Think and Grow, Rich


By Hoosier Daddy

“Okay, I’m going to ask you three times in three different ways. Are you with me in this?”

“Yes. That’s kind of vague.”

“I know. It’s meant to be. Are you with me in this for the long haul?” She paused. What was the ‘long haul’? Was this a proposal? What was ‘in this’? Did it matter? The important part was ‘with me’. “Yes, I’m with you as long as you want me by your side.”

“I want you to really think about this. I’m still exploring and I don’t know what may happen next. Can you stay with me even if it means changing your whole life?”

This man was facing choices and situations that no one had really ever faced before. Things could get rough if this got out. Was she still with him? What would she do without him? “Yes. You belong to me.”

“Okay. I - we have to think about something. Can we hide me from the world?”

“Yeah, I know.“ Crystal thought about everybody who might want to learn about how Rich did what he did. If the press found out he’d be displayed like a freak. Scientists might have legitimate interests, but no way was she sharing her man. “This is terrible.”

“Can we tell anybody? I don’t have anybody to tell. Jo’s your best friend. What’s best for her?”

“What time is it? Don’t let me forget I have to catch her before she goes in to work. I think we may have to not tell her. I don’t know how. She knows me better than anyone. She can always tell if there’s something going on.”

“She did seem like that kind of friend.” God, I envy you. I had a friend like that. He died a few years back.”

“Would you have told him?”

“No.” Rich rolled over and stared at the ceiling. “This is gonna suck people in if we let it out. The more I think about it the more it sounds like a comic book. Secret identities, protecting the ones you love from everybody that thinks it’s their business, all that crap.”

“I always thought they were protecting them from super villains.”

“Unfortunately the tabloids are just as tough and almost as destructive. Believe me I know. I had to cut ties and leave my old job. I probably would have stayed there at least a while longer. They hid in the men’s room, eavesdropped on a private conversation, misquoted me, quoted me out of context, and completely fucked up any friendships I had there.”

“Why were the tabloids after you? What did you do?” Rich paused “Oh. Well okay. First, let me ask you. What were your expectations when we were flirting Yesterday?”

“I’d say a good roll in the hay. I never thought I’d find my one true love.”

Rich rolled back to her and reached across her. Raising up over her, resting his weight on his arm, he kissed her. “Good answer. So, what do I do for a living?”

Crystal frowned, of all the things they’d spoken of she had not thought to ask him about his job. She knew that his favorite piece of classical music was Greig’s ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ and that his first alarm watch had played Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise’ and that he wasn’t wild about Phillip Glass. She Knew he had an extensive collection of music including every disc by Warren Zevon. His mother had once been a waitress.

She couldn’t remember him saying anything about having to be at work at a certain time. Something that Loraine the woman at the G&H had said came back to her. “You used to work nights but you stopped going by the diner where your friend worked. So something changed.”

“You got a mind like a steel trap. Go on.” Rich wanted to know how much she could deduce or if she remembered the pictures where he came off looking like a fat hippie.

“You don’t act like it’s something you’re ashamed of and you’re very sensitive so if it was something bad you wouldn’t want me guessing, you would have told me about it rather than let it seem like you were keeping things from me.”

Rich looked at her, marveling not that she was that smart, but that she wasn’t trying to hide her intelligence. ”I may not be proud of what I’ve done and I certainly haven’t told you everything about me, but you’re right. There are no really nasty skeletons in my closet. For the most part, I haven’t had much of a life.”

“So Joe Average quit his job. It was something the press was interested in. It was something that screwed up casual friendships. I remember you. You sure look different. I thought you had become a recluse in Switzerland or someplace.” “Yep. It’s me. Lady, you are incredible.”

“I read a lot. You sure don’t let on. I’m not sure if I should be mad at you.”


“There were several times that I felt guilty about how much you were spending. I admit most of the time I wasn’t thinking about anything but fucking your brains out, but it did cross my mind.”

