Nutritionist, The


By Aardvark2

Ken felt the powerful hands pushing against his torso. “Get the fuck off me, dude.” Dallas scrambled backwards on his hands, with his pert ass scratching against the fibers of the carpet. “What the fuck? Why am I fucking naked?” Dallas lightly touched his heaving chest, drawing in deep breaths, then pulled on his big, flaccid dick. “Could I get a little fucking privacy, man? Let me at least get a jock on or somethin’. Fuck, man.” Ken couldn’t help but get a little horny at the picture of youthful musculature standing before him. Dallas’ boyish whisper had deepened into a slow, deep drawl. Every word was seductive and lilting. Dallas’ pecs were the exact same size, and his cock and balls was much larger than his father’s. He was the same height as Jack – six-three – and just as sexy. But it was that VOICE that got Ken – it just stayed with you. In the time that Ken had been reflecting on his newest masterpiece, Dallas had pulled on his jock and a pair of baggy athletic shorts. “Where’s my Dad, Peav?” “In his room. Go on in and have a talk with him?” “Don’t fuckin’ tell me what to do...” Dallas ruffled his short hair and rubbed his tanned, smooth cheeks. Though accepting of his new body, he still wasn’t subconsciously familiar with it. “I can fuckin’ kick your ass—“ Dallas was cut off by Ken’s snapping. “Go talk to your father, Dallas. I have work I need to do.” Dallas stood, silent, nodding. “Describe your brothers to me, Dallas.” Dallas’ face was overtaken by confusion. “Well, Curtis and Reese are my…older brothers…but I’m 21 and they’re, like…fucking not 21…they’re all fat, even Clay, my younger brother. I’m the hottest. I’m the ONLY fucking hot one, they all have fucking beef tits. But I’m the oldest, aren’t I? I don’t fucking know…fuck, dude! I don’t FUCKING know…” Ken kissed Dallas quickly, to avoid more confusion. “Shhh, shhh…don’t think about that. It’ll all make sense soon. Go talk to Coach Jack, now.” Ken snapped, loudly. Dallas scratched his bouncing ass cheeks and swaggered out. Who to change next, Ken thought. What a delightful problem. He had such delightful, football-laden futures laid out for all of them. When he’d seen both the head and assistant coaching positions were open at the local high school, the new lives of the Malones seemed to have written themselves. He poked his head out into the hall and saw the door to Jack’s room closing, as Dallas – presumably - went in. What would they do in there, Ken wondered…maybe a quick workout? Some random pep talk? Football was a mystery to the nutritionist. He was a swimming man, himself. Swimming sculpted your body, but was much less dangerous than that stressful football. Ken liked to relax; he was a laidback man. He walked out of the hall – no sense in staying in Dallas’ empty room. He had more important things to do. He walked into the kitchen, where his bag was sitting. He knew he wouldn’t be disturbed, they were all still under orders, as far as he knew. He unzipped the bag and tossed the old needles, used on Jack and Dallas, away. What a great discovery he’d made. Muscle in one elixir, age in another. Just some simple manipulation was all it took. The best part was the permanence of the sex appeal that came in those needles - the muscles always stayed plump and hard, never sagging, never aging along with the rest of their impressive bodies. And he’d always been good at hypnosis – the mental changes were the easiest part. It was so easy playing god! He pulled out six fresh syringes and filled them, with an accuracy that had been earned from years of practice. Capping off the needles, he placed them safely in his pockets, ready for use. And, judging by the soft padding of feet that reached his ears, he knew he’d use it soon. How had the hypnosis worn off? He heard the soft talking of voices, and pressed his ear up against a door. “Get outta here, Reese! I’m doing my calisthenics.” “I’m bored…I don’t feel like doing that stuff, Curtis.” “Mr. Peavler’s gonna freak! Get out!” Ken could hear Curtis breathing heavily. What an obedient boy, doing his sit-ups. “How’d you finish so early, Reese?” “I didn’t even start, I don’t like sit-ups. I don’t care if I’m fat.” Ken lightly touched the doorknob, listening. “And I heard weird noises in Dallas’ room, Curt…weird noises.” Ken opened the door before Reese could ruin the whole thing. Both boys snapped to attention, but Curtis had the glazed-hypnotized look, while Reese seemed normal. The door quietly shut behind Ken, and he locked it. “Hello, boys.” “Hello.” Curtis replied swiftly, but Reese was all of a sudden white as a sheet. “He-hey, Mr. Peavler.” “Reese, why haven’t you done your sit-ups?” “I…I got tired.” “You’re lying.” Curtis, ever obedient, got back on the floor, counting out loud as the sit-ups ticked away. “87…eeergh…88…” “See, Reese?” Ken gestured down to Reese’s older brother. “Curtis takes orders well. And you know what they say…” Ken drew out the two familiar syringes. “…the