Think and Grow, Rich


By Hoosier Daddy

“I suppose we will.”

She made several more visits to his table to refill his water and each time he was closer to finishing the big slab. She had to take her break and when she came back he was gone. He had finished the meal and when the manager had canceled the bill, he dropped a twenty on the table and said to make sure she got it. The manager was not above stealing a tip and letting the waitress think she had been stiffed. However, when the man with arms the size of his own legs sized him up and told him to “Be sure she gets that.” there was no chance he would let anyone touch that table until she picked up her tip.

Rich went home and stripped out of the new clothes. He had not willed away all his gut before going to the gym and with his belly stretched with food he didn’t like his look. Funny, he had never really liked his look before but he never realized he could do anything about it. He remembered vaguely getting dressed for prom night. The rented tux wasn’t fitted right or he had gained two inches in two weeks. He stood in front of the mirror struggling with the pants.

He remembered his red face as he held his breath and sucked in his stomach. He felt dizzy and stumbled to the bed. He fell back onto the bed and continued to strain. He remembered thinking, “If only I had gained three inches on my dick instead of my waist.” He lay there panting and wondering what he could do. He figured he could borrow his father’s dress slacks and maybe no one would notice. Hell, no one noticed him anyway. He tried one last time to fasten his tux pants. To his amazement, they fastened without a tug, just like when he had them fitted. He figured all he had to do was relax. The pants still didn’t fit quite right in the crotch, but at least they were fastened. He picked up his date in his dad’s Cadillac. It was the happiest night of his life. Several times he caught girls looking his direction. That night they took the long way home and he lost his virginity in the back seat.

After that, he had a reputation at school. He was known as “Big Dick.” He thought it was because of his weight, and hated it. True, that night he thought his dick was bigger than it had been. It was back to it’s normal stubby self the next morning. He wrote it off as something about the first time. Now he wondered, what if he had had this ability all that time? What would his life be like? How big would he be?

With that thought, his dick roused itself and stood out a throbbing nine inches. He grabbed it watching his arms crowd his pecs and seeing both hands work his monster. Its head stuck out past his gut. He wanted more. More dick and less gut. His pumped muscles fought for attention too. He felt his stomach churning and tightening. Once again he watched his veins appear.

This was different somehow. Then he knew. Before his body was processing his own fat, not food. Then last night he had eaten in the kitchen and rebuilt his reserves. Now he had both reserves and a full belly. He could feel his pulse in his dick as it grew warmer then just grew. His entire body was heating up. The sweat glistened on his shoulders the drops running down his skin under his hair.

His gut was beginning to shrink and he watched as his already huge muscles gained definition through sheer size. His dick was bigger too. He had no thought about growing too large. This time there was no such thing. His cock was growing longer and thicker as he watched, ten, twelve inches long but his gut still blocked his view. It didn’t matter that even round, his abdominal muscles showed, he had to shrink it further.

He willed its mass to spread into all his muscles and it obeyed. Spread out it was still lot of muscle. His pecs expanded and his traps bulged higher. His arms filled out in every detail. His forearms had definition usually seen on thighs. The split of his biceps could be seen without flexing and the curve of his triceps could be seen from the front. He felt his back try to push his arms out from his body but he still stroked his massive cock.

It was now well beyond a foot long and every stroke brought him closer to climax. He let go long enough to pose in the mirror with his freakish physique shining with sweat. Computer Graphics had never produced such an image. He had huge peaking biceps and layers of square strapped pecs under shoulders broad beyond belief, a cock the size of a summer sausage jutted out just below the most fantastic midsection ever seen, all this was supported by legs that could have lifted a cement truck.

He was beyond anything he had ever imagined. He reached down to stroke his magnificent manhood but his immense pecs and vast lats would not allow him to reach it. He concentrated on his muscles that were preventing him from pleasuring himself and watched as they lessened ever so slightly. He felt the mass leaving his torso and flow into his gut again. Some of the definition faded as his mass was diverted back to reserves. This was incredible. He could control his mass and form his body to his desires.

He grabbed his fourteen inch prick and watched as it expanded to sixteen and further. He couldn’t encircle it with both hands but he busied himself caressing its every inch. It was close to his face but his pecs kept it from touching. The feel of his dick rubbing across his chest hair was so wildly erotic that he closed his eyes and leaned his head back moaning.

