Think and Grow, Rich


By Hoosier Daddy

“Promises, promises.”

“It isn’t much but it is open twenty four hours.”

They walked into the store but before they split up he told her to pick out whatever outfit she wanted for tomorrow and something comfortable for tonight. He also made it very clear that she was not to consider the price. Before he started off, she asked if he didn’t want to see her try them on.

“Darlin’ if I even thought about you naked in that fitting room, we might get arrested.”

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. She felt like Cinderella. He smiled through clenched teeth and walked away trying to think of what he was going to the sporting goods department for. About thirty feet down the aisle he remembered the cooler. By the time he returned to the woman’s department with his cart and the cooler and a few additions. Crystal was gone. He circled the area and from the Men’s underwear aisle he heard her call.

She ran up to him with an armload of dresses and lace. She draped them over the cart. The last item she placed in the cart was a shiny pair of silk boxer shorts. Rich lifted the hangar and commented. “Aren’t these a bit big for you?”

“I thought we’d match, at least while we were wearing something.”

“And those?” He indicated a package of designer briefs.

“I thought you should try something new.”

He picked up the package and looked at her. “How do you know I don’t already wear - Oh, my god these have condom pockets!” He dropped them back in the cart and began pushing the cart to the front of the store.

“Are they the right size?”

“They aren’t included.”

“Not the condoms, the shorts.”

“Oh. No problem. Who thinks of these things?”

“Well If you didn’t, we’re stopping by that aisle too.”

“Are you kidding, I got a variety.”

She entwined her arm around his as she walked beside him. With her free hand she reached over and stroked his bicep laying claim to the arm and the man attached to it. As they entered the checkout line she whispered

“I hope you bought enough.”

He remembered to pay for the ice but almost forgot to get it from the big freezer at the front of the store. Crystal told him he might want to hold one of the bags on his lap until they got to the room. He stopped long enough to put the ice in the cooler. “If this doesn’t fit in the trunk, I’ll have to put it in the back seat. I didn’t think of that.” He opened the trunk and inside was a vacuum sealed Angus prime rib. The frost that was still covering part of the label said it hadn’t thawed yet. Rich put the meat in the cooler and put the cooler in the trunk It fit.

“You stole a prime rib!” Crystal’s voice was hushed and rapid.

“I paid for it. If it comes down to it, which it won’t, I’m sure that the owner of the Angus won’t want that tape to become evidence, - ever. Bad press, you know.” Rich opened the car door and set the bags on the back seat. Then he opened Crystal’s door. After she got in, he took his time walking the cart back to the cart corral and sauntered back to the car knowing she was dying of curiosity.

When he fastened his seatbelt he noticed that she didn’t have hers on. She leaned across and kissed his lips and practically mounted him right then and there. “If you don’t tell me what’s on that tape I’m going to ravage you right here and your beautiful plans won’t go the way you wanted.”

Rich’s voice cracked as he tried to think. “That’s a tough choice.”

“You saw the negligee. Now don’t you want to see me in it?”

“You win. Therefore I win. Climb down, buckle up and hold on. I’ll tell you on the way.” Rich backed out and sped to the parking lot exit.

Crystal backed into her seat, strategically placing her hand on Rich’s thigh. As she did she became aware that this man was not only strong as an ox, he was hung like one too. Suddenly she was the one who had to clear her mind. She rolled down the window. “Is it hot in here or is it just you, uh, I mean me.”

Rich pulled onto the highway. Tradewinds Inn was an up scale place on the outskirts of town. It was usually full during the Summer but this time of year they had several rooms open. He had made his reservations and several requests for specific amenities and quoted an arrival time as right around midnight. He had allowed for more than enough time for Crystal to find exactly what she wanted. Even with his little adventure at the Angus, and coffee at the G&H they were on time. “How did you choose your outfit so quickly?” He asked her.

“I’ve been eyeing that outfit for two weeks at the store on Fairfax and they had the same one here. Luckily they had it in my size. As far as the frilly things, there wasn’t much there I really liked, so I found one with something I thought was kinda special and went with that one. Enough of that, I want to know what was on that tape and why there’s a prime rib in your trunk.”

“When you left I only knew two things. That little slime ball I had met earlier had tried to take advantage of a woman. That was enough for me to see red. Second, from what Jo said, this wasn’t the first time he’d pulled this kind of shit. If I’d gone with my first instinct, I’d probably be in jail. So I cooled down and figured out a plan. It might have gotten me in trouble but I can afford a little trouble.”

“As it went down no one is going to say a word to the police. Only you and Jo have ever met me and no one else even has my name. I’m just that big guy that had the King Cut steak. Thanks to that, I didn’t even have to use my credit card.”

“I’ll have to call Jo tomorrow and tell her to keep quiet.”

