Tim sobbed in agony. Buckís manhood, having grown to its 10 inch maximum was driven between Timís legs where it throbbed and pulsed, full of burning passion.

Handís moving lower on Timís torso, Buck fingered each abdominal muscle until coming to rest surrounding Timís hard cock. With new found power, Buck slowly at first pumped Timís dick from the tip to the balls. As he accelerated his action, Tim groaned loudly just moments from releasing his milky cum. With a shudder and a bellow of release, Tim shot his load, coating both menís abs and lower chests. Removing a droplet from his nipple, Buck tasted Timís juice and whispered "Sweet, baby".

Using an unyielding grip on the back of Timís head, Buck forced his prisonerís face between his massive pecs and ordered "Lick the sweat, baby, you want it". Tim did not need a second order. He set about his task hungrily, wetting and sucking the salty moisture. Buck guided Timís tongue lower until it had washed each rocky fold of his hard eight pack.

"Good, baby, now for the protein course", Buck forced Timís lips onto the tip of his thick cock. Tim, his eyes filled with the thickness and size of the member he needed to consume squeaked "No, I canít". "Do it, baby!" ordered Buck. He violently forced Timís mouth open and drove the full length of his cock into Timís mouth and throat. Tim immediately choked and gagged. Buck hips moved forward driving Timís head into the wall with a loud thump. "Take it all, baby, lick it, suck it, love it, baby" commanded Buck. Tim, now partially dazed from the impact, obeyed. Licking, probing, sucking, he dined mightily on Buckís veiny dick. Buck rhythmically pumped his throbbing cock into Timís waiting mouth. Tim, for his part, lost all control, his world shrunk to servicing the muscle man.

Buckís thrusts increased in power and frequency. With each stab, Timís head impacted the thin sheetrock which rumbled like thunder. Buck, his fists on hips flared his wide back, sheathed Tim in dark shadows. "Suck it". "Now lick just the tip", Buck commanded. Tim, his hands grasped with a deathgrip on Buckís hard ass, greedily complied. "Yeah, yeah, YEAH, baby, thatís good" Buck shouted as his body built up pressure for its violent release. "Aaaaahh" Buckís arms shot towards the ceiling only to come down in a massive display of his 23 Ĺ inch guns. Sweat dripped from Buckís tangle of black curly hair, down his engorged pecs onto Timís upturned face. Tim, his eyes wide at Buckís performance above him, redoubled his efforts to satisfy the plundering cock as it fucked his face. With a deafening bellow, Buckís cock shot itís full load into Timís mouth and down his throat. Cum leaked around Timís lips and dropped hotly on the floor. Buckís hips made one final thrust driving Timís head into the hard wall surface cracking the cheap plasterboard and rendering Tim unconscious. "Oohhh" Tim moaned as he crumpled on the floor.

Tim awoke to find himself draped over the overstuffed arm of one of the two easy chairs in the apartment. Buckís hands were spreading the smaller manís raised butt cheeks so that his tongue could probe into Timís solid rump and taste the saltiness within. Tim, still dizzy, groaned as the inner ecstasy rocketed through his frame. "Mmmm, yeah, baby, time for Buck to love this butt" came the muffled voice of Timís tormentor. Now fully wet and ready, Buck stood and penetrated Timís waiting hole with his cum encrusted penis. Hands on Timís tight waist, Buck pulled the helpless boy upward until his cock had fully penetrated its new home. "Yeah, buttfuckingís my favorite, baby" Buck whispered, his massive quads and calves flexing and bunching as they easily supported the added weight.

Tim yelped from pain as he felt something tearing inside as Buckís dick forced its way into small recesses. His dreams of being close to a muscle god coming frighteningly true, Tim closed his butt around Buckís charging animal cock. Buck moaned and bellowed, his drug overcharged body thundering to its sexual peak. Reaching its second climax in so short a time, Buckís cock shot a second, even more massive river of white liquid into Tim. This time both men shouted "YEAH" in an almost musical harmony.

"You deserve a reward, baby", smiled the now satisfied Buck. To Timís amazement, Buck lowered himself onto his hands and knees on the floor his ripped ass high and inviting. "Fuck my butt, baby, ride me" he crooned. Tim, his lust overcoming the deep weariness in his body, stood behind Buckís upturned cheeks, Buckís back thickness flaring from an impossibly small waist filling his vision. Showing the same lack of mercy his captor had evidenced, Tim violently thrust his 7 Ĺ inch member fully into Buckís waiting tail. Tim mounted Buckís muscular haunches encircling Buckís waist with his firmly developed legs. True to his name, Buck reared and shook, driving Timís cock deeper. Each of Timís fists latched onto the thick muscle of Buckís lats. Tim laughed uncontrollably as the muscle stud under him writhed and wailed in buttfucking ecstasy. Buckís own cock, hard and swaying, shot its last stream of cum into a growing pool of sweat on the floor. Tim held back his own release not wanting his ride to end but, with the smell of sweat and sex filling his nostrils, he fired his cum deep into the bucking stallion.

Timís strength gone, he rolled from his position back onto his back on the floor. Buck, drawing upon the stamina endowed upon him from his drug intake, stood lifting Tim in his arms like a small child. With no apparent effort he carried Tim to the brass 4 poster bed in the corner, where he set his charge down with loving care. Lowering himself alongside, Buck cuddled Tim in an enveloping bear hug, one thick upper arm forming a pillow for Timís head. Gazing wearily into each others eyes, they fell asleep in this position as the bedside clock shifted its display to 3:03AM.

A noise woke Tim a few hours later. His mind playing over and over the impossible events of the previous day, he, at first, refused to come fully awake. But the scrape of metal against metal forced him into full wakefulness. Tim looked up to see Buck, now clothed only in his jeans and boots, hefting Timís almost new 19 inch Sony TV to one shoulder. "Hey, wait....." Tim begged. Buck turned and smiled evilly. "I enjoyed it, baby. I think Iím coming back here real soon" he said. Buck pulled the door open and glided away, the heavy TV in his strong grip. Tim groaned and fell back on the bed as his cellmate, jailer, and fantasy man moved into the hallway, the muscled back and shoulders receding quietly as the door clicked firmly shut.


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