“I met enough people in the last eighteen months that treated me differently just because they found out I had money. There’s one guy who has been pretty cool about it and we get along great. For the most part people either act like you’re supposed to spring for everything, or their trying to suck up and the few that I did lend money to, y’ know, just a couple hundred to get them through some crisis. Well they must figure that they can behave like shits and blow me off because the loss doesn’t hurt me. What does hurt me is when they treat me like that and then act like nothing’s wrong. So I’m sorry, but I‘m not sorry”

“It’s okay, I understand. I can say that at least I wasn’t sucking on your wallet.”

“The more I think about it the more thankful I am that I decided to trust you with the big secret. It makes all the rest so much easier.”

“One question: Loraine?”

“I’ve known Loraine for years. We’d cry on each other’s shoulders. We had sympathy without expectations. Neither one of us had anything else to offer whenever the bills got tight. She was there with me when my mother died. I had to work through and arrange the payments for mom’s medical bills and funeral expenses. When I got clear of that and no one was left for me to be strong for, she held me while I finally broke down.’

“And her needs?”

“She has a special son. He’s my age. She wouldn‘t let me help her out so I was downright mean about it. When she said I couldn’t help her directly, I went behind her back and set up a trust fund for Jay-Jay, I bought her apartment building, and paid to have her car stolen.”

“You had that sweet little lady’s car stolen?”

“I sold her mine for a dollar. Hers was a wreck. She knows about the car and the trust fund. Those are things she can’t afford to refuse. At the end of the year she’s going to get her rent money back. I’m not sure how I’m going to pull that one off yet.”

“Passion and compassion, how lucky can a girl get?”

“You forgot muscles and money, and I’d say I’m the lucky one. Besides, I‘m on top”

“It’s about time.”

“Be careful what you wish for.” He pressed himself up with his hands on either side of her shoulders and lowered himself so his lips found her shoulder, the base of her neck, her chin, and finally her lips.

She watched as he moved. His muscles moving beneath his skin made her want to touch him everywhere. She reached down to guide him into her. Her eyes rolled as she remembered the mess from before. “Condom.” she said.

“Oh hell.”

“It’s not that I mind. But we don’t have another bedspread.”

“Yeah, this body has become rather over productive these days.” Rich grinned and instead of rolling to one side he crawled backwards kissing, tasting and whiskering as he went.

“Just bring the box.”

Rich stood at the end of the bed and tossed the little packages like he was dealing cards.

“Only twelve, and look, a trial size tube of scented lubricant.“

“You’d think they knew how fast and hard I want you to fuck me.”

Rich’s eyes widened. “Here I didn’t want to be too rough.”

Crystal sat up, leaning back on her arms. “Are you kidding? I wanted you to slam me when I sat on the vanity in the bathroom.” She pressed on the mattress. “The bed’s got good springs, I say let’s give them a workout.” She picked up a condom and opened the pack with her teeth, looking at Rich and licking her lips. She slid down to the edge of the bed. Rich obeyed her unspoken command and stepped close with his knees between hers.

He steadied himself with his hands on her shoulders while she unrolled the latex sheath over his willing Willy. Her hands were so exciting he felt the shiver of pleasure shake him and his dick grew two inches.

“Wow, Rich, I assume that was involuntary. I think we need a safe word if you get carried away.”

Rich’s mind recalled his pleasure spiral and he swallowed hard. “Yes. Yes, that’s a good idea.”

“Something I’ll remember and will interrupt your train of thought. How about ‘adjust.’ You back down some if I say that.”

Rich nodded. He had slipped to half mast but she soon remedied that.

“Move for me. I love the way your muscles feel when you move.” She slid her fingers through the hairs feeling the muscles of his torso. Sitting on the bed her arms outreaching to his chest she squeezed his pecs hard working his nipples.

It was almost painful yet such a turn on Rich reached down and easily raised her to him and kissed her never letting her feet touch the ground. She opened herself to him as he lowered her onto his waiting manhood.

“Fuck me where I stand you animal.” Was all she needed to say.

With her clamped onto him, he dropped onto the bed catching his weight yet still pinning her beneath him. They laughed and he felt her teeth rub across his shoulder. The person he had been most of his life could only dream of such passionate sex. He thought about her body and the springs squeaked. He remembered her hand on his thigh in the car and the bed shook harder. He felt her hands roaming over his muscles, fueling his delight and igniting a roaring desire that heated them both to climax again and again.

