Think and Grow, Rich


By Hoosier Daddy

Rich awoke to the distressed sounds of Crystal saying his name from across the room.

“Rich! Rich! Wake up! What’s going on? Is that you? What happened to you?”

“What? What’s wrong?” Rich rubbed his eyes and scratched his chest. His eyes flew open and he knew why Crystal was so upset. “Oh, Shit.” He wasn’t completely deflated nor was he quite as large as he was when they lay down. He sat up and noticed that his firmness was not so firm. He thought quickly. Perhaps this wasn’t as bad as it might be. Calmly he spoke to the frightened woman. “Crystal. What do you think happened? What do you think is happening? Are you dreaming? Did I hypnotize you? Was last night the dream?”

“Stop it! Stop! I just don’t know!”

“That’s right. You don’t know.” Rich swallowed hard. He made up his mind to trust her but it was very difficult. “Would you get us a couple of bottles of water from the refrigerator under the bar?” While Crystal got the water, Rich went to his bag and put on a t-shirt. It was a size or two too big but it was less distracting than the softer appearance he now had. “I have a lot to tell you but before I do I want you to come sit next to me so I can look into your eyes and you can see that I’m telling you the truth.”

“Okay.” She walked over and handed him his water.

He took a long drink and motioned for her to sit down next to him. “Did you mean those things you said last night?” He held out his hand.

Hesitantly, she placed her hand in his. “Yes. At first I just wanted you for your body. I’ve been alone a long time and I get so lonely. I felt I had found someone who would hold back the darkness for a night. Then you defended my honor like a hero in a storybook and I started imagining that you could be the man of my dreams other than physically.”

“We had many of the same thoughts. I’ve pretty much learned to live with my loneliness. When I saw you yesterday, at first alls I wanted to do was to lay you. Nothing romantic, I wanted to fuck you in the back of my dad’s Cadillac. But by the time I got home and began getting ready, I wanted to show up that night and sweep you off your feet. I made the reservations and made sure the vase and things like champagne were in place. I ordered the flowers. And thought about how to buy you a few things without trying to buy you or buy your affection. I wanted you to be free from cares for at least one night if that was all we had.”

“But what happened?”

“I’ll get to that. First, I need you to look into my eyes and tell me if they’re the eyes you looked into last night.”

“When I look in your eyes, I know that it is you. I hear the same tender, loving soul in your words.” Her eyes looked at his chest and his belly. She saw that he had nice arms but they weren’t the same arms she rested in last night.

Before she could voice her confusion, Rich spoke. “Wait.” He stood and walked over to the light switch. The lights came on. Once their eyes adjusted he stood in front of her. “If the soul you love dwells in the man you see before you, could you love this man?” It was the hardest question he’d ever asked any woman and his heart pounded waiting for the answer. “I hope you’ll understand this better than I can say it. But it’s only at this moment that I actually realize what I’ve been denying to myself. The fact is that I wish I could say no.”

Rich tried to sort out what she meant but his insecurity felt sure that she was turning down his reverting form. Why not, he would. It was all he could do not to concentrate on sending his mass back into his muscles. He wouldn’t be as huge as before but he’d prove to her that he could still please her. Still he would not. “No?”

“No, I can’t say ‘no‘. Because I always knew that the man who I could love might not be my gentle giant. But I also knew that he would want to be, and in his heart he would be. . . and you are.” She took a drink and didn’t raise her eyes until Rich spoke to her.

“Crystal, if we had met only a short time ago I would still have wanted to be that gentle giant, but I wasn’t him. If you’re saying that you could love me. You could have loved me then, because I am still the same man I was inside. Crystal, do you love me? Or are you too disappointed?”

“I’m not disappointed, I’m confused. How could I be disappointed? I’ve found a beautiful soul who I think wants to be the man of my dreams. Who has the romantic heart that made me forget the cares of the world and brought me here and made love to me in ways that had nothing to do with sex.” Then she astounded Rich with the question he wanted her to ask. “Rich, do you love me?”

He stepped closer and sat next to her. “I’ve been searching all my life for you. I’ve longed for someone who I could trust and now I’ve been put in a place where I have had to choose to trust you or lose you. I have been backed into a corner by fate and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, I love you and I trust you. Now I know that we’ve only known each other a day and how can you tell in a day?”

“I thought about that too.”

“Why not? A week ago I would have fought against the very idea that I could be this sure this soon. Then yesterday I found out something that I would have sworn was impossible. If the impossible is possible, why can’t I find my true love in one day?”

“Okay, but that doesn’t explain what happened-”

“To my muscles. This is going to be hard to believe. I mean I find it hard to believe myself. More often I’ve just been going with it. The fact is I’m half expecting Rod Serling to start a voice-over any minute.”

She put her hand on his thigh. “You mean it ‘s been stranger than waking up with smaller muscles than you laid down with? By the way, you still have a pretty good build.”

“Believe it or not this is a hell of a lot better than it was three, no two days ago. Good God, has it only been two days?”

