Jim's Story


By Muscledude49

Jim was lost. He had never walked around school without Joe at his side. He wasn’t sure exactly what to do, but he was determined. That morning he had put on a t-shirt that a couple of months ago had fit him extremely loosely, but now was tight in the chest, shoulders and arms. He also wore some shorts that really showed of his leg development. Having gone to the tanning beds at the gym he had a great tan as well. His blond hair really showed it off.

His first stop was the gym where a lot of students hung out, playing basketball and just talking. He hadn’t ever really talked to any of them and they weren’t sure what this brain that now all of sudden had muscles was about.

He went over to a group and at first just stood there. But soon they had invited him to a game of basketball. He wasn’t sure what to do, he’d seen the game, but had never played in his life. He was awkward at first, but then thanks to his working out and the formula began to get good.

They decided to play skins and shirts; Jim was picked by the skins. When he took off his shirt everyone turned to look. The girls especially were awed by his deep cut six-pack, nice pecs and shoulders. Jim wasn’t a bodybuilder by any means but had a great build now.

Afterwards a couple of the girls came over to talk to him. He kept his shirt off. They kept on looking him up and down. Finally one of them took him by the arm and said, “Let’s check out the locker room.”

In the locker room was a large closet where a lot of students over the years had discovered you could go into and no one could hear you. It was so far from everything else that no one ever went there. There was also a lock on the door.

When Sally got Jim into the room she started kissing him, he responded back and noticed his cock rising. In fact it kind of scared him how big and hard he was getting. He had had a lot of hard-on’s before, in fact every morning when he woke up but this was different. When Sally reached down to feel him her eyes got big and she back up a little to look down.

“Damn,” she said, “is that all you? You don’t have anything down in your pants do you?” Jim said, “Nope it’s all me.” “Let’s see it!”

So Jim and Sally unbuckled his belt and undid his pants and pulled pants and underwear on down. Out popped the biggest cock Sally had ever seen. And she had seen a lot of them. She got down to look at it. Her hand couldn’t go all the way around and she couldn’t believe how long it was! She began to lick it. Jim groaned. She asked him if he had ever done this before. He answered no. She took as much of him in her mouth as she could. Jim couldn’t believe the feelings he was having. He also couldn’t believe how big it was. That morning when he woke up it wasn’t that big.

Sally quickly took her jeans and top off and got Jim down on some old football uniforms. Laying down it looked like a tower jutting from his hips. His six-pack and chest looked fantastic as he lay there breathing hard. She slowly lowered her self on to him. Nothing Jim had experienced was like this. Soon he took over and began to move in an out of her, but not all the way, he didn’t seem to be able to at first, but soon was able to. They changed positions several times, from her on top, to him on top to doggy. Each experiencing something neither had before

Then Jim felt it rising up. And soon he shot a load in her that spilt out all over her and him a sticky mess.

Jim went limp as he pulled out but then started rising again in a minute when she started playing with it. They had sex 3 more times before they decided they had to get to class. Sally was sore, very sore. She had never had anything like that before.

Jim was elated. He wasn’t in love with Sally, but knew a day was dawning for him. He was a sex machine as well as a muscle guy now. He couldn’t wait to tell Joe what had happened. •

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