best followers…” He took the caps off the first needle and calmly leaned down to Curtis. “…make the best leaders.” The needles both went into Curtis’ arm. The teen temporarily stopped doing sit-ups and grimaced. “Curtis!” Reese jumped forward but was restrained by Ken. “Shhhh…” Ken put his hand on Reese’s lips. “Just watch.” Curtis rolled off his back and placed his sausage fingers on his head, releasing a bizarre, guttural squeal, like the air going out of a balloon. Ken stared at the teen. Wow, he really was ugly. The fat was lumpy and hung off him so loosely that it made him look ten years older than he was – maybe more. He even had jowls. And the acne, god. Don’t even start with the acne. But the acne was disappearing as Ken watched. The whiteheads receded into Curtis’ oily, loose skin, seemingly tightening it as they went. Curtis’ jowls disappeared as if some unseen hand was pulling at the skin. Curtis didn’t protest the changes, or even show any pain. He was under such heavy hypnosis that he welcomed anything that Ken wanted to do to him. “Curtis, what’s happening to you…” Ken clapped his hand over Reese’s mouth. Why didn’t hypnosis work on this kid? How mentally strong WAS he? Curtis’ face had slimmed down tremendously, and his body was doing the same. The big gut, the big tits – they were disappearing, sucked away by the serum. “Auuuugh, mmmm…” Curtis licked his lips and covered his face with his hands, his whole body on fire. He sat up and down two more times, trying to finish his sit-ups. “Don’t worry about the sit-ups, Curt, you don’t need them anymore.” Curtis’ whole weight slammed back against the floor. His hips twisted back and forth, then up and down. He moaned, he yelled, he screamed. Reese watched, mesmerized. One part of him was horrified, and another part was fascinated. His brother was changing in front of him – surreal, yes, but enviable as well. Curtis would never again be subject to the teasing and cruel stares. In fact – as Reese watched the area around Curtis’ mouth darken – he would be free from the restrictive chains of high school. Curtis was getting taller, but not incredibly so. His legs and torso were getting longer and leaner, until he reached a nice, even six feet. It was his weight that was shifting – the belly was disappearing, mainly. His polo was getting looser on his blossoming body, until it lay flat on his new stomach. Then, the muscle began to grow. Reese and Ken could see the outlines of stacked abs – two, then four, then six, then eight – pushing out against the fabric, tightening it once more. His arms began to harden as well, gaining in definition and even in size. The fat tightened, hardened, physically changing into pure, fatless muscle. His polo was too small for his rapidly growing body. The stacked abs and beefcake pecs, with their big nipples, were beginning to rip through the stretched-thin fabric. He looked like a bodybuilder, but much more real, fierce, and virile. While most bodybuilder physiques look slightly fake and pumped up, Curtis was developing a body that was 100% masculine, with a natural, almost frightening aura. Reese stared in awe. The envy of his brother’s powerful body had turned to jealousy as quickly as Curtis’ body was turning to perfection. He saw the movements in Curtis’s jogging shorts, and it caused him to become erect himself. The outline of Curtis’s penis moved, longer and longer, down his tightening shorts. The shorts were riding higher and higher on Curtis’s lengthening legs, and getting tighter due to the thickening of his muscled thighs. Curtis was getting bigger and bigger. His shoulders were bursting out of his shirt now, making his completely square face head look slightly smaller than usual. His chest and back were rippling with enormous power, every muscle bursting out either through his ripped shirt or against the tight weave. “YESSSSS…” Curtis’ voice had completely changed from its old, lilting teenage drawl to an intimidating, deafening bass. “Get these OFF meeeeee…rrrrrghhhh…” Curtis’ mind was unable to process the entire change, but he was intensely uncomfortable, and started tearing at his clothes, ripping the polo off his body in a fashion similar to the Hulk. Reese and Ken quickly moved to help tear the clothes off, and Reese couldn’t help but ogle his brother’s new equipment, bulging out of ripped white briefs. There was no trace of the old teen in the new man – Curtis’s face now had two sharp 90-degree angles for his jawline, and his pumped-up new physique put many bodybuilders to shame, with a set of traps that bulged out and a neck as wide as his face. His hair had disappeared, replaced by a shiny, bald pate, but his mouth was covered by a thick black goatee. His skin was leathery, tan, and thick; his beefy pecs were covered with a light sprinkling of appetizing hair. He already had slight crow’s feet, which emphasized his masculinity even more. Reese put his hands on his brother’s chest, brushing one of the nipples. He