Smiling and exhausted, Crystal reminded Rich that she should be calling Jo to tell her not to mention last night at the diner. Rich kissed her cheek and got out of bed. He had another condom to dispose of. He looked at the torn packages strewn around the bed and on the floor. He thought she looked a little tired as he walked into the bathroom.

She heard the toilet flush as she dialed the phone. Jo was cool with playing dumb about what happened last night. She was understandably curious about what Crystal meant by ‘wildest fantasies.’ She said goodbye and hung up before Jo had time to wheedle out of her whether it was her wildest fantasies or Jo’s wildest fantasies. She simply said “Both!” and “See you tonight.”

Rich had heard the laughter and was proud that she was happy. Still, when he came back in her smile thoughtful, even concerned. “What’s on your mind?”

“Where do we go from here?”

Rich tried to pass it off with a superficial “The Jacuzzi?” but he was pretty sure he knew what she was thinking. He was there too. “You too, huh?”

“I guess you are my one true love.”

“Let’s get dressed and go to breakfast. I must admit I expected practically anything but this. Be careful what you wish for . . .”

“Well, I am tired, but breakfast sounds good.”

Rich crawled across the bed to her and lovingly kissed her. She was right, even with a body like this he felt tired. “I’m gonna take a shower. You get some rest.” He slipped away then, but not before giving her a raspberry on her tummy.

Rich walked out of the bathroom hoping to model the fancy briefs she picked out for him. Instead, he let her sleep. Partially covered with the sheet, she looked like she belonged in a painting. Quietly Rich got dressed and then woke her. Drowsy and disheveled, she was still more than he felt he deserved. While she showered, he straightened the room and got things packed up to go. He nibbled on some leftover tidbits from the refrigerator. There was still an unopened bottle of champagne.

Which anniversary would this be for? His parents had thirty five years together. He sat in the chair to wait and seemed to sleep. He dreamed of his parents home. Now it was theirs and their children swung on his old tire swing. In the dream he kept questioning what was real. Hadn’t this house burned? Wasn’t there a development there now? His wife came to him and brushed his bearded face and said then there was nothing to worry about. She was with him. He awoke to her touch. He offered silent thanks and prayed that he’d wake to her touch for the rest of his life.

* * *

At a restaurant with a good reputation where neither one had dined before, they ordered, pretending that they had not just experienced the most miraculous night of their lives. Rich put into words the thought that was growing in both of their minds. “What now?”

“Is this what it feels like to win the lottery? You look for the problems but they’re not the problems you’re used to, so everything seems kind of unsteady?”

“Welcome to my world. It’s like ever since I turned forty, my life has been one major change after another.”

“I bet Cinderella was scared shitless when her fairy godmother showed up.”

“At least a fairy godmother is some kind of explanation. Up until the other day I was almost getting used to a life without concerns. Well, no money concerns anyway. I was just starting to consider whether I wanted to start dating again.”

“Jo was trying to get me to try the internet thing.”

“It’s awful. Maybe not for you, but for me it sucked. I was too honest for the internet scene. Before, when I was working and barely getting by, I barely got a response. Then after I suddenly had money, I realized I should never have changed my profile.”

Crystal reached over and stroked the back of Rich’s hand, “You won’t ever have to worry about that again.”

Rich smiled weakly. “That’s the only thing I do feel all right about: You.”

“Me too. I’ve been thinking. Wondering if I’m really in on this or if you’re, … if I’m, oh, hell.”

“It’s okay. We’ve only just met. We have things to work out. I do believe that we’re on the edge of living happily ever after.”

“That kind of answers that. But what is ‘happily ever after‘?”

“I started thinking about that once I set up my finances. I wasn’t worried about overspending. Some things were already paying off and I’d still get the annual payments so ‘happily ever after’ was rekindling my own dreams and finding ways to help a few others achieve theirs. Some have been easy.”

“So do we raise a family or just work our way through the Kama Sutra?”

“Family? I had pretty much given up on children. Are we talking having? Or adopting? Or both? Is that what you want? Is it safe? I just realized I have no idea how old you are. Boy, do I feel stupid. By the way, I’m forty-five.”