“I suppose, better safe than arrested.”

“Okay, so everything went well. What happened? Tell me or I’m going after one of your nipples.”

“Now that’s fair. Just remember turnabout’s fair play. I’d really rather you heard about it first and then I could fill in the details.”

“Look at that, I think there’s a spot on your shirt.” Her finger slid down his chest heading for the proud little bump. “Maybe it’s just a shadow.” Her other fingers fanned out exploring the inside edge of his pec.

“If you don’t stop that there’s going to be a spot on my pants.”

She pulled her hand back brushing across the fabric. “Then you’d better tell me sooner or drive faster.’

“You’re good.”

“And when I’m bad, I’m better.”

“okay. I figured I’d make it look like Jerry was selling me a prime rib from the freezer and while we were off camera I’d scare him into straightening out his act. What the camera would see was this smiling buddy come to visit his old pal Jerry. They’d go into the freezer and disappear for a while. When we came out the old pal would drop a couple of bills on the desk so the camera could see him pay for the beef he was carrying out. It didn’t quite go as planned but it went even better.”

“Before you said you were in the cooler.”

“You are quick. I like that. Yes we did go into the cooler, not the freezer. You know you should really keep lids on the Cole slaw.”

“What has that got to do with anything?”

“Oh, look. We’re here.” Rich turned off the Highway next to an unobtrusive sign on a stone wall and drove down through trees that made the whole place look like a park.

Crystal knew from reputation where they were. “This is The Tradewinds!”

“Just Tradewinds, no ‘the’ doncha know. Sometimes you want to pull out all the stops. This is that night.”

“Can you afford this? I mean you don’t look - “

“SH! Sometimes you can’t afford not to.” He pulled the dodge into one of the five open slots. This late there was no valet. “Wait here. I’ll check us in.” He got out and walked into the ivy covered Tudor building. It looked like something from English literature. He emerged a moment later with the key to their room and a dozen roses.

He climbed into the driver’s seat and handed them both to Crystal.

“Loraine was right.” was all he said and pulled down around to the end of the building and parked next to a Lexus. He opened the back door and took out the shopping bags and his own gym bag. “I ought to get a proper suitcase.” He walked around to the passenger side of the car and asked Crystal for the key. Tears shone on her eyes and she handed him the key. “Wait there. I’ll be right back.”

She was too lost in her thoughts to even answer. She simply waited looking out the windshield at the stars. Then he was there, stooped at her side with the car door open, saying her name. “Crystal are you all right?” there was real concern in his voice. She turned to him and asked if she were dreaming. In answer he wiped her tears with a brush of his finger and said “In the words of the master, ‘I will not say do not weep, for not all tears are an evil.”

She smiled and laughed a little. “I’m ready to fall into your arms now.”

He stood and offered her his hand. She stepped out of the car and closed the door. He pushed the remote and the windows rolled up and the locks clunked home. Then like a groom carrying his bride, the alpha male effortlessly carried his love into the candle lit suite and swung the door closed. Dropping the roses onto the bed she kissed him long and deep. He let her gently to her feet but her arms were wrapped around his neck holding her feet off the ground.

He sat next to the roses pulling her down as he lay back. She straddled him and sat up bringing his hand to her breast. She undid her blouse and threw it aside. She rocked back pressing against the straining bulge that ended in a shining wet spot not next to his zipper but nearly halfway down his thigh. She reached down and squeezed the shape, feeling the heat. Rich groaned with lust that matched hers.

They fumbled through each other’s clothes, not knowing whether they wanted to escape their own clothing or unwrap the present offered by the other. Soon they were naked. She mounted him and moved with him as she busied herself, kissing and tasting and touching every muscle her mouth or hands could reach. He explored the curves of her fine flesh with strong warm hands.

He anticipated her movements and each time she brought her lips near his he kissed her. His passion built and they moved as one, frenzied, moaning, touching, tasting, until a shudder shook her body and that same shudder released him as well. They lay still, wet with sweat and panting.

“I think we forgot something” he breathed out the words.

She lay there enjoying every rock hard contour of his body. “I don’t care. That was wonderful.”

“Maybe we should get the roses in some water.”

“I kept smelling them. Yes, let’s get them into water. I want them to last like I want this feeling to last. I want to stay in your arms forever.’

“Forever’s a long time. Let’s let this symphony play one movement at a time and enjoy every note.”

“You just tell me when the maestro is ready to raise his baton.”

“You are so amazing. You’re clever and beautiful, and I love your body. I think I could hold you forever.”

“Like you said, forever is a long time.” She lay still for some time while he ran his hands over her skin, for a moment he thought she was asleep. “I’m thirsty.” Was all she said. She sighed a little as the stiffness of the day intruded on the ease she felt with her lover. ”I think I’ll put the roses in water now.” She reached over and moved the bouquet and took their place next to Rich. “By the way where are the condoms?”