He let himself drift into a sexual euphoria. Hugging his dick tight against his chest feeling the wiry hairs excited him like nothing he had ever felt before. Precum oozed out glistening in his chest hair and dribbling down his abs. It flowed over his hands and down the shaft. He rubbed it over his cock thinking of his waitress with the nice rack, wishing he could rub his gleaming tool over her naked flesh. He wanted to see those beautiful titts and feel them on either side of his cock as he thrust close to her waiting tongue.

He knew he couldn’t be as big as he was now without frightening her but right now his dick throbbed. Its indescribable immensity was matched only by its sensitivity. He had enjoyed pleasuring himself before but this level of arousal was something he had never considered real, let alone achieved. He forced the head down and pointed it at the tub some five feet away.

He gave one more stroke and came harder than ever. His cock spewed and his entire body tingled. The blood roared in his ears and he felt his hips thrusting like some sex crazed animal. His muscles yielded some of their mass and he felt their power streaming into his balls. They churned and grew. They doubled in size and his dick expanded anew. He staggered to the tub and pumped his mammoth cock barely reaching the tip.

He knew no human could contain such a monstrous rod. Yet the bigger it got the better it felt. It must weigh more than five pounds by itself and was nearing two feet long. His muscles were still massive but his cock had stolen much of what he had gained from his earlier feeding and still it grew. He felt himself come again and again, but it seemed that his dick didn’t release the load. Instead he felt it get bigger with each orgasm.

He tried to fight the immense pleasure building in his immense cock but each wave of ecstasy shook his concentration. He stepped into the tub and hugged his ever-increasing shaft. Its tip was up to his chin now and so wide it was beyond human. He drew it towards his face and rubbed his rough whiskered cheek against its outsized head. Like a shaken champagne bottle his dick erupted.

He sprayed his own face and blew cum on the ceiling. The power that had swollen his monster cock surged through the blood engorged member and fired the balls to new levels of production. Its girth dwindled as its energy fed his balls. He felt he would come again any moment and wondered if he would shoot or if his massive schlong would again create the orgasmic feedback and begin swelling even more.

If the pleasure cycle hit him like it did before would he be able to resist. He didn’t resist last time. It was the rush of sensation and stimulation from wiskering his own dick. He reached up and touched his cheek. Not only was it rough with stubble it was coated with cum. He knew he smelled it but had not thought of what had just happened. He wiped his face on the washcloth hanging above the soapdish.

He tasted a strange taste and realizing what it was and began spitting. He was glad he was in the tub. He turned on the water and when the spray hit his still stiff dick, the sensation practically knocked him out. Without a thought, he pulled the monster to his mouth and began kissing and caressing it. The tingle that he felt a few minutes ago returned and stayed. He felt the colossal head shrink and the mass drained back into his nutsack.

The water pulsed, thudding into his swelling balls. His cock lost its unfathomable girth and yet stayed within easy reach of his possessed tongue. He knew what he was doing and didn’t care. It had never been possible before so it was neither right nor wrong. It was just pleasure. He bent the tip into his mouth and began to suck. His lips and tongue excited him like his hand never could. He felt his dick grow smaller around and longer at the same time. It fit into his mouth and as he stroked and sucked his own cock, he felt his balls finally release like a garden hose. His cock grew a little longer and he shot load after load into his own stomach. The rush of the orgasms seemed to go on for a long time. When he stopped his balls had returned to normal and his cock flopped down past his knees. His belly was round and full. The gargantuan cartoon-like muscles had dwindled to more human proportions. The water ran warm over his freakish body.

He didn’t know what time it was and staggered into the bedroom. As he passed the mirror he had trouble recognizing himself. Not only was he still freakishly muscled, but his distended gut blocked his view of a dick that would shame a bull. He looked at the clock. It was only eight thirty. He smiled when he realized that he could reshape his body as it had been at dinner and still be waiting for his waitress at ten. He headed back toward the bathroom.

