One Push Too Many


By RedKage

The first thing Charles felt was a wave of nausea and a splitting headache as he began to come too. The second thing he felt was a poking feeling against his hard-

Charles was suddenly wide-awake. Above him was a very high ceiling with a few lamps hanging down, their bright lights glaring in his eyes. As h strained to lift his head, he saw that there were two people massaging his semi-hard cock. Two very familiar people.

"So youíre awake, huh, ya big cow?" Charles snapped his head towards the source of the voice. Sitting on a stool, looking very smug was none other then Cain. "Now, we can really start working."

"What the fuck do you think youíre doing Cain!?" Charles yelled. "This is kidnapping!"

"And youíre gay friend raped me." Cain said darkly. "Fairís fair."

"What are you talking about?" Charles retorted. "I heard you raped a few people yourself, you (For personal reasons, this part has been edited out, mainly because anyone who reads it would instantly hurl.)!"

Cain winced and his two friends looked a little green in the face. Then Cainís expression turned back into a broad grin. "Maybe, but thanks to you, weíll be so big no one will care."

"How do you know?" Charles asked in surprise and horror, knowing full well what they were going to do.

Cainís grin grew wider. "I knew your friend couldnít possibly get that big so fast, so I followed him after he, uhÖanyway, I followed him back to your dorm and eavesdropped. You two should really lock your doors you know." He laughed annoyingly, and his two friends laughed along with him. "The moment I saw what your cum did to him, I knew I had to have you." As if it was a signal, Cainís two cronies began stroking and licking Charlesís massive pole, making it swell to full erection. Charles couldnít help but moan in ecstasy. It just felt soooo good! He felt his balls pulse and churn, filling with his seed, ready to shoot his load.

Cain, grinning widely all this time, moved his seat directly under his swelling cockhead. Unable to do anything to prevent him, Charles gasped as pre started to leak out, pouring right into Cainís open mouth!

Here Charles was, kidnapped and trapped down by his own massive shaft, with two idiots rubbing his massive hardon while Cain was using him for a cum shower! Charles could do nothing but moan and gasp for air as he ejected more and more muscle growing seman onto Cain. Within a matter of moments, Cain had swelled up to Mr. Olympia class size. Charles couldn't help but feel jealous of Cain. He eyed Cain up and down, trying to see the monster he had created.

Cain was a muscle GOD! Each muscles bulged with perfect beauty, with sexy veins streaked all over them. His biceps were at least 30 inches around! His pec hung powerfully over a set of the deepest and most perfect ten pack Charles had ever seen! The man's lats and shoulders were so broad and wide, there was no way he could walk through a doorway without going sideways. And those quads! Legs had always been Cain's weakest points, but now that was long gone. They were so big and wide that they pressed against each other. Now Cain would have that bodybuilder walk Charles had always wanted.

Charles couldn't help but whimper as he watched Cain step out from under his cockhead and feel his new engorged muscles. Cain's two cronies took this opportunity to jump under the cum shower and start to soak up all the cum they could get. Soon they were the same size Charles was before this had all started.

"Now that's a good cow." Cain laughed as he smacked Charles in the balls, causing a large squirt to emit from his dickhead. "Now that you're feeding us some of your ultra rich milk, I'll never lose another contest again. Hell, I'll be Mr. O every year for the rest of my life!"

"Then let me go already!" Charles snapped. "You got what you wanted, so you don't need me anymore!"

"Nice try, but I already seen what happened to the fag." Charles laughed. "He shrank right back down after a certain amount of time, so I'm gonna need a steady supply of my 'magic' elixer." Cain gave Charles's ball a small squeeze, causing a world of pain to him as he cried out. Cain kept his hold on Charles's ball, squeezing even hard. The pressure forced some more cum to eject, which Cain's buddies quickly mopped up into several containers. Charles kept on crying out in pain until finally he passed out again.

* * *

"Wake up!" Some one shook Charles's shoulder. Charles moaned as he opened his eyelids and turned his head towards the speaker.

"Sorry it took me so long, but I needed to wait for them to leave." Darren said, smiling over Charles.

"Dammit.....look what you've done to me...." Charles said weakly. He couldn't tell if he was happy or mad at Darren right now. He just felt so weak and tired.

"I'm sorry Charles, I really am." Darren said, pulling a syringe and a clear bottle out of his pocket. "But I'm gonna finish this once and for all."

