Power of Worship, The


By BGryphon18

It's one of the most basic laws of nature: Matter and Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, merely changed. The problem is changing it into something you want. My problem? I want muscle. Lots and lots of muscle. It's been an obsession of mine since before I knew the meaning of the word. However the problem with muscle is that it takes a long time, and a lot of hard, grueling work to develop to the point that I like. I should know. Being 6'2" and roughly 200 pounds of equally proportional fat and muscle, I know all about the hard work to develop a ripped, powerful physique. I keep active, but I don't devote myself to the sport. Hours in the gym, a strict diet, supplements, and more cardio then I care to think about are what it takes to sculpt a body into the Superman levels that I dream of. See I don't want to be huge myself, I want to serve a Titan of Muscle. To feel every bulge and flex, to kiss and caress ever muscle to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, there are very few really big muscle guys around who are into being worshipped, and even fewer of them will acknowledge me. Don't get me wrong, I don't look bad per say, just not attractive enough that most muscle guys will talk with me. See, I've discovered that they like to have guys that are more defined then I am before they will allow you to worship them.

I'm not just a muscle junkie who will fawn over someone who has a six pack and some nice arms. I need someone who is so packed with muscle that they are almost immobile. Basically I have very strict qualifications for my ideal body. What do I consider the ideal body you ask? Well there is one guy, we'll call him Peter, that I would love to look like. Picture if you will a 5' 10" 240 pound Hercules of a man. Everything about him exudes muscle god. Monstrous arms, gargantuan pecs, rippling abs, titanic thighs, and from what I can tell during our infrequent chats, quite a sizable package. We've chatted a few times and he's a great guy who will listen to anyone that has questions on proper lifting technique, eating habits, etc. But if you really want to capture his attention, compliment him. Tell him how great he looks, ask him to flex for you, anything that That's how I found out about his desire to grow more. To become bigger and stronger then anyone and everyone. It's hard to describe, but something about this man unlocked a door that was buried so deep in my brain even I didn't know it was there. I have always had fantasies about muscle growth and worship, but this was different. It was as if I was put on this Earth to help him grow and evolve to something beyond human. So I decided that I would find any and every way possible to help this man grow as much as his body could hold. Then, if possible, find someway to go beyond what his body could hold to truly superhuman levels.

Like I said, I've been interested in muscle growth forever. I've read anything I can find on the subject from fantasies of other guys, to actual research on the subject. There have been several advances within the past few years in the way of enhancement drugs to help push the human body to its maximum potential, but I needed something beyond maximum. That's what led me back to the matter=energy law and down the road of the metaphysical and even magical. It has been believed for centuries that the mind is the most powerful thing we know of. Stories of psychics, witches, and even amazing mind over matter stories of mothers lifting cars off of their children. Somehow there had to be a way to link my desire of muscle into a physical reaction. Someway that through the sheer act of wanting, I could make muscles grow.

Months of research, hundreds of dollars for supplies, and countless hours of practice had finally yielded results. I had unlocked a part of my mind that allowed me to change most forms of matter or energy into raw muscle power. I had done the experiment on myself numerous times and had managed to loose quite a bit of fat and gain a sizable amount of muscle. Now it was time to see if I could do the same for someone else. I decided that I would go to the local gym and see if I could help out some of the locals with some muscle growth of their own.

"Hey Josh! Long time no see. How have you been?" That would be him, the one we call Peter. He's the receptionist at the gym and the object of my obsession. Fairly good looking, incredibly built, but not someone who would really be interested in me.

"Hi Peter. I'm good. Just felt like getting in a workout today." I tried to get through the reception area as fast as possible before...

"Looks like you've been making progress! You're looking really good." Too late, he noticed. Well I guess I'll have to explain this somehow.

"Thanks. I've been doing some extra work at home to help move things along." Sounds plausible, though dropping over 20 pounds of fat and replacing most of that with muscle nearly overnight does kind of stand out. I had already started to move into the main gym when I heard him say:

"Well keep it up. We'll make a muscle stud out of you yet." Wait, what? Peter's a good guy and all, but he never paid much attention to me other then my paying him for my rarely used gym membership. I stopped, turned around and looked back to see him realize what he had said, flush a bit, and try to look busy. I couldn't help but grin. Well, well, well...looks like I'm not the only one in this town into muscle. This could work to my advantage.

"Maybe eventually, but I'm a long ways away from stud material. I don't suppose you're done with your shift soon are you?"

"Yeah in about 10 minutes. Why?" Smooth Peter, very smooth. Try to act natural now that you've basically shown your true colors to me.

"Well my usual training partner wasn't able to make it today so I was going to be stuck doing cardio instead of really lifting. If you've got some time, I could really use a partner to help spot me."

"Sure! I mean... uh... yeah I've got a few hours open after work. I guess I could help you out" Wow. It's amazing the effect a bit of muscle has on people, but I guess I should know that better then anyone!

"Good. I'll go get changed and meet you in there then." I smiled, turned and made my way for the locker room to change. This was going to be fun. I was hoping to do a small test on some random guy by asking if he needed a spot, but now I'll get to do a full trial to see just how much I can do. I just have to make sure to not over due it, for both our sakes. See the only drawback for this process is that I need some material to change and the energy to change it. I brought some protein bars and drinks to provide the what, but the energy to initiate the change is me. Remember when I said that the mind is a powerful thing? Well I need to concentrate to not only direct the change, but to provide the energy to cause it. It takes neuro-chemical energy to provide the catalyst to change the muscle, or at least it's the safest source of energy. With the trials on myself I didn't go for very long so I basically felt slightly dizzy or light headed. For the last change I wanted to do something big to see how much I could do. I managed to gain almost 20 pounds of muscle before I passed out from total exhaustion. It didn't last for long as the brain recharges very fast, but it still left me drained.

