Think and Grow, Rich


By Hoosier Daddy

She used his t-shirt to wipe him off. She had wiped herself already and the shirt was thoroughly disgusting. “On second thought, Let’s take a shower.”

Rich stood next to the bed feeling top-heavy. Glancing down at the sweat soaked, soiled bed, Rich could see where he had lain. Was he really that wide? “Maybe we should clean that up a little. I doubt if housekeeping has ever seen that much - That’s really appalling.”

“Actually that was amazing. You came close to the ceiling, pardon the pun. Well, it is just the bedspread. We can rinse it off in the shower then claim something spilled.”

He walked to the other side of the bed and lifted the corners of the bedspread. “Yeah, me. Hard to believe that all came out of me. Maybe next time we take time for a condom.”

She lifted her side of the blanket causing the abundant fluids to puddle. “It would be like a water balloon.” They laughed a moment and then Crystal quietly said “I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time, but I want you to know I’m safe. I don’t sleep around and This is the first time since high school that I didn’t use protection.” They carried the bedspread into the bathroom where Rich took the corners from Crystal and stepped into the shower.

When he dropped the two corners the creamy fluid ran down the luxurious cloth flowing to the drain. ”I’m so ashamed. God that’s gross. Would you turn the water on, please?”

Crystal turned the water on and then ran beck to retrieve the messy shirt. “We might as well rinse this too. Then me. That was definitely more than you came last night. Believe me I was there.” She dropped the shirt onto the floor of the shower and wiped away the last clinging bits of semen. As she brushed across the lower half she felt a bulge from the other side. “Already? Damn.”

“It wasn’t always like this you know. In fact it’s been so long since I got laid I was thinking of having my virginity reinstated. By the way, I know I’m safe too. I give blood and they always test for HIV and all the popular diseases. Since I’ve never been popular, I don’t see why they bother.”

“How are we going to dry that thing? I suppose we could leave it in a trash bag. At least it wouldn’t drip all over then.”

Rich smiled. “I think I have an Idea. After all, I’m not just another pretty face. Can you give me a hand with this?”

“That’s how we made the mess in the first place.”

“Come on. I want to fold this thing and roll it like a sleeping bag. Then I think I should be able to squeeze enough water out of it so it isn’t sopping wet.”

Crystal stepped into the shower. With Rich holding up the blanket, she could still make out the shape of his body where it draped across his muscles. What had she begun? She bent down feeling the warm water rinse across her back and soak into her hair. She lifted the corners of the bedspread looking underneath as the muscular legs of her lover came into view.

“Ahem. I think you might turn off the water if we want to dry this.” “I just wanted to see what was behind the curtain.” She reached over and touched his cheek.

“There will be plenty of time for that.” He lowered the blanket some and leaned forward to kiss her.

She playfully turned away and shut off the water, offering Rich the perfect view of her perfect ass, shining and wet. Then she turned to see his leer. She squatted down and picked up the corners of the blanket once more. She looked up at Rich and smiled she gave a brief shimmy knowing he was looking at her breasts. Once again she heard him make that throaty moan she had first heard last night when she first placed her hand on his thigh.

Rich took the corners from Crystal and turned the thick bedspread sideways. He folded it again and began rolling it. Crystal watched as his body was uncovered. His well developed legs didn’t seem as thick as he was before but from his waist up it was Disneyland. His arms and shoulders were huge. His back flared out from his waist giving him that V shape only his was more like a w, W for wide.

He squeezed the rolled blanket and a river of water flowed out. He had rolled it impossibly tight and now he held it down in front of his stomach and pressed again. His chest bunched up forming a crease between his pecs. He could crush cans in there, she thought. His chest was bigger than anyone’s she’d ever seen in pictures, and here it was close enough to touch.

He hugged it to his chest and a little more water ran down his abs, flowing down the channel that ran between the clearly defined muscles. Such muscles couldn’t be hidden under the fine curly layer of hair that enhanced the sensual body of her gentle giant. He looked like a comic book hero.

She watched his every move when he stepped out of the shower. His dick swung freely it was proportionate to his great muscles but somehow unreal. She had loved getting him off and it had thrilled her when he came like a geyser. Still, she wasn’t as attracted to this Rich as she had been the night before. The bulky Rich made her feel warm and protected. She wanted to tell him but didn’t know how to say it without sounding like she was rejecting him.