was in shock, as, apparently, was Curtis. “Cur…Curtis? You okay?” The new man’s breathing slowed down, and his chest began to heave normally, the thick abs and burdensome pecs rising up and down on his chest. “Yeah...” Reese could feel Curtis’s voice rumbling out. “Something’s happened…something’s wrong with me…who’s that talking?” Reese saw his brother’s eyes widen. “Is that me? That IS me…oh, fuck…fuuuuccckkkk…” Ken stepped forward, out of the shadows, his blond hair shimmering. “You don’t remember, Curtis?” “I…yeah…yeah, I do…oh, fuck! What’d you do to me? Who have I become?!” “A better version of yourself.” Reese stared at the man – his brother, he had to keep telling himself, he really was still related to this stud – and Mr. Peavler. Curtis grunted like a caged animal, rubbing his hands on his body. Reese saw cum leaking out of the huge, hard cock, and he began to feel some in his own pants as well. “Curtis…you’re, you’re…amazing. I’m so fat and…ugly! That’s what I am!” Curtis was silent, but Reese saw his eyes brighten with wet tears. Ken snapped his fingers. Curtis lay still, instantly, on the floor, while Reese still sat bolt upright, but frozen. “Reese.” Reese looked up at Ken, emotionless, empty. “Reese, do you want to change now?” “Yes.” Reese nodded. “YES.” Reese stood up and walked over to Ken, drawing himself up to his full fifteen-year-old height. “Change me. Change me! PLEASE!” Ken smiled. “My, aren’t we eager.” He cooly drew out the formulas, uncapping the needles. “Reese…” Ken trailed off, but Reese looked up right as Ken slammed the needles into the teen’s arm. Reese’s head snapped back and his mouth opened in an expression of accepting, silent pain. “You’re in control, Reese. Your brothers couldn’t control the power of this serum, but you are so mentally strong. You are, essentially, changing yourself. Now…change.” And Reese did. His polo started to tighten around his fat, chubby chest, as his muscle and skin stretched outward. Reese never showed his pain, in fact, he started to giggle with joy, finally being freed from his prison of fat. The fat was bubbling, seemingly simmering, shifting. Ken could see it traveling up the confines of Reese’s shirt, from his stomach to his chest. Reese grabbed his polo and began to twist it, ripping it. He, too, felt the fat traveling – his chest was getting bigger, wider, while his stomach was now flat as a board. Soon, it began to ripple, the familiar abs popping out. The fat on his chest began to pull itself, tight as a drum, soon his nipples were tearing through the cotton fabric in little circles. “Nnnnngh…” “You’re in control, Reese.” Ken was practically jizzing himself with the excitement he was getting from watching the dramatic transformation. “I’m in controoolll…” Reese’s voice was developing the same familiar rumble that Curtis, Dallas, and Jack all had – deep, resonant, powerful. “Nrrrrgghhh.” Reese continued to grunt and giggle. Ken watched in awe as the boy started to grow out of his shorts – the belt tightened and finally burst. Reese winced for the first time. Ken knelt down next to Curtis, still on the floor. “Look at your little brother, Curt. Aren’t you proud of him? Look at what he’s becoming!” Curtis moved his head to look at Reese, causing neck muscles to strain out that Ken didn’t even know existed. This man was BUFF. “Yes. I’m proud of him. He’s changing into a real man – a real Malone.” “That’s right.” Ken stood up next to Reese and realized the boy was now taller than him. “Reese…how tall are you now?” Reese grit his teeth, rubbing his hands on his cock. “Not…tall…enough.” The teen continued to grow, and grow, and grow. “I wanna be the biggest in my family. I’m in charge now! FUCK!” The testosterone traveled through Reese, changing him from boy to man. His face began to harden, and Ken could see the Malone resemblance. His nose lost its beak and became sloped, while his cheekbones pushed out, augmentating his face to match the width of his square jaw. Curtis looked at his brother. “Fuck, bro, you’re hot. You’re hotter than I am.” “Not done yet…fuuuckkk…this feels fucking awesome, Ken.” Ken was taken aback that one of the boys had addressed him by his first year. It appeared that Reese was not only changing himself into a hunk physically, but mentally. The boy-man already exuded confidence and an aura of superiority to all the puny mortals he towered over. Reese looked down at his pecs. They were big. They were REALLY big. They had ripped right through his polo. He pushed his abs out farther so they would rip the shirt as well, and it fluttered to the floor, ruined. Reese tweaked his nipples, smirking, then tried to bounce his pecs. It worked. The right pec went up, then the left. “Heheh.” The laugh was deep, manly. The old, timid Reese was dying. “I’m so fucking hot.” Reese had knew that he wanted to be six-six, and he was now. He had been stuck in that disgusting body, and now he was changing it, literally CHANGING it, into something