“What? Three days ago you were?”

“A flabby, middle aged man with a little dick. Smaller than it is now. Look, I said it was hard to believe.”

“You mean that’s gone too? Damn.”

“You’re telling me. Hopefully it’s not gone for good.”

“You mean you have an adjustable dick?”

“Actually it’s my entire body. It’s like I woke up in a comic book. You saw Unbreakable? With Bruce Willis? Yesterday- , the other day- , the day before yesterday-, shit.”

“Take it easy, Rich. Take a deep breath.”

“I discovered that I could change my body by willing it. Right now I’m scared shitless that it went away as suddenly as it came.” They sat there silently for a moment. “No.”

“I told you it was hard to believe.”

“That’s not what I was no-ing. I mean I saw you yesterday and I see you now. You can’t change that much in one night, it ‘s impossible.” She held up her hand before Rich could speak. “But it must be possible ‘cause it happened. You say that before you were my big ol’ love machine,” She slid her hand up to where she had discovered his girth before and stopped. “Before you were big , you were fat?”

“Yeah.” Rich’s mood was falling rapidly.

“Well, it seems to me that if it was gone for good, You’d be fat again. All of what you gained would have left while you slept.”

“You could be right. The last time I slept I softened a little. But since I had eaten I still had the size.”

“That makes as much sense as any of this.”

“Yeah, the first time I channeled all my fat into nutrients and with exercise, I was able to make my muscles grow.” Rich became quiet considering whether to tell Crystal about all that he had done. “I evidently used up too much of my reserves. I remember being very hungry. That night I pigged out so when I woke up I still had my gut. I thought it had been a dream.”

“I know the feeling.”

Rich chuckled “I guess you would.”

“But it wasn’t a dream.”

“It was unbelievable. I was half asleep and walked into the bathroom for my morning whiz and my dick was like filling my entire hand. Then I went back to the mirror and instead of imagining myself with muscles I’ve got them for real.”

“You said you had a gut? Like now?”

“It was worse. You remember the big power lifters back in the seventies? Strong as hell with those huge guts. It was like that. It was six of one and half dozen of the other. Mostly I was amazed at having real muscles but I still had to look past my stomach to see my dick.”

“That was yesterday morning?”

Rich paused to recollect. “Yes. Then like a special effect my gut starts to firm up and I feel the energy, the strength spreading into my muscles and they started to grow. I didn’t go all the way with it. When I stopped I looked like a pro wrestler or a circus strongman.”

Crystal found herself being turned on by Rich’s description. Still she sat next to Rich and waited for him to finish his story.

“I always thought that they looked more like regular people than bodybuilders do. The weirdness wasn’t over. I evidently had put a frozen roast in the oven the night before. It was still frozen so I set it on low as it could and still cook. I knew it would take all day and I had to test my strength. So I went to the gym down the road from the Angus and put myself through the paces.”

“Like what?” Crystal could practically see the man she waited on yesterday as Rich spoke. Maybe if he remembered his strength his body would remember it too.

Rich stood up and began pacing. “What if it is gone? Why would you want a fat old man when you’re so beautiful?” Rich stripped off his shirt and threw it on the bed. “Hell, I can’t even compete with the memory of the man I was last night. Size doesn’t matter my ass!”

“Rich, you haven’t even tried. Besides, you aren’t getting away from me that easy. It wasn’t your muscles that made me feel so wonderful! It was you. You made me feel loved, and I can’t let that go. Now that it comes down to it.”

The sorrow in Rich’s voice announced his fears. “Please don’t patronize me.”

To Crystal’s amazement, Rich’s form was changing. His arms were smaller and his legs were also shrinking. His confidence was reverting as was his build. In mid stride the silken boxer shorts dropped off the man, leaving him naked in every way in front of the woman he loved: the first woman he really loved.

Tears welled in his eyes as he sat on the side of the bed, his back to Crystal. “I’m sorry I’m not the man of your dreams.” A bitter laugh escaped his lips. “If I thought I could buy your love I’d shower you with every gift I could give you, but -”

He didn’t get the chance to complete his thought. From behind him, Crystal pulled him back onto the bed. She lay on top of him. Holding his face in her hands, she kissed him. Her tongue past his lips and with more passion than he had seen the night before she removed every thought from his mind.

The softness of the lace she wore felt heavenly against his skin. Her breasts rubbed gently against his chest. She looked into his eyes. “You still have a tongue, don’t you?” She moved around him onto the bed so that she was kneeling next to his head. I said that this one had something special.” She reached down and stroked his chest hairs. “This is still nice.” She said truly enjoying his body. With the other hand she reached down and with a single motion removed the crotch of her panties. Rich turned his head and kissed her thigh. The scent of her flooded his primal being. The alpha male within him reached out and found her moving over him. She worked her way down his soft belly. The animal grace that moved them into position drove them to explore with their mouths the pleasure palaces of each other’s body. His hands gained knowledge of the shape of her legs, the smoothness of her skin and the wonderful contour of her ass. His tongue darted over her most sensitive places, making her move excited and exciting.