“You’d think that after what just happened, I wouldn’t still be horny.” He said to the mirror. With that he looked at his gut and his dick. He remembered that he had sucked his own cock and the room began to weave. He staggered into the toilet and fell to his knees in front of the stool. He wretched and heaved but nothing came up. He stood up and thumped his belly. It was round and solid.

If he willed all its mass into his muscles he wouldn’t fit into the new clothes he’d bought and he’d probably scare his date. He had to see what it was like anyway. Rich stared at his reflection and watched as his stomach grew smaller and his muscles grew larger. He realized that he was definitely bigger than he was before and he liked it. It felt amazing. Somehow he knew the function and shape of every muscle as it expanded. He watched as his muscles grew from nice to grand. His back widened and his chest blew up rebuilding that magnificent muscle shelf. He wondered how huge he’d look if he shaved his chest. He strutted around feeling the air on his skin enjoying how aware he was of his body.

Still fresh from the shower he took a moment to think about the day, his workout and his meal. The smell of the roast was thick throughout the house. He rushed to the kitchen and checked it. He turned off the stove and smiled. If the King Cut could make him a humongous muscle beast with a dick over two feet long, how big would an entire roast beef make him. He smiled as he set the pan on top of the stove.

Naked in the kitchen, Rich cut the whole roast into manageable pieces and set them on plates to cool. Even the most mundane things were totally different. Things seemed much more fragile. The knife passed through the meat too effortlessly and he gouged the cutting board and sent a salt shaker flying. He had some trouble with the plastic wrap, it tore like wet tissue paper. He even broke the broom while sweeping up the salt. When he was finally done, he just smiled.

He knew he couldn’t show up any larger than he had been earlier (well, maybe a little). He had to try to get back the way he was. He may have gained a little mass but not enough to matter. He shook his ass while he walked back to the bathroom mirror, starting his dick swinging from side to side. Sure, it was too big to use but it was wild to have this fantasy tool slapping against his thighs. He stood and stared at it in the mirror. Slowly it shrank He didn’t want it’s mass anywhere else yet and he began to sweat profusely. He had to burn up the energy somewhere. By the time his dick was down to its proportionate former dimensions, he was soaked and had to grab a towel to stand on. It was soon saturated.

His balls were about the size of eggs and looked very natural next to eight inches of manhood. He knew that once she got started, he could be whatever size pleased her most but he didn’t want to be too big to start with. He’d let his muscles lead the way. He thought about it some more and forced his cock down to seven inches. For all his life he would have given anything to have seven inches hard, let alone soft.

Now he had to reduce his physique. He had a paunch when she had seen him that afternoon and a bulging gut when he left. He needed to transfer some of the mass of his muscles back to his belly . He mentally went through his workout again, remembering how strong he was and how big and pumped he felt. He watched as the fullness returned to his midsection.

The brickwork over his not too trim waist made him back into the grizzly he was before. His legs may not have been this bulky but they still matched his torso. His dick remained a floppy seven or so inches. Rich shook his head and laughed. The thought had crossed his mind that with this much bulk, his seven inches looked puny. He watched as it lengthened about another inch and fattened up a bit. Perfect. His entire body glistened with sweat.

He stepped into the shower and rinsed off. The power that he controlled was intoxicating to say the least. What would he do with what amounted to super strength? He thought of how easy it was to intimidate that slime ball of a restaurant manager. He knew the type, he could see it in his eyes that he was the kind that got his jollies screwing up his workers‘ schedules and bawling out the people who worked underneath him. It felt good to bully a bully. His cock roused itself begging for his attention. It was hard not to get carried away. He knew if he got caught in the pleasure spiral he might not be able to stop in time. It was an exercise in self restraint. He finished quickly.

He brushed his teeth and trimmed up his whiskered face to a neat goatee, and put on deodorant and cologne. He dumped the bag of stuff he had bought onto the bed. He clipped the tags off the clothes and put some into his empty gym bag. He put on the dress slacks and the XXX turtleneck. It fit nicely but the sport coat was much too large, for now. He looked in the mirror and considered swelling his chest into a tighter fit.

No, he looked bigger and stronger than ever. Hell, he was bigger and stronger than ever. For a moment he wondered if he had misread the lady’s intention. Was it just good natured flirting? Well, he’d find out soon enough. He thought about the “X ethic” that unspoken concept that ran throughout porn movies that made his skin crawl. The concept that said that a woman would always enjoy sex if the dick was big enough.