“In my bag over there.”

She snuggled close, resting her head on his outstretched arm. She leaned her head on his shoulder and ran her teeth over his skin and felt the firmness of the muscle beneath. She rubbed her hand across his great chest smoothing the hairs and playing with his nipples.

“You never did finish your story.”

“This time it’s my turn. There’s something I want you to do.”

“If it has anything to do with your body, consider it done.”

“Actually it has to do with your body. I want to see it in that negligee. I want you to feel soft lace on your skin and let me hold you for a while. If you fall asleep, I’ll hold you in your dreams. When you wake I’ll make love to you while the dust dances on the beams of the morning sun.”

“I’d like that.“ The thought of sleeping in his arms made her feel safe and warm. She suddenly felt sleepy. “Loraine was right, you are a special man.” She rubbed her eyes and felt her cheek. “I did want to wash the Angus off me. Would you like to join me?”

“I would but someone has to save the roses.”

She sat up and smiled. “If you change your mind, you know where to find me.” She retrieved her discarded clothes and Rich did the same setting them next to the bags. She got out her new things and took them into the bathroom.

At the bar sink, Rich filled the vase he had requested with water for the roses. He checked to see that all his other preparations were in place. He heard the shower running and imagined Crystal’s glistening skin being caressed by the rushing water. He felt the head of his dick press against the cabinets as he unwrapped the plate of fresh fruit and removed the lid from the topping. “Not yet.” He said looking down. “She’s not even here.” He placed the roses next to the bed. He found his romantic music CD and put it in the player mounted in the wall. “Too bad it’s not a changer.” He cupped his hand over his mouth and checked his breath. He rummaged through his bag and found his shaving kit, with his toothbrush and found the other toiletries in the shopping bag. He put a box of condoms next to the bed and started for the bathroom. He stopped short and got the Silk boxers from the shopping bag.

In the bathroom, Crystal heard the door open and close. ”Are you coming in?”

“No, not this time. I’ll wait. I have to get cleaned up myself, you know. Why didn’t you tell me my breath was so foul?” He watched himself in the mirror as he brushed his teeth. His relaxed muscles shook as he brushed. It looked so strange to him. The temptation to climb into the shower was hard to resist.

He sat on the stool holding his towel and the boxers on his lap. Then he thought about the sight of Crystal stepping out of the shower and decided to wait outside where it would be slightly easier to control himself. He sat on the bed and heard the water shut off. The frosted door of the luxurious shower stall squeaked as it swung open.

“Where’d you go?”

“I wanted to respect your privacy.”


“Okay, I figured it would be bad form to nail you as you stepped out of the shower. Especially after telling you how I want to hold you and all. Besides If I take a quick shower I can put on these shorts for you.”

“Ooh, I like the sound of that. I guess I can wait too. But I really don’t want to.”

Rich heard her brushing her teeth. He thought about what a domestic sound that was and what it would be like to hear it come from his own bathroom. He caught himself dozing off and wondered how tired she must be. It was after two. “Mind if I come in?”

She spat out the toothpaste. “Sure. Only I haven’t put it on yet.”

“That’s okay, I just thought I could finish my story while you got ready and I got clean.” He came in and put his things beside hers on the small shelf. Without looking at her he stepped into the shower.

In the bright light of the bathroom, she had watched his every move. She so wanted to feel him inside her again, yet if his fantasy included her being wrapped in those massive arms and sheltered from the lonely night even for one night then it was her fantasy too. It was so sweet, so simple and so romantic. God, how she wanted to jump his bones immediately, if not sooner. The sound of the water brought her around again. “So you walked Jerry into the cooler, not the freezer.”

“So the camera sees this big guy with a shit-eating grin and his little buddy walk into the cooler and the door closes.” Rich laughed.

Crystal liked the sound of his laugh. She finished toweling off and dressed in the sheer nighty. It felt so luxurious she found herself wishing she could live like this.

“I swear I never knew I could think so fast. It was perfect. Even better than planned. I saw the trays where you got the meat thawing for the next day and the big ones, the prime ribs all wrapped in plastic. And the tubs of Cole slaw.”

“I’m dying to know what happened and your giving me inventory? Come on!”

“Okay, when the door closed, I grabbed his arms above the elbows and held him against the wall, up near the ceiling. I told him to be real still and listen up cause I didn’t ever want to have to come back.”

Rich paused to try to remember his exact words.

“I said ‘You’re very lucky I don’t know exactly what you did to make that beautiful woman that angry, because if I did, you might have to learn to walk again. Do you understand me?’ His eyes were about the size of half dollars and he didn’t say a word.”