After changing into my workout clothes I went into the gym and started stretching a bit and grabbed a couple of weights to warm up. I sat at a bench and started to do bicep curls keeping my eye on the mirror. Only a minute or so had passed and I saw Peter walk in from the “Employees Only” section of the gym. It was late in the day so there was only one other person in the gym, and older gentlemen who was just about done. I angled my head so that I could see him in the mirror, but it looked like I was concentrating on the weight. I saw him walk across the gym and when he got close I saw him stop for a second and mouth a “wow” before continuing over to me. I smiled inwardly and possibly a little smirk crossed my face, but vanished when I felt him over my shoulder.

“Warming up?” I had only grabbed the 5-pound weights, which would prove to be a pathetic warm up to most of the guys here.

“Yeah, just wanted to loosen up before really hitting the weights.” This was only half-true. I more wanted to see HIM really hit the weights then myself, but I’m going to have to play along now.

“Cool. I might as well do that too.” He walked over to the weight rack and picked up the 50-pound weights, sat down and slowly started to curl. I did one or two more repetitions before setting mine down, got up and walked over to him. I was more then a little impressed if he considered these to be a warm up weight, but I could tell he was straining a bit. *Show off* I thought to myself but it made me happy none the less. I now had the definite impression that he was trying to show off for me, and I was more then happy to watch. I noticed when he started to slow down a bit that I could hear him mumbling something under his breath.

“What are you muttering?”

“Hmm? Oh sorry, I didn’t even realize I was saying it out loud. I have this sort of mantra that I chant when I start to slow down. ‘I am growing with each rep'. It’s stupid I know, but it really seems to help.”

“No it doesn’t sound stupid at all. You know what they say: Mind over matter” And he was about to learn the FULL meaning of that phrase!

“Yeah that’s what I think.” That’s what I KNOW! “Anyway, I saw you doing curls, but your form was a bit off. Let me show you a different way that will maximize the results. See, when you curl the weight, once it get to the top of the motion, turn your wrist slightly inward.” As he was demonstrating I couldn’t take my eyes off of his arm. Wow, I never realized just how impressive he was under his uniform. He’s got a bit more muscle then I realized, not to mention he’s about to get a WHOLE lot more. Suddenly I found myself visualizing him growing right out of his clothes into this hulking figure lifting every piece of iron in the gym. I hadn’t even realized he had stopped curling and what’s worse is I hadn’t realized that I had started getting hard in my workout shorts. Well, I didn’t realize it until he said something at least. “Well at least we know the blood is pumping to one part of your body.”

“Hmm?” Oh shit! How am I going to explain this one? “Um…I guess I’m just excited about learning how to do this exercise right” Great. Now not only am I sporting half a hard on in front of this guy, I also sound like a complete retard.

“Right. You sure it was the technique you were excited about, or something else?” Think fast Josh, think fast… What about thinking about a hot chick I saw walking by the door! That will work.

“Of course… what else would I be excited about?” Ok, a chimpanzee could have thought of something better then that! What good is having a brain if you’re not going to listen to it?

“Well I could think of one thing that would have captured your attention.” With that he quickly flexed his arm hard again making the muscle bulge up high and hard. My dick went from half to full hardness in the same amount of time. Guess the cats out of the bag now, or should I say the fag’s out of the closet? “I thought so.” He smiled, got up and went over to the bench press and loaded up a bar. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait just a second!

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait just a second!” Sure, NOW I listen to my brain! Where was this devotion 5 seconds ago! “That’s it? You’re just going to say something like that and continue your work out?”

“Fuck yeah I am. And besides, that’s what you want isn’t it?” He’s baiting me…Maybe he doesn’t realize fully.

“For you to work out? Yeah… I mean…. Only if you want to.” Have you ever had a moment where you just wish you could slam your head into a brick wall for saying something so stupid that it would be less painful?

“I want to. And I want you to work out with me.” Ok. That sounded more like a command then a suggestion. Was he ordering me?

"And what if I don't want to now?" Empty threat since I was DYING to see as much of this man as possible. I crossed my arms over my chest trying to look defiant.

"Oh you want to. I can tell. I can see it in your eyes." If he says what I think he's about to say...

"And what's that? That you can see in my eyes?" I was starting to panic a bit here. I could feel my heart race, my face sweat, my body was on the verge of convulsing with lust and fear.

"Hunger. Not to lift, not to better yourself, but hunger for me. For my body and what I have accomplished. Hunger... for this:" With that he flexed his left arm into the most amazing display of muscle that I have ever, or will ever see again. I couldn't help it, I staggered and my mouth dropped. "See. I was right. You have a deep desire for muscle. I can always tell. Kind of like radar that I've developed over the years. I can sense when a guy is attracted to my body. I can feel his eyes following every contour of my arms.... chest... legs..." With each body part he would flex it for me, but not just flex, OH NO! These were hard contractions that made the muscle stand out in bold relief. "So what do you say? Shall we work out? Or should I just pack up and go home?"

"NO!" Ok. Now I sound totally pathetic and... well pathetic. Well he knows now and what's better, he approves! "Let's work out!" This was going to be fun. For the both of us! •

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