By Muscledude49

Jim and Joe continued to workout, take the formula and go to school. They also continued growing. Both sets of parents noticed this and began to make comments especially about the clothes and food amounts! But they were very relieved too, they were afraid the boys would grow up weak and not as healthy as they should.

After two months Jim and Joe’s arms had grown to 15”, really big for 16 year old boys who had been nothing but skin and bone. One day they decided to wear muscle shirts to school to show off some. Up to now they had worn long sleeve shirts and sweaters and covered up. When they showed up at school everyone’s heads turned and looked a second and third time. What are these nerds doing in muscle shirts showing off muscle?

Several of the younger kids in ninth grade came and asked them to flex their muscles, which they gladly did. It was so much fun to show off and be noticed for the first time. Before, the only notice they got was from the jocks that teased them and pushed them around. Today the tables were turned

Jim had noticed another difference that morning. He had woke up at 6 am and had a hard-on like he had never had before. It wasn’t all that unusual to wake up with a erection, but this one was different. It seemed harder and bigger than before. He had never measured his penis but his morning he got out his measuring tape and did so. It was 7” long and 5.5” around. Since he hadn’t measured before he wasn’t sure what it had been but he knew it was longer and thicker!

He didn’t say anything to Joe that day, but Joe had also had the experience about 2 days before. That day at the gym when they were changing clothes Jim made sure he took at look at Joe naked to see if he could see any difference there. He was amazed. He had seen Joe naked many times as they slept at each other’s house and Joe had never looked that big! Joe noticed and then glanced down at Jim’s cock that was beginning to fill out and get hard; he too started to rise up.

About that time Jerry came in and saw the boys staring at each other and the rising cocks. He had noticed that his cock was bigger too, but he didn’t have a clue as to why. All he knew was that his girlfriend was thrilled with it. He also could get it back up almost immediately after he had orgasmed with her. Both were really excited about that.

Seeing the two boys getting hard he too began to feel his cock filling up. It’s hard to hide a big cock in gym shorts and the boys heard him come in and then saw his cock in his shorts jutting out.

“Hey guys, you all are really something.” “Not only getting muscles but you all have big cocks!” Jerry said.

Joe looking at Jerry said, “Looks like we’re not alone!” “Has it always been that big?”

Joe had an idea where his and Jim’s size had come from. Jerry looked down and said, “No, just recently” “Alright!” said Jim.

“What are you saying Jim?” asked Jerry. Jim looked at Joe who just shrugged. Jim said, “Well Jerry, we have been putting something special in that protein drink we bring you each day.” “When we started working out we decided to study and find if there was something we could do to speed it up. Well, we mixed up a formula in the lab at school and have been taking it each day since the second week we have been working out. And then a week later started you on it too since you have been so nice to us.”

Jerry just stared at the boys. “What if this hadn’t been so good?” he asked. “But then again I can’t complain, I’ve put on 15lbs of muscle and my cock is fantastic. Man when I’m with my girl friend I feel like superman!”

The boys were really happy for him and for themselves. Jerry asked them if they had girl friends. Both boys looked at each other and said no. They hadn’t had time in the past with their studies and now that they were studying just as hard and working out they really didn’t have time.

Jerry said, “Boys, you have to get your lives in order. Life isn’t just work.”

Jim and Joe agreed and decided that they were also going to develop a social life as well. Truthfully they were the only friends each had. Though this was great, they knew that they needed to reach out more.

The next day at school they decided to split up for the first time ever and see what would happen and if they could make another friend. They decided that they weren’t ever going to lose the friendship that they had, but they knew that they had to broaden out. •

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