Thadeus Rex

By QuoteTheRaven

Thadeus rolled from the bed at 6:30. He still wore the string tank from the afternoon’s workout and the electric blue lycra workout shorts. “Awesome, lifter boy,” he said to himself looking at his huge muscular body. He walked to the kitchen where the summer sun filled the room and French doors opened onto the leafy green of the patio. His mom was putting the second of two grocery sacks on the counter, as he came in. “Hey, handsome,” she greeted him and dropped the jangle of key into the cow dish, smiling her tv mom glow. He double-checked himself quick and everything was fine – nothing was too inappropriate even though his cock was bulging and big through the shiny blue. His mom unpacked the bags. “Thad, I’ll have the burgers and sides cooked in about 45 minutes – can you wait or you want a shake before then,” she asked him. “I want a shake, mom… I’ve got to eat like a beast to get this huge.” He flashed his Jerry O’Connell grin and rubbed his sixed-pack load through the gripping silver-cottoned silkiness of the tank. “Sure, sweetheart,” she said. “Ok, I’m gonna be just outside,” he replied.

He stepped to the patio and the air felt like it had cooled – perhaps it was 70. He lifted his left arm and held it lightly, then dropped it and splayed his feet and bent his knees slightly and watched his quads swell up their cords. He peeled his tank collar down and visually groped each pec, the way they thickly laid on his torso like an additional 10 pounds of beef. He nodded his head, oh yeah, repeating to its rhythm, “someone’s a f’ing jacked up stud.” He dropped into the wicker basket chair and slouched back against the cotton-worn pad. His knees forced apart in front of him, and his cock humped up and he loved the huge bulging of his hulked up thighs. “Oh sweetness, you hunked up beast…” his voice trailed off in happy groans that appreciated the mass he’d heaved around his adolescent frame like 9 years worth of a 14-year-olds orgasms as f they’d all been saved and administered to his body in a single one. He grabbed the tv remote and as he started the dvd player he was crunching his glutes into concrete mounds and thrusting his dick into the air. The DVD was Ronnie Coleman heaving massive weights like the fucked up monster he was. Thadeus slowed it down – he was getting a huge boner – fuck he always did when he saw so much fucking mass. He massaged his penis and said, “cool,” as he saw a shot of Coleman heaving 200 lb dumbbells in a shoulder press from behind. Coleman’s ass tightened into fucked up stone and his whole back buckled with the drilling cuts of his muscle. Thad rolled his big fucked up build from the chair and brought his face close to the screen where the action was on freeze. Fuck, he could see the ass-covering lycra scrap fricking reveal the butt-fuck striations that Coleman had achieved. “God that rocks.” He reached into his pouch and gave his thick hung pork an appreciating stroke. “Another 25 or 30 pounds, and I’ll be that huge.” He said to himself and turned to the floor. He pumped out 155 pushups and then let himself lay prone. There were things his body did that he just loved. Like know his lying there and the endless square inches of his heaved up beef feeling the cool of the patio tile. His ass lifted and pulled his lycr’d groing away and his 34 inch thighs. He ground his bound up pouch into the tile just a little to see how much cum he could make flow. Then he got up so he wouldn’t stay too fucking cock hard. He grabbed a 100 lb plate from the back of the floor and put it on his back and then ground out more pushups until he’d reached 94. “Fuck, I’m a powered up and mighty young god.” He stood and brought his hands onto his cockedup pec pumpers – God these things were beautiful – sculpted, fresh, and huge. He popped the DVD from the player. He put the DVD back in its case and then on its shelf. He went back through the kitchen taking his mom in his arms, “I’m gonna put on something normal for dinner; I’ll be right back.” He kisser her on the forehead and let her go, heading down the hall to his room.