Now that his cock could be big enough to fulfill anyone’s wildest fantasies, he really understood how wrong that was. The ideal was for both people to escape the concerns of the world in the temporary shelter of passion. It was strange how he could feel for this virtual stranger. He realized that he hadn’t even read her nametag. Was she wearing one? Somehow it didn’t matter.

He knew only that he wanted to make her happy if only for a night. He wanted to be her white night. He not only wanted to have sex with her, he wanted to make love. He checked his wallet and made sure that he had all he needed. He’d make a few calls, stop at an ATM to grab some cash, and make the restaurant by ten.

He drove his old reliable dodge rather than anything that would reveal his wealth. Strange, he was willing to impress her with his body and had every intention of lavishing gifts on her, but he didn’t want her to go with him because she expected it. If he showed up in a sixty thousand dollar car, there would be no surprise. She might even suspect his motives.

It was strange enough for him to suddenly realize that sexual desire was not his primary motivation. If she thought it was, so be it. They could begin the evening like a couple of consenting adults just looking to get their rocks off. If she was willing, they certainly would. He thought about it as he parked in back of the restaurant. If she was hesitant, he would be a gentleman, He wanted to see her smile again.

At ten o’clock, two women came out the back door. He rolled down the window and said “Hello.” Then he saw that neither one was his waitress. Cautiously, one of the women peered into the car trying to see his face. The other woman hurried to her car and drove off.

“Can I help you?”

“I hope so. I was here earlier this evening, and I, um, was talking to - well I didn’t get her name, but she had-”

“The good looking blond with the big boobs?”

“Ob, eh, I, Ahh.”

“I take that as a ‘Yes.’ Are you the King Cut?”

“I guess. Yes, I suppose I am.”

“You did come back. I’m Jo, short for Joanne. Ooh, Jerry’s gonna be so surprised!”

“Jerri? Is that her name?”

“No. Your friend is Crystal, I‘m her roommate and her ride. Jerry, the rat bastard, is the manager.” She said walking saucily up to the car. She leaned on the car smiling a smile that reminded Rich of the class tattle-tale. She looked him over admiring his build. “She wasn’t kidding about you. She kept referring to you as her ‘King Cut.’ She hoped that you really meant to come back. She didn’t tell Jerry ‘cause he was in one of his moods. He was probably pissed off because he had to write off a fifty dollar steak. We couldn’t believe that he didn’t steal the tip you left.”

“He didn’t fire her did he?” Rich felt his old man’s temper smoldering deep within him.

She stepped back so she didn’t have to bend down to see him. “No, he just let Sherry go home early and told Crystal she’d have to stay late. He was so fucking smug but she wouldn’t cry in front of him.”

“What?” Rich asked but he didn’t wait for an answer. He was out of the car and halfway to the door before Jo caught up to him and grabbed his arm.

“Hey! Don’t do anything stupid! There‘s a surveillance camera in there.”

Rich paused and took her hands off his arm, interrupting her grope. “Okay, I won’t. In fact I don’t think I’ll have to.” He closed the last few steps but had to side step as the door flew open, leaving him in the shadow behind the door.

“You are so lucky there’s no cameras in that freezer you son-of-a-bitch! I swear if you ever try that again, you’ll draw back a stub!”

“You’re word against mine. Who do you think they’ll believe?”

The door slammed and Crystal ran to Jo, who she thought was just waiting to give her a ride. A seething Rich chose not to rip the door off its hinges and walked quickly over to the huddled ladies. Putting his great arms around their shoulders, he asked Jo to take Crystal down the street to the 24 hour diner and get some coffee, “I’ll be right there.” The look on his face told them there was nothing to say. Whatever was about to happen was unavoidable. He waited as the ladies climbed into Jo’s little blue car and drove off.

Rich was going to pound on the door hard enough to dent it. That, he thought would send the little weasel running for cover or worse yet, he’d dial 911. He thought a moment and smiled. He opened his wallet and pulled out three bills. He folded two in half lengthwise and the other in quarters. He slipped them carefully into his pants pocket then he walked up and gently knocked on the door. •

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