So exquisite was the thrill of bringing her pleasure, Rich was virtually unaware of the veins that Crystal watched while she brought him closer and closer to climax. Her fingers sought the places she had read of in magazines. She moaned and he moaned. She hadn’t gone down on Rich the night before. They had both been exhausted and had fallen asleep. Somehow this was even more satisfying, proving her love was for the man and not simple lust. Still, it crossed her mind that…

Suddenly her own body shook with a wave of pleasure, then another and another. In response she attacked the rigid cock instead of gently caressing it with her lips. She felt the muscles beneath the rounded belly beneath her tense as Rich thrust his hips upward. She took all of him into her mouth.

The heat of his body and the slickness of his skin as he began to sweat made her clutch at his body. The aggressive pull as she continued to suck on his throbbing member sent Rich into ecstasy as he leaned his head back and rubbed his bristly chin between her legs. Her breath on his balls felt wonderfully cool as she pulled her mouth off him for a moment. ”Your cock is getting bigger! Rich, it’s growing!” Without even slowing her assault on his prick, Crystal slid off to the side so her man could see.

“I could feel it! See! you can do it! Rich, Grow for me!” She took the head into her mouth and felt it swell. Her hand on Rich’s gut found it firmer with each second. She pulled her lips off of his glistening rod. It was already every bit as large as it had been the previous night. Her hand squeezed the shaft and she once again tried to mouth the head. In a moment she was distracted by the transformation of Rich’s torso.

As she watched him, his hairy pecs developed. They became wider as her hand slid up over his flattening stomach. She could barely breath for her wonder. He smiled and took it in her hand kissing it. Her other hand fondled his balls, they were warm, growing, filling her hand.

He nodded downward and asked “Is it too much?”

She stared in wonder as his dick bobbed upwards moving close to her face. “I don’t know but I want to try.” She grabbed it with greedy hands straddling his thighs, his cock pressed against her lace covered breasts. The sensation was almost too much for Rich whose response was to thrust, lifting her knees off the bedspread. “I’m gonna-”

“Not yet! She moved up his body forcing his fiery cock down against his rock like abs. She slid up, her navel graced his panting lips. His hands stripped away the sheer jacket and unfastened the lovely bra. She felt the double thrill as she opened herself for his huge manhood and felt it’s tip begin its entry. At the same time, Rich lost himself in the fullness of her breasts, touching, tasting, kissing, and gently squeezing them. His hot breath and whiskered face caressed her rough and gentle at the same time. She struggled to envelope his gigantic, growing, cock. “I’m sorry, hon, It’s getting a little too big. I can’t -”

“Wait. I can, uhn, oh, I have to,” and Rich closed his eyes. He felt the power building in his dick retreat into his body. Crystal slid further onto her rigid partner. She could feel the heat as the oversized mast shrank to a more manageable size and the sweat shone on his skin. She was aware of his changing form beneath her. The thickly muscled waist continued to diminish. Its bulkiness slimming into a chiseled washboard. She felt heat flow into his legs but even more was surging into his upper body.

She ran her hands through his hair and tried to kiss him, his incredible shaft was still too long. She couldn’t slide down far enough to meet his lips. It made her happy that he was getting so much pleasure from the girls, as she called them. She loved his attention and his beard tickled so. She couldn’t believe the size of him. She reached down and felt the base of his solid, pounding, cock. Her hand couldn’t wrap around it or even reach his balls.

She didn’t want to upset him, but his thrusts were knocking the wind out of her. “Ow.”

He knew and instantly she felt him retreating. The mass of his dick was transferring to his churning balls. “Is that better?”

“Yes, that’s better. I always wondered what that might be like but to tell the truth last night was perfect.”

“I don’t know. The energy or mass or whatever, it’s got to go somewhere.” His dick yielded its magnitude and Rich’s chest and arms swelled a little more. With the mass of his gut and his monstrous dick now in his upper body, his muscles were so big his hair couldn’t hide their definition.

Crystal felt relieved as she clamped onto Rich’s perfectly large shaft. She was free to move with her man again. His massive cock had been uncomfortable and she felt impaled. Now she met his thrusts and she could tell he was nearly ready. She reached over and grabbed his shirt and smoothly she climbed off him.

His surprise and confusion wasn’t enough to calm his passion. She wiped his dick off and began stroking him. She worked him closer to climax and squeezed him, holding it back. Again and again she prevented his release until he panted “This is it!”

She devoured his dick and sucked hard. The physical attack on its hypersensitive head was more than enough to blow his mind and his load. She pulled off, thinking he must be done, but Rich closed his eyes and spewed load after load. His cock finally stopped and softened. He breathed deeply but never opened his eyes.

“Well, that was a mess. You awake?”

“Yeah, Wow. Yuck.” •

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