Nate sat on his bed. “The Steroid Bible” was in his hands. “What’s this stuff do, Thad?” Nate asked flipping pages from entry to entry. He was only 7 years old, but Thad knew how smart his little bro was. “Lots of good stuff, pipsqueak,” Thad replied and threw a shot of his mammoth, 24 inch bi. He ripped off his shirt and it was a great plain of vee-hammered titanicism. “But nothing a little fellow should be worrying all about… when you turn 15 I’ll make sure this happens to you… Here gimme.” With one hand’s fingers he took the heavy tome. He put his other hand behind Nate’s silky tan hair on the neck-to-shoulder joint and patted. “I gotta change my clothes, but…. Can you go help, Mom?” Nate reached his hands behind his head and grabbed the Thadean wrist. “Sure,” the kid said, “but can you do that thing where you pump me up in the air?” Thad curled his right tank gun and watched his mound curl higher and higher until all 24 inches were straining at his swollen ball. “That should qualify,” he said and then with a flick saw Nate easily tossed in the air so that his little brother landed on his feet 2.5 yards away heading out the door. Thadeus closed the door and moved to the mirror that covered its back. “Fucknomenal,” he thought, “I can’t believe this massed up, goddish bod.” He angled his hips and his legs were like trunks of some fucked-hung mass-rammed god. His thighs were jacked up beyond compare and just looking at them he believed that he truly could kick through a fucking wall. As he admired his tractor wheels, his shoulders gave a tremendous power surge and he looked up at them. They were so massive they stretched out 14 inches from the tanks he wore and were like fucking schoolroom globes that had been rammed into his flesh. “Ahhh, fuck, you are such a fucking fucked up boy,” he hammered at himself. “You are something fucking beyond compare.’ He stripped his shorts and paused briefly for the effect of the gauzy hammock he’d had on underneath to sink in. “Yup, you’re fucking goddamn hot in this shitty thing too.” He narcissized proudly. He slipped his fingers under the flimsy cotton and stripped the hip-hugging thing from his bod. The last garment rolled itself into a twist as he stepped clear. He half unrolled it but then just threw it on the floor. Ah, naked. His cock and balls looked beautifully soft now, yet still so heavily huge. Nice. A large sticky drop dangled from his dong. Very, very nice. His biceps slightly mounded huger at his sides. The cargo shorts were all folded in the closet and he took a pair. From the shelf, he grabbed the t-shirt with the picture of the cock and balls stiff between a girl’s artificial huge tits. He laughed to himself, what a present to get from your own old man. The short’s 29” waist was loose around his core. Fuck he was too goddamn a god. The fabric of the legs fucking were packed invincibly tight by his rocket blasting thighs. And fuck if the seat of the shorts weren’t so tight against his ass that you could not just see where the seam cut up his rear – you’d swear you could see where you’d want to jam some kind of a pole up his own hole. Ha, ha he laughed to himself, I guess I don’t do modest so good anymore. He pulled on the t-shirt is was like one that Ronnie or Jay Cutler would wear. He fucking loved the big tent mass of his build and the way the tshirt had to have five feet of fabric at his chest to make it all the way around. Fuck, who’d have ever have known that he could make himself 60” around. The t-shirt was just right – a tightness that didn’t look planned, and a looseness in spots that made you wonder if he could possibly be as large as he seemed. Fuck, he picked up his discarded clothes and hampered them. He dipped his finger into his Kiehl’s cream and tousled the gold and black of his lustrous hair. He pocketed his hand and pushed his hanging mound so it pendulum-swung behind the zipper of his groin. The front arched out still – but when could it not, he thought. This was fine. He was ready to go, he thought. But just wanted to check the pc. He moved the mouse and the hulked up morph of Brad Pitt from his buffed up “Troy” sex scenes dissolved and gave way to Thad’s site. He smiled. 147 messages had come in. He didn’t have time to look at them now. 19Y0310lbMuscleGod would have to check them all later. He let the screensaver start again and he saw the huge penis one of his morph-artist friends had put onto Brad twizzle into view.

Sally sat next to him at dinner. She’d come back from six months of being away and it was her first night back with Thad. His Mom and Dad were at the end. His two sisters were at his Aunt’s house. Only Nate was across the table. “More raw beef?” his mom asked. Thad said yes and loaded up his plate pushing it into the pasta and slopping the puree of steamed greens all over the top. Sally had one hand in the crook of his arm and she left it there as he shoveled more and more food into his gut. “Donovan’s going to start competing again this week,” Thad said to everyone but mostly to his dad. “He’s 25 pounds bigger – at least that’s what Ryan said.” He pushed his chair from the table and pulled his oral steroids and growth hormone off the sideboard. He let Sally’s arm fall as he took the illicit gear. “It’s too bad for him, there’s not any chance he’ll even be close… and that makes me fucking proud.” His mom looked at him and her expression said “not a chance, my champ.” His fathered offered more thoughts, “Torso’s always used to be up for grabs, Thad – but not now unless he’s willing to put on 60 or 80 more pounds. And he’d have to put 12 or 14 inches on each of those pretty thighs.” Sally’s hand massaged over the woven cords that piled up on Thad’s great thigh. “Yeah, you’re completely right dad,” Thad smiled and then looked with a momentary pause at Nate before continuing on, “still when he’s always been fucking hot for his bod – and when I heard he’d piled on I had to jack off anyway.” His grin broke from ear to ear and his parents looked at him with pride. His dad paused and caught Sally’s glance as it went back to Thad for the thousandth time tonight. “He’s hulked up something grand, hasn’t he Sal?” His Dad put his knife and fork on his plate. “I bet you’d never conceived of such a Man.” Thad’s dad took off his glasses, “I’m going to work on repairing those front stoop cracks … Nate, come give me a hand.” They left and Sally started to help Thad’s mom clear. “No, Sal, really… I don’t need the help… why don’t you go take care of our Thad.” “Yeah, Mrs. Anthony, sure.” She took Thad by the hand and led him back to his room.