"But Darren...." Charles started, but he didn't have enough strength to finish. He felt like he was going to pass out again.

"Listen, they next time they, er, milk you, you gotta blow as much as you can." Darren muttered as he injected the syringe into Charles' arm. "In fact, keep on going until you you spill every last possible drop. JUst trust me on this, okay?" Charles was going to respond, but then he lost conciousness once more.

* * *

Charles woke up just as his massive dick was on the verge of climaxing. Cain and his two buds were back to their normal sizes again, and was trying to squeeze some more cum out of Charles again. They didn't seem to notice he was awake, which was fortunete for him. As Charles felt the ecstacy clouding his mind, he remembered what Darren had told him. Slowly, he moved his hands up towards his nipples, gritted his teeth, and pinched down as hard as he could.

It was like having a volcano erupt. Charles's most powerful climax shot all the way up to the warehouse roof , causing it to dent, then rain down on them all. The three kidnappers stopped what they were doing and danced around, mouth open and hands rubbing, trying to soak it all in. For 15 minutes straight, Charles kept on going until he finally felt that his balls were actually starting to feel drained. Yet He didn't let up. He in fact started to play with his nipples, pulling and pinching, just to stimulate himself even more.

While Charles was forcing himself to cum, Cain was busy enjoying his new growth. He had taken in far much more then he did the last time, and he didn't care. He felt his muscles pulse and push, fighting for space on his frame. Slowly, he grew bigger and bigger, the pounds adding on. 300, 310, 330, 400, 500! The man just kept on growing! He was having trouble moving his arms and legs, but he didn't care. He was drunk on growing bigger. Soon, his quads had pushed up against each other so hard and so strong that Cain lost his balance and fell on his giant bubble butt, causing a small crater to form in the concrete ground from the impact. The same happened to the other two, as they all became literally musclebound. After what seemed like forever, Charles felt the last drop of cum leave his cock. Slowly, he sat up again and looked around. Already the seman on the ground was slowly evaporating, probrably leaving no trace of itself once again. There was also three large flesh colored boulders in the middle of the room.

"Flesh colored....OH MY GOD!" Charles realized that those massive lumps were actually Cain and the others. They had became so big that Charles didn't recognize them. As Charles looked more closely, he spotted arms and legs, and even the heads, but they were all so pumped up with muscles that it was hard to tell.

Charles then realized something; He was actually sitting up! Looking down, he saw, with much relief, that his dick and balls were now more normal sizes. His dick was now 10 inches and he had lemon sized balls. Okay, so they weren't exactly normal sized, but compare to what they HAD been, they were good enoguh. Charles was almost afraid to touch his cock, figuring it was just an illusion. He reached down and gave it a small tap. He nearly jumped up in surprise when he felt it. As he stared at it, his gave shifted over to his hand.

His hand was now very sinewy, connected to a very large wrist, connected to a massive forearm, which was....

Instantly his hands darted around his body. His biceps were pumped up to the size of cannonballs. His pecs jutted outwards heavily with pure rock solid mass. His stomach was once again flat and ripped. He had his body back! In fact, he was roughly 100 pounds bigger then before!

"Someone tell me I'm not dreaming!" Charles yelled happily.

"You're not." Darren said, entering the warehouse. "And this time, it's permamnent."

"It is?" Charles said, looking hopefully at Darren. "It's not gonna go away like it did before?"

"Nope! You're normal for good!" Darren laughed, helping Charles back onto his feet. "I devised the antidote and injected it into your arm. All the excess chemicals that I put in there in the first place was flushed out of your system. And unfortunetely for these three..."

Darren tapped one of the muscle bound men. There was a soft moan from somewhere. "I doubt that they'll be able to say much until they bulk down in a few years or so."

"Will they be alright?" Charles asked, halfway concerned about them. "I mean, you think they'll tell?"

"I doubt it." Darren smirked. "From what I've seen, they'll have a lot of trouble remembering their own names when their brains are trying to take in and control all this muscle mass. See, look at this."

Darren walked around the giant man until he came to the head, which was about 1/100th the size of the body. "You remeber who I am?"

"Buuru?" Cain replied, looking up with dreamy eyes. "Buuuvuuva!"

"See? Complete idiocy." Darren laughed. "Now let's get out of here before the police arrives to take care of them."

Charles smiled broadly as he placed his hand over Darren's shoulder as they walked out of the warehouse as two best friends. •

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