perfect. Reese laughed – the giggle was gone, replaced by a resonant laugh that projected as much dominance as Reese’s intimidating physique. He had a ten-pack – and 0% body fat. He was ripped from head to toe. Ken watched as Reese held his muscled, bulging hands up to his face. “Stand up, Curt.” Curtis did so, staring at his not-so-little brother but not registering the changes, due to hypnosis. “Reese…” Ken stared at the six-six hunk filling out in front of him. “What else are you going to do to yourself?” “Well, first…” Reese’s hair was a sort of nondescript blond, dull, boring. But as Ken and Curtis watched, it got darker, changing to a sparkling chestnut brown. The hair on his head became wavy, and so thick that it was hard to run fingers through it. It grew out and swept back, a perfect coif, very sexy, very manly, like Robert Redford. As Reese smiled, his teeth started to get whiter. They straightened and evened out, but their whiteness was nearly blinding. Reese had a hold over himself that Ken would never have been able to predict. “You know what I want? A fucking five-o’clock shadow.” And so it grew. The milk-chocolate whiskers burrowed through his chiseled cheekbones and sharp jaw, darkening his face just-so in a perfect, Versace sort of way. Reese ran his thick fingers down his quivering pecs and abs, fingering the only hair on his chest – his treasure trail. It ran out of his bellybutton, into an explosion of wiry pubes. But, nestled in all that hair, was a tiny little child’s dick. Reese – and the formula – seemed to have missed it. “Well, looky there.” Reese smirked. “Reese, junior. I forgot about you.” Reese wrapped his powerful hands around his needle dick, pumping it up like a balloon. Slowly, the penis blew up. It got longer, and longer, poking straight up. The balls bounced as Reese jerked off. He roared his approval of his new 12-incher – “YESSSS” – before the tip blew, raining cum all over the room like a fire-hose. Reese had never masturbated in his life, and all his pent-up sexuality sprayed on himself, mostly, but also Ken and Curtis. “Eeeh, uuuh, eeeh, uuuh…” Reese’s pecs heaved up and down as he caught his breath. “I’m done. Fuck. I’m a fucking man. I’m fucking PERFECT.” “Stop talking, Reese.” Reese stopped for a second, his mind still caught up on his body. Ken swiveled around, caught between the two buck-naked hunks. Their cocks were long and hard, their pecs beefy, their hair thick, their faces gorgeous. Curtis was all man, with his shaved head and black goatee – he’d pierce his ears soon, Ken decided – but all the muscle packed onto Curtis’ frame was balanced out by Reese’s sheer mass. At six-six and three hundred pounds, Reese was perfect, with his manicured stubble and shimmering smile. He was like a bodybuilder-turned-movie star, the new Schwarzenegger. Ken looked at Curtis. “Curtis, listen to my voice. Do you know what you do for a living?” “I don’t make a living. I’m going to be a senior in high school.” The sight of the virile, goateed stud, calling himself a high school student with his voice rumbling like thunder, made Ken laugh. “No. That was your old life. That is forgotten. It never existed.” “Never existed.” “You played football all the way through college. At twenty-seven, you are now a high school football coach, just like your father once was. You are tough as nails and don’t take shit, your squads are always the best because you push them to perfection. You will never allow yourself to become out of shape. You will do five-hundred sit-ups and five-hundred push-ups every day. Tomorrow, you’re going to go apply for the open coaching job at the high school, and you will get it, because you’re confident. Is this clear?” “This is clear, sir.” Curtis’s jaw was set forward. He didn’t take shit. “Oh, and one more thing. You go by Curt now, because that’s just how you are – curt, terse, and no-nonsense.” “Yes sir.” “Now, Reese.” Ken looked at the masterpiece of the family, the genetic wonder. Reese was stunningly handsome, yes, but the most impressive thing was indeed his height. “Reese, you are a twenty-five-year-old fitness instructor and personal trainer. You just moved here with your hunky brothers and are not only looking for clients, but for love. You like to fuck and you do it every day, and want to find someone who likes fucking as much as you. Got it?” “Yes sir.” “Your Dad raised you both to be men’s men. You like football, beer, women – sometimes men, too. You never stop moving, you’re both athletic. Your brother, Dallas, is 21. I want you two to go into your Dad’s room, where Dallas is with him. Clear?” In unison: “Yes.” “I have a meeting with Clayton, so I must be heading out. You have the world on a string. Don’t fuck up.” Snap. Reese walked over to his oldest brother, the man he’d grown up admiring, the man over whom he now towered over. He put his arm around Curt. “Wanna work out together today?” “Fuck, yeah, bro.” •

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