With the door closed, he pushed her amply-breasted petite frame against his massive form. She wanted to feel his cock with her hand and wanted to feel her inflated boobs smash against his inconceivable growth. She wanted to see his too-massive power loom over her as this body that looked like something out of her former boyfriend’s photoshop stash swaddled a guy who’d used to be nothing but real. Uggh, she groaned and could feel herself already getting hot inside. She dropped her head back and her sheening hair dropped on her shoulders. She tongue-tipped her lips and pulled his large tongue into her mouth. Oh THAD, she thought, oh to be possessed by you – to be possessed by this thing you’ve done to your body. She licked with her tongue all along his white, stone-sized teeth and then out and traced the chiseled edge of his 19 year old chin. “Have me,” she whispered. Thad brought himself up hard and knew that his body had slammed against her like a rock. His bone throbbed like a drilling rig down his short leg. His balls were heaving into sea-ballast sawyers in his sack. Ah fuck, he looked at her little lithe body crushed against his now heaving size. He massaged his hand on her right melon and ogled at its round, full firmness. He wanted to take its nipple – no its whole entirety into his mouth and feel it cut off his throat as he flexed his shoulders and bis into their four foot breadth of unplummable muscular depth. “You like a horny teenager who’s gone fucking massively out of his mind, don’t you Sal?” he said to her, but low in a soft rumble that he knew only she in this room could hear. “You just wait here… I’ll be right back.” He turned and the motion of turning was like turning thundering. 310 lbs was like the once pathetic him carrying around more pounds of blackhole dense power than he’d even been able to lift in the first two years. Now, it was as though a dumptruck going 45 miles per hour could have been driven into his swollen hulking frame and he would have remained stark still and unchanged. The truck would crumple in a heap at his feet. And people would look and say how did that fellow ever become so stupefyingly, jupiternalian, ripplingly huge. He grabbed his cargo-shorted cock with both massive, iron-tearing hands and he urgently began to beat it and tug. Oh, fuck. He caught the sight of himself in the mirror and roared. With his left hand he let go the power of the thews that layered almost two feet deep across his torso and around his neck and the shorts came crashing off his body. And his bellow grew. She looked at his bare ass and couldn’t believe the marbled hardness of his gargantuan globes. She felt her vagina begin to flood. “That’s right, Sal, I’m a god” he said looking at her past himself in the mirror. He shredded the shirt off of his body – “OH FUCKKINGG YEAH” His thick meaty dick suddenly swung from dangling badge of elongated pride to a fucking bazooka blow ready to rip into her sexual hole. “How heavy do you think I am now Sal?” He asked. “Are you 235?” She asked. He laughed, “I’m fucking 300 and 10 pounds, little girl.” He looked at the rope-knotted ripples of his gargantuanness. His chest was like a 100 marines trying to storm a rebel-defended town. “OH fucking yeah, YEAH!” His cock was an elephant dong ready to enter the female of the deepest kind. “Oh, fuck you’re going to feel good.” He slammed his doublefists into his abdomen just above his ‘nads. “I’m fucking like steel” He looked at his crunch-striated waist – and it was like no other man. He’d been smelt into stuff that noone could conceive and it was like titanium coursed out-of-control in his core. “yES… YEss… YESS.” He twisted and his ass arched into view, like a horizon viewed from a ship’s deck across the vastness of the sea, his 2000-lb squatting ass had been pressed into perfect globes and the enticing crack that fell in between dropped to depths that only the most obscene would want to shove their face into see. “OH, GOD, YES THADD… OH FUCK YEAHH THAD – OH HOW MUCH YOU CAN BE!” He looked at his thighs and they were swollen beyond compare – with a small thrust he knew these appendages that were almost feet larger than some men’s waists could launch him like a rocket until his body cleared the building stories on which all of architecture was found. He turned back toward Sally now and his body looked massively vast, scary, and incomprehensibly hard. She inched toward him like a priestess approaching a god. “Yeah, Sally, come ready the sword.” His chest protruded and raised in front and she nipped at his tit. “YOU LIKE THAT,” he said as both question and command. How had his voice gotten so low. She took his nipple in her mouth and yearned for it… swallowing… wanting it to somehow give her something she should not know. He hand came up along his side and massaged