Think and Grow, Rich



By Hoosier Daddy

Her coworkers couldn’t understand it. Crystal was head over heals in love with some pudgy businessman. It seems his brother was the one who had made such an impression a couple weeks ago. Rumor had it that the guy was an old friend of Jerry, the previous manager, though Jerry denied it. Jerry denied everything the surveillance camera showed. There were quite a few rumors circulating about Jerry. Jerry was said to be a resentful closet queen, explaining his treatment of women and his overt behavior as a mask. Jerry treated Tyler with about as little respect as was possible. Tyler was openly gay and Jerry made cruel jokes and yelled at him often.

Unfortunately when Jerry was given a job managing his uncle’s restaurant downtown, on the strength of a promise, Tyler, who always wanted to be a chef left to work there also. This was strange but everyone remembered an unexplained turnaround that Tyler had done where Jerry was concerned. After one night when Tyler was asked to stay late, he was suddenly defending Jerry when the other workers would bitch about him. Chelsea said that he had gone pale when she confronted him about going down on Jerry in the cooler. It was an unspoken secret that no woman was safe alone with Jerry in the cooler. After Sherry started at the Angus, Tyler reverted to his flippant self. Still, he left the Angus to follow a jackass.

It was also rumored that as a requirement for taking the job downtown Jerry had to sign up for sensitivity training at the Fourth Street Center. Whatever the reason, it was sure that he was attending and he resented it. Laura the cashier’s boyfriend was attending the same classes. Although he had barely encountered the man before, Jerry was suddenly friendly and always asked about how things were at the Angus. Once he even walked over to the car where Laura waited to pick her man up.

“So, is Crystal still dating that gorilla that got me fired?”

“Didn’t your boyfriend Tyler tell you? Crystal’s engaged to his brother.”

“Boyfriend? You bitch.”

That was all Laura’s boyfriend had to hear. He had actually begun a real change of heart in his treatment of women in general, but especially Laura. However, a brute still tends toward violence. Jerry finally got what many had wished upon him. He refused to press charges. Instead, he began to formulate a plan. Perhaps it was then that he lost touch with reality. He lusted for revenge. •

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