Rich unrolled the bedspread as he walked into the other room. He draped it over his arm while he cleared the bar. He arranged it so it hung over the bar and across two chairs. It was damp dry already. He thought about how hard it had been to wring out a towel that he used to mop up when the dishwasher leaked all over the floor. He could barely squeeze out the water holding it over the tub. It had been so heavy with water he could barely hold it at arms length long enough to finish. He flexed his muscles marveling at his own strength.

“Show me those muscles, stud.”

Sheepishly, Rich turned around. “Caught me. This is so new to me I get caught up in the feeling sometimes. In fact, you’ve been the only thing that has distracted me from exploring their limits. I can’t believe I was so pathetic when I thought I’d lost it. I want to thank you.”

“For what? Rich, I was making love to you, not your body. I figured out that I would have loved you no matter what you looked like. And I wanted to please you.”

“Oh, you did, you did.”

“Don’t forget, I came first. Between your mouth and your beard I never felt anything like you.” She came closer and whispered “And that was when you were fat.” She patted his abs. They were hard but the texture of his hair reminded her that this was really the same man. She shook her head and giggled.

Rich put his hands on her shoulders and smiled. He kissed her “What?” He kissed her again, “What’s so funny?” He moved down her neck. She shook her head.

He kissed her shoulder. ”C’mon, you can tell me. You can tell me anything.” He swept her up in his massive arms and lifted her to his face. His chin rubbing gently across her belly. She was as light as the sound of her laughter. “This feels so good. I can’t believe it.” Fluttering his eyelashes, he gave butterfly kisses on her breast. “This is so weird. I can’t believe it’s happening to me.”

She laughed and squirmed and he laughed too.

He carried her back to the bed and asked her “Should I drop you on the bed or lay you?”

Her reply was to reach up and lick from his neck up the back of his ear. “How about one from column A and two from column B?” Suddenly she bounced on the bed laughing.

Rich stood next to the bed looking down at her. With wet hair and no make-up she was still the most lovely woman he’d ever seen. She wasn’t some supermodel. He had seen one in person once and was repelled by her skin and bones appearance. Crystal had a real woman’s body with soft curves and wonderful breasts that he loved to touch. He wanted every part of her. “I love your body.” he said honestly.

“I think yours is pretty special too, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

A thought crossed Rich’s mind. “Yeah, but which one? You made me feel desired like no one else ever has. I don’t suppose that I was desired before.”

“Come here. I’ll show you desire.”

Rich laid down next to her. He rolled onto his side resting on his elbow. Then he leaned over to kiss her but stopped short. He got up and walked to the bathroom. “Gotta brush my teeth.” Before he could finish, she was next to him brushing her teeth.”

“Power of suggestion.” She explained. She made quick work of freshening her mouth.

Rich took the time to look at their reflections in the mirror. She had retrieved her sheer bed jacket. Seeing her body through the fine material was beguiling. He watched his own bulging arms shake as he brushed his teeth. He was fascinated by the movement of the Herculean form in the mirror. He would have been as fascinated by such muscles on any man, but would have been ashamed to stare.

He rinsed out his mouth. “I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of egomaniac.’ He did a double biceps pose and then ran his hand over his chest and abs. “But I never even had abs before, let alone anything like this.” He flexed his arm again but this time it was Crystal’s turn to investigate. “Isn’t that incredible?”

“I always loved feeling a man’s muscles, and I always wondered what really big muscles felt like.” She squeezed his pec and he flexed it in response. “God is that huge. I don’t think Mr. Olympia is that big.”

“Probably not, but those guys work so hard at it, I got nothing but respect for them. Makes you think though, I can’t go around in public like this. I’d draw too much attention. More than I did yesterday.’

“So this is a private show.”

“You know it.” He brought his hands together in front of him and tensed his abs. ”Will you look at that. I’m a walking muscle chart. You know anatomy?”

She stepped in front of Rich sliding between him and the vanity. She eased back onto the counter and took his hands leaning back looking at him from under her eyelids. “I could study anatomy.” She leaned forward reaching around him and pressing her cheek against his chest. She looked up into his eyes and sighed. ”You keep saying this is unbelievable, well, so what.”

“So what?”

”I had a teacher once who said that those were the two most important words you could say. Because when you ask yourself if something really matters, you think about what is important.”

“I’ll buy that. So what is important isn’t whether I believe I’ve managed to think myself into a muscleman, but that you’re here in my arms and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

She felt the firmness of his back, amazed that she couldn’t reach around him. Her breath on his chest made him shiver. She looked up at him again, this time there were tears in his eyes. He held her, one arm supporting her back while he tenderly moved her hair away from her face. He hugged her to his body and stepped away from the counter. As she stood she most naturally placed her mouth to his.

