By Muscledude49

Jim and Joe were best friends. Starting when they met in first grade, they had hit it off the first day. Playing and going over to each other house and spending the night with one another had just been the way it had been.

Now they were in high school, both nerds with a way with computers that was outstanding. The teachers were amazed at how easy both boy could sit down and program even some of the most complicated things for the computer to do. Both were skinny, pale skinned, and really out of shape. But Joe had other ideas about that. Though both boys were best of friends, Joe had a secret. He looked at the other boys who worked out and were athletic at the school and secretly desired that he and his buddy Jim could get into shape and flex big muscles too.

One day Joe asked Jim a question. He asked him if he had noticed that most of the boys at school had been changing? Jim said, no he hadn’t what did he mean. Joe told him that he noticed that were growing into men. Muscles are showing on a lot of them that had been just as skinny as they were.

Over the next few days at school Jim began to see what it was that Joe had talked to him about. One afternoon he was driving from school and stopped for gas, when he was in the gas station he noticed on the stand some muscle magazines. He had seen them before but never really paid any attention. He then did something totally out of character; he picked one up, put it under his jacket and snuck it out.

When he got home he read the magazine from cover to cover amazed over the bodies of the men in it. He also noticed that the whole time he was looking at it he had gotten really hard. Now to say either boy was oversexed at this point would not be true. Their lives had to this point been centered in computers and schoolwork. This came as a great revelation to Jim.

In the meantime Joe who had first noticed also found on the Internet some sites that showed pictures of bodybuilders and men in great shape. He was amazed at how large the biceps and how shapely the bodies were. He stood in the mirror with nothing but his boxers on flexing and barely seeing a bulge on his body like these guys had. He too had the revelation of a hard-on when he was looking at these pictures too.

Neither boy really wanted to talk about to the other. Though they had been best friends for years and years, this was something they didn’t feel comfortable talking about. But both had developed a desire to become more physically than they were.

One day while talking about a programming problem Joe asked Jim if he had noticed what they had talked about a couple of weeks before, in that the boys at school were changing. Jim said, “Yeah, you’re right they are, wonder why we aren’t.” “Well, “ said Joe, “I think a lot of them are working out or just more physically active.” “Haven’t you noticed that we seem to be about the only ones doing what we’re doing?

Jim thought about it and said “Yeah, there are a couple of others at school who are doing what we do, but they look just like us. Wonder what we need to do?”

Joe said, “Why don’t we join a gym on the other side of town? No one at school would know we were doing anything!” He figured that Jim would be to shy to work out at school or close by because they both were so out of shape he didn’t want to be made fun of by the others. Neither had ever done anything like this before and so really didn’t know what to do.

Jim started this like he did everything else, he researched it. Both boys had money from some of the computer programming they had done so they set out to buy all the supplements and do the right exercises, they also hired a trainer at the gym to put them through the paces they needed.

Their 16 year old bodies started to respond almost instantly to the exercise, The hormones pouring through them aiding in the progress. In a couple of weeks you could begin to see muscle forming were only flat formless fat had been before. They also got into the tanning beds at the gym and begin to get rid of the pale pallor that both had from never being outdoors. But Jim and Joe weren’t satisfied. They were used to instant success on computers and in life and wanted muscles and wanted them now. So they both began to do more and more research on the subject.

They surfed the Internet and read in the library for a solid week on nothing else till one day Joe said, “I think I’ve found something.” “What we need to do is this….” So Jim and Joe went to the schools chemistry lab where they were given free reign because of their scientific knowledge they had shown in class and together they mixed up a batch of muscle growth formula that they had come up with in their research.

They weren’t sure exactly what would happen, but they knew it had to work.

Joe said, “Jim, this stuff, according to everything I’ve read and studied should accelerate our progress in the gym. It should feed all the muscle groups in our bodies with exactly what they need to grow and get strong. The only thing I don’t know is exactly what it is going to do.”

Jim said, “I understand completely. But you know I really want this. I want to be strong and muscular. I realize now that even as smart as we are and how much we can do in that way, I want to have huge muscles. This is kind of a new and strange way for me to be thinking, but I really believe it’s going to be wonderful. Just in the last couple of weeks I feel so much better and am even thinking better from the exercise.”

Joe said, “You’re right! I do feel better and am thinking clearer than I have in a long time. You think the stronger we get physically, the more we can do mentally?”

“I don’t know,” said Jim, “I sure hope so. Wouldn’t that be great?

“Wait a minute,” said Joe. “Let me go back in the lab, I’ll be right back.”

So Joe went back and added a couple of more ingredients to the mix in the lab. When he came back he had a big grin on his face.

“Here you go Jim, one for me and one for you.”

So they both drank the formula down. Joe looked at Jim and Jim looked back. Nothing happened then.

“Well let’s go workout,” said Jim, so they both went to the gym. •

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