the ridge he’d heaved densely upon his pecs. Her motion followed it like a team of 19th century surveyors trying to get the lay of Himalaya’s land. “YOU LIKE THAT,” he repeated again – more statement sounding but somehow more irrefutably a command. He let her suck hard on these pecs that through his change were now capable of bench lifting 925 lbs. “They’re bigger than any man’s, aren’t they sal?” he said and with his hand he gently squished her head against his indescribable growth. “Eat me, girl – eat me, fucking raw.” Like a ravenous she-cat she munched hard on his flesh – trying to consume it trying to make this giant take her as his own. She feverishly fed until his nerves felt incalculatably vicious and raw. He forced her head away and looked down at his great and conquering wand. “No woman has been fucked by such a man,” he said knowing that his blowing plow was far larger than any of the heaving beasts a magazine had ever seen. “Oh fuck – am I going to fucking pound.” Even as he said it he boned more and he thought perhaps his 11-incher was showing a possibility for going to 12 that it never had before. “Oh, Massive God, Alleluiah GIVE ME A THUNDEROUS ROD” His pecs started to shiver on his breast and striations threaded out until it was like a choking spider web had risen over the heights of each powerful pec and cut deep into the separation down the center of his chest. “AH fuck… what a site!” he said stunned and surprised to see his body throw such a incomprehensible change. He leaned himself forward, his hips leading the way and rested his big boner so that its stretch-groped measure mapped the distance from above her panties to her bra. She put her puny delicate hands on either side of his crush-wild waist and he could feel her fingertips drift desperately on top of his ass humps. “AH, THAATTS RIGHTT, baby doll,” he told her. He wriggled his hips so that he groaned against her then gluted backward so that her fingers slipped into his squeezing vice-capable crack. The feel of her nailed touch made him more aware of how hard and large he was making himself become. “Oh, FUCKING GIRL, FuCking girlfriend of a God… are you fucking ready to FUCK?” She dropped to her knees knowing how sloppy she’d need to make his skilift pole in order for it to go in. “I don’t know how far down on it I can go Thad?” She said. “You can go down as far as you possibly can.” 9 inches of his 12 disappeared down her throat and he knew she’d come to a stop. He flick hipped his cock toward her mouth and another ½ inch disappeared. “AaahhAAAAH,” he enjoyed. “Hold my balls, Sal,” he asked and she compressed them in her palm with a rough indifference that had an incredible effect. He flexed himself. “YEEAAHHHHH” Flexed himself and is was incomprehensible that he’d kept putting the pounds on. At 240, he’d thought he was a muscle man and his dad had told him he couldn’t have any more roids. He’d thought he looked huge, he’d thought he was stopping, thought he’d reached an incredible size, hadn’t even had a thought that he’d actually go on. But when his mom had stepped out of the room – his dad had passed him more and said its for you son to do whatever you want to or can. Fuck yeah that had given him a bone and he’d had an image suddenly pop into his mind of something more. Something incredibly jacked up, something so fucking inflated and huge. Oh fuck it was so hot to think that he would bone himself up until he reached that size. But OH FUCK, FUCKING OH.. how fucking funny that that wasn’t what he was now. What he’d had in his mind now seemed so fucking small. Oh fuck yeah it had been out-of-control He’d hit 270 and it was indeed all that he could have conceived and it felt more overwhelming than he could have believed. Oh fuck that image had been to look incomprehensibly huge. And GOD DAMN FUCKING GOD he had… he’d looked at Phil Heath, David Henry, and seen how they’d grown. To be so fucking packed as though two pros. That is what had made his crotch cream. And 270 and it had come true. It was supreme. He was sublime and he’d jacked and jacked and jacked again. Oh, but what the fuck how fucking nothing that had been. Look at what he’d fucking done Now. HHHGUGGGHHHHHH he grunted, growled, and horned. Like Paco Bautista and Jay Cutler mad or worse– that is where he had come. OH FUCKING CUNT THAT I’LL FUCK he thought he looked at his body and it was a bull thundering through an unbridled and roaring Spanish crowd. OHHHH I AM A THROBBING HULKING HEAVING DENSE GOD. There were hundreds of pounds of pure muscle that crushed under his skin stretching him to measurements that shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as those of a man. And beneath the skin the muscle was twisted into the tension of a thousand locomotives ramming together at the nexus of a thousand-spoked