“Well, I had practically given up on a family of my own but there’s still time. I’m thirty-six.”

“Well, my folks were a May - December romance. I suppose we’ll have to think about that too. Actually I was wondering if there was any wishes I could grant. Anywhere you‘d like to see or some dream project.”

“Call me old fashioned. I want a husband and a family.”

“Call me greedy, but I don’t want to share you with anyone, not even my own child. So much has changed in the past few days, I haven’t had time to get used to it. Now I have someone to love without restrictions and you you’re asking me to do the only thing that could be even more amazing.”

“I suppose I am. You didn’t flinch at the word ‘husband’ though.”

“I figured you’ve got a bit too much for me to bring it up yet. It has crossed my mind. I wanted to wait at least two weeks before I proposed. Then if you wanted to set a date we’d start making plans.”

“And in those two weeks?”

“Well, I want to see what my body can do. How strong am I and such. Is it reversible past what I started with? It’ll be like you’re dating other men.”

“So you want to try out your new toys before you share them?”

“Kind of like that, yes. I think we could play together some too. If you’d like.”

“ I think I need a couple of days before we try anything new.”

“I can understand that. But just for your information, one good feeding and I’m ready to go again.”

“Maybe we should call Jo.”

“I’ve done things in the last day or so that I never have considered because they were impossible. I know other men would jump at such an idea, but I don’t love Jo, I love you. I can wait.”

“I was only joking. It’s nice to know anyway.”

“Don’t joke that way, I may take you up on it next time.”

“You’re right. I don’t want to share you. In fact I think that if you go back to your original build whenever you sleep, maybe that should be the man the rest of the world sees.”

“I can’t say that thought hadn’t crossed my mind too. I mean that was why I ended up on your side of town at the Angus. I didn’t want to answer questions. Luckily, the only one who recognized me was Loraine. She hadn’t seen me for months.”

“People will think I’m nuts. Maybe if you sweep me off my feet the way you are now? No.”

“Crystal? Am I the schemer or are you? You can put the facts together better than me but I’ll come up with a plan that will keep both of me in your life and sweep you off your feet as well.”

“Oh, Rich the Teddy bear and the Alpha Male as well?”

“That’s about the size of it. Unless you want it bigger?”

“That part can stay the same. How you gonna do it?”

“Well, I’m going to have to be introduced as my tubby self. At least to Jo, the sooner the better.”

We can catch her tonight when she gets off or you can come to the Angus tomorrow.”

“Tonight’s out, I have to get some sleep. I don’t think I want to change by force.”

“Okay, call me tomorrow when you get up. What should I say about today, last night, whenever it was. What time is it?”

“It’s after three. I’m afraid it didn’t happen. At least not the way it really happened.”

“Damn, you mean I didn’t just spend the night with the sexiest most amazing stud I’ve ever seen?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that. Remember what you told Jo? Something about your wildest fantasies?”

“Oh, Yeah.”

“I guess the little Teddy bear’s more of a livewire than he looks. At least that’s the story.”

“And what about my ’King Cut‘?”

Oh, you went out with Rich and had a few drinks. Somebody picked a fight and he got arrested. He had an outstanding warrant and you called his brother to bail him out.

It turns out his name wasn’t Rich after all. His name was Dean and his brother Rich came to pick you up in a Lexus. You weren’t allowed to bail him out but Rich thanked you with dinner and you chose to go back to his hotel with him. He was staying at Tradewinds in a suite. He was such a gentleman you practically ravaged him. Before the night was up he’d returned the favor.”

“I’ll say he did.”

“Tell Jo I’m built like a Teddy bear stuffed with money.”

“But she saw Dean.”

“Tell her I can lick my eyebrows.”

“Oh, you’re going to have to shave.”

“Yes, and I’ll wear reading glasses.”

“I don’t think She was looking at your face.”


“So we have a whirlwind romance and then what? Fly off to Vegas to get Married?”

“Sounds like a plan. If that’s what you want.”

“Two weeks, you propose, then however long it takes to make the plans and get everything together.”

Rich stood and held out his hand. Crystal stood and they looked deep into each other’s eyes. “As you wish.” he said and kissed her. •

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