Corner, The

By MuscleBear

Joe was a big bruth of a men. His hands were very calussed, and more alike of bearpaws than anything else. And as MacDudd saw Joe making a fist, he noticed how huge veins stood out on the hairy forearms, as a rush of blood pumped through the larger than life underarm. Then everthing was black.... He awakened, being held in the arms of the big brute who was silently crying. Nearly being crushed against the enormous chest muscles McDuff tried to remember what had happend. Why the sudden blow, from this huge muscleman? Why did he remember his name was Joe, but nothing more? He moaned and his eyesight dimmed as an enormous headache presented itself to his now conscious mind. He moaned, and heard Joe gasp. "i thought I killed yah!", he said. His huge arms enveloped McDudd and he hugged him close. Underneeth the woolen sweater McDudd could feel huge muscles move, holding him with unbreakable strength. The rough hug chanched into a deep and wet kiss, as the big man's hand roughly janked back McDudd's neck and forced his mouth on his. Pain throbbed through McDudd's head, but he was getting hard fast. He felt one of thje huge hands firmly grab his crotch feel him up. The big man, moaning in heat, started to fiddke with the belt, and zipper. McDudd was wearing a thick leather bealth, thick and strong. Joe's limited patience was over. Angrily he pulled McDudd crotch to his chest, grabbed the belt and pants in both hands. As McDudd's eyes bulged out of his head, he forgat all about his pain for a monment as he saw the man in front of hin GROW. Muscles pumped with blood, now turned hard as steel, as the man gathered his strength. As Joe pulled against the belt, the thick metal beltbucle collapsed. With a verosious appetite he attacked the hard dick of McDudd, and sucked him hard it hurt. His rough tongue a tantalizing torture. Next, Joe grabbed McDudd's cock and jerked hard at it. The strength in his hand nearly crushed the dick, but it felt real good to McDudd. "Your seed man, I need it! Come on, baby cum for dady", Joe kept saying. While stars danced in front of his eyes, McDudd came, and felt how Joe sucked and licked away every drop of semen he could draw from McDudd's now quicly receding cock. "Thanks man. I needed that." Joe said. As he stood up his huge half hard-on was visible in the sporting trousers (?) he was wearing. This man's cock was so big, it could be used as a weapon. McDudd had vision of bleeding arses and cunts, and quickly lost consciousness, thinking he might never awaken. Blackness.... When he awakened it was in a fresh hospital bed. On a nearby tabl;e stood one single flower in a tiny vase. A Black Rose.... •

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