core. Oh fucking giant-balled, Thad-humungeoning GOD. Oh fuckkkkk, he groaned, he looked at his mythic throbbing flesh and his great pole in her mouth and willed it to lengthen knowing it did down her throat. “Faster Sal, and just on my head while you finger my hole and handstroke my shaft.” She did as he asked and he grew closer to orgasm, the pressure mounting in his balls like all of the water behind behind the Hoover Dam creating millions of pounds of pressure per square inch. He solar system expanded his back and shield spread his muscles so that he arched over her. He unsnapped her bra with dexterity he’d never previously known and her full tits spilled free. “NIICEE, oh so fucking nice, beautiful girl,” he moaned. He lifted his right knee and it was like lifting the column of Hercules. He caused his thigh to flex into her breasts. “I’m getting close, Sal,” he said. It was a moan that was endlessly low, filling the room, and yet soft. “It’s time to FUCK.” She unmouthed him and her need was all over her wild face. But he knew it needed to be different now. He knew he needed to do something he’d never done to her before. But now he was a creature and no longer a man – a beast of testosteroned might with a musculature that could no longer reside in the mundanities of the common world. “Turn over, Sal,” he said, “I’m going to mount you from behind.” Oh, know, she thought. And She looked at his expanse and the weight that would crush across her hoe. He laughed at her look of fear. To be so huge, to be so much more. It would of course be hard for the untransfomed of the world. He tucked his hair behind his ears, “turn over, Sal, it’ll be a fuck you’ve never known.” Oh god, she wanted it yes. She looked at the crazy suit of armored muscle that he’d fused to his soul and it made her wetter than she’d ever been. Her tits ached so that she wanted to scream and between her legs she could feel her hunger flowing in a stream. She knelt on the bed on all fours and he ripped the panties off her – he tied part around his balls. He groaned and made his muscles bigger still and could see in the mirror that he looked like Paco thundering slowly into the studio in Paco’s incomprehensibly mind-blowing muscle-video work of art. “Here I come, girlfriend.” He said and he inserted his giant nozzle into her – immediately joining to her warm womanness. “This astronomical bulk is going to fuck you a fucking dream, Sal,” he whispered in her ear and it filled the room. Immediately the need and the intensity was extreme. He thrust and it was the piston of a great ocean liner boiler loading in and out of her again and again. Oh fucking fuck was it out of any measure of human form. Her vagina lips were stretching like a boa with its prey being sucked down. He hammered into her steamy garden and she impossibly came back onto his shaft. YES.. He said and he looked slowly across everything he’d scaffold-incarnated upon his once mortal nothingness. YESS… he said and his voice grew… YESS… FUCKING YESS… FUCKKKINGGG FUCKINNNNGG YESSS. He knew he was close and not just close… close to a blow that was going to slam her to the mattress. A load was going to rip out of his cock that would no one could predict. “I’m GONNA CUM, SWEET GIRL.” He said and he groaned and realized that it was so loud that every member of his family would hear. Oh fuck he couldn’t care… they couldn’t care he knew too. He exploded in her and it was Alpha Nuetaulis exploding from a red dwarf. His muscles crowded onto him and pure ecstasy had never approached such a sensation. He unleashed the big loads and they sprayed into her over and over until he was sure that her interior was full. “AHHHHHH FUCCKKINGGG FUCKKKINGG GOD.” He fell off her and his body felt sculpted, and enormous and huge. He was an over-muscled sprawling hulk covering the sheet in all directions on the mattress. And it was exactly what he wanted to be. There was no denying it. To not just be large, but to be perfect. To not just be muscular, but to be so massive that he could put on the puniest fucking fuck strap and clearly look like he was 310 lbs huge. To be so massive and have every muscle fanatically cut. To have every swollen thew so that he could squat 2000 lbs with his thick, thick ass and his hulked-up, hulked up thighs. He let his head fall back. Yes this is exactly what he wanted. He let his hands rest flat on his low abdomen – his softened cock was already lumping in its piled up heavy mound and the waist he had was impossibly tight and hard. And he felt muscles everywhere bulging so that every part of his body felt so strong and supreme. Yes, oh god, yes this is what he had wanted to have, this is what he had wanted to become, and then he’d taken the drugs and it had all come true. •

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