He stammered a little. “I - I don’t know if this makes any sense at all, but despite what my body says, I don’t want to, well, I obviously do, but I want to know what makes you happy. I’d want to know that anyway, but if you want me to adjust I’d be any way you want me to be. If you want me to be smaller, or bigger or anything, I’d do it just to please you.”

“Hmm. You mean if I wanted you to stay in the body you woke up in, just so other women wouldn’t want to jump you on sight, you’d do that?”

“Can I at least have the big dick?”

“Only if you promise to save it for me and no one else.”

“Well, I won’t let anybody touch it but I might stand a little further from the urinal.”

“Men. And if I wanted you to be skinny with no muscles at all?”

“It wouldn’t be easy, I already know that. But I could do it. You’d like that?”

“No. What if I wanted you as big as a gorilla? Say five hundred pounds of massive muscles for me to enjoy every square inch?”

“That could be interesting.”

“Is that possible? We may have to save that for later.” She thought for a moment. “I don’t know, actually, I think to tell the truth, the way I saw you first was so hot, including the heavier waistline.”

“Wow.” He looked a little stunned. “I like that one too.” He posed and preened a little, looking in the mirror. “ This is a little top-heavy. Any other changes, m’lady?”

“Do you have any idea how this is possible? It’s amazing, but I’ve never even heard of anything like this.”

“Not in real life anyway. No. I kinda remember when it might have first happened, but I wasn’t really aware and when I woke up I was my old self. Like nothing happened. But I got no clue. My parents weren‘t nuclear scientists and I wasn‘t bitten by any experimental animals or spiders.”

“Too bad, I think you’d look sexy in spandex.”

“There’s another thing for the ‘to do’ list. But you have to have a costume too. I always thought fantasy nights were a romantic idea for couples. Are we a couple?”

“Yes. I wasn’t sure. Last night when we laid down and talked. I was so tired. I wanted to be with you forever. Then when I woke up I thought I had hallucinated, or that you had tricked me, or I had dreamed it.”

“You were pretty frantic. Understandably.”

“I did think about that. You could have just let it go unexplained but you chose to open up and shared the biggest secret ever with me, You trusted me. From what you said before, I know you don’t trust easily. You trusted me.”

Rich lowered his eyes and shrugged. “I had to risk you or lose me. Funny, my own words came up to bite me in the ass. It scared the hell out of me. I guess it was a ‘moment of clarity’ as they say. I knew my choices and it was either come clean and risk you being so freaked out that you wanted nothing to do with me or be less than honest and never feel so complete as I had with you in my arms.”

Crystal breathed deep and tried to draw even further into Rich’s arms. “Complete. I like that.”

“I’ve known for a long time that’s what they meant in that song ‘You Belong to Me.’ That kind of belonging isn’t possession, it’s completion, and not finishing or ending, just finally feeling whole. For me it was the first time really feeling whole.”

Rich felt Crystal shake. Her face buried in his chest. Crying.

“Crystal, what’s wrong?”

“When I woke up.” Her voice shook “I was so confused and scared I almost ran away. I was - I didn’t know if you were you. And you made me look in your eyes and I saw it was you but I almost left and I would have hurt you . And I never want to hurt you. You’re the only man that ever loved me this much.”

Rich kissed the tears from her cheeks and They walked into the bedroom where they lay together and held each other. Rich pulled the sheet over them and she slept for a while again and as he held her he glanced over at the dust dancing on the morning sunbeams.

When she awoke, she found him changed. His oversized torso was smaller, balanced with thick legs and a more fitting midsection. It seemed to her that his veins were more pronounced and he wasn’t quite as heavily muscled as he had been at first.. He was still beautiful and his eyes still shone like he was seeing the stars for the first time. She wanted to know what was going on behind those eyes. “Wacha thinking’ lover?”

“Been all over the place. Philosophy, Fate, Faith, Fidelity, Finances, Friendship, and you know what? You’re right there in all of them.”

“How about ‘Fucking‘?”

“Well, that too.”


“What ‘hmm’?”

“I guess you do have a lot to think about. I have a lot to think about. We have a lot to think about, but you’d have things to deal with if I wasn’t here.”

“I think I’ve ‘so what’-ed most of my issues but there’s one that I have to know more than the others. It’s part insecurity and part fairness to you.”

“Shoot.” •

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