By Muscledude49

Jim and Joe continued taking the formula all the next week and went to the gym to workout. They continued with their trainer, a huge guy who had been working out for years. Jerry was 5’10” and weighed 210, solid muscle and very low body fat. He had taken the two boys on because he needed the money; he didn’t think either would stick it out or grow much.

But he was astonished at their determination. They couldn’t lift hardly any weight when they began, but he could see they were really serious about working out. He began to push them harder and began to see on them subtle changes as they worked out.

The first couple of weeks were the hardest. They had to learn how to handle the weights properly and this was hard because they were so weak. However, by the end of the two weeks they were beginning to get better form and some strength to lift the weight. He could also see on their very skinny bodies some muscle beginning to take shape.

He began to really encourage them more and more as he saw the changes and began to tell them about them. Then all of a sudden change really began to take place. The third week each boy suddenly put on five pounds of muscle. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but on these very skinny boys that looked amazing. Their chests that had been flat were beginning to show some pecs, and were broadening. Their shoulders began to take on a more muscular look, as were their arms. Though the biceps could still hardly be seen you could make out a discernable bulge under the skin.

The fourth week added another five pounds of solid muscle. Their very skinny legs started to fill out, calf muscles began to form as did their quads, still not really big but bigger as did their upper half of their bodies.

Jim and Joe got to talking after two weeks on their formula, they were excited about the slow but steady growth that was happening to them, and were really encouraged by Jerry who had said over and over how much he couldn’t believer how they were growing.

Joe and Jim decided to slip him the formula as well to see how he would respond. He had been complaining of being on a plateau. So they did. Everyday they brought him a high protein drink like they had prepared for themselves.

After a week of this one-day instead of wearing a tank top Jerry was wearing a t-shirt. One that the week before had been fairly loose on him, now it was anything but loose. The arms and chest look really tight on it. He picked up a dumbbell to show Jim and Joe a different way of curling and the sleeve tore…he took the weight in the other hand and did the same with the other, and then he flexed his chest his chest and the shirt exploded. Jerry’s muscles had really pumped up and were red from the blood, veins were visible. He was amazed. He asked one of the boys for tape and measured his arms, he couldn’t believe it. The week before it had measured at 17”, now it was up to 18!!! His chest had been 48” and now it was 50”! His waist had shrunk an inch and his legs had grown as well.

The boys got to talking. Their formula was a great success! They decided that the better in shape one was and the more they could lift the better the formula worked, so they kept up at it, everyday seeing a little bit more improvement.

One morning Jim was at home eating a very large breakfast before school. Before this he bare ate anything, but now he had a huge appetite, it was almost too much for his mom to keep up with. She commented on this and even said he looked bigger somehow. This really got him excited and told Joe at school. Joe looked at his friend with as he hadn’t and noticed the changes. His color was good, he filled out his shirt nicely, and the shoulders and chest now were fuller and even his forearms looked well. He asked him to make a muscle. Jim lifted up his arm and flexed and a nice size bump rose up.

When they got to the gym they asked Jerry to measure them, they hadn’t been measured since the first day and a month had gone by now.

First Joe, his arms had been 10”, now they were 12, his chest had 34, now it was 38, his waist had been 29, now it was 28. His quads had been 16” now were 19”, his calves had been 14 now were 16! Jerry could believe it!

Jim had been a little smaller even. His arms had been 9.5, now were 11.75, his chest 33, now 37, his waist 28, remained there, his quads had been 15 now were 18.5, his calves had been 13.5 and now were 15.5. Again Jerry just scratched his head.

“Fantastic boys!” he said! After working out Jim and Joe were in the locker room and were asking each other if they need to tell him of the formula. They both decided no, but were going to continue to feed it to him. •

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