Sitting on the toilet seat, Crystal stifled a laugh not wanting to interrupt the story. “I said ‘You better start nodding your head before I nod it for you.’ and he looked down at me and nodded. I put him down on the floor but didn’t let go of him. I said, ‘I’ve seen your kind before. In my younger days I even worked for a few. You blow smoke up the ass of those above you and they think you’re doing a great job. Yet you terrorize the ones who work for you and make their lives a living hell just because you can. Don’t you!’ He nodded again and I picked him up so his feet were off the ground and I gave him a little shake. ‘This is where you say Yes sir, or No sir! Got that?’ He said ‘Yes sir.’ And I asked him again all the while holding him in mid air. He squeaked out ‘yes sir’ and I told him there was three things he was going to do. I said first thing is you are going to sign up at the woman’s center on fourth street for sensitivity training’ and by this time I was getting a little loud ‘and you aren’t going to miss a single session or I’ll know!’ I gave him another shake and he gave me another ‘yes sir.’ I said ‘second I’m sure that a smart shit like you has cooked the books well enough to hide a missing prime rib, can’t you?’ I set him down and shifted my hand to his shoulder. He smiled like he was trying to be my friend and offered me anything I wanted, he‘d cover it. I squeezed just a little bit and pressed him to his knees. I said ‘prime rib?‘ He said ‘yes sir.’ I let go of him. He looked up at me and I glared at him and to tell the truth at that moment I wanted to smack the taste out of his mouth but I had a plan and it had one last step. I said ‘third, I’m going to give you a taste of your own medicine. I’m going to teach you how it feels to be humiliated and degraded. Now close your eyes and open your mouth.’ He did it and it was all I could do to keep from laughing cause I knew what I had in mind and he didn’t. I let him stay that way for a few seconds and told him that if he opened his eyes I’d snap his neck. I’m pretty sure he believed me. I unzipped my pants and he started whimpering. Then he said ‘How did you know?’ I just told him to shut up and open his mouth wider. He did, and I reached into one of the tubs of Cole slaw and grabbed some. I said ‘Have some slaw, Jerry!’ and shoved some into his mouth. He coughed and spit but looked up at me fuming. It was funnier than hell. I laughed at him and told him to count five and then he could come out. I smiled, picked up a prime rib and walked out.”

“That’s it?”

“Not quite. Think about the camera. I did. I walked over and set that prime rib on the desk in the back room. Then I zipped up my pants on camera. I picked up a towel that was sitting there and wiped the Cole slaw off my fingers. Just then Good old Jerry comes out right on cue. I tossed him the towel and told him to wipe off his face. He did. On camera. Then I took a couple of bills out of my pocket and dropped them on the desk. It was perfect. He just stood there looking at the money, stunned. I stepped up to him and leaned down, my back was to the camera now, blocking his reaction. I reminded him never to forget what could have happened and what would happen if he didn‘t do as he was told. I tilted my head and whispered the last part real close, holding my hand on his shoulder again. Then I stood up strait and stepped around behind him and then I reached over his shoulder and put a five dollar bill in his pocket. I made sure that the camera saw that it was money. Then I squeezed his nipple and picked up my roast and left. Now you think about only what the camera saw. I’m sure he didn’t.”

“Oh, my God! It looked like he gave you head in the cooler!” “Not only that It looked like I paid him.”

Crystal’s laugh sounded like music to Rich. Her approval roused his pride and his cock. He turned to the wall so she wouldn’t see his erection through the glass door of the shower. He wanted to revel in his satisfaction for a while before satisfying his desire.

“Are you about clean? ‘Cause I want to make you dirty again.” “I’ve got a problem.”

“What do you need? What kind of problem?”

“I need you to wait outside or you’re never going to see me in those silky boxers you liked so much.”

She left, but as she pulled the door closed she said “Think about baseball!” The door shut behind her.

“Oh, yeah, sure. Like that’s going to help.” As he dried off he thought about the future. Was he falling in love? Was she? Did he want this to go on? Old doubts that belonged with his old body brought him down. He slid on the silk boxer shorts. They fit well. The soft material felt good against his skin. The shape of his dick could be seen within the glossy fabric but not too obscenely. He smeared on some deodorant and sprayed on his cologne. He shut off the lights and stepped out into the candle lit room. Crystal had found the stereo and Travis Tritt was singing ‘Can I Trust You With My Heart.” She came to him with two glasses of champagne.

“You look good in those.”

“They feel good. I may switch to boxers.” He took the glass and slid his arm around her waist. “Though the world may end, this moment will last forever.” They drank to each other then kissed. She set her glass on a the nightstand and he set his beside hers. She led him by the hand to the open space at the foot of the bed and they danced to ‘We’ve Got Tonight.’ •

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