Lab Accident, The


By Fan of Muscle

With a few keys punches the heavy metal doors which sealed off the laboratories for the rest of the facility began to slowly open. Mark and Steven, both young guys from the local community college who only took the security positions to earn a little extra cash, cautiously made their way down the long hallways heading toward the main lab. “Shit, man…” Steve began, “I didn’t sign up for this!” “Don’t worry about it, probably just the air conditioning or something.” Mark replied, trying to maintain his composure. He wasn’t sure what that sound was, but it sure did sound like some type of explosion.

Walking together, the two of them remembered how they were poorly trained for their positions. Even if the situation was real, a break-in or something, they were not sure if they would even know what to do. Mark and Steve came upon a fork in the buildings construction. The left hall led down to the administrative offices and right hall led to the more scientific experimental facilities. “You go one way, I’ll go the other.” Steve said, “If I remember correctly, the halls intersect around the other side of the building”. Mark agreed and slowly made his way down the left side hallway.

Steven continued down the right side hallway to the laboratories. All of a sudden, the lights went out! He couldn’t see three feet in front of him. “Why the hell do they have to build buildings with no damn windows!” Steve huffed. Removing his company-issue flashlight from his belt, Steve continued down the darkened hallway. That’s when he heard it. But what exactly was it? It sounded like someone breathing heavy!

“Hello! Anyone there?” Steven questioned with a louder voice. There was no answer, but he could swear he heard breathing. “Come on, I know someone’s here! Come on out and show yourself!” Steve was getting pissed off now. He knew damn well someone was there and he was in no mood to play around. Just then, Steven heard rustling behind him and as he turned he was hit with a force that knocked him backwards against the wall! His flashlight now lay down the hallway and he was covered in something! “What the hell is this?” he said and as he did, thick milky cum ran down into his mouth as he tried to clean himself up. In the darkness, Steven couldn’t tell what the substance that now coated his body was, but he was sure he didn’t want to stick around to find out. Grabbing his flashlight, he ran back down the long hallway toward the front of the building. He didn’t get a hundred feet down the hallway when he started feeling funny.

Steve stopped and leaned against the wall. “Oh, fuck! I’m getting sick or something. I have got to get to a phone”. That’s when he noticed that he was sporting the hardest erection that he had ever had! It was like his cock was made a solid steel and all of his brains were being overwhelmed with thoughts of sex and orgasms. This hot, straight college student with a womanizing reputation now found himself feeling down into his pants and playing with his own equipment! “ Oh..oh…OH..!” Steven was in bliss. He had masterbated before, but it never felt like this! His cock was so sensitive! Was he always so big down there? He didn’t think so, but at a time like this, he really didn’t care!

In the troughs of self stimulation, Steve felt the clothes getting tighter. Then his back slit the seam of his shirt. “What the hell?” Steve said and as he did, he actually heard his voice lower. Steve could feel his body tightening. His muscular thighs broke through his security uniform and his cock, which was now at least fourteen inches long and as thick as a beer can ripped through his underwear. Steve’s chest was heaving, growing stronger by the second. The once slim man was feeling himself grow with muscle. His hand involuntary brushed one of his nipples and the sensation was unbelievable. What was that he was feeling? Was that hair? Steve had never been a hairy man, but now he could felt thick hair on his chest and legs. “Oh, God” he thought, as he brought his hands around his mammoth meat. Steve could feel his midsection tightening as rock hard abs formed and he could tell his feet and legs were much larger because they now took up so much more space. Why the hell did the lights have to be out! That’s when Steve remembered his flashlight.

Grabbing it with one hand, he couldn’t believe how massive his hands were and he could feel his back still gaining more muscle forcing his arms out to his side. He used what little light he had to check out his body. Hair was everywhere. That’s been he noticed it, the beard. A thick chocolate brown beard covered his face. He reached up and ran his fingers through the course bristles. “Oh, Yes!” he screamed.

“Why, look there Jace…” Steve turned to see two gigantic men coming toward him. Jace and Will both had huge toothy grins on their faces. “Look what our seed can do!” Will said. Steve didn’t know what came over him and what’s more, he didn’t care! He fell on his knees and took Will’s cock into his mouth and started sucking without abandon. Jace positioned himself behind Steven and said, “Don’t worry buddy, this won’t hurt a bit!”

Meanwhile, Mark had made his way to the executive offices of the building. Using his flashlight, he thought he saw the outline of a person in Rigel Sizemore’s office. He walked in to see someone sitting in Mr. Sizemore’s chair with his back to the door. “Mr. Sizemore! What’s happened to all of the lights?” Mark questioned as he entered the CEO’s office. •

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